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Theater 78 doors

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Lud_mila wrote:

elenixia wrote (and):

Memorable question: That happened in relations between me and my a man in of last decade of August 2010?

Map 3 of wands + King of the IOC. Perhaps, that between you arose any arrangement about the future your relations, can have become build long-term plans. Multi-billion-was thought show caring, you take on meeting in what-that.

A bit yes, a bit there is no. He always me spoke, that against ofits. Marriage (the sad experience). And here suddenly - "I on you'm getting married." I from have been surprising has lost uncanny ability speech, at all not understandable: This his increase decision, issue not prozvuchvlo. Not answered clearly. And through day - he said, that need to was immediately agree, that have him big feelings there is no, we simply friends, and he was accustomed to loneliness and freedom. And in the penultimate day my tenure asked will come whether I still.
Week together, and I then departed home. Now at all not speak.
In this issue he, perhaps and went me on meeting, but turned ago. Here to worsen - the most apt map was would. I its and saw immediately, and then only za nesoglasovannosti programm.
And - yes, he was very Tom taking care of you me entire the contestant week, and before, too,. If would sounded long-term plans - I was would happy nowadays.
Thank you, Ludmila.
Await the alignment and reading of on the second issue ;)



Львица wrote:

memorable question: That happened with me in December 2008 - January 2009?

Lud_mila wrote:

Queen Pentakley + 9 of wands. Event was stems with family and its security. Naturally, that pentakli - this monetary, telluric the suit of, so, think, you committed any actions, associated with reinvigorating the foundation your family, at home.

In December 2008 in University I have occurred conflict with student-teacher meeting (woman), in thereafter which in January I was forced take From documents from this much skating. But members my family ???? participation in the reconciliation this problems and supported me. So that rather not "underpinning", and cohesion, family members.
On my view the first map it seems reflects situation in University.
Thank you for the answer)

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I not engulfed in the number of those lucky ones, which you gunmen maps. Continuation of will later or already not wait, that you witness my questions? :unsure:



Вера wrote:

I not engulfed in the number of those lucky ones, which you gunmen maps. Continuation of will later or already not wait, that you witness my questions? :unsure:

Yes that you all toropyzhki what.

Told same Ludmila higher-as can so and responds.

Man not constantly sits and replies on questions. Family, work, affairs



Lud_mila wrote:

Галина написал(а):Проверочный вопрос. Какая неприятная ситуация произошла в моей жизни  в июле этого года?Паж жезлов+8 жезлов. Выпали активные огненные жезлы, поэтому ситуация яркая и запоминающаяся. И хотя карты выпали симпатичные такие, но в задании уже стоит "неприятная ситуация". Карта паж жезлов склоняет к неожиданному сюрпризу, в результате которого пришлось делать какой-то выбор (8 жезлов). Решение далось с трудом. Возможно, пришлось обращаться к какому-то (женщине?) за помощью.

Нет. не так. Ситуация очень тяжелая для меня с деньгами. Ушла крупная сумма с фирмы на фирму моих знакомых-деньги пропали, вернее их до сих пор не вернули. У меня серъезные проблемы из-за этого. Выбор был только один:куда их отправить.



Very skloubeni you, Lyudochka.


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