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KiNovskiy forecast - 2011

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Tanya, and can be and me? And the, as always, cobbler without heavy foot.
05.02.1970 Propulsion Tambov 16-43

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:love: Tatiana, thank you you a mil, huh! :yep: Obratnuyu the link I promise! (If need to) :writing: Tatiana, and can be still husband forecast draft? 20 April 1970 Propulsion Prokop'yevsk the Kemerovo obl.14ch00 time local

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Renovated computer, register in Astrodome, and for full happiness like would its forecast on 2011 year to know. Was born and live in Propulsion Perm, 06.10.1977, 10-00 h.
In advance thank you!



Dobryi evening all! :flag:
Tatiana, your a delicious gift marked as cannot be. That the looming year, as me seems, intends to become very important for me year. D wait glee with look forward!
My data: 04.07.1951, Propulsion Great Luke Pskov area, time 16 :4 1. Recent 33 year live in Moscow.
Huge thank you for your gift! :love:



All Hi!
I modicum and newcomer - me, too, seems interested forecast on 2011 year.
Was born 19.01.1968 in mountains. Shadrinsk (air base) Kurgansk region Live here same.
Time birth not know.
/ Perhaps will help hint. Has given birth to one son 21.07.1986. /

Await the look forward.



Thank you Tanya made them! With worries! :love:
Oblige give feedback! :writing: :yep:



Dobryi evening! Tatiana, witness and me, please! My data: 16.02.1980 to 7 :51: 44 Propulsion Category: Yoshkar-Ola, I have lived recent 10 years in Moscow.



Ната wrote:

Обратную связь обещаю!( если надо) :writing:Татьяна, а можно еще мужа прогноз составить?

Обратная связь, конечно, важна! А вот на мужа уже нельзя:один прогноз в одни руки..



dveia wrote:

02.09.1968 Propulsion 18 :5 0 Moscow, I have lived in Moscow.
Thank you!

Dobryi day! For you aptlywill solidify the situation in sphere both themselves as personality, especially in areas work-careers and homes. In the second half of the year perhaps improvement financial fortune.
Tensionin next year can bring sphere partnerships (rather personal character), especially in March-April. Origins this situation lie in past year. However in August-September is possible turnaround in better side. So same attention requires sphere your health or relations with women-friends (especially in March and September).



Xenia wrote:

Hello! , too, want obtain forecast :)
Was born 30.03.1974, 16 :2 5 in St. Petersburg, I have lived in St. Petersburg

Hello! You can count on favorstars in sphere obtain leverage, legacy as well, gifts (especially March, April). And here is own earnings leave much to be desired, although and stable. So same this year a failure for obtain additional education, raising qualifications and distant trips.
strainedinfluence on your life can be stems with zdrovem someone from parents, either someone health. So same can be unpleasant situation in relations with rate close woman.



Tanya, if on me even forces and time ????? :) the and I gladly gonna do this hula thing.
13.08.73 9 :1 2 (+ 7) our native Barneapol ;)



Tatiana, thank you large! And at all, how in astrology "can be" = "will"? Simply I once long-long has gone to several lectures Globa Horoscopes and he spoke, that horoscope shows opportunities, but in forces human - posdtelit stick a straw, if he knows about possible when cornering.



Tatiana, a large thank you for forecast!



Xenia wrote:

A at all, how into astrology "can be" = "will"? Simply I once long-long has gone to several lectures Globa Horoscopes and he spoke, that horoscope shows opportunities, but in forces human - posdtelit stick a straw, if he knows about possible when cornering.

I would told, that enough often can be to channel energy planets on path ever-fewer losses (Perhaps this and there is "" on stick a straw "). I believe, that cannot be rigidly predict fate, have human there is always choice, but choice within limited's finest influences.



Lero4ka wrote:

Tanya, if on me even forces and time ????? the and I gladly gonna do this hula thing

Yes ?????, of course. :blush: This is the applications are taken until 31 th, and respond I and after d all, who managed to leave request.



Hello Tatiana! If can be, and me, please, forecast. Was born and live in Propulsion Mines, Growth. Region Date: 16.08.1962. Time 21ch 45m (head.)



Tatiana, are a good evening! And can be, too, participate? 06.10.1969, Propulsion Bratsk (Governor area), 7 morning on local time, I have lived in St. Petersburg recent 7 years.



rfccbh wrote:

Hello, Tatiana!
Me, too, very want obtain forecast on 2011 year!
Was born I 02,08,1961 year, in 10 :0 0 in city of Dnepropetrovsk, and now live there same. Name is me Tatiana.

Hello, Tatiana! Have a goodin this year for you will sphere partnerships (rather business and better with women, especially in May), and so same obtain leverage, gifts, bonuses, legacy as well (rather July, October). ???? through Philadelphian funds you can something dramatically change in House or family affairs. In April and November so same perhaps unexpected favorable events in relations with their or favorite a man.
Some tensionspossible in sphere health, in late July-early August and early October may require additional spending in ties with this. So same are possible any problems in relations with children or in their life (rather in really the early year).



Cranberry wrote:

A can be me, too, once attention?))
17.09.76 11 :3 8 Propulsion Kazan, 'm currently living there same

Of course, can be! :blush:
You in this year likely will happen climate social status (if still not happened shortly before a new year). Luckawaits you in relations with husband or favorite a man, with and in terms of romantics and in sexual. There is the likelihood pregnancy (June, Czechoslovak November). So same there is opportunity successful EMU 69.38 money. Still one sphere, that will give nice events in this year will house, family (January, March).
Tension can arise in relations with someone from friends, with serious. So same can arise complexity in work, career, inconsistency with leadership or dissatisfactions existing position (especially in March and September).



Tatiana, I very grateful to you for forecast! Health and forces you!

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