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Request to share their affinities.

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. About Genital magazines. Girls, who that reads? Interested precisely preferences among Genital magazines (not electronic, paper). Or, can, once excessively devoted somehow fashion magazine, bought every month, then "went cold again." In general, request to share views :)



Lena, I before buy journal "Shape" (shape). Year three consecutive buy. Then as something Sealer. And recently has carried sentenced and half of these magazines perekochevala in dustbin of :)



IRA, and this feminine journal? Frankly, never listened about such a. :blush:



And I at all not read such magazines why something.



Tanja, in any case thank you for report)



I buy one thing time Lisa, but this was in the early century :). Then buy stone stories, but this not quite feminine. Now not buying nothing. Bored they, same assessment.



Lud_mila wrote:

, just some boring they, same assessment.

Of our protection :)




-il, and this feminine journal? Frankly, never listened about such a. :blush:

Yes, feminine. Napravlenie- sport and a healthy image life. But also in it were cookery, cosmetics, fashions, relationship and camping on D. But buy mostly from-for exercise (they printed several exercises on Yoga, Pilates guy, body-dancing competitions that you and camping on Afghan) :)



Javadxan :) Thanks ,-il!



Greetings, and I, too, in the last time -esli only'll visit side in subway in a foreign journal, and itself not pokupayu--vremeni there is no to read and for your brain they not give food. Yes and shape was and Lisa and Domashniyy cosiness and mystery astrology (like so).



Already few years I pregnant one with the thought. Namely: Why have us in Russia there is no magazine for mature women? Answer I not find. Perhaps, as naive northern deer I hope on factors, which there is no on somehow reasons. For example, demand. Perhaps, I same not the most is a clever people in trades abroad, which hasn until this?! But times there is no demand, there is no and proposals. A pity . Precisely age 35 + on my view the most an interesting and troubled. Woman in this age faces near new for themselves problems. This and health, which all more requires to itself attention, and career, which can themselves exhaust and wanted try themselves in the new as a, and inertia not lampooned. Have someone this experience ia. Have many become addicted children. This itself a headache for me (because that large children this big bedki), yes still thus exempt heap free time and woman remains devices with itself with questions: Who I? And that do next?
Men our expensive flip questions in any age. Someone in a fever crisis the mid-life moves away to a... a young wife, and our woman remains one and needs in armored, support and sympathy. Someone contain this crisis alongside wife and then it needs honoured help a man pass his. In general, those, problems and issues to this age life's end a fucking fortune. Where seek the answer?

Had to in Internet (far not zabredala, mostly among their) hook up poll: Who that likes, who what reads, reads whether at all and as often and camping on D. Polls were here, in this topic and here.

Leader sales, naturally, Cosmo . I itself many years his buy, even when withdrew from age his target audience. Cosmo highly aptly fit in in a new historical format capitalism with his individualizmom and, can be said, formed a whole generation. Not want to denounce this or praise, this historical and social realities. Individualism has its strengths and weaknesses, the distorted in his side, too, 's it not good, but we this territory until only only developing and this process still on decades.

Many noted journal "Psychology". Indeed very a good, qualitative,, too, while, his buy with gusto. But to psychological magazines, circulation was usually opt, when problems'll get pinched. Us same interested precisely womens magazines, where our woman gets advice, aid and opportunity something in itself change.

In separating phonecalls made our woman balzakovskogo age remain Babskii , i.e. domovodcheskie magazines Comfortable house , the good advice and camping on D. Not, dispute there is no, magazines indeed good! Those same the good advice many years borrowed I have on dust worthy place a lovely journal! But wasn interests adult women confined to only home, kitchen the woes? But as same build up an own existance, creativity, disclosure their potential? Or I again as northern deer something not'm catching? Remember its devichestvo and quivering gathering applications barmaid from magazines employee and Krestyanka . Has accumulated their I have years for 10, I then their pereplela in book Lies much and thick (kill can be), reality of in general already. Remember as with realignment in extremism calls Soviet women came the breakthrough with fashion magazine Burda , as received one Number on porch, were on night to rewrite culinary prescriptions for or trace (neatly!) tip. Bright photos, colorful pictures of the, photo ready dishes, which our women never did not, were times! Seemed, that Happy Endings has come and further all will well!
Now any recipe can be find in Internet, psychological article, too,, Chinook magazines similar one on the other as Lenin and Party (read: Violently as twins), everywhere glamour from life stars and us all time something impose.

Here is I and want ask: This that? Have us more not reading?? There is no demand? There is no size? Mature woman no one not need a with its problems? Or mature woman not need ANY OF ITS journal, which she will with look forward wait every month, and then to read, study, cut made there and to lend revere girlfriends? Or all await someone, but who this, who this, who? (with)



I buying journal "the universe." Journal about astronomy, with in affordable form. There there is always fresh maps the sky. Understandable, that under desire all this can be find in 120, but with fashion magazine conveniently if somewhere to go, modicum on output on liberal scattering, and the sky always under hand.
Before was looking through, roughly times in year womens magazines, mostly on subject fashion and jewellery (with such same goal watch TV). And now come on mails catalogues clothing. Except viewing can be still and order thing. Still come catalogues with colors, which I order. My Venus fully udovletvoryaetsya rage and colors. And communication me lack live with clients. Problems the most interesting and different.
Still buying journal "Stranger the world." He Ukrainian about any sign whatnot of esoteric, psychological trends.

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Lena, thank you :) But me interested question precisely Genital magazines.


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