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АссОль wrote:

dear thought - and married on the, have which thumping was more.

UITT SUPER! :angel:



A remarkable gift on New A year for girls loving wear clothes with profound forthright decolletage - zoltoy a necklace in the form of beautiful plastinochki, on which engraved three words: "In MICROSURGERY WATCH!"



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Meet 2 friend, one says Different:
- What you podarish its on 8 March?
- A when it 8 March?

Not kapayte me on brains! Me their only that powdered!


In cabinet pani cosmetic salon comes barging in input C izayavlyaet, that he chestiune in solarium on two hours, and his have exposed cherezpyatnadtsat minutes. Hostess him quietly explains:
- Over instructions in solarium can be lie not more fifteen minutes.
- Don’t know how many there can be lie, but me need to tomorrow with sea to return …

As distinguish left pace from right-wing? - At leftist become big should sit right.

Saw announcement in newspaper:
Short fashionable glamorous clothing requires seller-consultant. Demands to candidate: A man, of high growth, sporting physique, not Creator, education not below middle, necessarily knowledge one or several foreign languages (preferably English, German, Italian).
In short, there is I have one guy on you accept a - suited by all measures. Name is Nikolai Valuev. Wanted to would I watch, as would they him denied))



АссОль wrote:

How distinguish left pace from right-wing? - At leftist become big should sit right.




As wean FABlANO annoyed to MUMBAI Since marriage?
Before an old granny had been approached me on weddings, poked finger at me under Barrel rib and talked: "You the next."
They stopped this to do after, as I became to speak them the same on funeral.



Радуга wrote:

AS wean FABlANO annoyed to MUMBAI Since marriage?
Before an old granny had been approached me on weddings, poked finger at me under Barrel rib and talked: "You the next."
They stopped this to do after, as I became to speak them the same on funeral.

I take on weaponry for includes just # 1 Russia (he so themselves describes) on Samara Forum Velikago and Islamic piita Yuri Mamontov help from Tomsk



In furniture no clothing left.
- Yesterday I bought you have chair, and today he already crumbled.
- What you say?! Apparently, on him anyone sat!

Mother - son:
- We want buy liberal scattering, so Pope decided to throw to drink, I - to quit, and you that ’?
- A I can throw school!

On 1 th path platforms 2 arrives train Moscow-of Vladivostok. Numbering wagons with the mid-trains, and further is chaotically.



АссОльНа 1-й путь платформы 2 прибывает поезд Москва-Владивосток. Нумерация вагонов с середины поезда, а дальше хаотично. wrote:

:rofl: :rofl:



Pro amerikosovskie films:
Amount of cpacaemyx accurately zhizney must be in
Ppedelax from 2 up to 6 milliapdov.
Before you the contrast, well as put the round in hero's, zlodey totally fine
A few minutes chitaet him notatsiyu, level standards a hero, no one who could hone my
Kakyyu-challenger pakoct places in the izbezhanie neminyemoy of death upon.
Shectizapyadnye the guns blast E462 30-40 times (I'll see, their
Ymydpyayutcya zapyazhat magazinami from machine gun
Big feshenebelnye apaptamenty in New-Iopke always E462
Kapmany bolshinctvy people's angry zavicimocti from their of work, that's.
He important, considered its enemies ppevyshayut in told, - places in the the whole time. But dpaki posts
Ppimeneniem voctochnyx edinobopctv they there will be teppelivo you're waiting for
Cvoei line atakovat hero's, tantsyya and pazmaxivaya konechnoctyami,
-rs he Users do not play vyvedet from ctpoya ochepednogo from them.
Considered gepoinya - blondinka and beauty, only's not really normal is, what
She mipovoy ekcpept E462 yadepnoy of physics in when he was 22 different angles.
Yes, all of you ppoctyni is fopmy bykvy L and dox odyat myzhchine up to poyaca, a
Lezhaschei-service, Woman - azh up to podmyshek.
B finalnom a fight, before you the contrast, well as we begin normal is maxat hands and
Nogami, a hero polychaet ocnovatelnyyu vzbychky.
Minimym whole new in pape identichnyx bliznetsov pozhdaetcya zlodeem.
Bolshinctvo noytbykov's all you need moschny, fuck vzlomat
Kompyutepnye system y aliens.
When tyshitcya the light in the bedroom, all E462 still fine, okay see ours,
Are for a little bit in golybyx ottenkax.
Chectnyx and pabotayuschix politseyckix exile zactpelivayut here 3 days
Up to yxoda on penciyu.
Considered places in the the whole time. But kocmicheckogo pyteshectviya nappoch vygopel
Then be taken me a computer, Users do not play beda - him it down but you can pochinit posts retake the
Harmonization pazminipovanii bomby Users do not play Azrael. We volnovatcya, Submissive ppovod
Pepepezat - always will be pepepezan's the embedded, its treatment is very complicated Azrael. We.
When zlodey vxodit in house the sacrifice, last ppinimaet shower here
Ppozpachnoi zanaveckoi.
For pacppavy, that have been zagonyayut on zabposhennye ctaleliteynye
Zavody, in that why-only ppodolzhayut work to attend to pechi.
Bdovy ybiennyx politseyckix polychayut, well as the rule, a few
Million zelenenkix in have mopalnoi kompencatsii.
After 15 different angles lives together life lyubyaschie cyppygi ppodolzhayut
In holding every five minutes passionate tselovatcya vzacoc.
Zlodei is like me, zlobnye fizionomii, what their Azrael. We apectovyvat
Are E462 vneshnemy I can see them.
B opacnye for life comes-service, posts heroic could we find
A code ventil, povepnyv its treatment is very complicated obdaesh zlodeya neclaboy
Ctpyei a couple of.
Fine, okay otomctit zlodeyu it down but you can, pepedaviv on gopopodobnom
The truck him bezymno expensive vehicle.
Zlodei like ppovepyat your landmine, when taymep shows 00 :0 x
C of Ice Palace-only.
Before you final this whole a hero coblaznyaet clychaynyyu popytchitsy
(Your, cvidetelnitsy, and camping on Afghan, so fit to in the beginning of the movie the movie, - vykpal,
Zactaviv yourself vozit E462 over the city.
Bxodya in ctan of an enemy is a, a hero pepemeschaetcya's kyvypkami.
The cocaine onboard pepevozyat paptiyami E462 50 tonn.



I'm looking for a himself husband this morning. What he should be?

I not demand from him interesting looks. Let have him will only nakachennaya
Figure and beautiful face. He should be jovial, when I kidding. And to joke, when I come home on vesele.

Me not interested in his dwelling space. Importantly - to she was much.

Not interested in me and his wages. Only would she was high.

I am sure: When we'll get married, have us will appear common interests. We will
Travel around the world. Touring in the best restaurants, casino, clubs. Dress let us exclusively in exclusive stores.

I will to care for his health. To to him not chimneys down liquors, a tobacco, sweet and harmful, I will all of this destroy itself.

I pick up volumes K on themselves part of his concerns, if, of course, he will assume the all my.
I not d beg his wear me whole and support in and clean up
Apartment. If he a good husband, then will make this himself. And if bad, then let
Will hire a housekeeper.

Me not it is important as he will be preparing. Only would this was tasty. And not necessarily, to this was only the Russian cuisine of. Here have him full
Freedom: Today - Georgian cuisine of, and tomorrow Hungarian on the morning and Chinese on the evening.

I will listen to his view, if only it will be identical with my.
Of course I will added of his lives and, to his not deprived on the street, nor for that not will unleash from homes more than with one rublem.

I not d demand from him no obedience to. Let only serves my wishes.

I't seek itself husband. I is ready give him half of my life,, if it will put me its entirely.



Pretty dumb, but I laughed)

Diary American schoolchild

3 April 2005
| I got name is Michael one bedroom. I live in the US. This such a country, around which
| revolve land and the sun. I recently even wrote the abstract on this subject, and
| teacher put me's supreme pass.
| Today I embarked sooner. With morning immediately same weighed in a. Ur! I've lost weight still on
| 200 grams. And now my weight represents only 145 kg. And after all month
| ago was 146! But Pope said, that if I not'll lose weight, then with me
| girls meet not will. And at all something I prefer boys, after all
| with girls meet
| - this is so old-fashioned.
| violations I had breakfast. Breakfast I have have dietary - oat
| flakes
| a non-fat, milk and two obzharennykh Cheers with jams. In as a
| easy dessert I you 4 double hamburger.
| Over breakfast was fun. We with father competed, who louder to let 'er rip.
| Louder broke a I have. Father now should me 5 bucks. If to
| by the evening not will put - 'm gonna sue.
| My school is far from home - in 500 metres. Well, that I have
| there is machine. So having just over hour, in traffic jams today had to
| stand quite brief. Lessons were dull. For example, on history
| teacher bore any on stilts about how, that America opened Columbus. As such in
Teachers take!?
| exhaustive information throughout rudimentary logic suggests, that America opened we, Americans.
| Because something she and is called America.
| more was on geography. As many interesting things in world is happening!
| For example, teacher told, that there is such a country as Africa. In its
| capital
| - Egypt - are triangular skyscrapers, in which dwell evil
| Russians mummy. And why these Russians us nowhere contemplated not give.
| the evening of I went on party to Lesley. Us was man 40. My friend
| Jim swiped have father 2 the bottle beer. We so all perepilis, that zablevali

| 7 April.
| Today output. Like us sleep, but father forced me
| play in it on lawn before home. First was bored, but then
| I
Jumped into it.
| exhaustive information throughout this is so in - three hours consecutive hurl each other ball around the with
| distances in 3 Dam. A remarkable sport and very intellectual!
| After lunch father forced me look on TV appeal President
| Bush. We is identically conducted time: Ate pop corn Cat and listened to President. He
| spoke about how it is important for America all bomb, because otherwise all
| these primitive peoples not understand, what happiness bears them our country.
| “I don’t always was it is unclear, why these idiots resent, when we their
| air-raiding. After all without
| they never learn taste of Coca-cola and hamburger, and, means, not
| be built democracy. My God, God bless America - country, ready to be happy
| any. And if someone not wants to be happy - we his always can
| After viewing treatment Bush we the entire family long sang American
| anthem
| cried from awareness of his greatness and understanding heavenly mission,
| us entrusted Lord.
| Over dinner we with father again staged a contest on the most resounding (loud FART).
| That's my point our dog. She this made so loudly, that frightened neighbors
| with howls "HSIIDC go!" Hid in the basement. Wanna trick their had to
| until the most night. Until I finally not did them say, that tomorrow in
| the near a supermarket cashier will sell-off, and they can buy
| electric popovytiralki on 10 cents cheaper conventional prices. Immediately same
Popped out:
| Everyone, I decided to - necessarily collusion a geographer. Want so same, as and they,
| study this a golden science - geometry. Today our teacher spent
| a remarkable attractive opportunity! He mentioned about a faraway country entitled
| Russia. I and before many knew about this a wild state. For example, all
| well known, that Russians - this like a cross between a bear with man, which
| subsist with some alcohol and birches, live in taiga in deep 27, and on
| holidays set on fire the Kremlin
| drive around him in.
| After confirming stories with teachers I know about Russia, perhaps, more themselves its inhabitants.
| For example, in this country are American reserves oil and gas.
| When they we will need, we for them'll drive over. Moreover, in Russia
| there is fields black and red first, and also deposits vodka and
| pancakes. These wealth Russians spend on barbaric: Eat up far and they drink,
| obdelyaya future generations Americans. The real empire of evil!
| After schools I went to a psychoanalyst. I have attended his twice in week. He
| me gives advice and teaches, as to live. Today he has taught me to flush for
| a in-air outhouse. And I something thought, why have us in toilet always so
| stinks. Need to to tell their - family still not knows:
| the evening of played in tetris. -V.O.!



All same have us here some negative image America’s hjkio



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some negative image America’s

Yes ah, throw. Xcvcbv Although grustinka present)

Here is still natural masterpiece)




From's diary Russian schoolchild.
"Russia - this such a country, around which must keep on turning land and the sun. But why something they not revolve. In this to blame Yanks. This such obese and obtuse. They their were poached to itself. Democracy in America there is no. If would democracy somewhere was, it was would in Russia. But in Russia its there is no, therefore its there is no nowhere and not can be. Concept "democracy" washed brains with a thick and blinkered amerikosam, which in all believe, camping on K. Obese and obtuse. In Russia in large numbers present demonstrated. That this such I accurately not know. But this there is only have us, and nowhere more in world this there is no. Demonstrated'm so amped right now from me simply in force moreover, that I say on Russian language - language Pushkin, luckily, Gogol, Turgenev, Tolstoi and Dostoevsky's. As I been happy! "
Some Russian schoolchild:
Today dam sent me in Music buy bread and eggs. Bought on all money
"Coca-cola", because she much tastier and better bread and eggs together
Plagued. Received belt. Belt it not taste good, albeit a useful.

9 December.
Jumped with guys with garage. On third you access Rusty jumped off and broken itself
Pace, then jumped into I and broken him hand. Not know, as he tomorrow in a cast
Punch will.

12 December.
A math major bureet not in days. Today told, that I quite not know
Mathematics, and has put me in some any figure.

17 December.
Played on dad's Continental computer in DOOM. Then still a bit played in
"Info-an accountant",, too, prikolno, Fund until third levels. On taxes me

22 December.
Today must was be urban control on singing. Was seven clustered,
That school booby-trapped with TNT. Five I know, and who another?

14 January.
Today on labor learned to do little rollies going for.

15 January.
Cigarette in toilet. I with unaccustomed coughed deliberately and missed lesson literature and

20 January.
Were fight in a parallel class. We their have made! They us thrashed.

21 January.
Today summoned to Director for has. I even’to lift not managed.
Director of me simply ukatal on cabinet to run the government for hair.

25 January.
Mother helps me engage on chemistry, and father - on behavior.

5 February.
Began strike teachers! We all class wrote a letter in
Government, that first need to foot the bill with the miners and retirees.

15 February.
Yesterday finally received constitute in Physics. After lessons sat, neatly
Calculated secondary assessment of - would still for quarter-is obtained 1, 88. Need to
Something to do. Arguments type "the physicist-freak out" father already not convinced by.

20 February.
Weight guesser thinks, that HSH - this hydrogen. Hilarious!

23 February.
Thought about army. Go recently. Still the elephants. Can, lead the two children?
Not, parents the elephants. And who this army coined? Killed would!

4 March.
Ur! I have pimples! Can be will applying ointments "Klerasilom" together with men from

7 March.
Peeked Ksyushe under skirt, what she there its procedure!

15 March.
Mother shouted on father, that he became on the womenfolk Caribbean. Yes. Here is and has grown up folder,
And I and not observed.

20 March.
Interestingly, who such Jews and why their not likes my father? Need to ask have
Ilyukhi Shekelmana. His father, interestingly,, too, not likes?

24 March.
Need to grow spiritually, more to read. Read before nightmare fatherly pager. Many

1 April.
Mother says, that if I will poorly learn, me in kioskery not take. And I
Not want in kioskery, I itself become a supervisor d.



:lol: fine) :rofl:

Let seek the rest diaries!



Let! In sense Chinese schoolchild? Japanese? Argentine?


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