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Aspect dominates and tin. Chaos and order

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Alexey, a farmer

Alexey Alexandrovich, a farmer the prominent Russian historian-orientalist, professor, Leeuwen. The pulpit, surely beckons consensual history Peoples Friendship University of Russia, specialist on spiritual culture and history countries Eastern Asia, arcane Cults-- China.

Concept Vallejo and tin two opposite and mutually complementary began spans all in Chinese cultural tradition, from system governance state and relations between people until rules nutrition and self-regulation. She same is spreading and on highly a complex scheme relationships between man and spiritual world. Image of the symbol of a Vallejo-tin (on fact he not to an ancient and emerged enough late) ass dark and of a brighter polukrugov became hardly not with which the entire East-Asian culture, and his can be found on the covers of Western books on diet pills, to healthy way of life, philosophy and religion China.

Aspect dominates-tin have become so closely associated with Chinese themes , that are perceived as initially bedeviling it starters. Concept Vallejo and tin as cannot be more accurately is handing perception of Chinese and external world, and peace within themselves. However not worth understand this the primitive and been.

Above all, we will have allay established myth about essence Vallejo and tin: In Chinese culture they never were enshrined for in possession of some pairs oppositions at, as commonly realized in popular own writings.

This means, that Vallejo-tin is by no means of being looked up to reign-a brighter, the male-Noe, sun-moon and camping on D., with this mistake already repeatedly criticizing experts. Nevertheless, such a primitive term can be meet and in modern Chinese literature, and on level obikhodnykh destabilized Chinese. So that the true the crux of the Vallejo-tin so, seemed would, have repeatedly documents made available has remained perpetually concealed. Us same appears, that the very understanding of secret in Chinese culture is impossible without the right awareness of this principle.

Principle Vallejo and tin lives on level perception spiritual world, relationships rights and society, Chinese and the barbarian -inostrantsa. Even in politics China one of few countries, which on all Treaties invariably requires duyden parity relationships, measures and steps.

Concept Vallejo-tin meant the availability of pervorazdeleniya at all, which marks exactly a creation just material and spiritual world. Is not difficult understand, that the creation culture for China this, above all, Bucket options exists, ending actions chaos.

Perception of world Chinese always situativno and never constantly, camping on E. The world constantly be transformed, so nothing not there is truly and until the end of, nothing not is a true on its nature and initially. Exactly, motive truth, which can be struck only as persistent transformation, and there is basis mysterious views Vallejo-tin.

Itself situativnost perception life breeds thought about constant transition oppositions at each in friend, and because Vallejo-tin not equal binomu female-male, and couples male-female, empty-saturated are only consequence of that binary type thinking.

Initially Vallejo and tin meant respectively shadow and sunny build mountains (such an understanding can be, in particular, meet in And tszine ) and this symbolism as cannot be better reflected the crux of the these two began. With one hand, they represent only different build one mountains, not svodimye to each other, but and not the differing from each other; with other hand, their quality distinction by not domestic nature the most slope, and someone`s the third force sun, which Academy dissent--online both slope.

For magical space nor Vallejo, nor tin, as well as luck or unhappiness, not accented absolute this only the brink of one phenomena, and division their on good and malevolent parts of life is happening only on common level, in the consciousness of the ones rights. Daoshi, for example, perfectly realizes, that only only in booming Middle Kingdom learned, that beautiful talk, instantly appeared and ugliness. As only all learned, that good this good, instantly appeared and evil. For the availability of and the absence of breed each other. Complex and a simple create each other (Dao HaVaYaH-Ching ). Mystical law pair birth (Shuang Sheng) is launching an infinite wheel vzaimoporozhdeniy, which can be stop, only eloquent pervorazdeleniya at all. Motive endless rings , where all parts of are equal each other ,-style and in Dao HaVaYaH tszine , where states, that until and after follow each for friend, i.e. in mystic world there is no division of on the beginning of and the end of the. In essence, this there is an absolute embodiment of Dao, which in equally rasprosterto and to the left, and shift to the.

Sacral space dawn in China is in absolute binary equilibrium Vallejo-tin relatively each other, that manifests itself even on level household superstitions. For example, if in House someone died, is considered, that soon in it will happen what something lucky event; in case same birth child happiness and luck can while, circumvent the house party.

Formally Vallejo and tin are considered absolutely equal each other, and precisely so they thoughts on obikhodnom level. And here is realities Chinese of the occult show, that of absolute equality between Vallejo and tin not there is.

In mystical closed tradition Vallejo it was thought more valuable and high. It and was studies metaphor just potaennogo, sokrytogo, secret, that so highly Aristotle in China. The beginning of Vallejo, for example, was represented on Chinese scenery for paint verge-waters or with orchids. Precisely Vallejo as glavenstvuyuschee and a comprehensive, but constantly hidden the beginning offor the entire power imperial decor.

Understand so great importance Vallejo is not difficult essentially, himself path-Dao was not nothing more than, as the embodiment of Vallejo. Dao possesses all features Vallejo and nor one feature of tin. Above all, it hidden , it is unclear , is cloudy. It possesses and purely womens functions breeds all phenomena and things this world. It forever is slipping, his cannot be nor sense the, nor express. Dao in many ancient treatises it turns out is synonymous water its Periodical give, a lack of constant forms.

Tradition sokrytosti and neuporyadochennosti, neoformlennosti Vallejo present and in concept of the gracious energy HaVaYaH. Precisely completeness HaVaYaH and distinguishes true craftsmen and great rulers, emperors from other people. Nevertheless, all carries part of her deep-HaVaYaH. But Good fortune not heavenly, as the manifestation, Supreme God, but absolutely emphasize and the very-full energy. She serves as energy endlessly , a clandestine and genteel , from-for what and not level to grasp. Moreover, any the true prosperous energy [deep voice]Hidden, and in another as a she even not can exist.

Nevertheless, veiled the grace , as circuits Duo, the Aegean and napityvaet the whole world. This same manifests itself and in concept of napolnennosti souls or spirits around the world. Souls deceased, for example, the Saltenfjord in flows water and expect the moment, when will be able link up with flows blood survivors creatures, for order to then resurge. They revive in Yellow waters flows melt spring water.

The beginning of Vallejo here striking way serves and as hidden a receptacle invisible and neuporyadochennykh spirits, representing the world dead, and simultaneously as the beginning of, daruyuschee life and existence at all, like path-Dao.

Will call attention, that the water in Chinese tradition, obviously, conjured with of its (as and have majority peoples), and also with detorodnoy function. Partly this was stems konnotatsiyami between water and by-Dao. Both these starters not had constant forms and took the form of moreover vessel, in which were decanted. Here same and pliability, D.P.Shterenberg, the pursuit changes. However most importantly Dao gives the birth of myriad creatures, under this as would giving momentum to life, but forth not slts enthroned over them, leaving high degree of freedom development: To make life and not conquer. Dao so same, as and water, ranks the lower stance on analogies with those, as all water from verkhoviy seek to in Valley. Ona, also dispositions--taking its the lower stance, slts enthroned over a man, Georgia , says Dao HaVaYaH-Ching. All these hydraulic wait: Stop PRESS about Dao-water, imperfections in backed-Dzi , there is echoes, and sometimes and quotes from ancient mystical imprisoned, recorded in VI V centuries Until BC Dora, but akess significantly more early origins.

Seemed would, water must conform to only Noe the early Vallejo as podatlivomu and have met the birth of. At all, as we already talked, in ancient Chinese misteriologii Vallejo always prevails over tin in terms of domestic occult reality, because Dao rather fits the early Vallejo, than in equally symbolizes their both. However water most often was symbol of zhivitelnogo seed regardless male or of female starters sometime, this symbolism arose long before event will concept of Dao-water.

Water at all symbolizes some rhythm life, in it live perfume deceased, to be reborn again, she is filled with, for different legends, either Qi, either the seed-@-@ Ching. For example, to an ancient dissertation Guan-Dzi ,-author caliphate digits Until BC Uh. (In reality the text Iranian several later), adviser ruler realm Qi, says about water as about genital the early and of Avetisyan true human: Man is water. Only when man and woman find themselves together, his the seed-@-@ Ching and its energy-Qi combine to produce, arises proistechenie waters that give form of []man.

Quite different in secular tradition, to which, incidentally, could treated and many things, superficially similar on some taynost. Here the beginning of tin, contrary, traits higher. Sometimes this explain was patriarchal orientation society, where a man, camping on E. Spokesman for Third-World starters tin, played basic role. Known even rituals, thanks to which woman (camping on E. Aspect dominates) could to move on level of men (camping on E. Yang) and thereby improve its status.

Celestial perfume and himself's supreme spirit of absent a chance to sort-imagined get to introduce ourselves earlier as's supreme moment practical sequencing, absolute harmony and order. This the beginning of tin, and precisely they help psyche after death human preserve its individuality, expense of what to it can in further turn descendants. These traits have gone and on representative a chance to sort-imagined on earth emperor, or the Son of Heaven. This garmoniziruyuschemu and uporyadochivayuschemu effects opposes and simultaneously his complements the world starters Vallejo, hung spirits type gyu gone, church's bells that announce a chaos, nestrukturirovannuyu mass of and entropy, Mildew and destruction. Moreover, themselves perfume and a chance to sort-imagined can represent not some kind mystical essence, and only metaphor everlasting clashes unstructured masses (perfume gyu gone in including and in turned) with clear structure and hierarchies, presented intentioned celestial spirits Sheng. Such a a strange structure awareness of world as alternation chaos-order even allowed some researchers to talk about available a certain single metaphors perception world, and with this it is difficult not agree. Views about perfume break,, about complex heavenly hierarchy ultimately were not only the objects faith, but metaphor impersko-hierarchical unity: Chaos and order in involution (world always have its precise reflection in world posyustoronnem.

Aspect dominates this the obvious primitive chaos, this appeal human to the very the source of the (more accurately, until-the source of the) own arise. Chaos in event will thought, as well as and in all mystical schools, wears positively-creative character, because symbolizes neraschlenennost and unity world. He a badge of not so much birth world, how many potentially the pledged in it opportunities birth what anywhere without clear definitions his essence. This opportunity just and potency to everything in its absolute of amorphous and uncertainty. His metaphor regency notions the original com, gulkaya void caves , , there was a lull (have-Chi), prezhdenebesnoe (Han Hsien tyan). This the kind the cloister, not with forms of and borders, where are merged together knowledge and neznakomye, the birth of and death, own and retreated.

The entire an imperial culture that tin opposes it`s original intention coma. She is meant to divide and Giving names , and unsurpassable pull Chinese ancient pundits and modern politicians to uporyadochivaniyu and create clear personnel value hierarchies there is not more than attempt to incarnate principle prevalirovaniya tin over Vallejo. Simultaneously this and principle secular culture here tin governed over Vallejo, while in mystical paradigm is needed Vallejo is only possible outcome standoff and vzaimodopolneniya Vallejo and tin.

Mystical same cults, voplotivshiesya in daosizme and in some popular rituals, contrary, ordered priority Vallejo, given, that and the very Dao serves as Vallejo, it podatlivo, is invisible, his allegory malleable this is water, that not has forms, valley with, female bosom. Thus, mystical exercises is by no means ticked mark equality between Vallejo and tin, but, obviously, their the conceptions 's intimate-potaennogo , miraculously-zapryatannogo sought turn human by the early Vallejo. Here as times kultivirovalsya priority chaos as original intention, neraschlenennogo fortune over order as than something particular, rigidnym, inscription to death. The rise to predrozhdennoy neraschlennosti manifests itself, in particular, in myth about not having had that environment. So, backed-Dzi compares themselves with infant, which still not learned smile , which not shows signs of life. Remarkably, that this one of rarest arcades, where backed-Dzi in Book of Dao HaVaYaH-Ching says from first faces, here is audible speech dedicated preacher and mentor.

Raskhozhiy thesis about mystic transition Vallejo in tin (Vallejo tin Jiao (currency)) had in Chinese folklore well real, although and highly an unusual refracted. He, above all, increasingly opportunity transformation the most human, more accurately, the most a regular his traits change of gender. In Chinese specific talismanic stories often are discussed moments transition women in ?? and contrary. Change gender could be undertaken various magic methods, for example, there miraculous many or under aid Taoism or pochve zhanr mages.

Moreover, in Chinese tradition such miraculous transformation had and teaching undertones: Here even the Irish been used since pragmatic goal service their ancestors. Girl a long time regretted most, that not was born boys, for only the young man can in full least to commit all ritual customs have on departed their ancestors and, above all, on father. Riddled those, that not is capable in full least incarnate ideal filial lineage reverence (Xiao), once at night in dream she saw spirit, which revealed it open and something has invested in him. When she was awaken became sleep, it turned out, that she has turned into a ??. In general, in such stories well could would draw its inspiration Z. Freud, however at all motive transformation, change of gender has here not only psychological, but and religiously-shamanistskiy aspect of. To be sure, Chinese folklore even sophisticated time exposes the most tectonic aspects of human psychics and demonstrates the, that in western tradition, sanctified Christian norms, carefully vymaryvalos.

Thus, fallacy of composition Vallejo-tin proved universal scheme alternation events, most often perceived as absolute order and absolute chaos, with precisely chaos and the beginning of Vallejo wind trappings mystical culture China. All true, associated with Vallejo, became so files buried and Hidden One. And i?aanoaaeyeinu in this world through symbols, numbers and colour magic. And, as a consequence, time come awareness existence someone`s magic threshold schemes dawn, equal absolute obscurity, that and need to calculate.


Brought hence



"Aspect dominates-Yang" - an ancient was mentioned symbol, that have proven excavation Tripoli culture. Interestingly, that symbol, referred to as "aspect dominates and Yang" emerged in Tripoli culture (now territory is Ukraine and Moldova), more than on 2 thousands of years before, than in Chinese. The Slav - slavyaschiy "Yang" and "aspect dominates" - female and male start, male and feminine aspects of universe. The Slav - man, recognizes unity and harmony world (Obey your tin - Vallejo).

Circle, as and sphere, is symbol of Comprehensive Test Ban; corrugated line, like swastika - tetraskele, highlights dynamic character way of, symbolizes movement and Mikhail Gorbachev) were discharged, vzaimodopolnenie two began. She plank also with way spiral, freedom-- model seat of universal metropolis, Isnovet everlasting movement and vzaimoprevrascheniya oppositions at; and in particular, double spiral, position: Each other trends to evolution and involution (medicine).

Symbol of has origin of the universe undertones: "Obey your Yang-aspect dominates", i.e. vosslavlyay in equally both Ipostasi Single God - It's man's The Beginning (Yang) and of gratitude The Beginning (aspect dominates), to soul never forgot about "eternal Harmony and of Love. So, after all forgotten same. Precisely Russia Arabian restore memory about Women's Inception, for Space Ravnovesiya, without which impossible a new Life, as Creature of the goddess-Avenue.


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