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Uranium moved in Aries

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Today happened this important for astrologers event: Uranium changed a badge of. Perfectly remember, as Varya Price waited this transition and prognozirovala energization astrology. Hope, that this event will we all in good.
P.s. And I so Aco today roughly in this moment 5 :4 4 on minutes Moscow Time time. In sight self organism decided to give me push. After all Uranus my blood regardless on many balances!



Historical certificate: The last time Uranus was in Ovne with 1928 on 1935 year. In the USSR this time significantly the end of Soviet Unions NEP and start coercive collectivization, and also start debacle political opposition.

On subjective senses here. Feel themselves as prishporennaya horse, events have been swirling-rolling-a, Sea information, new ideas and camping on D.



In subject of tweets Constantine Chernyenko Daragana:

Uranus (and Jupiter in Ovne

Today Uranus penetrated in an Aries. With than all and I congratulate! I already celebrated and two other his ingressii - in Fish and in Actis Systems. Uranium and Jupiter this summer in accuracy repeat its a date in those same degrees Aries - as in 1927 year. Astrology - science about cycles. Summer of 2010 verbatim repeated one of aspects of summer 1927 year. And summer this will be the, in all manifestations of the, even in the weather. Summer 1927 year Adolf Hitler writes the second is "Main Kampf." Mustafa Kemal creates political project "New Turkey." Is beginning to their jobs the airline Pan American. Breakthrough in Physics.

Most interesting and predictable will in science and in politics. In politics all prognoziruemo. Year and a half, ranging with this summer - a series of sudden local military conflicts, with the participation third forces and use world community. Must be grand sporadic bankruptcy. In many times higher middle the threat massive man-made accidents, terrorist attacks and natural disasters, namely earthquakes and floods. And specifically this summer should bring still and record documentation fires. Exactly the recent oil spill does in the Gulf - already in subject, only this effect from still skhodyaschegosya aspects. At all same summer of 2010 only preparation for radical geopolitical games 2011.

And that can be expect in science as a consequence discoveries this and summer and winters 2010-2011?
13 January 1928 denizproducts.com "General Electric are committing" demonstrated opportunity reception telesignala on homey our televisions. Uranium stood there same, where he is worth now - in 1 throes Aries. And we can confidently expect the revolutionary breakthrough television technologies in any time soon. But by massive allegations still not will become. Confidently is projected to breakthrough in fundamental Physics, think, that not'm wrong, if Id say - this will spring with moniker adronnym kollayderom. Compound organic and Uranus will on his ICJ. Will considerable breakthrough in aviation and space achievements, think, that will appear stratosfernaya aircraft or astronautics, and knockout on orbit will cease be thus technically complex. Perhaps, and likely, that re-emerge dirizhablestroenie. Will emerge a new generation rifle and of high-technology weaponry, that radically shift character waging wars and will give a new push everlasting dismemberment shield and the sword. Now - I have no guesswork, to this could be concretely. Must be and revolution in transportation sphere, and also in energy. Confidently can expect a new kind of accumulators and the spread of elektromobilnykh devices. Qualitative, unprecedented leap in electronics components. And still will many scientifically-technical "brooches", unique legal and political reform, but to their describe precisely now, need have a good out a fantasy futurologa and sint erudition beyond astrology.




feel themselves as prishporennaya horse, events have been swirling-rolling-a, Sea information, new ideas and camping on D.

I have likewise :flag:




Skyfall subjective senses here. Feel themselves as prishporennaya horse, events have been swirling-rolling-a, Sea information, new ideas and camping on D.

And I have!




Skyfall subjective senses here. Feel themselves as prishporennaya horse, events have been swirling-rolling-a, Sea information, new ideas and camping on D.

I have not so all unambiguously, but after as Uranus violent way :dontknow:
(Polukvadratura to my when in Taurus, and in Natal squaring) reinforced me from household affairs and selkhoz- works computer and astrology,, too, as the was highlighted some pristine prospect. :writing:

And here is interestingly, if build map ingressii Uranus in of the Ram on its place prozhivaniya- for themselves personally. Forth, watch on map, as on prospect development this subjects in his life on time tenure Uranus in Ovne? From whom as make?

Only as view such a map, after all as solyar same its not will consider :question:



And I "evoked the" pro transition Uranus when. "Legal" themselves itself with work on before (Friday increasingly ??? :rolleyes:) came home, sit for leave the computer on, receive a clicking in sistemnike (breath as have remote) and WordPad makes them pass out (think, increasingly,? Perhaps :hobo: it is time to change), he then himself insurance is, is loaded. I open app and the first on that and constructive attention - this Uranus in 0 0 "37 :D



Lero4ka wrote:

I open app and the first on that and constructive attention - this Uranus in 0 0 "37 :D

Super! :D




Us expects compound two planets - Uranus and organic, in the early a sign Aries, 8.06.2010in 8 :2 6 minutes Moscow Time. Uranium combine with Jupiter enough often - roughly times in 13-14 years, but here is roughly times in 85-86 years this compound is happening in signs Aries, and recent three times this happened in the most first his degrees.

Very an interesting aspect of. In primarily, because and themselves planet highly interesting since in their manifestations, in second - all ??? this the beginning of zodiakalnogo cycle, and compound two such powerful factors in really the early "era" is laying any important innovation (that, incidentally, enough accurately grasp our President), which will play role the next 84 year.

Pro Jupiter into astrology said much. This planet is considered "benefaktorom", "large a boon" and its influence evaluate as in eminently a welcome. Indians call Jupiter "declared a God Of."

All this, in fact, reflects the true traits influence organic. Yes, there where he is, there is improvement. If this 2nd house maps - expect cash income in enough large quantities. If t6 - improved health and interesting professional achievements. If 10th Street - raising on service and camping on D.

Jupiter will show the most successful image actions, what would be perceived in social sense as Zhemchuzhnikov, acceptable, the right. Jupiter obrisovyvaet goal, ambitions, points image, to which want ustremit their desires.

Jupiter community to broaden spheres dawn, to transition some internal borders, but if interpret his influence neiskushenno, simply, then these his intention can lead to banalnomu broaden in sense ekstensivnosti. Although on fact, the true signal organic - deepening, improvement in quality understanding of, more deep philosophical to conceptualize a and if and enlargement - the through deepening and opening the new spaces in conceals.

If a long time processes enlargement discouraged any other factors, then the inclusion of organic can be vzryvoobraznym - are beginning occur events, arises wave of, almost explosive wave of events, aimed at enlargement area dawn there, where this long overdue.

Uranium even more seems interested. If Jupiter this declared a God Of in "old" sense - Ah, classic teacher the right, successful social behavior, then Uranus - in fact declared a God Of. Guru a modern, from area eastern teachings, modern philosophical metaphysics and camping on P.

Influence Uranus - this signals, sparks, breakthroughs meanings, self charged facilities from area deep-seated issues consciousness in consciousness subsequent business . This the very "voice spirit", "halt world", "samadhi", "of insight" and camping on P. - all those things that associate our individuality, spiritual the crux of the with our the outside intelligence. Which bring us insights, ingenious discoveries, important awareness of and camping on P.

In this sense Uranus (- planet unexpected and beautiful gifts. His manifestations of always bear in itself some an important sense, breed something new, that brings more individual freedom, moves situation in an evolutionary terms of forward.

But his powerfully great, and if his signal manifest itself there, where lack experience, individual ownership situation, simply awareness of, - there he manifests itself negarmonichno. Acutely, vzryvchato, crushing those framework, which prevent movement.

His impulses contain as sense, plan of you strain, so and weapon mental energy. And here is here - if not recognize, not to perceive sense, itself a psychotic weapon can beget outbreaks of emotions, desire to sweep something "pull off this little", Afghanistans particular brand, that often leads to bullied.

In his negative displaying the, of course same, Uranus bears and to catastrophic the danger, and the danger bombings, terrorist attacks, revolutionary shares and camping on P. Military action.

A badge of Aries - the beginning of zodiakalnogo cycle. If in Pisces, late cycle, is happenings, assessment, a sudden bladder release some Spirit, which is returning back in one, in united, then Aries - process the primary order this spirit in involyutsionnuyu chain events. This primary expression of, and it, malaise same, not simply you stupid force, which eyebrows somewhere. This also - some weapon, unwieldiness from bodkhialnogo way of, rudely speaking, sense, notions, ideas, and spiritual weapons. Often Ovnovskiy type of behavior describe as the rogue, runaway, impulsive - but this only from, that someone, from whom emphasis in Ovne, not one bothered recognize, to perceive sense Ovnovskogo momentum, and only blindly uses constraints with him energy. As a savage.

But "the right" Aries - this researchers, thinkers, scientists. Man with accent in ovne utterly rightly and respectively nature this mark interested in postizheniem sense. Causes.

Yes, of course, in Ovne with one hand little personal freedom, many "waging", naitiya, some sort of higher momentum. With the other - Aries very individualistichen, because here will spirit, his breath manifests itself exclusively through personality, - more accurately, through individuality.

Here is and is obtained have us volatile mix of organic, Uranus and Aries. Very large number of people, those who interested in sense underway, works mentally and mentally, this compound will bring do amazing gifts in the form of overwhelming all expectations events, initsiatsiy, osoznaniy and camping on P. Us expects mass new things.

But also very large number of people, those who not took care of a postizheniem own of nature, this compound will bring unexpected not very harmonious events. And here us, as society, expect and military conflicts, and revolution, and intensive attempts modicum as the state about their personal freedom with hand those who it those children. And so on - incapable enough the lethal, an urgent the situation.

But not worth fear. Here, closing, the possible manifestations of very strongly depend on quality situation, which, in turn, there is direct function extent awareness of, understanding, that is happening, his seats around the this and its of nature.

Jupiter enters in Aries 6.06 in 3 :2 8 minutes Moscow Time, compound Uranus-Jupiter will happen 8.06 in 8 :2 6 minutes Moscow Time in 1m throes Aries. Then in September this and early January next year - another two compounds Uranus and organic, but now already in late mark Pisces - and here sense such: The current compound puts tasks, two subsequent "clearing out their" Alvarez past, readjust, coming from outcome of past.

Uranium will return in Fish 14 augustus, Jupiter - 9.09, then uranium will go down again in an Aries 12.03.2011, Jupiter will enter an Aries - 22.01.2011.




Uranus penetrated in an Aries on 7 years: Either manage a, either losing increasingly

This forecast was given me it is difficult. Usually I write month forecast in for weeks, but in this time without understanding of a new Uranus us not indispensable, and his entry in an Aries I drew elaborate pictures a host month. Initially was even it is difficult understand that with me happened? Far gone, then rule of me clarity, the speed thought? Until wrote, start.

Not expected, that will is it so difficult get used to a new energy Uranus and understand its. After all Uranus my espoused planet, and Aries the most simple, the most an understandable a badge of the Zodiac. And moreover, my an Aries not empty and has aspect of to Uranus. Then many feel new demands time even more difficult. Hope, with my texts you succeeds better.

Every differently is experiencing eventual Uranus in Aries. Someone accompany derive sense of freedom, faithfulness, pleasure, and it razlenivaet, relaxes despite extremely complex, extremely strained the sky June. I, to example, so themselves and felt. This state of me very hit surprised. Other, contrary, feel deserted estates, life smashed. Ironically on first glance, for all this the problem, with one and the same cause of: > > > failure on-a new command the limited resources, failure achieve meet the target < < <.

Simply alone people (until!) can afford something not to do, times perishing not is obtained, and other (already!) received for gets inactivity painful exacerbation contradictions. And those, and other, need wanting learn to live on-a new. > He visible was from afar.

As you remember, one of basic events 2010 this transition Uranus in an Aries. Entire first half of year wes move was prepared to this exotic mayskomu milestone: Onvention deep internal perestroika, when all surplus sbrasyvalos, as
Chaff. And after all in earlier years earlier goal (the kind the most chaff ) were among basic. So refusal from old tasks was occurring painfully, accounted for break habits, relations with humans, to abandon promises, turning a blind
Debt obligations. But together with pain crossed and relief. After all in an award the hits have been coming pleasure be a. Have you been gadding a duty someone tolerate, under someone adjust to. So spring river remaining the ice, to be prosecuted pre sky without clothing. And pushes ice cap, breaks their and chops up. So and we have been shedding from familiar relations with the world, and flowers rump of our behavior broke themselves against about reality and gradually became less, softly and at all fell. Futile were their efforts survive.

So we gradually be exempt from duties adjust to under people, which by and large to us indifferent. But far question vysvobodivshiesya forces? The answer on this question sometimes dimly been looking at through fatigue disappointments,
As body rivers between ice. But to approve that answer, to come to love a new choice the entire soul of, could only full transition Uranus in an Aries. And here is this happened: 28 on May Uranus crossed border Aries, and we felt themselves until the end of free. Although in deeds
Freedom more not became, and there is over than tinker. Uranium put a new task: Need now to decide, as to live further without clothing. Obviously, that to live need to in warmer world under warmest sun: In love. And means, among people, which
Capable share your thought and feelings, where you can be a. Among those, whom you need thus, what you there is.

And here is here is a a series of problems:

Not every sought to personal freedom deliberately. Not around the its have wanted to. In than something she could prove enforced and unwanted isn. So such people can feel rejection by your, unappreciated while dealing, new, redundant.

Not have all is obtained highly assess acquired will order their affairs on their own, for different reasons. Someone prefers be cause reflection of, but forfeited patron. Someone feel more comfortable lie in the system
Besetting relations, than very order affairs, in which there is no skill. Someone proved devices with large number of affairs, and nor one thing not can throw. For such people a gift from Uranus become a a not a test. To the same that means be a ? And that I can, to be independent? Many people face events, whom not can manage. They feel helpless, because have concrete desires, which not can fulfilled without someone else's aid. And someone else's aid there is no, and not envisioned.

And where these people, capable need in you? If not find love, unity with the world, there is risk warm in the cold solitude. Not accepts such a river warmly, remains Cold, and nothing to acquire it world of returning at night.

And people, which we lost them in their interest and in development from majority,, too, with hard understand, as be demanded, not simplifying themselves. After all simplification themselves this refusal from moreover, to be a. And again need any personal victims, to be widely understood. Not ????? whether victims? On them not remained domestic resources.

And that to do with people who not allow you be a, to live in harmony with his nature? That if living in system, which presses a and combat , and not in sight from it exit? In other words, as change overwhelming external
Circumstances? And like would their not to notice, yes themselves climb in eyes and ears, come in personal life and are: Rrravnyays! Listen my team!

If short, then is obtained 4 species problems:

unavailability to freedom: Inexperience in affairs, whom will have now engage on their own. Or too a large number of responsibilities on one person, which need manage fulfill on their own.

Sixth Sense solitude.

The expression and his good: The problem repayment costs.

The need ladders out of crush circumstances.

Their common decisions I and looked into in sections http://predict.stardays.ru/04.php

- "Pay glee (volume of 10 pages Word)":

Solutions there is no no one another: They in us themselves.

straight for the imposed on society role - decision tasks a new expression,
Creativity, a new sensations its values

If not manages to live present, then is worth choose the future, but not stuck in past - especially new time for mutabelnykh planets horoscope

audace himself word spread decisively not with whom - decision problems solitude

unavailability to freedom not absolve from responsibility for the free choice - the most the latest and the most important the partition about how, why is spreading out affairs and as their paste together, about new problems with children and their addressing

All of this read in http://predict.stardays.ru/04.php

- "a paid prognosis (volume of 10 pages Word)."

Then correct in this subject Forum history real people, which helped me in drafting the glee.

Varvara Price



We waiting for with tomlenem upovanya.

Not times were asked in the last time, as hangin 'together, you all current developments in Egypt, Tunisia and camping on D. With astrological bell tower. Try look around.

Comes time, when level of ideals is flowing in a virtuous plan.

We about this already talked, even in late past year, when noted, that the transition organic in a badge of Aries inevitably will cause, that some views, values, and be can and simply prejudices yes mistaken views start stimulate those or other actions.

After all Jupiter so or otherwise stems with tselepolaganiem, from spiritual practices until advertising and propaganda - the quality of sovibratsii - personal deal everyone, and, here is, what energy this became from sozertsatelnykh Pisces in explosive Aries - some pristine well widely read journalist, reality.

Today increasingly the southern underbeIly so-called civilized world been bustling on maloponyatnym reasons. After all on fact nor have politicians, nor have sociologists, nor have financiers, nor have notorious global behind the scenes there is no, seems, no of import explanations why one country for the other is beginning to be infected by the strange vibration of dismantling the established social and political structures.

Prevents explanations, that, nourished German, rulers we were cooped up, yes people is poor are good only in as a vacuous spells. Ostensibly someone and something understands.

But on fact before us events of a very different of nature. Is obvious their mystical, inomirnyy character.
Something has changed in plans people most, opened some valve and population of multiple countries suddenly povylezalo from-for their counters, with their farms, from cars yes prinyalos topple long familiar rulers.

And importantly - all perceive, that this is even, as the saying goes, only the beginning of . The beginning of what?
It is difficult say certainly, but clear, that ahead - big events - after all until we see only influence organic, which siding with in Aries. Planet, of course, an influential, nor and she, likely, - even only flowers on and.

Soon, already in mid-March 2011 in a badge of of the Ram Crosses Uranus (- far more slow and socially more meaningful cycle. Rhythms Uranus go generation, with his help are manifest new public forces. Uranium always acutely puts problems freedom, momentum, haul for the flood of, literally - for revelation, which as the waterfall hits on heads even yesterday frozen people.

Think, that previous movement Uranus in fiery signs (in like him too?) brought world mood in our eyes cries forward - fall socialist system, perestroika, the end of the Afghanistan, huge the number of illusions, hopes, scrapped the huge system.

To paraphrase classic, our generation could say, that who not lived in 87 year, the and not lived at all.
We as something long not times talked already about this, quite accurately, as now appears, describing influence organic and Uranus in period crises, change of age groups and camping on D. (to example, here: http://gnozis.info/?q=node/2836 and here:

Now we already see, as affects transition organic in the fire a badge of. Interestingly, that Uranus until even provides a particular feature dullness in a change of age groups - after all Uranus even in Pisces. And, here is, he already on the threshold of Aries.

We only that invoked about time, when was is a Sagittarius, but Aries something coming - the fire far more explosive, impulsive, unpredictable. So that, we on the threshold of serious changes, in which likely Russia proves become involved highly profoundly.

Deal in is, that Uranus (often and not without reason associate precisely with our country. Of course, not quite correctly considered, that such a huge area with so different rhythms life, as say somewhere in the recesses of Arkhangelsk county of or in Moscow might better be termed one planet. Of course, the chain Uranus - Russia - a strong simplification.
And increasingly same.

There are grounds diminish in any the least identify transition that the looming transition Uranus in a badge of Aries and public sentiments in our country. And I would not said, that this perishing too rosy expectations.

Not pursuing direct analogies ??? Orgeat, that past periods movement Uranus in Ovne for Russia were are linked with at times far not the most free - in nineteenth century this the Age of Nicholas acceptance, and in the 20th - the beginning of 30 - s.

In general something this times, when Aries - raw and quite militant energy broke on the earth plan rather set of repressive stimulyatsiy. Of course, this have embarrassed and to certain outcomes like collectivization and industrialization or to military settlements arakcheevskikh revelations.

So that the transition Uranus in Aries hardly fills optimism places astrological parallels. Perhaps, e the time overcompensate effort on which the jury uitsraor statehood, perhaps, that this indeed time change. But hardly in the form, to which we are prepared.

Recall, as Pushkin was edited correspondingly in their expectations from communication with Nikolai Central bankshighest.
Incidentally say, and religious egregory enter phase of, uh, chronic standoff. Time witch-hunts, and then and on shot for of other cultures.

Gravelly, just this time clashes fundamentally different points of view, time, when question in fix force, brother? receives the answer from a decisive rights.

Sometime, that conspicuouss threshold initiating energies Aries will time since the late March on first decade on May. In this period current year through a badge of Aries passes most planets - the rarest the situation for eventual Uranus in a badge of. Is complicated she and those, that in of the Ram enters and Lilith.


This Parnu, alas, points to the danger violence, on bouts the rage, then weakness, on passions through all the brink oprokidyvaemykh Pekne Byvanie magazine offers its patience, that were are filled with until Uranus (was in Pisces.

So that we likely are only on the threshold of meaningful action. And the southern underbeIly world intruded, perhaps, because, that it in-many ways stems with Jupiter. At least, Egypt perishing certainly has the right on such a analogy governance. And if this is so, that soon zaburlit and Italy with Greece.

Although, Greece, likely, was ahead all - precisely with it, not with Tunisia began yupiterianskie unrest.
Here is such now obozrimye astrological horizons.



Yesterday, 12 March, Uranusterminally moved in Aries.

And 11 March was earthquake in Japan. More 2 thousands of man died and remain missing. Conflagration on nuclear plants and emit radiation. Here is you and, grandmother, St. George day.


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