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A lunar eclipse 21 December 2010 or Twilight BOGOV

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Here is and licked another year to its conclusion, leaving in the end one of the most interesting astrological phenomena a lunar eclipse.His astronomical the bottom line is, that Long passes between the Earth and Sun behaves similarly, closing light moon. In astrology zatmeniyam always were important influence, believing, that in this moment begins or is underway any program. A lunar eclipse traditionally communicates with emotional manifestations and publicity. D. Pessin links moon eclipse with public symbolism upon a simple a sign Shield, far includes questions relationships, legal themes and open conflicts / compromises, and also actions, implementation in encounters. The, that wass budget provides for in a new moon, now maximally manifests itself, in symbolic the full moon. You can themselves traced what themewas a reputed and as now she pugayusche.

And now let us talk about our eclipse, which will mark 21 December 2010 in 11 hours 17 minutes on Moscow time in 30 throes of Sagittarius.

Symbolism degrees: Pope blesses believers or authority personality, an incarnational the link society with ideals .Illy his lack of, can be add. William Lily in Astrology kogda writes: In latest counselor's office <>. Virtually not are thrusting no amount affairs have To Know, which willingly and foolish shouldn themselves without any sign goal . Map eclipse this well illustrates the. The sun is in connecting with were a couple planets, which the entire December've been terrorized by the nebosklon Mars-Pluto, there same and the Northern afternoon knot, which means the emergence of something new. Sense these aspects of is that public power now dictates the power ways decisions problems, suppression of, in society are manifest aggression, propensity to destruction of, to have the destruktivnogo starters. Hard aspect of quadrature (mathematics) to Jupiter says about undermining gravitas power, to Uranus adds ferocity of the, neupravlyaemosti. These 2 planet raze terminally not degenerate in Aries, all they tread in Pisces, and Fish, as we know, a badge of of dying. Sometimes, however, dying process highly a useful, after all, the corruption otzhivshego collateral the gracious soil, where can yield something fundamentally new. Ah and the very eclipse in latest throes, is considered, that on external level maloproduktivnom (though this controversially). So want suggest, that nothing radical not will happen. Pobushuet public element and actually perceived by voters, however, something somewhere in the ground public consciousness subtly moves.

However we have still 2 interesting issues relating to. the Eclipse will happen on day before days winter solntsevorota (frequently a). 22 December, as we know, the Sun Crosses in a badge of Capricorn. With the astronomical perspective is happening the next. In day winter frequently a the Sun maximally descending across the southern was the sky, i.e., moving on the ecliptic, will reach its path of least declensions and comes astronomical winter of.

This moment traditionally regarded magically in cultures different peoples. In day winter frequently a Slavs knew, that this a tipping period in nature. In this time goes an urgent struggle for good and of evil, become near the end of the and the beginning. Ancient Celtic mythology argued, that in this a special day Awesome Bar provide results even gates between world survivors. In ancient China regarded, that with this time was walking up a mans force of nature, and was beginning a new cycle. O. Boletushas handled this time thus: Delo in is, that for day before frequently a have us in this year will http, yes even and with, clarity the blackout, the. I.e. have us two successive symbolic of maturities of light - first the eclipse, camping on E. Repaying lunar, and then - symbolic dying sun . And so is obtained, that are dampened both these of light, and moonlit and podsolnechnyy our world fully immersed in a downside Worlds . In applying to our do with the blackout, can be suggest, that arrive twilight gods , i.e. crisis power. And if still straighter say: Its death throes. Nevertheless, not want Miners on such negative note. In late all, pregnancy mothers for its fetus, too, the darkness. If anything we accurately know, that after winter frequently a day invariably expands, and night backtracking. So, and this will pass (with).

And the second nuance. Not forth as today have incorporated the Sun and retrogradnyy Mercury, beginning a new its cycle. I his have outlined quite detail in the preceding piece, so stop at this moment not d. Note only, that now we can much recognize, and here is results this emerge 25 February 2011.

Because eclipse a lunar, then his a head of can be considered Mercury(Long in the Twins). Mercury now retrogradnyy, means, process, crafted higher, will to accompany distortionary information, silence does, suppress and kinds of the information inadequacy of (detail about in Mercury you can read in piece # 90.).

Ah here is, exactly, all. As will evolve events will show solar eclipse 4 January 2011, ah and Our time for standing pat in a whole, too,.

Album lunar family:

22 June 2009 in 2 degree of Cancer a new moon
23 March 2010 in 3 degree of Cancer 1 quarter-
21.12 2010 in 30 of Sagittarius a full moon
20 .09. 2010 in 28 prodavat 4 quarter-


Pessin D. Moon eclipse, 1998.
Rashmen K. Art predictive astrology, 2004.
http://www.nice-places.com/articles/ukr … ie/371.htm




Hello, Rainbow,
And wasn eclipse happened in like him too?? Not in the Twins? After all Long on moment eclipse in 30 throes prodavat, and eclipse a lunar, not solar)



Hello, recess :)


A wasn the eclipse happened in like him too?? Not in the Twins? After all Long on moment eclipse in 30 throes prodavat, and the eclipse a lunar, not solar)

Of course, ????? astrologer their approach, I believe, that in eclipse participate both you. About the role the manager moon rapsisano separately.


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