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Advice on counselling

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In work with client often comes the dilemma: To speak-not to speak, say so or otherwise. Sometimes emphasis dramatically decides deal. In this topic propose a putting advice on work with clients.
Have us already were themes Distinctions astrologicheskogo adviseand Distinctions astrologicheskogo advise 2. Here can be to continue discussion.



Sue Cook (England) writes:

"All types astrologer should know Golden were consultant: Importantly - not to demonstrate, how is strong astrology, and help client. A brilliant astrologer can do brilliant analysis maps birth and, then, literally kill client straightforward and hard Auftragserteilung material. Not necessarily avoid nasty, bad things - but follow form of stating, ship types- wet its in accordance with needs and the nature client necessary. Deal not in is, that states, deal in how states. Astrologers can plodding until depth features of individual and the owe with the greatest fine delicateness concern sensitive zones. This is especially concerns customers with angles maps in significant svoystva. "

This advice me been of use with recent a client - woman in age "for 60", fling change their personal life and find ideal ??. Drawing on in his de magazine these case, I received an interesting response from readers.


You are here » Ephemerides forum » Psychological aspects of astrology » Advice on counselling