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Image partner

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Lud_mila wrote:

And for them another problem - with, camping on E. As better, more effectively, more correctly go to him.

Path such a thing, which pugayusche. ????? human its level of consciousness, in dependence from his domestic life. And path will an appropriate. Serially themselves changing path, thanks to what the world is perceived deeper, and path easier.



Agree with you.
For example, I have no planets in the air. Air men very attract, but more in sense "to talk to the." As known, air people in at masters of and lovers communication. But they on my taste of cold. Have them lacks sensuality.



And me seems, that here work different levels with. For me "an ideal" partner meant is a clever and a close me in spirit. I have the Sun and Mars in Vodolee, and in 7 st House - Jupiter. Lived) a certain time with astute, the thinking and indeed close me in spirit man I understood, that me necessary in partner still and reliability and compose stability and that the absence of stingy irks :disappointed: This is "throwing his hat" my Dsts in Taurus. The other level of with, on my view. Here is I and think, that planet give the image, which easily "reveals a" in really itself. The next slice - Dsts and blood regardless. And still deeper, perhaps, population. But here is, incidentally, I have in particular difitsit water, but to sensitive, emotional, trend amorphous men me iai?i not pulling.



Yolka wrote:

But here is, incidentally, I have in horoscope was right difitsit water, but to sensitive, emotional, trend amorphous men me iai?i not pulling.

And I have, too, only Jupiter in 1997-in water population. But husband as times'm a Pisces on Sun and Old. However on conscious brought up level I not can say, that but to "sensitive, emotional, trend amorphous men." Rather Stole he me their mind and erudition, relished, that we many speak and camping on D. That explain can be DSTs and Sun behaves similarly in Vodolee, blood regardless DSTs Uranus in Libra and in 3 House.



I all more the db, that image partner and partnership at all incapable from many factors:
- kuspid 7 homes
- blood regardless 7 homes (a badge of, house, aspects of)
- planet 7 homes
- the missing element
- the Sun and Mars
for women, Venus and Longfor men

All these factors dremlyat in us until pores until time. Then is happening activation one of factors in transit, management, allows and camping on D.

In a result any of these needs becomes urgent, exhilarating and vitally necessary. If these factors not conflicting and any of them seem, then this factor becomes dolgoigrayuschim. We his already deliberately save what data, kholim and cherish when.

Ah, and if one thing denies another, then here us and covers up on full program! If would lips Nikanora Ivanovich yes people to nose Ivan Kuzmich, yes take as any razvyazannoe, what have Baltasar Baltazarovicha, yes, perhaps, one adds to this still dorodnosti Ivan left the — I would then instantly same come around. And now — DOCG level think about it! ”



Lud_mila wrote:

Nu, and if one thing denies another, then here us and covers up on full program!

And me seems, this not when one thing denies another, and when there is no feelings. Around the the rest of the + 100, as states :)



And for me idalnyy partner - this credible enforcement partner and organised ourselves, a close in spirit. Mars in Taurus, the Sun in question, DSTs in Pisces, lack of the earth and water population in own map.

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