So request, that on time rozsilka not withdrew. But better late, than never hope on condescension readers. Already soon the first quarter-sunny-lunar cycle, but as times will opportunity test the plot the fullness, when the moon changes.

on us tipped came the white and bushy Rabbit. 3 February began New year on-Julian calendar), which always coincides with the first a new moon February (ostentatious with the latest a new moon January). What same themes it us brought?

New Moon has come in 5 hours 30 minutes on Moscow time in 14 throes have.symbolically degree described as You Train, incoming sunlight in tunnel or Limiting natural celestial distances in the name of evolution. tradition Actis Systemscommunicates with notions: Progress, newness, friends, prospects, dreams, the future, communication, ideas. Distinctive feature current, when the moon changes is coincidence his with new cycle the Sun-Mars. Detail about this in piece 98or in this topic. When applied to novoluniyu can be said, that have us will emerge opportunity actively promote their ideas. Trigon with Saturn in Libra allows be-minded on decision complex tasks, especially in area relationships, their prospects on the future. The main toolsfor this: Objectivity, communication on equal, intelligence, information, his nerve and discipline. Warning Sign (film): Avoid formalization of relations (octile or semiquartile with tend), and also financial of investing on prospect (not falls).

What prevents, that helps?

Blood regardless, when the moon changes Uranus raze not Kims in Aries and still a whimper hangs on Tail have Pisces. Beginnings not will find his full expression, given still and octile or semiquartile Uranus to point, when the moon changes, i.e. have place supreme obstacles, obstacles and restrictions, with-of character. Something not so, something not is obtained, not porezov, not is promising, and that precisely it is difficult understand. Resource:good time clean up in the Police (sekstil Uranus to Old in an). Take themselves can be raskladyvaniem on art breathing experience, until his reprogramming. Tools:planning, concentration of on a major, biodiversity, creative approach to solving problems.

Phases sunny-lunar cycle:

3 February a new moon in 14 have
11 February growing squaring in 23 Taurus
18 February http in 30 Leo
25 February the falling squaring in 6 of Sagittarius