Children and sport eyes astrologer
All mothers and Pope dreaming, to child grew healthy and physically guaranteeing. But children have us different, and to their sport they belong differently.

an Aries

Children, except infants born under sign zodiac Aries, distinguishes drive to victory, unrestrained energy, the thirst for action. Their energy so and is splashing through the brink, demanding, to its directed in right track. If child not engage with childhood, then he can become a bleeder and a bully. He very a fancy for the game, him lacks patience. He likes all questions to decide quickly, often resorting to aid physical forces. So he will been largely successful in putting such types of sport, like boxing, running on short distance there is, the NASCAR circuit, right, groupers, the fight, karate-, sambo and other species struggle.

If your child was born in signs zodiac Taurus, then him true to form more just sit homes, look TV and there is sweets. Hardly something can prompt his go play with Southeast children in tag. But if you themselves car his in any sporting section, then, beginning engage, he already not can stop and to live without Zambo. Is worth him one times feel taste of victory, understand, that have him is obtained achieve recognition and he displays a bedeviling him tenacity and insistence and goes on this path, to the end. Children - Taurus men from of nature gifted with big physical force and fit the resistant population. They like develop the beauty physical bodies. Many of them becomes champions in heavy athletics, explosion threat core, kulturizme and other types of sport, where requires tenacity and industriousness.

For period training in school, children, born in signs zodiac by, can try themselves slightly whether not in all types of sport, invariably by setting a powerful big hope. Quickly mastered nuts and bolts one sports discipline, they lose to it interest, and are fond than any new. Achieve indeed serious results they can only under support of collective counterparts, team, which puts before a great tasks. As athletes, by differ speed reaction, mobility and technique enforcement. Komfortnshim just children - by themselves feel in command, game types of sport: In football, basketball, I coach volleyball, and, field hockey, in jumps in length, in levels, in races riding the, in acrobatic and other Quotes. Diversity their hobbies and talents can impress you.


Many boys, born in signs zodiac Rak, experiencing greater need establish itself in own the eyes of, as real men, and consider its duty engage a?eiooi male species sport. Many girls strive to avoid any physical leverage and participation in for competitions, in psyche they think, that sport - this for men. For children - Rakov very is important example parents, if with childhood you the entire family chase engage improving physical culture, thereby privete cheesy love to their sport. In no way case cannot be try to their force ganged sports. Any coercion only would ratchet their requirements fears. Ephemerides a badge of degree of Cancer belongs population water, which is the most comfortable environment for them. Swimming, jumping in water, 2554 hours with akvalangami on depth and other species occupational, associated with water, will deliver to your children huge pleasure and significant results.


Children, except infants born in signs zodiac Lev, distinguishes an unyielding force will and a strong desire to be a superstar. Every of them is dreaming achieve record results and recognition in individual types of sport, such, for example, as solitary figure skiing, an art gymnastics, P90X and other. But, have children - Lviv there is a small weakness, they from of nature lazy. If in childhood you manages help them enter in ensured rhythm and take all their free time aspiration to success, their awaits great future. If miss time, then povzroslevshemu the Lion it is difficult will start sports, after all him immediately need to show good results! Always remember, that cubs requires unbelievable number of compliments and attention. You must admire every their small achievement, only then they will be asked, on ladder to success and glory!

the Virgin

Children, born in signs zodiac Virgin of, possess thus valuable for athlete qualities, as discipline at work here, GX, meticulous manner to itself and rare technical conditions have been created. Their a weak side - this preventing modesty and underestimation own abilities, that often can become obstacle on the way development their sports careers. Small virgins either with childhood need inculcate ambition and faith in their forces, raise self-esteem praise and questioning before them high goal. Their intellectual ability to so are high, that they easily find themselves in such types of sport, as chess, football, hockey, the NASCAR circuit, right, table Tennis, badminton. Under classes by any other kinds sport them endemic individual approach.


Children, born in signs zodiac Shield, needs sports, to balance unsustainable nervous system and its propensity to exclusively intellectual activities. Drive everywhere find harmony, the beauty and aesthetics, cite Libra in such species sport, as an art gymnastics, although pupils may, Tennis, aerobics, spin class, junior tumbling rock nroll. Urgent need in supporting ands sharpened sense of partnership help Wesam achieve success in steam types of sport: Figure skiing, Tennis. Not many Libra can attract the harsh and, on their glance, not Expo Burgas' will be boxing, dance the hammer and heavy hallway. However, in force ambivalence of this mark, many girls, contrary, can to backdoor strictly male discipline.


Children - skorpionam himself God had instructions sports, they not fear nor dire leverage, nor hard competition, nor no upsetting defeats. In force especially lowlife Scorpions make it, their not can stop nor trauma, nor bruised, so as they possess magic threshold ability to replicate in quickly timeline. Presence large numbers of fans their not only not I was, but and would give them additional energy. Especially their scope beckon such species sport, like boxing ,-fighting without rules, ketch, race on survival, and also those discipline, where man opposes population: Kayaks, Water tourism, yachts, the underwater swimming. Children - Scorpions, sensing themselves very strong and confident, can so and not come in sport at all. Necessarily in childhood put it their to their sport, with those, to their rampant energy spent not on the street and in the entrance, and in Tongge and gym.

a Sagittarius

Children - Streltsov, above than their proficient to Ivanovna somehow either guise of sport, necessarily needs to devote in philosophy sport in a whole, show them prospects development, to tell about global role sport in life humanity. Possessing before a image sporting idol, them easier seek high results and preserve dedication their sport on entire life. Many ideal minded Streltsy find themselves in eastern arts event. Also them are close in spirit such species sport, as shootings from string, # 160; Yet going a spear, horse species sport and jumping with parachute, the NASCAR circuit, right. Children - Streltsy, in force its neposedlivosti and impatience can constrain utterly different disciplines and only your support the predetermined appreciation will help them obtain that kind to urban phenomena goal.

the firmament

Children - all Capricorns, dealing with any guise of sport, seek to for perfection. Them it is important not only achieve outcome, win prize, but and craft a its own path achievements success. Typically, recognition comes to them not immediately, and quite in later for athlete age. And only tenacity, and patience help them withstand the in hard competition. Possessing craving one seems desire to defeat, they can ??? workouts reproduces themselves until emblem oscheniya. Help them sometimes cryptic from sport, we relax on nature, teach their correctly sleep. Children - the Capricorns have the species sport, associated with the risk, such as: Climbing, the mountainous skis. Their a strong the quality of - this the stamina, it helps them achieve results in world on long distances, in and marathons, 3-Day Eventing - word, in those types of sport, where other signs zodiac already long finally give in and naught with distance there is.

Actis Systems

Children - enrouted unpredictable as in life, so and in choosing sports instruction. They can engage in several sections simultaneously. Winning first successes in any discipline, they, okrylennye a small victory, immediately same want try themselves in than any still. To help child not shooping and seek success, you can engage his somehow original guise of sport, which would hawk his diverse set needs in adventures and a panel rubbing shoulders. Vodoleev most often attract such species sport: Tennis, jumping in levels and with parachute, football, basketball, volleyball, the NASCAR circuit, right and bicycle paths race, chess.


Children - Fish especially not like to do those species sport, where on first terms of is worth development physical forces. Their more attract such classes sports, under which manifests itself grace of, grace and beauty movements bodies. Children - Fish receive huge pleasure, dealing with Holland. Skiing, based plywaniem, the artistic gymnastics. On Pisces water exerts purported impact; if them give will, they day can splashing about and dive. In all aquatic types of sport, they reach good results, especially in water shuttles polo, jumps in water, keen to take with Ventastega, in ride on yachts. The only weak place children - Pisces - this preventing propensity to fantasies,. They can diving in unrealistic dreams and reside there greater part of his life, carving recognition and successes only in his imagination. Help them questioning achievable, real goal and sound global responses look on their opportunities.

Natalia Zhukovich