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Ephemerides forecast on 2011 year.

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Already soon will come New year and all interestingly, that same us awaits.
Year is obtained saturated and dynamic for all.
I to weekends'll post an its overall glance on year (until I have all in draft box), and then on sights. Propose a to accept participation all proved in drafting the or climate Policy Forecast Document (year.

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Lena, let us grateful! :cool:



2011 year is expected interesting and sobytiynym. Jupiter in this year will visit immediately three a sign, and four solar and two of the lunar eclipse add of paints this year.
In this year will such a sense of, that all and good and bad quickly passes, all is changing. People tend not to value the, good, that they have. Good note only then, when his lose. In this year try discern, then good, that there is in your life and take advantage erected likelihood of.
Year will begin with massive projects, with ideas, associated with society and collectives. Ideas January would gain a powerful push with February on June, and then will begin stage of embodiment their in life. This year suited for those who wants to express its individuality and create something new in his life. Nazrevavshie previous six months in 2010 creative ideas oformyatsya in something concrete and in during 2011 will hold its stage starters, development and implementation. The first results these beginnings we will see by June 2011, and to mid-December many beginnings comes in something concrete. This year will be appropriate for decisive people, knowledgeable, what they want, for those who ready embody their ideas in life.
Since the late January active expansion, enlargement, certainly on official obstacles, on slowdown with hand authorities.
By the end of February all who began actively expand and implement personal ambitious plans natolknutsya on membrane, on pressure with hand conservatively subculture parts of society, on counteracting authorities.
But, fortunately, all of this will last not too long and already to the first spring days will end.
Recent days March will marked bytwists in the events, all goes not so, as conceived, Life is full surprises. Success expects those, who knows its course and actively paves his. Society firm Obama turns face to education.
Eventual Neptune's consort in a badge of Pisces allows hope on turn to spiritual component of life. Society slowly, but steadily recognizes the importance of spiritual hand life. This spring will visible the first shoots this trend. Many will be able realize this spring creative projects, find their spiritual values.
For many people the beginning of June will spring with unfortunate solution career issues. This good time for purchases and sales real estate. In these days helpful listen to advice senior and of experienced people. And in July almost with precision until contrary, better with career and by any purchases organisation.
If something not broke a in late February, then this all easily is underway since the late July until the early August.
Ranging with 4 June (Jupiter Crosses in a badge of Taurus) will rise need in material stability and comfort of a. Many beginnings in this time directed on improvements in material sphere. After 15 August all these beginnings are switching in phase expectations and revision. Only in late December many would gain opportunity realize the accumulated for autumn potential.
In late November better not to accept important and impressive decisions. This time unexpected events in financial affairs and in relations. After 14 December all will face on their seats, and life goes run their course.



Lena, thank you! Igressiya Neptune in Fish at all interestingly :writing:



Here is my forecast on sights. He requires grind down, and I'm leaving and d only to New year. :flirt:


In January your life resembles on state of athlete before a big start. You are full creative ideas, within you have goes whirling intense work. Ranging since the late January, you can boldly embark on new affairs and ideas, and not miss chances for strengthening your influence. Since the late January on June for Ovnov open period intensive change, in which you will personally are engaged. Best, you maps in hands! This period strengthening your influence the world around it, period your personal growth. From what you start in these months depends your success in the coming 12 years. Changes in your behavior and image, occurring with you in this year, are reflected on strengthening your living positions. Ranging with the mid-March and until the mid-July, you capable on unpredictable actions and quick decisions.
For you very it is important choose appropriate partners. In this year much will depend on your partners. Ears open to advice more of experienced people.
Ranging with June, you can strengthen your material background of The. And some initiated you projects in the first half of year, will bring gain tangible profits. This year your personal and material success and in this year these things for you are interconnected.


In January Taurus men can count on support friends. Changes underway with you in this time conducive for your future. The first results the January beginnings you will see in the second decade of December 2011goda. Ranging with 23 January you better act secretly. Until June please take attention to healthy way of life, not it is moderate, especially note on past decade March. With February on June success expects teltsov people employed in creative sphere. In June you are full aspiring intentions and attach a long energy for raising your material income households.
With start summer increase your forces. Summer period your personal activity, enlargement influence. You would encouraged, fill changes in being veiled. Ranging with June, you can much change in your life and lay the groundwork on the next years. In mid-August nor on feelings and derive communication in semeynom circle podogreyut and without moreover warm summer days.
In this year you will have visit salutary clubs, pursue time on simulators and in sports floors. If you intended to limit and adjust its nutrition, then in this year for this the most appropriate time.

Twins do

In January you in are in leaves events on work. Some of you expect changes in career. Many by change old model behavior and abandon illusions. Decisions taken in January, by June largely change you. Until June by will are busy vystraivaniem their future. With February on June you expects success in joint affairs with youth.
The beginning of summer for many of you will become period heightened nervousness and emotionality. Results your effort in June you will see by November, 2011goda. After Junes unrest you expects period vacation, you will find its happiness in creativity.
In this year the Twins in difficult find in power feelings. You .Iran the intelligent and specified character relationships with a balancing reproductive.
In April, July and since the late November until the mid-December have prodavat declines business and mental activity. Large purchases the Twins in desirable not to commit in these periods time.


In January marks the the, about than you dreamed previous six months. You can suddenly for Ban to go in journey or start learn something a new. In January you are prepared come on aid your partners.
With January on June you have will period important changes in life. You can strengthen your position in work or choose new directions in your activities.
In June you better not be your plans. Try to control your emotions in this month, and if want to for a holiday have dam, then not stand on cetemony itself in this. Decisions taken in this time can contribute serious changes in your image life and work by the end of November.
Ranging with June, you can to address path for plans on the future. In July you can begin to their implementation.
In the second half of the year you have will appear new friends and interests. All extending in this year carries the material character and directed on raising your sustainability in life.
In this year you will have to take responsibility for your family and house.


In January please take attention your health, not over eat and not it is moderate at work. In the early year Lions very successful in career, in work with large investments, with large with money and taxes.
Ranging since the late January and on June 2011, for you will come derive time, associated with space travel. Ranging with the mid-March and until the mid-July, you have the Coalition unexpected travel or trip with friends. Lviv, people employed on teaching or publishing work expects success.
You will have to limit and rationalize smooth daily communication with close relatives and neighbors. On the end of the June, the beginning of July better not plan short travel, to unexpected obstacles and restrictions in more not summoned emotional breakdown.
Are possible disruptions in work ties, delays with crunch information, especially in April, July and since the late November until the mid-December.
Ranging with June, you can count on strengthening your positions in career, on raising on service, on recognition your professional merit. To mid-December you reach moreover to what has been going in this year.


In January vy expects success in work with clients. Your spouse support your beginnings and share your views and interests. Someone from vy still lucky conclude marriage in the early 2011.
However, ranging with February on June you should be prepared for change, to life in rapid pace. For vy, people employed in banking sphere, in work with large HBOS money this very successful period. Also in these months could be achieved Virgin of, engaged in politics, involved in an already tense extreme activities. Those of you, who outlined in this year operations, better this do since the late March on June.
Shares with money, purchases you better not to commit in April, July and since the late November until the mid-December.
In June you note in society, but in the same time you will have to make many effort, to champion the your achievements in society.
With June and until the end of 2011 for vy are opening excellent prospects for Ban to go in journey. Luck expects vy, people employed in affairs with foreigners. Many Virgin of start learn, will want to expand their living horizons.
The entire year sphere money requires your attention and full control. Practical virgins either to this not getting accustomed, so they year not seem too difficult in materially.


January catch you for large number of Burger King recently affairs, raid, zvdusl. For some from you renewed opportunity change neural image life. Good well-being you have will provided adherence to measures around the and cautious relations to health.
Ranging with February on June, have single Libra will enough chance conclude marriage. And some of you expect new relations. Success expects Libra, working in area jurisprudence. If you are busy judicial affairs, then you have very high the likelihood their win.
With June and until the end of the year Shield devote much attention politics and public activities and these same spheres will for you successful.
In this time you can boldly invest money in big enterprises, turn in banks. In the second half of the year have Libra expected by dramatic change in life, from you will require full control your things, restraint and produmanst in maniere and behavior.


January that will skorpionam nice surprises from children and loved ones. Some Scorpions seriously fall in love for sure. You can to seize new passions, which will rotate in your life to stay and change its in better side.
In the early year you can for Ban to go in trip.
With February, you expects many work. Your say duties much, but not tiring. You can in full least realize your industriousness and insistence in work.
The entire year health requires control and attention. And in late March and in November please take special attention recovery of a organism, nutrition and rest.
June for many lowlife Scorpions make it will be hotly contested month. Ranging with June, you can count on understanding and aid with hand your business partners, wife or husband. Lonely skorpionam can business happy option find its second kindest.
In of last decade of November and early December try plan their incomes and spending, to not fulsome charged situation with money.

A Sagittarius

In January desire to improve material position in family tell pollsters you new ideas, whom you with of you spirit as, can engage the entire 2011 year.
In the early year you can do purchases for homes and family.
In this year Strelets Troops difficult choose the right goal. Future not seems you easy and carefree.
With February on June bring in her generation please you its success. In this period you you will seek equilibrium between entertainments pastimes again and opportunity their implementation in society.
In June caveat a little more tolerant and try understand your partners.
Ranging with June and until the end of the year, you have will appear new say duties. Not't be surprised, if you have will be very many affairs and concerns. Many of you will find itself a new work.
For you can become enough intense month Czechoslovak November and the beginning of December. From your things and decisions in this month will much depend in further.

The firmament

In January have the Capricorns not will shortage of in useful information. Its source of can become your friends and Internet. In this month some Capricorns will be able reverse place of residence and until June safely developing a new housing.
Period with February on June will successful for purchases real estate.
If you tacitly renovating your homes, then until June the most appropriate time for this. In late February someone from you proves involved in family problems, but all will determine prosperous way to mid-June.
Ranging with June have the Capricorns will begin favorable period for moreover, to engage favorite affair. Your hobby will bring you gain tangible favor. The second half of year will is filled with for you love and in tune relations with close.
're Capricorns, which depend on raising on service, on achieving success in work can count on this in full least provided convention of on themselves full responsibility for their actions and the pursuit rules. 're Capricorns possess these qualities in perfection and so can count on favorable, but all same gradual outcome.

Actis Systems

January appropriate time for strengthen your stability and health. To played ideas, associated with growth your welfare can be boldly listen and to follow them. In such a case you can realize your beginnings in this and in subsequent s.
With February on June enrouted will successful and effective in schooling by. They will not to experience shortage of in information.
Spring appropriate time for relocation. In your life will rotate new people.
Long drives trip in this year the Coalition only after careful preparation and precise calculation.
In the second half of the year have Vodoleev the Coalition change in important living areas, especially in family. Pigs enrouted can find itself decent couple of.
In mid-July and in early November if enrouted abandon past their prime views on family relations, their life will become much "feels better" and business. And if you to decommission from old things, then can with easily do new large the acquisition of for homes.


All ideas, which zreli you have and were on approach previous six months oformyatsya in concrete affairs. Results you arrive at in the second decade of December 2011goda.
Your actions is surprising even you, not only surrounding.
In January you have perhaps climate future. Fish, associated with new thrust and technologies, with surf the Internet would gain for themselves additional bonuses.
Fish, keen policy, engaged in banking sphere would gain results only after long effort, especially this matters in late February. To mid-March all official the most unexpected way. In early July you can successfully cope with the most complex affairs.
With February on June have Pisces good time for strengthen material stability. You patients feel many forces and are prepared personally wind back mountains.
In April Fish would gain momentum to creative implementation.
In June zaostryatsya questions on repair housing. You will have to decide family questions.
The second half of year will be marked by communicating and information decentralized. This good time for purchases or substitutes car, for relocation.
Those of you, who leader was coming start or to continue training would make this with easily.
In November not nothing impressive decisions in work.



Helen wrote:

That my forecast on sights. He requires grind down, and I'm leaving and d only to New year.

Thank you Lenochka! An excellent forecast! :love:



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