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As survive in depression

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I not a medic, I not d write about the causes depression and as its treat. I write only about situation, when you have depression and in it need to to live while,. Write only from its experience, because all these articles about how, that such depression, what this horror-horror, and as urgently need to themselves from it for hair pull - they, frankly, not pleased with the its inefficiency. Articles pro depression must write people in depression - then modicum recommendations will adequate.

So. There is such a the circle of of spoons(very recommend for reading). Depression easier illustrate on example battery, but by the same principle. In normal times you have, say, every day there is 10 battery. You can their spend on many affairs. For example, on work, on host affairs, on nurture children, on sport, on hobby. In each of these affairs you invest the 9V battery, and the and two, and on all affairs you have forces and inspiration.

When you in depression, from 10 battery you have remains 5-4. If has remained 1, which lack only on maintaining effluents, better immediately, good until practitioner.

For moreover, to survive depression maximally productively, not giving it destroy his life, remaining batteries need to rationally distribute, i.e., learn to live on 5-4 batteries instead 10. Approach requires a certain with and planning.

How this do:

- Stop it themselves from injuring for depression.
- Sokratite their affairs and duties until needed for survival bare minimum.
- When requires do something through force, robt this very slowly.
- Live within one days.
- Reconnect with those who you supports, not trying to you remaking.
- Make its duty engage affairs, which Esencia schedule your batteries.
- Use time depression for moreover, to better idea with a contact, learn to about itself look after and craft a a healthy egoism.

Read more:

1. Final themselves kicking for what you in depression. Final themselves kicking with goal to withdraw themselves thus from depression. On samoizbienie for depression moves away 1-2 batteries, so that you at all perkytle nor with than.

2. Composing list all their affairs, responsibilities, needed contacts, which you do so entirely in nedepressivnom able. Suppose, you go on work, 're parenting child or learn to look more, pursue your business house agriculture, are dating with friends, 're placing on time hobby, proceed time with parents, worldwide.Would in public activities, go in gym. Then uh, strike from the list of all, that not is a necessary for your survival.In end will remain, for example, source of income, because you need to themselves feed and children, because you not you can their throw. Communication with friends, hobby, public activities - all of this need to purge and postpone before the end of depression. You have still will not on this forces, but if you you accept a a conscious decision their and not spend, not force themselves and not lighten up, then you can save the 9V battery-mucus.

3. Final themselves kicking for what you in depression. Final themselves kicking with goal to withdraw themselves thus from depression. You perkytle without battery at all.

4. After, as in the list remained only necessary for survival affairs and duties, analyze, how many usually forces you R in every of them. Suppose, at work in normal times you commit career, our current reactive model--you come meal for, projects check revisited on 150%, constantly aspire to seek new ideas, after work are reading literature on specialties. Now overwrite list your workers affairs and responsibilities: That absolutely needs to do, to simply not laid off? To career return after depression. To not laid off, need to, suppose, decide on time, projects surrender on time and projects should be in well enough Intelligence Community released the form of. All. At time depression focus only on how, to fulfill their workers duties well enough, to you not laid off.At else you have still will not forces and force themselves - this to occupy residue forces, which delayed on other necessary for survival affairs. For example, for nourishing children. With indoctrination, too, most: On time depression be enough a good parent, pursuit ideal postpone until complete the depression.

This, too, will save you 1-2 batteries.

5. Final themselves kicking for what you in depression. Final themselves kicking with goal to withdraw themselves thus from depression. If would this helped, you would long already withdrew from the depression.

6. Even after, as you have reduced its the usual, with an annual affairs and responsibilities until absolutely necessary minimum, you have still will not familiar forces and vivacity even on least. You will have themselves force will force to do even this, because nothing not want, only lie face to wall. When force themselves especially it is difficult, robt all slowly. You not want Still Rise - slowly not roll over on side, slowly vortex its feet on gender, slowly pick up themselves with bed and slowly go need to wash my face.

You on-of habit want, to you have all was as before - vskorchil, ran. And feel, that so - not is obtained. You cooling. In the desperation, self harmer and lose confidence in is, that you at all in able function. First, self harmer spends wasted batteries. Second, function you can, simply on demoted liquid molecules. If you allow itself to do all slowly,, za, shackling, to do in hour on tea spoon, you will in able implement much of what seems impossible. Although would until baths you get a benchmark expected, can covering up on work, to come on time and fulfill a necessary least their responsibilities.

When you commit something very slowly, otslezhivayte its state of. For example, as are shrinking your muscle, when you get up with bed. During depression very helpful "to move in body" from heads. As'm breathing, as blood, that feels my leftist the heel. First, this refreshingly interestingly. Second, toward in anybody on chornom who "about-was-have-me-depression-any horror" and mentally gushing themselves belt for depression - claims forces, and on work, child and minimal departure for a nothing not will remain.

7. Not yank 'em themselves permanent attempts to something do with your depression and wanting from it withdraw. Yes, desirable right now, fell-did a push-up and ran be productive member of society. Live one day.Since morning marshal - think only about how, that today need to do within necessary minimum. Not very reverent look around, when same will end depression. And that will, if she will not end. And how many you you miss out on, Sitting in depression. And as to live further, times life so is appalling. You spend whole the 9V battery on experiences, and you have on the evening nothing not will remain on host affairs or child.

Why people in depression enable its external kind of, transformed wash head, erase your clothes, to accept souls? Because few remaining batteries ate Chornyy steam locomotive in anybody. Okay would he still somewhere had brought, so after all he same runs round around the circle and connection resources in air.

8. On opportunities, reduce communication with those who strive to you convince, that life beautiful, prove you, that you wrong in his depression, humiliating you for your depression and try to you all forces recall and to withdraw from this fortune. Some who of them acts from best Lukoil, simply himself never in depression not was and not knows, that this such. Most of them for your expense solve its problems. This all spends batteries and reinforces your self harmer for depression, that at all leaves you without forces. And you still fulfill necessary for survival duties. If tickles, talk only with those who you supports, not trying to you remaking.

9. Usually literature on depressi still advises sports, to drink be, exits on people and not to focus on bad Mind. In my experience - forces on sport no there is no, but on fight with thoughts remains ready - this spend batteries. Yes at all, as familiarity breeds contempt article on depression and methods "struggle" with it, so at all nothing not want. Struggle too many forces claims.

Depression this good time to know themselves better idea, listen to their black thought and feelings and accept their. Not need to try to stop Chornyy steam locomotive in anybody, spell out have him the tracks, pitch his derail. Look a to him. What construction and model? What cube? And wheels? And who same postoroil this that's what decadence is? In binoculars.

Yes, accented such thought and feelings. And that? Their well burn, paint, represent in the form of artistic images. Can be zavetsi depressive blog - usually, he collects more readers, than positive. Why - the puzzle, but your depression in Internet gets more resonance, responsiveness and support, than your posts about how by the this world.

If you rationally used their batteries and have been able weaken self harmer for what you in depression, you will find up, that have depression has its grains beauty and aesthetics. During depression come highly interesting, which is and bright thought. Your the world contracted until nickel., much external ceases interest and is as would for glass, but within nickel. All very very much alive, acutely, variety of listings profound sense. The other such opportunities come in contact with this a piece of domestic world, with this unique, deep prospect of not will. Seems, Proust, spoke, that best his years - this years in depression?

10. If you just spotting any actions that allow you Reminder batteries, consciously and daily vydelyayte him time. Not for of this bull rassum, and with goal production energy for residence. If short on fresh air adds you forces, go on the evening gulyat. Yes, you have girlfriend or mother on phone, domestic de-leveraging work or still something. Decisively hang up and go gulyat. This before you could continue to authorize their batteries, now same - not those times. Girlfriend or mother not many people will die, and for you - question survival and functioning of.

11. Depression, usually, end. By themselves, or the right podbrom antidepressants, or in a result psychotherapy, or in a result recovery hormonal balance, or still as something. Here is so, only-only get the hang of things with it, 'll understand the Wet healthy egoism and exclusion from his life just and unnecessary, of an unnecessary and minor, determining, finally, muster all their subsidies records and drawings and publish bestseller, as it bam - and all ended. Wake up with morning and don - all. All 10 battery under hand, forces and vivacity through the brink, the sad thought disappeared, life beautiful and surprising proposition, ahead huge prospects, for window day.

And even as something profoundly sad. But nothing, after all she same someday again will return? And we meet the its in are. Together and bestseller -We'II write.




How I won depression

Experience self-sustaining healing

Still with army I have worked out habit not act to from flu. Why precisely with army? But because in army us from flu not treated. If any an appalling disease, then in infirmary, now (quarantine), or in hospital (treatment). I specifically and constructive your attention, that in the infirmary no treatment no comparable, so as there not was no drugs. Sense exposure in infirmary, now was one: Isolation ailing. And for location soldier in hospital of the Ukrainian need was some a reason. For example, a concussion brain. Or self-mutilation. Not remember nor a single case concussion brain in our part of the, and here is chlenovredili often. But this was not on fact, and only copycat. Cut his itself hand razor-sharp, you in hospital, and with hospital komissuyut. Through couple of weeks arrived in part of, things took away, and home.

Lack of have such a "Layoff" in supply was only one: Komissuyut you with inscribed on lines psychiatric dispanseri. I.e., tu rights not obtain, resolving the on the wearing weapons not obtain, and at all have you can be problems with employment, so as now you the official "fool." But this no one not stopped.

Remember, that in just one week "on" Abarbanel "mental institution" have moved away eight people. All as one tried to imitating suicide with the help strings, a grabber and Iron hook in the washstand the infirmary. And so this he commander parts of, that he ordered cut down trees this a hook, after what "suicide" on territory the infirmary sharply went on the wane.

But our soldiers he resourceful. Here is, for example, what way to popadayuschikh Layoff in supply I learned from their chthonic:

1. Eat as can be some construction a mixture.

What precisely a mixture, I you not Id say, simply not remember, and if would and mind, then not said would.

2. Drinks as can be more fluid.
3. Account the roughly with Heights two meters.

"And why this?" surprised I, so as all necessary (for "Layoff") resources people on the very moment in unlimited amounts.

This question you, of course, must understand with medical perspective, as if would you have recommended that to drink chistotel or "rub it in" in extends ukha a tincture fly-agarics. And you interestingly to know, what from this will curative effect.

"From this kidneys immediately lowered", said me co-workers. And far they lowered, I not became ask. So and remain in dark on real day.

But review to army treatment (in particular, to treatment of cold and flu). Order have us was such: If temperatures have soldier not higher 38 degrees, then he is considered healthy, and continues to give its debt homeland. If higher, soldiers from carry debt temporarily thus exempt.

This not means, that he ill, so as treat his would still no one will, but and work (I served in stroybate) he not will, and will sit in warm the barracks of course. Here is and all his treatment. Have him even or on days not is changing: Rise, curfew, of building, approach in force canteen all this strictly on statute. Lie prohibited from. Walk, if like it or, of food letters. TV see. And You should not get caught on eyes functions, for have him their views about disease and modes their treatment.

Returning from army, I stopped to pay on a cold and flu any attention. Experience army spoke, that if flu not treat, he passes roughly for four days. The arithmetic not in favor of treatment, as it is not difficult see. Of course, someone can argue the opposite, but I have in army simply not was another choice. And when I from army returned, then sense to drink antigrippiny and antibiotics already not saw, so as on its experience might be certain, that bad cold and flu promise are treating simple ukloneniem from military responsibilities. And not received my treatment. And if me asked why you a respected, not getting treatment? explained this cut down. In army was accustomed not act to, here is and not healing up.

I have and to temperature exactly such same attitude: If there is forces something to do (for example, write this article), then temperature there is no, and if there is no forces, then temperatures clearly there is, and no a thermometer under this not need.

A thermometer, to be sure, financially-engineered thing, if his can do will be able free you from schools or work.

And if you themselves slide decision, the basis solely on their attainment of: You work or "much to root"?! Then a thermometer useless. I simply not know, why need measured temperatures in such a case.

If I can work, I serve. If not can, then notve worked. What under this temperatures, meaning not has. If you think, that you have, can be, 40 degrees, and you not notice, and worked at determined whether in the damage to his health, this on stilts! Ah and if testimony degrees in annualized rate, and you have there is no forces, then to follow recommendations degrees than a thermometer, too, foolish. To follow need their senses here. This the best metric does for definitions his physical fortune.

subsidies metric

Now I not want get ahead of ourselves forward and to explain you, what attitude have to depression my reasoning about nelechenii flu. Have. And most directly. But about this you will learn slightly later.

When people suggest that have them depression, this could mean all that anywhere.

I have depression, need to by the tush $sweet pie.
Chocolate very well helps me from depression.
If I cannot fall asleep, I have begins depression.
I not love, when rain, I have from him depression.
On the morning I have was depression, but to by the evening feel better.
Yesterday I have realistically was very heavy depression.
I as'll take a look on his a picture of an, I have depression.
As selling young horses is much about tomorrows bottom, then depression change.

And so on, and so on, and so on. I, too, so thought, perhaps. And spoke, perhaps. Before moment, until not has experienced on its he, that such depression on fact. And when on fact depression, here already nor pie not helps, nor chocolate, nor sunny day for window. Not helps, because not want the most chief: To live. As under this can be from depression with the help sport or active vacation "act to", I, the right, not understand. To live not want, here is that such depression. Presence in this world becomes unbearable, here is that such depression. If would I something and wanted to, I would wanted to one: Die. But I and this not wanted to, because this need wishing, want to and something to do for this. And I not wanted to nothing, in including and to live. Here is that such depression.

I not knew, that me to do, and if would and knew, having useful graffical Dr. Kurpatova, then nothing would to do not became, because not was desires something to do, and forces something to do, too, not was. The only, that I could to do this not to do nothing. And no one not to see. And nothing not to hear. Presence someone was for me intolerable's niggling. About work could not be and speech. I not hosted no decisions about how, that I need throw work, not was nothing such a. She simply unsupportable for me exist.

I stopped walk on work

I not sensed no of relief, but I and not sought to this. Me not like to live, and one only thought about how, that with this can be as something come to terms, bred I have nausea and revulsion. Justice sake of should tell, that such thought I have not controversial of. But about this me constantly reminded, constantly reminded.

About how, that life beautiful and surprising proposition. And that all not so badly, as may seem. I well remember, what its wrenching pain is causing major these words. This the very hell, with devils and pans, about which so like tell the devout grandmothers. Not know, there is whether hell and paradise on fact, but I accurately know, that depression this hell, and people, who say you about how remarkable whom-another fare in paradise entitled "life" this draw.

Can be, not increasingly so badly, if would not talked. Then would this was simply not life. But you again and again remind, as well and perfectly to live and then you sudden you get in hell, because for you this absolutely is unthinkable, and you say and say, that this more than perhaps, and need only want to, and outcome not will force themselves wait.

This as search sing song: "As by the this world, other." He not can, realize?

I stopped communicate with humans

I stopped open the door. Stopped to respond to pattern. Easier just was lie among absolutely unfamiliar people: Easier because, that I for them not quot, and this very close the, that I feel, because I not quot for themselves the most. Perhaps, if someone of these people has begun to cry, then I would, too, has begun to cry. As if someone of these people me, finally, understood. That already nothing correct cannot be. As if on grave me came, here is such sense of.

And, contrary, well familiar you people nothing except longing and despair not incited. And not because, that they any especially bad. There is no. Simply they with you emotionally are close, and this encourages their as something help and support close human in a difficult minute. And little that on light of most agonizingly in such minutes, than such a "support." This as mothers tell, which only that their child skhoronila, what life a golden and stunning.

I stopped that-either to do at all

Predominantly slept. So much, how many could. In any time days. I not remember, were whether I have any there was particular Slumbers, to about this cost to speak. Not remember. Often hear, that people complain on\ u0027s Nightmares, and associate this with depression. Not know. The most scary for me nightmare was reality. Frightening was not close, and waking up. And dream, let and temporarily, allowed me from it hide.

If not left, then I simply lay, with your face its nose in wall. So will you lie, will you lie, and again wander out in dream. Been run over by only by necessity. In toilet. Popit water. Or when sense of hunger grew strongly with booking, to than something his damp.

Money not was. Was many of salty cucumbers. Where sea salt, noodles, many old potatoes. I throwing good in pan noodles, potatoes and of salty cucumbers, boiled in big the pot (to to stay facilitated) and ate. "Vkusovogo" desires there is I have not was. I could would and hay chew, perhaps, only would damp periodically the sense of hunger. As only hunger disappointment, I more there is could not. Physically could not. Keyboard is in refrigerator its brew, and again'd have to put its nose in wall.

I denied itself in existence of

Time has stalled. It have lost anyone sense. How many time was on hours, meaning not had. I not knew, that do next. There is no, not so. No further not was. Future not existed. Not was nor single thought, even the most secret, that here is once I'm gonna wake up, and all of this will pass, and me will become better. Simply not was no "tomorrow." Was an unbearable "today" and absolutely hectic me "yesterday." Were photos any human, which already not there is. Books, which he read. Diaries, which he led. Their presence for me was permanent painful reminder of some "the other life", which already not was.

This as if would man,, who just lost its feet, returned home, and his shoes is worth in the corridor. I think, roughly such sense of. A permanent a reminder that this is more never, never in you not will return.

So I began has consistently destroy all, that resembling me about my "last life." I had been bugging photos and proizvoditeley their large scissors in property soba. I have even any sense emerged. Of course, I understood, that as only I all of this izrezhu, increasingly will end, but me this better position not worried (and could not bother). All already ended on fact. And until I have was many all, that need was destroy. Photos. Diaries. Books. And increasingly else, that modicum remotely resembling me about the "the other life."

I have was many photographs. Many books. Many different: Notebooks and diaries. Exercise books and books I first was tearing on individual pages, and then had their in small tatters. And photo proizvoditeley scissors. A paper "beaten" pounded me for a in packages, and when their became many, then I went on streets and was throwing away my their in the garbage up. First I even wanted to burned their, and so went on the evening, but burned not became. Will many of smoke, anyone starts even yelling, and me and without this sick to the.

How many this lasted, I accurately say not can. Month, two months? Yes, perhaps. Something so. Thought about how, that can be something do with a, nothing except pain I have not bred. I not will be able. Not because, that frightening, there is no. Because painful for. Even from thought, that this can be done, like howl and crawl on Wall. But I found, that can be done with a.

Photos. Letters. Army diaries. Literary malchika. And than more I this did, those easier me became.

And something subtly has changed,
And I understood, that can to live further

This happened before, than ended my photo and my letters. Remained still a bit, but suddenly I caught themselves on thought, that want burn something new. In clean a new exercise books. Want open notebook in bottom, greater a new a common notebook.

And to I have were different pens, which write different colors. Red and green. And blue. And black. Very like, to necessarily opponent armrests of. Still not was no thought about how, THAT write, but was already desire to write THAT-. Jean. Sometimes we are talking about that "want start life with sheer folly." I this has survived literally. But on gender was even many "filthy" sheets from my last life, and so I nothing not became until write. I decided to end with its past. And until the latest leaf paper, which was reminiscent me about this past, not was decimated--thanks, I not calmed down.

Something has changed. Me returned emotions, returned desires. Emerged appetite and interest to communicate verbally. Appeared thought, which seemed me important, and me like their burn. I began to do records in exercise books, and me this relished. Notebook not retained (to truly day), I lost or spewed its, but this not has no meaning. Past ceases that any mean for me. From him remain only hazy memories. If I want their "resurrect", will remain these records. If not, not will remain nothing.

WHEN suffer TELO And WHEN BOLIT shower

Now I Id say you something such, in that it is difficult will to believe. Me increasingly would still, it whether you in it or not. Simply think about this.

Depression this it is post-mortem anxiety caused

Similar the, that is experiencing people in able clinical death. Only in case with depression body human continues to to live. Can be move. There is. Walk on work. Be useful member of society.

Dead, but useful. No one and in head will not come, that this man dead. All the more that there are drugs, which "animating" his physiological functions: Expands motion activity, emerges a reflexive and emotional "response" on external incentives, partly is rebounding ability to to strong-willed self-regulation, normalize blood circulation, and so on.

And this no not magic Voodoo, and rudimentary psychiatry. And means, allow do from "a dead" human zombies, which "revives", are sold in any mark.

Depression this is more, than the absence of sense. Something do, for example. Depression this awareness impossibility of to live further.

This when you don, that life ended, but body still continues to exist.

You can move with their feet or hands, can as something order their the body. But you not can the most chief: To live. Remains only one thing: Something to do their the body. And it, without souls, without owner his, nothing to do and not wants. Desires there is no at all. There is needs. "Unusual" body not need nor sport, nor New Year gifts, nor sense life.

When I grippoval, then always explained its refusal from treatment "cut down." That in army us no one not be treated by, and this better position not was complicated by absolute process recovery. Released from work, here is and increasingly treatment. And I always did emphasis on that "us not treated", as if my refusal from drugs this and there is treatment.

And only recently I understood, that deal not in refusal from drugs, and in refusal from work. And treatment was in is, that us directed the not do the, that to do was objectively it is difficult or impossible.

No furtrees effect refusal from drugs not brings. And need simply not to do moreover, that is done with hard or "through not can." And, contrary, do the, that want do. This Is It (treatment.

And that may want to your body, when it suffer? Think about this. Body not can wishing analginu or tablets from medicine. But it can wishing contemplated. To was warmly (under three blankets hide). What any hot. For a holiday. Fall asleep. Silence and smaller of light. And this more than enough for popadayuschikh recovery.

I not fought depression. I have degenerated hands, but I and not tried to their raise. I could not find forces something change, and left all as there is. I could not force themselves somewhere go, and so I lay. I wanted to oblivion, and dream helped me enjoy. I did only that me like. And me not like nothing. Nothing. I nothing and not did. Can be, this is precisely and saved me life.

P.S. Crafted case applies roughly to mid-90s. More I never experienced depression.



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