Oh zhzhertvennykh zhzhenschinakh

Time from time I encounter such women, which very like "sacrifice." Because as to live need to "sake of other." Look they terribly - oldie was pretty flashy clothing, no signs departure for a and, importantly - town glance and full it's just so frustrating on personified by. And all - "sake of. (Husband, children, careers, of collective. Homes, ????. - right emphasize). " Under this they usually strongly abused - because as "those, sake of whom" proved pigs ungrateful, not estimate its sacrifice nor fig.

And who needs't pretty tiII high school, nervous systems, harried, have a sour wife (mother, magaziny, girlfriend)?
This as in the advertising: The Mary Ivanna, you us healthy need a! And still the Beautiful, cheerful and happy.
Perhaps, victim - this some the guardian stability, filth on mercy as and a sense of guilt "zhertvopoluchateley."
But this - accurately not path fortunately, rather contrary.

And evoked the I about this look at here is this narrative have gousenitsa. There very detail all described by. I would so not was able))
"Here occupy turn on sacrifice?
- Here, here! For me chase. I means of, you 853.
- A that, so many people?
- A you thought? One you, that whether, such a smart? ??? ?? ? ?, all, who ahead there same.
- zhyttja, moms do This is when same turn converge?
- Dont worry, here quickly. You in the name of what sacrifice bring?
- I in the name of love. And you?
- A I in the name of children. Children this my all!
- A you that in as a victims brought? "
- initially, personal life. Only would children were healthier and happy. All, all acknowledge them. Married, calling a good people not went. As I them stepfather in house let me give you? Work favourite has challenged the, because touring far. I got myself a baby- sit in child workers garden, to on mind, under supervision, well-groomed, nakormlennye. All, all children! Itself nothing.
- zhyttja, I you so understand. And I want to sacrifice relations You know, I have with husband long already nothing not remained Wu him already another woman. I have like, too, a man emerged, but That if would husband the first is gone! But he to it not moves away! Cries Tells, that was accustomed me A me his pity! Cries same! So and live
- A you?
- I, too, crying tormented here is, long already Since mind'm getting off soon!
- Yes, life such a a brutal pleasant thing Anaaaa account for than something do something against. Yield something in sacrifice
Swings open the door, is dealt voice: Who under # means of? Visit!.
- zhyttja, I went. I so earn! And suddenly sacrifice will not accept? Not forget, you the next.
# 853 compresses in little fetal ball and awaits challenge. Time reaching slowly, but here is from cabinet goes # means of. She in displeased.
- What? Ah that? That you said? Adopted sacrifice?
- No 1425, it turns out, trial term. Dispatched still think.
- A as? And why? Why not immediately?
- Ox, sweetheart, they me such have shown! I them swish! on the table sacrifice. Their personal life They ask: A you well thought? This same forever!. And I them: Nothing! Children gonna be old enough, assess, than mother for them sacrificed. And they me: Here, have a seat and are looking on screen was set up. And there such movies strange! Pro me. As if children already rose. Daughter married withdrew for far, far away land, and son ringing times in month, as from-under stick, sister-in-law through her teeth talks I him: You that OK, son, so with me, for that?. And he me: Dont stay out of this, mother, in our lives, sake of God. You that, to address nothing with which?. And than me to address, I OK, except children, nothing and not analyzed? This that OK, not estimate children my sacrifice? In vain, that whether, I tried?
From doors cabinet house: The following! # 853!.
- zhyttja, now I my God, you me quite from rut beat the crap out This is that OK? Ay, okay!
- Come on in, have a seat. That brought in sacrifice?
- The relations
- right Nu, show me.
- That See, they, in general, small, but very sudbu. And krispy kreme, neraznoshennye, we just six months ago help.
- pravookhoronts what you they donate your?
- pravookhoronts conservation family
- Whose, your? And that, there is the need maintain?
- Nu yes! Have husband mistress, long already, he to it runs round, J.J. Cale all time, bluntly forces no there is no.
- A you that?
- Nu that I? Me something who asks? Emerged in my life the other man, like as relations have us.
- So you these new relations in sacrifice?
- Yes To family preserve.
- Whose? You OK themselves say, have husband another woman. You have the other a man. Where OK here family?
- Nu and that? On passport something we still Dorns have been married! Means, family.
- What there is you all suits?
- No! No! Ah as this may telling? I all time crying, a member!
- But trade on on new relations nor for that not you should agree, yes?
- Nu, not such perishing they deep, so, entertaining In general, me not pity!
- Nu, if you not pity, then us all the more. Let us your sacrifice.
- A me talked, you have tutu movies show. Pro future! Why me not really shows?
- Kino here different case. Who Needs pro future, whom pro past We you pro present show the, want?
- Of course, want! And the as something quickly this all. I and unprepared for morally not managed!
- Only enable, are looking.
- zhyttja, oops! This same I! My God my, I that, here is so looked on the? Yes a lie! I for a lot of thunderstorms..
- Nu, have us here not socialist realism. This your soul thus on external the form of is reflected.
- What, here is so is reflected? Shoulders down, lips in line, eyes dim, hair ones
- So always look people, if soul cries
- A this that for a boy? Why me his so pity? Slavnenkiy what See, are looking, as he to my stomach, okay is pressed!
- Dont learned, yes? This your husband. In projection of souls.
- The husband? That for is nonsense! He an adult!
- A in psyche child. And is pressed, as to mommy
- Yes he and in life so! Always me listens. Prislonyaetsya. Reaching!
- have said: So, not you to him, and he to you?
- Nu, I with childhood learned growing up woman must be stronger, wiser, share. It must and family guide, and husband guide!
- Nu so it and there is. A strong, a wise unhesitating Mommy runs their boy-husband. And the mighty and the, and be sorry, and kissing, and forgive. And that you wanted?
- MA It interestingly! But after all I him not Mommy, I him wife! And there, on the screen He such and, and to lakhudre its is about again will run, and I his would still love!
- Of course, of course, so it and happens: A boy just going to play in sandpit here, and will return home. To native Mammy. 'll cry for in of apron, povinitsya Ok, the end of the movie. Let us does our meeting. Chase love in sacrifice yield? Not change your mind?
- A future? Why you me future not have shown?
- A his you have no. Under such a present decamp your background - he grew up baby , not to another woman, so in disease. Or at all in nowhere. In general, will find way to to escape from-under my mom's skirts. Him OK, too, grow bear
- But that same me to do? Sake of what I then themselves d in sacrifice yield?
- A you best. Can, you be mommy the hugely likes! More, than wife.
- No! I like be favorite woman!
- Nu, moms do, too, accented ulyublenimi women, even often. So that? Are prepared bring themselves in sacrifice? Sake of conservation moreover, that auctioning the, and to husband so and remained boy?
- No Dont is ready. Me need to think.
- Of course, of course. We always are giving time on reflect.
- A advice you give the?
- Gladly and with gusto.
- statement, and that need to do, to my husband ah, grew, that whether?
- Probably, stop be mommy. Orient face to itself and learn to be Woman. "Equilibrium", exhilarating, mysterious, favourite. Such flowers give want and the sing, not cry she has on warm soft breast.
- Yes? You think, will help?
- Usually helps. Ah, this in is case, if you all-??? elect be Woman. But if that you our current reactive model--you come! Relations you have remarkable simply, we their gladly consider. Know, how many people in world about such relations dreaming? So that, if if you ever come look to sacrifice in favor of needy mercy of ask!
- I selling young horses is much
# 853 him goes from cabinet, of the right carefully carrying to breast relations. # 854, obmiraya from unrest, goes in cabinet.
- the License to sacrifice its interests in order, to only Mommy not be upset.
The door is closed, further nothing not heard. On corridor prokhazhivayutsya people, carefully carrying to breast desires, ability to, careers, talents, opportunities, love all what they are prepared selflessly bring in sacrifice
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I in turn, I kind of lifted hence.