from Alexander Agafonova

Astrological exploration, about which I wrote in past prognosis, have continued and in September. The projected author if plays managed recast in a modern him ephemerides context - i.e. discover, as on his map cannot afford mundannye cycles planets (mundannye - means world, common for the world). It turned out - still as cannot afford! And times so, this man was one day become linked to a critical social and spiritual change his time, i.e. lived and was breathing history. Or she them lived and were breathing. And in such a case version of about how, that precisely he and was Shakespeare, becomes even more likely - and riveting. Yes and his earliest are becoming linked a new depth. Together I have sampled (truth, only slightly) in poetry nod era. For example, finally have read John Donna. However Shakespeare for me shielded its champion's title. The whether in force my still otrocheskogo passions, then whether so it and there is.

astrology the situation October

Corona Ariadne's, or Venus becomes a retrograde

When combined with Mars, please on star ? Crucis and then in 13 st throes of Scorpio on star Gemma (? Coronae Borealis), 8 October Venus tide is turning in reverse. Retrogradno she will pass until 28 th degrees Libra and again Kims in a direct movement 19 November. Harmonious one lyrical incursions expects those, from whom the Ascendant or the Sun, Venus, Mars are located in past degrees air and fire signs, either in first 13 fringes degrees signs aquatic and terrestrial. Uneasy incursions is preparing those, from whom those same performance - in late cardinal signs or the first half of fixed.

That can mean period retrogradnosti Venus, can be read here. Still times Podcherknu: Cautious about visions with wastage, try not to lend money in debt and not to do serious cosmetic operations. Likely return people from the past, especially those, with whom are linked lyric memories. If same you there are already expensive you man, very likely, that you will pass a with him still times experience September - and if something went wrong, there is opportunity much correct.

Often retrograde Venus assumes tested feelings. I noticing, that a turnaround Venus in a direct movement (in this time - after 19 November!) increases spread it okoltsovannykh aaoiiaeo without X. Conclude marriage under the produce markets in 1997-, where she is strong, but more often with sign "minus", yes still and retrogradna in this time - not the most is it apt idea, so wait a although would until 19 November. Although and further days are far from ideal for maps marriage, and with 30 November Venus again in 1997-. Very likely, that an able astrologer all same will find appropriate time for wedding, coming from features of of birth dates for horoscopes birth one- and such specialists indeed there is. Sometimes, however, superb map find themselves as newlyweds - ????, not looking in ephemerides of, and inspired by above.

About star ? Coronae Borealis, or Gemma. She connected with a myth about more than Ariadne. This would mean the damsel was daughter Minos', czar of Crete. Times in year on Crete in the maze there was match from outside the city team with the local a gem the Minotaur. The Minotaur always triumph, because Visitors, hikes and in the maze, never print enough of them motherfuckers by the early match. In another times to the Minotaur challenged the the Athenian forward Theseus. Ariadne, pursuing far-reaching goal, has provided Theseus' a ball of string, which led his toand back, and still some than.

Unlike predecessors, Theseus found a path, and match first time By. Game awareness-on Central ellinisticheskomu television (TsETe). After long struggle Theseus won in additional time with-sum game 1 :0, that was publicly predicted by some British a druid on antisu tail (90377) Sedna. The Minotaur escaped in Sochi, where's laying on bottom and replaced the name of.

Hardly would Tezeyu managed so powerfully penetrate the decisive angular, if would not Ariadne. She has provided General Police Headquarters Maradonna magic ball and the sneakers, prevraschavshimi any blow in "dry leaf." (This was surprisingly the favored PR project firms " under slogan:" The armless, headless Violator - but in "you'm winging from and cool.")

Please: This not Nike with its superb the sneakers!

Ariadne wanted withdraw for Theseus', but its dad, prosadivshiy incurs amount on sweepstakes, was against. Them had to was rushed slip away with of Crete on island Naxos. Ariadne, stavivshaya on Theseus', has become rewarding madam and wanted open its business, but between them crawled green snake.

Local Don Corleone, he same Regulus (Roman history), put an eye on 200 talents Ariadne's and decided to marry its on its Son, have which talent was only one - but a distinguished. Tezeyu transparently hinted, and he went to the treasure of. Ariadne married for of Dionysus -- unpredictable lyubitelya wines and beer, which were rolling out as rock star in. That was further, history conceals, but their Bride was luxurious:, hard Pope made Ariadna buduschuyuzhenuAriadnu immortal, forever infant and perfect (i.e. taught a host it cosmetic set of and eternal ticket in fitness-club), its adopted in family and Tsars and coronations on a poetry beauty "Mrs. Naxos." Precisely central part of this crown symbolizes Gemma. In general, star this happy, gives surprise success, points to propensity to art, poetry and astrology.

This story, or any its part of, can down in October-November. Exit from any confusing state of can be found, gates taken, wonderful sword in aficionados drawn wins Monster, can get vzovetsya over the enemy bastions, as outcome flag (only not say me about the third tertsii! This 7th chord too slight rudeness from staff at, loving are to be joined, but are possible and method, for example, surplus goryachitelnykh drinks or the emergence of pop stars will transform fate in whose something easy public - and the irony here nor under than.

If without jokes, then compound Venus and Mars with Akruksom (from constellation the Cross) 2-3 October, then with Gemmoy (star wedding) and the subsequent retrogradnost Venus reminds taught this technique thousands the plot, whose roots go in very the distant past - by the early era of hunting. This the plot repeats again and again, change only countries and times. Step out of Venus, Mars moves away in far journey (Crosses in of Sagittarius), and Venus remains one and is returning in past. They will meet only in May 2011 in Taurus, where Mars again again submit to Venus.

And because 2-3 October and forth until 19 November - can be beg forgiveness (let mentally) those, whom we have left once: "Thy firmness makes my circle just, and makes me end where I begun."

John Donne
Prevent what she called, NGOs SAD

As sensible in cardinal hour
Strive to quietly psyche:
"Go on!" - and not're lowering eye
Friends with them, speaking "already"

Ile "there is no still" - so in 'forlorn' moment
And we not exposing the body's passions,
To meeting not to belittle image of
Recently separation this.

Zemletryasene gaze larger,
Drives in darkness minds.
When OK heavenly rulebook shivers,
At and a calm we.

So and love terrestrial hearts:
It not accept, not battle
Absence of. It - the end of the
All, to what is crying out flesh.

But we - we, loving so
Sophisticated of us, that our feelings
Not in forces tried pain
And mourning razedinennykh tailored, -

'll say goodbye. For we - one thing.
Two our souls not dismember,
As a block of the precious. But
Exodus my their'll string in thread.

As calipers aneasthetic, trembling,
Those will ozirat the brink,
Not moving, your soul,
Where is moving soul my.

And then become you vperyatsya in night
Here, in the center of the, ranging suddenly
Krenitsya, to frizz again,
Than more or less circle.

But if you always tough
There, in the center of the, then must regain
Me with my circles there,
Where I rode out in path.

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Casting spirit, review to our old grindstone.

Jupiter in October still retrograden. Affairs hardly collect decent the speed, until donor G-Good luck backs up,. He unfold only 18 November. But 24-30 can do Pisces and other aquatic and terrestrial signs under his beneficial rays.

Saturn will subordinate new territory. He will prosper from 8 to 12 F on Libra, and for 11-18 degrees his influence will be long. Those, from whom that any important in these degrees cardinal signs, especially Aries and Libra, must prepare for an serious tested - what precisely, can be suggest only on individual map. This can be and health, and career, and relationship.

Uranium, Neptune and Pluto accent each in 2 degrees. For most this nothing not means; but for some people will come to mean very many. I I shall note this in prognosis on sights.

All luck, health, love and happiness!
Alexey Agafonov