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It is important! Magic a new birthday!

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A Official birthday

That us gives knowledge his saltire .The horoscope? And in fix his unlike current transit forecasts? When and for what is worth turn such ``debriefing have astrologer.

These questions quite often ask under increasingly consultation, respiration and’s population was born the next a slight comment sense work with sunlight cycle.

Roughly for month before his birthday man is beginning to enter in dM training to a new solyarnomu cycle.

This means, that to point, when the Sun proves in the same place on the sky, that was in moment birth will happen the, that we can call the relaunch of heat cycle.

Roughly the same, that every afternoon month is happening in sun in moment, which we call vygode. I.e. on moment his return shone (planet) it turns out in some the lower point influence.

And this in principle true for each planet - man so or otherwise feels return and of Mercury and Venus and Mars and organic with Saturn. In principle, can be to speak and about more slow cycles, but we now in general something are talking only about one - about many fundamental.

Sun year - from birthday until days Wireless HSIA capable restart huge the number of living processes, especially those, that concern our plans, our vital creative energy, of our manifestations of will to existence of.

After all the Sun - this a man’s that creates real enerigiya, the momentum, which initially contemplates and our the emergence of on this planet and very often - our death.

Deal in the is, that roughly for year before its birth, every man as would’s to its future parents, enters in the plot continuation of the Sort and further already Rhode, acting through the Sun future child is beginning to correct situation, making expression of human in world maximally trained.

So in life future parents can change much - someone official on work, someone change place of residence, someone - contrary - proves in the silence of the, lest be in the best able for meeting future child. Intensity of such changes in-many ways and is determined by the positive vital energy (good Karma) which including a human being.

Similarly man updates the its circuits baggage every year, and because, before new symbolic birth of he ends the certain history and enters in new - indeed do until pores - sets the themselves to them.

And man should quietly and with understanding perceive action this heat rhythm - excessive activity before a day to birth will simply damaging, because rather simply would prevent prove in grinding halt after pioneering on the whole its the next year life.

And because, incidentally say, have special significance and rituals, which commit man on its a new solyar - magic sonastroyki with rhythms fate, of nature in this time especially effective. Question only - as understand these influence and as correctly to interact with them.

At all speaking, for modern human large cities sunny cycle, served active model dawn it turns out even more is important, than traditionally uchityvaemyy afternoon cycle.

Of course, monthly influence moon note virtually all, but increasingly same for human, which lives in megapolis, which ripped off from natural environment, moon periods find themselves several less topical, role same solar proportionately growing.

Correctly understand sense even one accommodation time year in this case - extremely important task. Understand, to leave implemented tasks, discern results and feel new goal. This work on time before a day to birth.

Here need be noted one an important feature of - on solar energy not worth try to shape events outside moreover path, that set upon. Man since birth. So solyarnaya magic helps vedayuschim and host their living path with gratitude. At all lasting gratitude - slavlenie gods, which lead human expensive darny - of critical condition the right manifestations of sun.

Man with a strong and a net Sun behaves similarly not denounces its fate, not searching for of the perpetrators of failures outside themselves.

For those same, who not understands and not accepts his life more apropos in this time to practice inaction, attention and hearing will gods about itself.

If divergence breathing path human with life planned for Sun behaves similarly the fate of it turns out a critical, man can not survive another its day birth. Or same contrary - if the entire program embodiment implemented - man so same can withdraw before the onset of the new his saltire .The year.

This a near certainty well echo this on cemeteries - you have difficulty finding many dates death not far from dates births.

So or otherwise, but understanding of sense annual saltire .The renewal it is important for everyone of us. As, incidentally say and knowledge saltire .The horoscope on closest year sometimes can give a particular feature configuration and understanding, as precisely best organize ritual renewal sun on your day birth.




EU behavior 12 days after offensive diesel

(P. P. Globa from lecture 30.03.1998 Propulsion)

-2 Diesel fuel - this annual return sun on its place. He roughly coincides with day birth, but can be and a bit matrix relative to him.

In 1 DAY(from moment inclusion diesel plus alone clock, this the first clock, this not day birth) after diesel think its head. If you correctly'course there's the temptation 1 days, means, you clean the first house your diesel. Means, within a year, your unbelievably initiative will undergo convoys. If not'course there's - meet disadvantages and obstacles. Means, you not chase know not only, as word your advertisements they might respond, but and that you to do, and you can within a year be a before new gateway. All that prevents personally you reverberate, you must correct in first day diesel and in first day diesel you must think themselves. In 1 day diesel harmful ask Council have someone, harmful to someone invoked. Think, think himself. If you to someone contact - this means, that you will, as Baran, which goes for a dick. In 1 day any diesel, and in 1 day supersolyara be repaid three times over - in no way case not Webb studied jazz guita Council, not perevalivay on other its initiative, himself think, think, himself proyavlyaysya. Slightly will you give became weak, you will, as lamb for horns, a carrot before its nose - and went! Think, think himself. If you fool, not can to think, then although would shut up. "Never and nothing not do, especially those who stronger you, themselves will offer, and themselves all would give!" If nothing not would give in this time, means, would give then.

When 2 DAYcannot be many there is, need to themselves to limit in food, in matter, cannot be spend. Greedy be cannot be - this will be provocation on dependence from second homes. Cannot be there is what you want. Than more want, the less can be. This test you "on punk or not." Always on 2 day after diesel pulling there is, to drink, opokhmelyatsya. Usually solyar case on the eve birthday, and, in 2 day often be satisfied with feast can be. And gifts cannot be to accept, that is why not celebrated day birth! In this was much wisdom. Us same incite possessions! If you want be free - on 2 th day after diesel not nothing gifts! Otslezhivayte affairs, associated with food, then you will independent, you have not will slavery from matter, you not chase registering on this subject, means, not chase exaggerated dangers, associated with this, you not chase magnetically drawn to these means of to itself. Even in really worst case, you have not will conuses perception, and means, you can and not to backdoor to itself dangers this kind of.
If in 1 day need to be themselves a, nor on whom not count, only on themselves, in 2 day not count on material aid, on food, do their means. 2-oops day - this day aid other, satisfaction of strangers applying. Is considered very poorly, if man getting greedy, refuses in than something in 2 day, him others’'s with the tears otolyutsya, especially, if this him nothing not worth.

In 3 DAYspying on "Bazaar" ("Over bazaar going to answer"), for words, word not a sparrow. In this day better silenced. Promise, this in 3 day, portends against you.

At 4 DAY- the temptation, associated with home, with close. Needs Fuehrer caring about close. If close there is no - this day memories of kind, about ancestors, about deceased. 4 day especially after supersolyara - this day memory ancestors. Doubly perpetrator the man, which on 4 th day diesel not called on the name their deceased ancestors (order liturgy, 's, praying for them). To tempt you will near own homes. On every day after diesel there is signs good and signs with, on which need to respond certain way. Very bad sign on 4 day is a funeral the procession, if someone near in House dies, or a graveyard of. I observed, that on 4 day human in House is beginning to much enrage: Neighbor knocking for TK. In this day walk on a graveyard of can be, need bandy about close, recall childhood, past, try to build order in the past. In 4 day never the planned future, distant prospect, and contrary is lauded past, very poorly, if you make something sign, build long drives plans. In 4 day you must pass the temptation future. In this day is considered very poorly far leave - this, too, the temptation commute, expensive.

In 5 DAY- the temptation love. No love and game - this for you the temptation. Can be whether love in 5 day after diesel? Can be, only children, but not as retired major Rzhevsky. In this day can be love only slowly and notorious. And in the rest days - an alternative option: Quickly and fun. The temptation game, with happiness - not following on this. Lungs winnings and fortune in this day exploits through. If in this day you something who give - 50 times think, because this buying. Need to say: "Our current reactive model--you come tomorrow!", and this a present - this cheap buying. Not all the gold, that glitters. In this day better nothing not borrow, not buy, not constrain winnings and love, not play in gambling.

In 6 DAY- the temptation disease (themselves realize, that can be after days love. Wrong single 5 day can on 6 th give disease). Before 5 st home goes 4 th - cannot be engage there scheming there, where living, and after goes 6 house - and where you work: Popular wisdom. The temptation work. Poorly, if in this day you have were any painful symptoms. In this day cannot be work "on uncle", nothing forced not is done. When us ask something do - cannot be submit to. On themselves work can be.

In 7 DAY- the temptation wife founded, plus to everything open spaces. In 7 day not that Spain look in a mirror.

In 8 DAYcannot be to risk, fear. The temptation risk, danger, the most a critical day.

In 9 DAYcannot be to speak on a foreign language, cannot be use obscenities (matt - this same foreign words, word from three letters - the Chinese, denoting "man"). Replacing this in church, in the teaching, but cannot be teach, lecturing other. You in 9 day simply will pull show themselves, lecturing.

In 10 DAYthe temptation power, desire to show themselves boss. Need remember, that any initiative in this day will be punished, especially, there, where you will someone for a to wage. The danger breakdown with Heights in this day. Not take on themselves too many big initiatives, you can been.

In 11 DAYinnovations otslezhivayte. Any new - this well all-but-forgotten old, so for new affairs not - Here, take. 11 day - this day of multiple enacts. You demerdez with friends, not following lets companies, they can be for you macabre example.

In 12 DAY- nothing not worry about, the temptation secrets, insidious affairs, gossip. Nothing need not take to heart, not United Nations attention on Slumbers, on\ u0027s Nightmares, on any secret's it hanging. Cannot be to do nothing secret, because all covert, that you infer in this day, in this year will become clear.
By keeping a themselves strictly the first 12 days after diesel, because this tab all 12 homes.

(With) the Internet



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And from whom what surveillance on topic? :question:


You are here » Ephemerides forum » Art glee: New and traditional methods » It is important! Magic a new birthday!