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To or. Die!

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There are I have and bodifleks.

Ah, Len, forgive, you frame! :rofl: Peerless Pal!
Here is it... istinoe desire to to)
Lenka, yes all DC! Why you major?! :)

that 15 exercise need to fulfill regularly, without passes

At all, I did abs, what wanted on 10-15 minutes in day (everyday DAY) and would spin flying. Outcome not stopped)



All! Tomorrow'm getting up and'm breathing! :O A major need to. The that you on picture see this, to everything to everything else, a good the artist.



Iriani wrote:

Result not stopped)

Rasshifruy, that for a sec.

Girls, with bodifleksom importantly, as me said focus on -- regularity of. The familiar one less year Hypnotizes, on my the eyes of've lost weight with 54 th until 50, periodically pitch to Smash still. But she has not goes regularly. Riding on work forever the in Moscow, then in Peter, in a train not have a workout, here is for those days 7-10, that not Hypnotizes, it something overflows, on its words of, on plant as faces immediately conspicuous becomes. As Comes home, immediately for these their installations -- again something is fixed (with, eats, that wants and when wants).



What there is?
Rasshifruy, that for a sec.

Oops, Tatyan, and truth! Only now discovered, that replica something ambivalent character)
Podkhudela slightly, not won.



Virgin of, want to put chic position for for belly, do 2 days and results, know, reminds :D A if seriously, then this alternative ordinary skruchivaniyam, which makes open indeed flat. Unfortunately, not can picture insert (perepechatyvayu with squares will do it).

Want me the original position, for what take chair and, relying its forearms on the seat next a chair, consider position horizontal the ceiling on. Its feet hold direct. Inand stabilize Corps,, bumming out muscle the press and buttocks. Trunk should form direct line from the top of until your heelbone.

Splendidly body, will stay in source position, do several breaths and exhalations. Then slightly on, flex right knee was, pulling his down, but not touching the gender. Again, straighten up pace, returning in the original position, and on, flex left knee was.

Repeat necessary number of times until full fatigue. A bit time without, perform 2 th approach.

avoid next mistakes:

- buckle spite. This causes an excessive 26 muscle inflammation a lumbar area and boosts strain on spine.
- shoulders is rising upward. This position promotes tension the upper parts of trapetsievidnoy muscle, which and so enough often accepts participation in other catastrophic and reduces the necessary strain on press.
-golova falls down or is rising upward. This causes 26 muscle inflammation neck. Remember, that your body need build in one direct from the top of until your heelbone. If you pull down or raise your head, direct lines not will.

After carry several exercises necessarily if you squint muscle belly in position standing still. Collect hands in castle and stretch our bodies upward, prolonging muscle belly from lines waist.



And made theme has been closed that whether? :D Everyone already moreover? Lost weight?




Stopped, in sight, to speak about this. Began to major) :D



Tried her hand I Yogu for slimming. Ah that you say, expensive my? :) Yoga this pop in the pure, Good for warming and stretching. Ah for such lentyaek as I can get away.



Importantly: Fight and seek, find and not surrender! :) :) :)



Good for warming and stretching

After all on-any, burning fat begins somewhere after 40 minutes active coaching received.
And food to emit not've tried, Len?! Give half and anything?! :)



Yes okay
Fats incinerated through 40 minutes)
If less there is and increase strain, although would and yoga - would still regulation major
And fat leaves, truth slower than engage cardio))



Iriani wrote:

A food to emit not've tried, Len?! Give half and anything?!

(CNN): Not've tried :beee: At fact, move more need to. :) A here snow had a chance, created screaming murder. Until I spolzu with his slides.



Юля wrote:

truth slower than engage cardio))

And what? :D Wu me there is a cassette with kardiostriptizom :D



In! Cardio - well, and kardiostriptiz - even better!
I have, too, there is - is identically engage very + then still traditions play around from Cindy Crawford and can be breathe easily!



At fact, move more need to

Winter I have, too, something type hibernation) especially, when such kholodki arrive. And then all the very moves away. Together with long nights spent!
Enter a in clothes Red color. Here importantly not-you overdo it, to not annoyed. And with every there food - Red or orange fruit-a vegetable)

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This me?
So red contrary only appetite fires)

Yes and move around me in [kayf])



this me?

This Very. Its quote and its exciting question)
After all she told them, that

created screaming murder. Until I spolzu with his slides.

Red will give energy. Bright color of in of advisers - Also)



And I want with Monday again on a diet)
On of the Japanese. Modicum she and terribly stops the
But includes elicited)



Greetings all!
Girls, I here evoked the popular a means :bb:
From my favorite books "A thousand and one recipe be healthy":
If woman, on which women sits in tight skirt, will to drink on 2 tea phytosterols apple vinegar in ECNs water for each food, through 2 month she discovers, that its women became in waist freer on one an inch. Still through 2 month she loses weight still on one an inch and by the end of fifth month still on one an inch.
Under the daily the use vinegar wise one dose to accept for breakfast (for 30 mines until), second - on night, and a third - in any convenient time between these two techniques of.
And from ballroom dance gala, too, helps! :D
P. S. Not suits those, from whom heightened acidity stomach. :(

. I with today’s days starters.



Il-, and this not dangerously for health? In the future?
After all to something, ca, and will lose weight, and then treat stomach refrigerate life.


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