from Alexander Agafonova:

astrology the situation July

Sunny eclipse

It will mark 11 July in 23.40 on Moscow time. About his possible effects I wrote in prognosis on past month. Is worth repeat, that until heat eclipse and some time after him (likely, I would have postponed until cardinal culminated) not worth to accept important decisions, (shovel on the long prospect, they hardly will accurate or successful.

Effect eclipse can reverberate in those days, when Transit Mars forms tense aspects of: 30 June (compound with Saturn, the opposition to Uranus, eventual in a Libra - very controversial and hard day) and 4 August (the opposition to Jupiter and squaring to Pluto, ideological conflicts, disputes, tension with be defeated through security structures). This may be complex time, when emerge they have accumulated problems and contradictions, and theme eclipse will become well is clear. 29 July - 5 August - one of the most critical periods not only summer, but and year in a whole (yes and not his one).

This is days cardinal culminated

"Kardinalnaya incursions, about inevitability of which so long talked astrologers, occurred", - say we in early August.

Personally I pray, to all passed more or less smoothly. And am asking you do the same.

Kardinalnaya incursions - deal not one days, but "Zipingpu crocheted" events can serve as as eclipse 11 July, so and any hard aspect of Mars (plus his ingressiya in Shield).

But and without "spuskovykh likely" over the last time happened so much all, that head sometimes goes loop.

That ahead - no one knows. Likely, and population, and people still not times does about itself. Where this will be -, too, not determine. Yes and not want (though admonishment krymchanam and possible self activity of the late July-starters August seems not plus).

Perhaps, individual consultation was would useful those, voiceless in the early cardinal signs (the first 5 degrees of the Ram, degree of Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) is something important - the Ascendant, you (the Sun or Long), Mars, Saturn. These people is worth be discreet in their actions.

If to speak only about the Sun, then this born 20-26 March, 20-27 June, 20-28 September, 21-27 December.

But, in general, one and the same set of slogans Felix Blumenfeld for all:

"Beware. Nurture themselves and their children. With mind choose place vacation. Caveat emptor in places mass aggregations people (if perishing you there twist flops). Koristuytes services reliable airlines. " And camping on D. - list recommendations you easily continue themselves.

For the vast majority of of us, I hope, kardinalnaya incursions will pass without special excesses. She will require excerpts and prudence from executives any rank - from the cook, which controls their small state, until chief-chefs global policy. Perhaps exacerbation ideological contradictions, disputes and confrontation on the most different levels, in the most various planes. Very probable and demonstration "separates the" actions, and symbolically-saturated events. Together with those, kardinalnaya incursions would open gateways for flows, seeking in the future.

Completing opposition Saturn-Uranus on backdrop of RACs a bit loss, but on fact this aspect of - basic. This the true themes, a premise first period crisis, brought question about inevitability of "button" as on Western, so and on global level. So RACs of the late July - of course, not only the beginning of a new, but and a certain outcome Mbeki’s ambivalent development. For different signs on Ascendant. This lagging differently.

The most serious change hints have cardinal signs on Ascendant. And ICJ (the first 5 degrees). They can concern the any hand life.

Have fixed signs on Ascendant. Speech can go about serious affairs with files, in some cases - about legal problems, in other - about addressing problems in ties with for working in school,, either the far-and prolonged tour,, either even with move on permanent residency.

Have mutabelnykh signs on Ascendant. Change can concern the finance. Have many of them reprisal the combination of player, inviting to Gaming Authority action - naturally, the excitement in unsustainable global financial situation should (ideally) bated breath as on excellent intuitions, so and on deep knowledge.

All luck, love, health, happiness! Let kardinalnaya incursions would raise Your affairs on a new levels!