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A curious surveillance

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Very interesting article interesting things by Vicky Pekarskoy. And, in my opinion, several ambiguous. The author as would rights and wrong simultaneously. In general, invite to discussions about :flag:

Tell, you likes, when alongside you it turns out an interesting man? Flamboyant, but right, stylishly brigade swooped upon woman? With a tan That's, sports, are looking fit a man?

My modest surveillance show: Yes, this likes all! When man with easily dancing, says on a foreign language, owns somehow instrument or guise of struggle, skillfully are fascinated with a form, yes and simply perfectly looks, - we admire. And even all envy.

Now propose a look for backstage the entire this beauty.

Subway. Girl, not rasstayuschayasya with headphones, and all time-any foreign words.

Biblus Music. Man with a glass books alone name what are worth: Philosophy, sociology, ekonomika.

Beach. All are gone feel hot, and only one-two human than something mazhutsya, flip over are sunbathing.

Couple. Have him three times in week a gym, 2 times in week Wilkes. She has dances every day. On weekends ? and salons.

When you think about this, when represent itself these pictures of the, what you have arise feelings?

Irritation, I believe.

Man and solarium? Fu.

Beach? Harmful.

Woman the kiss by rote words? Easily it fare, times more to address nothing with which.

?? Money chickens not keep pecking.

Books? Student, perhaps.

Every day coaching received? The fanatic!

- Nu, and when same you nabalueshsya these? want us ask, sometimes, have such a hardworking.

- Never. I so live.

Horror what! He so lives! When same to live?! - vosklitsaem we, and then sit down have computer and search for, than would themselves take recent clock before nightmare.

In sex this curiously manifests itself. With one hand, we want, to partner did us pleased in bed (as precisely we and themselves don't know, and here is he should know), and, with the other, us not want to think, that he something studied under, and even worse on whom something sorrowful.

Ideally we might want, to the entire this beauty , skill and ability to were from of nature. Without effort.

- How you manages so look?

- You know, this I have from mothers.

- You such driving while brown - winter? Solarium?

- No, that you. Simply such color skin.

- ? Language? Perhaps, it is difficult learn?

- No, I have ability to to languages. Simply fortunate.

- What figure! You on diet?

- No, such exchange substances.

A! , sighing for we profoundly sad in the answer. Fortunate. , it is a pity of course, that I have no such heredity. But that do about it everyone its. But I is a clever.

And rightly move to live further, on-white water (strong, the beautiful and skilful. Skyfall-white in this context, - this means, and not trying to something do for themselves in his life.

Outcome. If people think, that for beauty and other lawyers of the result of is worth have luck, nature they can afford to will be similarly encouraged and sphere on-good. And draw comfort from: I not is to blame, that I have this there is no. Against of nature not you mess!

And if for spinal results is worth labor? Seemed would perfectly this man was able, and I will be able! Where same anger? Understandable, where. This very ideal turns into living, a walking rebuke everyone, who this not makes. Ribs blow to conscience: He not simply causes envy, he rocking self-esteem. After all if, have us equal sources , why what may he not can I? If what given given and him, and me, then why I here is such, and he the other? In sight, I worse! Do bang escaped down. In a result better to cling away from all these fanatics: Dropping out, sport, business, culture, sex and other things.

Hence, advice those who works over a than would this nor was: Coaching received, training, rates English or defile, yes the same psychotherapy is, - not try say Different I this was able and you you can. You not will say thank you. On you will have been mistreated by. 're surly. From you will want run away. Or philosophical. Or devalue. In no way case not try to tell as you this have achieved, even not try to lend advice and promise its aid and support. You arouse the on laughable or at all not will become listen to.

Caveat easier, tell: it the very so broke a - and you will love, Coddle and be nurtured.

All good days.

Perepost hence




Auteur as would rights and wrong simultaneously.

Lena, and in than you thinking she not rights? Me seems, that the only, that not quite truth in its article-this


you arouse the on laughable or at all not will become listen to.

All-??? reaction on self-perfection other people depends on personality qualities the most human, and have all she will be different. Although many react precisely so, as she wrote.




Lena, and in than you thinking she not rights?


Everyone-??? reaction on self-perfection other people depends on personality qualities the most human, and have all she will be different.

Yes here is in the same, that and you told. The author rowing by under one-size, on my view. What it describes, of course, der, and, unfortunately, many applies to, but all-??? is not an absolute law. Rather, this can be attributed to panel values of our society. Have us in society not adopted be successful, not fashionable to.


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