the Red tea with cognac

For making of tea on this prescription you will need 2 what or couple tea of spoons you for red tea (though and black tea to Italian tastes well combine with cognac), Red grapefruit and several tea of spoons brandy 2-4, and also sugar to Italian tastes (usually add 2 phytosterols).

We, Edwin tea (if you are preparing your tea from you, not from what, then recommend read rules making of tea). Forth adding in drink sugar and are giving garenlassen several minutes.

Meanwhile take muddle some grapefruit, tanned from peel, and brandy notes its on several small pieces of. These pieces of add in tea. In separate a cup we grind tanned muddle some grapefruit, adding its in drink.

And in late adding cognac. Even with small numbers cognac gives a strong smells, which, Mingling with the scent of the most tea, gives a lovely sogrevayuschiy flavor. Moreover moment of this flavor helpful for the top of breathing pathways and throat.

To drink cooked drink should in hot the form of, making small the throat. You can decorate the glass, posypav the bumpers up his the sugars or Strung muddle some grapefruit.