from Anna Falileevoy

Even it beggars belief, that we finally have reached until the early September. Updates for this summer was very heavy. Mars in connecting with Saturn justified our the worst expectations and behaved well respectively its reputation. We have become witnessing a creepy environmental catastrophe - of oil in the Gulf, bespretsendentnoy issushayuschey heat and endless fires in Russia, and also a new sweep economic crisis around the world.

In this year happened an eerie earthquake in Haiti, which has cost life more 230,000 people. In world has increased number of aviakastrof and natural misfortunes largely in ties with long rebuff Saturn, organic, Uranus and Pluto. In August to this Palace Registry Cleaner has joined dangerous Mars, which literally vzvel shoot and mark immediately on all be. When most formidable planet horoscope gather together in aspects, can hardly be expect, that they will be to iron us on back.

And although in all their Summer forecasts I aggressively warned about the upcoming ails, many anxious made repeated calls with questions about end of the world. Want say all, who, unattractiveness in catastrophy, remain mired in pessimism (according to W. Vysotsky), that thanks to cycling all astrological periods we finally are emerging from swathe of global misfortunes.And although in for September Saturn will still in M. to Pluto, this aspect of with every day becomes weaker and in late all, too, disappear in really early October.

After 10 September will end bruising battle Saturn with Uranus, which lasted for slightly more year and the one who provoked environmental problems, the failure to economic crisis and struck fear in all, who had to became victim of this astrologicheskogo events. We indeed can breathe easier with oblecheniem, because Saturn stifled fortune and set ban on any important beginnings.

Closer to mid-September, after 13 th, Mercury from retro-movement will return in normal direktnuyu phase and many feel, that affairs routing business. Here is when can be will boldly tilting in any adventure and count on success business enterprises, to commit go around the world travel or of a much on serious work or at school and raising in career.

In early September many will to experience difficulties in rubbing shoulders. Will such a sense of, as if no one wants no one listen to, and prefers clamming up. That OK, sometimes simply needs take pausing and simply visit in alone. This will be a welcome time for repairs, work on home, to write books of memories about turbulent lto or for studying any primary. For schoolchildren and students this, apparently, as times what they need.

Traditionally September - favorable month for transition on a new work, for search his seats in life, for change, associated with profession throughout, for active training, and also for surgical operations and starters treatment. Proserpine will foster development business qualities all signs, but more all lucky in this month The Maiden, the Lion, the Twins in, fish to and Scorpio.

Advise in September to address calculations and errors of judgment their income and spending, was would well to meet with financial consultants, tinker over his budget, take stock for a certain term and plan their steps on the future. Boon thoroughly do business and at all any work.

A good antidote Pluto with Saturn will Neptune with tend and vami, which not only do fortune, but and will boost incomes, that very notably in situation global economic crisis. Have many people will emerge opportunity earn and although would a bit correct its economic position. September a lovely month for love, starters place relations. Venus will boon affect all area life and that will many pleasant surprises.

She gives sense of superior harmony, happiness in love, internal a sense of beauty, subtle perception of art. In psyche reside the world and rest. A good period for conceiving. Boon ties of relations, to acquire material values, improve its be one-sided, enjoy and receive pleasure. Is possible lifetime earnings and income from music, painting, movies, the acquisition of hyphenated art. Can be unexpected twists in life in better side. Opportunity obtain inheritance, resolve put a confused problem.

Expands employability and the lifeblood energy, are born new sporadic thought and ideas, new creative plans.
Three major words, whom might be characterized September, - this order, calculation and performance.the Sun collapsing in a welter Earth requires from us such qualities, as stability, the tenacity, foundation. After fiery activity August arises need in hard work, studying, perceptions of and analysis. Any deal need to try to conduct on path plan, consistently, carefully looking back into details, with clear head, without of emotions. This a good month for moreover, to think about your work. Those whether you pursue your business? Is worth whether reverse place work? As find common language with superiors? Precisely is needed now to decide these questions.

September facilitate, for active action, however the first half of month will not so good, as the second. Expect unforeseen delay in affairs and on opportunities continue initiated affairs, but not valsti new. Everyone new better start after 13-15 September, when Mars Kims from Libra in Sunik.

For what same will good the first half of month? Above all for heart affairs. In this time rises sensitivity, impressionability and vulnerability, the excitement and irritability, but loss sense of sensitivity and tenderness. Is intensifying propensity to 26C and surplus we sexual character. Comes creative inspiration. Is intensifying need in love and harmony, in understanding and neighborhood. Perhaps a small increase income, acquiring money.

an Aries, Shield, Sunik, Fishwill to experience tide forces in the first half of September. Their energy and will will directed on decision material problems. Them will are common business acumen, practicality. For them this will be a good period for accumulation ????.

Since 1 on 3 September of Advice Snowwill lie in the beautiful reigning throes. He indicates, that the firmament, Epiphanius and Sunikcan count on aid influential. Degree gives them fortune around the, that concerns achievements goal. He promises respectable position, their strength will fully unhappy. Symbol of degrees - King in the crown of the of lending them that someone its message. This symbol of says about Favour great people, about how, that for representatives these signs perhaps achieving high office.

In the second half of September and the rest signs, too, feel tide big forces and energy, that well use for active creative work. Boon sports, to do physical work, improve ability to. Planet create a welcome energy field, seems, that themselves circumstances help and go power--a period.

Signs of Firewill be able in September disclose their creative ability to. To of the RamSeptember proves the most unfortunate and romantic month. Perhaps, his awaits new focus on maintaining and increase income.

Lions and Streltsywill all forces pulled to new knowledge. Them necessarily wanted to purchase a new should or to purchase new hobby. On time they will become very prudent and serious, will absorbing science and assume a in learning difficult successes.

Signs Earthwill actively engage affairs. Taurus, Epiphanius and Capricornwill absorbing their hobby and not will to pay attention on small trouble. For them this also time active love life. They will easily cope with everyday routinized, simultaneously uspevaya with meat ALL Your needs engage those, that like, - music, garden or the.

Signs Conditioningwill to experience in September very strong emotions. For many of them precisely in this month will be decided question about divorce and search for new relations. Not discarded, that all will happen simultaneously and parting with old pastimes again, and new familiarity. Precisely in September representatives Libra, prodavat and Aquariican meet love his life.

business enterprise signswill engage exclusively personal problems. No amount world charity, not affecting their themselves, not will them interesting since. Their deep internal life will is replete and is full new taking. Some representatives Pisces, degree of Cancer and of Scorpiohit with lasting exciting travel.

The most dangerous day within a month this 23 September. Need to avoid any clashes and ?????? relations. Can be courts, once infamous thank, loss of reputation. Not assign persons on this time no amount important affairs and especially not stake legal issues.

September will end on optimistic decency note Venus proves in a sequined reigning throes, which brings happiness in love and in wealth. In this day can be engage by any insidious affairs, fight with vicissitudes fate, engage has been a matter of planning life. A good day for purchases and acquisitions, and also for business and any entertainment. Happy stones September are noble Lapis lazuli and Sapphire, i.e. stones good blue tones, which as would fourty in themselves color the advantage of s the sky.

Happy the flower September - the aster.