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Sozavisimye relations

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Decided do a selection of on this topic, can be, someone proves useful. Whom we call dependent? About this well said here: "Man not can feel well without facility dependence, constantly needs in it. Any the threat stability dependent relations and is being experienced as disaster, is accompanied by strongest alarm, until destruction normal functioning.

Feelings, emerging under threat secession from satellite behavior, ending the his, so St., that threaten destroy social activities, meaningful sustainable contacts with everywhere, trigger somatizatsiyu, provoke violates, uncontrolled behavior, often dangerous for life the most human or his close. These strong feelings can lead to full domestic chaos, which is being experienced as the threat the impending demise personality and full impotence that-either with this do, as something itself help. "

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Here same: "A you indeed this like it or? Honestly? Truth? Yes? "" Yes! "


You are here » Ephemerides forum » Practical psychology » Sozavisimye relations