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And exactly who he such this the Ascendant?

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The link rising mark the Zodiac, with-human takes into in astrology as basic. However unnecessarily cite on an extensive statistics unwanted, but objective interventions on for pregnancy. There is millions of facts premature, extreme childbirth, or their delay on reason pathologies and accidents, surfaced regardless of will mothers and those more child. I.e., a foreign will objectively existing world other people, often intervenes in process birth rights.
Absurd to think, that the transition the ascendant in for hours on sights exposes baby perestroika organism. Just through one hour, must change eye color, hair, hands its feet, high bodies, the entire organism and fate in a whole on the rest of the homes horoscope.
If who believes, that time birth and AS with precision are scheduled karma, means, and life must be able for each transnational issue, excluding priority free will, opportunity previous study, redemption an and sense life at all, where the escalating spiral development forms a vicious circle. Meanwhile, no one will not merely go away challenge thesis about unity deal just-existence, commits dependence human from surrounding world, his natural interventions and intrusions in the very karma, as this described by in esoterica.
Psychic headlights can research Lazareva, even in 80-'s confirmed, that in the first 5 mo. Pregnancy, the formation fetus entirely depends on emotional and mental rape fortune mothers. On one astroforume girl told, that doctors have proposed it the most choose a welcome time for costs, in ties with than asked astrologers point to an opportune moment.
Thus, in advance shape AS in particular birth, nor will child, nor his karma not can. Only mother and its entourage, even Astrologers can change these conditions. But if psikhofizicheskiy portrait child already created in its a belly, as can karma to guess what hour mother or someone the other, pick for birth child? Can minutes conceiving, not birth, track should be attached AS in the right signs, in accordance with any karmic a 1999? In such a case, what value in is, that preaches astrology in respect AS?
Like would hear not formal the answer. Thank you.



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Aquarian, I you detail wrote its opinion, but unfortunately, I have not worked Internet, not was able send. Tomorrow with work answer.



quarian wrote:

Svyaz rising mark the Zodiac, with-human takes into in astrology as basic.

Here is this your phrase essentially not is as an axiom. Or more accurately, you correctly successfuily set up emphasis underlying , but not the only factor, defining being veiled rights. If would this was so, then just would existed 12 types of people, but surrounding reality not confirms this. That we see in reality? There is no twin people, even twins do differ from each other. Born in one and the same hour, with one the bottom-sign uneven. And what conclusion we then do? Bottom-up a badge of not affects being veiled? There is no, this, too, not is true. Astrology not is linear, this not twice two. A basic principle astrology this analogy. Note, not equality, namely analogy. Let us turn to dictionary made:

Analogy - ([ ]analogia - reconcile, similarity), similarity hyphenated (phenomena, processes) in any properties. Reasoning on analogies - knowledge, winning electoral majorities from consideration any facility, conveyed on less studied, very similar look on substantial properties, insurance object; such judgments come from - one of sources scientific hypotheses. Analogy-existence, analogy dawn (Lats. Analogia entis), - one of basic principles Catholic Scholastic philosophy; justify opportunity of knowledge dawn God from dawn its former creation them world.

Still times emphasize, or the, not twin. So we, observing different people, podmechaem their similarity: A similar form of nose, out of kilter eye, bearing, the manner to cling, gait. We seek take from diversity of the individuality of something their linking. But, returning to astrology, blizzcon.com in horoscope human, we see circle with 10 planets, 12 signs and 12 homes. This as multilayered cake: All enrich, all affects on each other. Not professionally was would analyze human only on his an Ascendant. This would still, that to do conclusion about imminently, oschupav his proboscis directed downward at or pace (remember a parable about nezryachikh.

On being veiled human affects, as his bottom-up a badge of, so and planet in the first House, the most high planet in map, stellium in some signs, location on the signpost and home the manager the ascendant. Let me give you example. I have goes back Lev, blood regardless the ascendant the Sun in Vodolee. , too, most there is have my girlfriends. In this example not one factor bottom-up a badge of, and as much as 2 coincide. That same we have in reality with-? I have the Sun in 7 House, have girlfriends in 8. Broke a so, that my being veiled: Form of nose, eyes, pleats over your lip, cheekbones closer to an upstream the signpost, and girlfriend but possesses more characterized Leo the rigid magnificent and climbing. The rest traits have girlfriends air: Testifying nose, an underdeveloped chin and camping on D. These traits it lent pledged of the air element in map. Under this many us consider sisters and say, that we similar.

So, let you down outcome. Cannot be from horoscope extricate slice of, analyze this matter his and to do conclusion about a whole installation. Hand not one thing and, too,, that and leg. She moves, fingers are moving, but with their feet we walk, and hands there is no. So professional astrologer not makes conclusion, not look at the entire horoscope, not prochuvstvovav his hidden and explicit correlation.



Lud_mila wrote:

analogy - reconcile, similarity),

On question of Tatiana 7.10; there is no I not astrologer, but this not prevents me its abnormally love!
Me like the word analogy. Walk me through this on this about.
Known, that Earth, as and man, except electromagnetic, has and more subtle energy field (bodies, plans). But analogies with laws physics or, for example, rings Saturn, forces equilibrium all voltages must be fall and on suggest that the.
Thus, heavenly equator, as projection the profane, is Nash forces, between poles electromagnetic and other thin fields. Plane of the ecliptic violates this equilibrium and in point the crossing equator, appears a powerful vikhrevoe outrage space. For astronomers this point vernal equinox, for astrologers starters and of the late cycles planets, the benchmark for zhrebiev. But on truly - this which is Ascending Node and AS era Pisces.
Known, that Fish the most are subject to destruktivnomu influence external world. So in for 2000 years, history world confirms spike in and even dominance negative forces in religious, ideological, political and economic areas. Developed the magical means, for impact on mass consciousness, have led to flowering art, literature, hedonism,, fashion, propaganda and of course advertising.
Apsis sun, on conditional analogies with Selena could would to point fingers on , lined roads in hell intentioned intentions , in the adoption of the global territorial space, spreading new ideas, and beliefs,.
But as 10 house in nascent constellation of Sagittarius, signs internationalism, nationalism, individualism, racism, has been pitching to unification, enslavement peoples; jacks hiking, colonial wars; economic expansion, military intervention, exports revolutions. I.e. around the, on that point out upraviteli of Sagittarius Neptune and Jupiter.
7-oops house in nascent constellation Virgin of, as Descending knot era Pisces, in of increasing and opposition to other points, along with reinvigorating the traditions, morality, customs, superstitions, prejudices, dogmatism and Digital, spawned mass of bloody plots, despotism; tyranny, meticulous control, Iron order; persecution of dissent, Inquisition and censorship. That, in principle, within mundannoy interpretation, true to form character Virgin of, under Subscribers detriment the produce markets.
Cursory analysis themes not claims on its exhaustive review of, importantly show, that constellation worked and continue to work and with these positions, considered point of spring vernal equinox point of the Ram, wrongfully.
For what Hipparchus (son of, having studied tables Egyptian priests for hundreds of years, developed theory precession? For what would descendants in the future knew real, not symbolic sector heavenly spheres, where come space cosmic. Aries received be the first sign on eyelids perpetual, and sentenced and star all by itself on a separate existence, not with largely attitude to same, let the constellations. Meanwhile, Alice Bailey, in an esoteric astrology, dissertation about of the Seven Luchakh is III , writes;
energy split into three groups:
1. -reaching from great constellations, active in respect our numbers system and with oldest since the, the associated in myths and legends.
2. Coming in from twelve constellations Zodiacs. They have influence on our system and a planetary life.
3. Those, that come from planets, constituents in range spheres of influence sun.
All energy zodiakalnye, systemic and planetary - have influence on all forms in all kingdoms of nature. Nothing can avoid these emitting change influences.
Of body astrology should have also remember, that twelve constellations, under the if, themselves are receivers numerous flows energy, coming to them from other sources. These energy are mixed with vigor moreover or conjures constellation and preobrazovanye reach numbers system.
Who not familiar with works Innermost, he, Bailey and others., let will feature, as these women, not akess scientists degrees, wrote multi the creation on kosmogenezisu, the occult, an esoteric astrology and other sciences, over whom broke head and validate scientists, level Einstein's. But difficulty for many hear voices Podskazok, explains those, that with offensive era Pisces the world some countries these in period pragmatism and rationality, where moral aspects of life must fall behind. In these conditions, know people too many was dangerously, for industry sbyvayuschikhsya forecasts, led would to global umopomeshatelstvu.
So, in Great Lakes physics, there is evidence, when useful affairs and beginnings, ran into each other forces World or priostanavlivalis, until best since the, and even have been shattered, lest saved humanity from the late. And to not regret about razbrosannom an egregious amount, secret knowledge, hunted by inquisition, science and censor, with facilitated by soul of hurriedly underground. And what not strides hide, changed direction bombers , in different, not quite true side.
Astrologers instruct until only alphabet infinite primary, dealing with ekzotericheskoy the fringe the giant drapes, that was wisely nabroshena on all leaks about planets. When will emerge the true esoteric impact all your astrology, about this will given more information. "(Alice E.E. Bailey, "Treatise on the about the Space she inaugurated the", st. 1051)
However, academic astrology F. Velichko, points, that signs Zodiacs, except the homonymous name, not have relations to the Chinese zodiac the constellations. Roughly 4,000 years ago, the Sun in day of spring vernal equinox proetsirovalos on Aries, and now in this day it gets into constellation of Pisces. But Aries, as was 4,000 years ago Ram, so and will remain them and through 2000 years, on same place. Better mentally consolidate forever the beginning of Zodiacs in Ovne. Meanwhile, speech goes not about whereabouts Aries, but about point of spring vernal equinox, to which pilloried this a badge of. According to official sources, occurrence astrology blamed to pre-Mousterian era (about 40-100 thousand Years ago). And no one not controversial of intentions, in those times, for convenience calculations slowed down if on 20 centuries. Contrary, in category: Zoroastrianism the lore Mitre kills Taurus; have ancient Greeks such feat commit Heracles; in the Indo-European culture, sunny god kills a bull, that reflects change the World Year, with transition Taurus in a badge of Aries. And Astrologers forced to recognize, that history world match its psychological portrait precisely those constellations, where has been point of spring vernal equinox.
This confirms and F. Velichko: about 2000 Until BC Dora Images a bull pass symbolics Aries, in Bible way of the Lamb,, in Egypt by the cult Amun - deity with of mutton bone head, thrive sect beginning, conquest of Enviga (356-323 until BC Dora Era Pisces't arrival Christianity, for early period which was symbolism Pisces, and Jesus Christ shrinking at until "Ikhtios" fish.
Arises question: Why is thus meaningless keep Aries in point vernal equinox, if this not is reflected on his impact?
Are endless movement (transit) constellations. Historical events, confirm, that precisely point of spring vernal equinox, defines era, according to characterization real constellation, in which is. And means, Aries, being the first sign, in previous era, could not lead zodiakalnyy circle in era Pisces.
And means constellation of Pisces rightly is not mutabelnym, and cardinal sign, and point vernal equinox - an ascendant starters era, with all stemming consequences for rest homes and family upraviteley. Aries, as a sign fixed view, and significator 2 th homes in rolled era, reflected a influence in accumulation arms, Cold war, local conflicts and wars, nesravnimykh with the scale of the since the Enviga. And representatives this mark on the world arena, have become Lenin, Hitler, in our time S. Hussein and others., whose Stars, in day birth were, not in Taurus, and Ovne. On that eloquently points, in horoscope was right Lenin compound the sun with al Sharatain, and have Saddam Hussein with Hamal.
Astrologers not to capture astronomical constellation, but why neglect the stars that lend the characteristic: Around the connected? ????, highly grifami twisted by precise orbis, for connectivity to star.
Aldebran in connecting with Sun behaves similarly have J. Kennedy, as a's alpha Taurus, enters in description of his horoscope, but Sun linked to by, not akess relations to longitude Stars.
Over the past tens of years in all areas scientifically educational process occurred indigenous transformation. But only classical astrology at a standstill. Classic Good in music, not in sciences. There is no classic mathematics or physics. Of course, to change astroprogrammy an expensive weapon, but progress should be around the. Otherwise, even the developed mind loses public value, if is sowing in hearts people fruit delusions.
Michelle Michel Gauquelin, gave announcement to readers send data about birth and
150 fringes, of which sent 10-page horoscope, envelope with reverse-address and held. 94% announced, that were accurately are portrayed in particular, and 90% commemorated, that this opinion bisected so same friends and relatives.
In fact this was horoscope Dr. Marseille Petoyta, serial killers, which during the war's refugees, skryvavshikhsya from fascists, and their bodies am melting the in quicklime lime!
No one of astrologers, not has passed classical test, protivopostavlennykh Souls, writes Michel Gauquelin. In which dates birth forty man, twenty-of which - known criminals, and the rest people, prozhivshie peaceful life. Astrologers invariably pursued the criminals and law-abiding citizens roughly in the same proportion.
No one doubts, in quest astrologers for perfection. But mistakes are common all, regardless of extent learning. And number of degrees.
So, return themes about the damned issues, even their importance.
Every planet in signs and House, can be spell out the confirm in the events, if put astrology with heads Aries, back on its feet Pisces. And however, 84-'s year-old transition is now over, so congratulate the world 12 March 2011. With a day to birth Era have! Era optimism, of Love, the Discipline of the and Enlightenment! Luck you on circles Great of rebirth!



Aquarian, me very, it is a pity that you came on our forum not for debate, and for demonstrations own egos. You not cited nothing from my office and, quickly jumped argue with streltsovskim fanaticism any their theory.

Only practice astrology allows penetrate in the twists and turns and deep ezoterizm astrology. And arguing as you, we soon we slide right back to formalizmu and start measure cunning device impact on us planets in this second.

quarian wrote:

Astrologers not to capture astronomical constellation, but why neglect the stars that lend the characteristic: Around the connected? ????, highly grifami twisted by precise orbis, for connectivity to star. Aldebran in connecting with Sun behaves similarly have J. Kennedy, as a's alpha Taurus, enters in description of his horoscope, but Sun linked to by, not akess relations to longitude Stars.

Stars neglect the far not all astrological schools. Deeply am convinced, that no star not is capable choking off influence basic factors horoscope: Planets numbers system.

Interestingly, but as you explain principle work khorarnoy astrology? Why map, even not being used reality, on your view, replies on concrete question? Who there on top replies us?

quarian wrote:

Levaquin planet in signs and House, can be spell out the confirm in the events, if put astrology with heads Aries, back on its feet Pisces.

Interestingly, that for "its feet Pisces" you have only? Like would I merely. ;)



Pardon, 786 crazy mila, that I not ??? seriously your post. Did these caused by Vasha irritability? Why so immediately sharply; own egos , streltsovskiy fanaticism. You all so say, who thinks otherwise, than you? Discussions are needed those who something she doesn't understand in vast astrology. And you why? When man increasingly clear, this should reassure, and not care. Of course, I not against communication. But you themselves are not prepared, although could would to know much more. Published me theme, connected with 12 March, not with inflated your vanity mind, as you ardent to thought. Better need to deal in humans perfectly reputable crazy mila.



quarian wrote:

Why so immediately sharply; own egos , streltsovskiy fanaticism. You all so say, who thinks otherwise, than you?

These language I, at least, forced you read and think over my words.

quarian wrote:

Better need to deal in humans perfectly reputable crazy mila.

And I as times perfectly know such people, as you. And even can predict, that more you here no one nothing not responds. :)


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