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I congratulate all with Happy New year!
Yesterday on local television showed transmission of with comments and address astrologer.
An interesting a man with unconventional the outside species. I drew attention, that people in studio treated him, nemnozhechko as to the Wizard somehow, with thrill were supposed to answer personal questions. On his standard astrological phrase, reacted, as on the oracle.
They're passed out in torpor of, and not strongly vnikali in sense words.
As you think, need to whether specifically create image astrologu. People perceive astrologers otherwise, with somehow sacred thrill. In our society "encounter on odezhke." If this prosperous businessman, then have him trappings - costly machine and clothing, and otherwise him not believed, and not will to wage with him affairs. If teacher, it will be strict clothing and temperance wearing, if doctor, then in the White bathrobe. I.e. is happening this slideshow presents attunement people. And in matters astropsychological, perhaps 50% successful advise. By my argue that, is obtained image is needed, but here is what? Not regulation after all dress canopy made with stars and the mantle of.



Javadxan, all in subject. Not forth as yesterday I've already jotted down some their thought on this about. This not quite in subject image, but would still close:
An astrologer absent handled, mostly, accumulation empirical material. His status wore character asotsialnosti, isolation, being chosen. Psychological knowledge were in its infancy able, mostly, his activities was aimed at predictions, associated likely events and served by top social layers. Can be said, that our “colleague ” was exclusively man 12 th homes.
A modern a serious astrologer – this man with basic tertiary education, and the and several. The main feature of modern astrology – this its klientoorientirovannost and drive craft a scientific (or, at least, naukoobraznuyu) paradigm this spheres knowledge, identify the rich slew empirical observations with theoretical scientific principles. With other hand, cannot be not recognize, that all your astrology – this and art in some extent. Very much depends on the most astrologer, his personality qualities and aspirations to personal and professional growth. Modern astrological knowledge wear clearly a socially competent character with orientation on populyarizirovannoe articulating.
Most people, which are treated to modern astrologu, make this in purposes of self-knowledge, and here we can to talk about prevalent will also take psychological functions astrology. Modern astrological views not umalyayut role free choice human, so-called point a bifurcation in decisions. Only from human depends as he sootneset and sootneset whether its will with will of the stars. On my view, “dancing ” stars is asking some kind decorations, entourage, conditions for disclosure domestic potential human, his addiction, inclinations and generate new, affirmative skills that capable to channel in right man direction the most unfavorable influence planets.



That for point such a?

Радуга wrote:

so-called point a bifurcation in decisions



Helen wrote:

What for point such a?

Rainbow wrote:
So-called point a bifurcation in decisions

Linen, this point, where goes process choice, point absence of ready decisions. Here is here, I believe, is happening implementation will the dude pay and this moment can be use for damaging stereotypes and tough patterns.



How you think, need to whether specifically create image astrologu

Ah not know. Image - mask, style. If in some organizations, then, perhaps, need.
If an astrologer works in major companies, then style will "kompanenyskiy." Usually he not's called the astrologer, and different course.

on local television showed transmission of with comments and address astrologer

That for program? On what audience gush? After all not secret, if in relig. Programmme, suppose, entourage, audience in studio (its after all specifically book) were it comes other. And in programs budo alongside kendo unnecessary with perspective the main better targeted ideas, thought) Also fact.



Ah not know. I push opinion, that a modern astrologer - this intellectual, under this absolutely a socially competent. T. E. Not need to on 12-was heard home shadow over cartoon try to build. In conceals souls you can be foretell which anywhere home, but superficially you should to inspire trust your communication skills, reflection to wage conversation on into a man language and at all produce impression adequate, modern rights.



a modern astrologer - this intellectual,

????? same there is its image astrologer. Here is I, programs need, still years 6-7 ago been mulling, that Astrologers-this wizards and zhuvut in tower from 88 bones. Somewhere. There)

T. E. Not need to on 12-was heard home shadow over cartoon try to build

And here not can not agree) But without knowledge psychology work over-exacting) AS and THAT say and camping on D.



Iriani wrote:

But without knowledge psychology work over-exacting) AS and THAT say and

This yes! I had in mind throwing eye and. Encompassing rooftop chants :D



Know, and I here is here thought not only pro image, which ????? May :rolleyes:
And at all. After all have astrologer. It comes. Granted the latter quarter-in map. In particular and 12th house. Accepting all and the entire. Nevovlechennost. Work for people, not on themselves, its image and prch.

Reality I here is commanded and thought. Perhaps, so.



Can and so. Although I not think, that people with aktsentirovannym 12 st home nevovlechennye. T. E. Precisely 12th nevovlechennost not defines.



I pro last quarter-.

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