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Family documents

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The situation, means, such a. Somewhere in KVARTIRE I she banned documents and find not can. 2 treaty with publishing house, without which I cannot prove copyrights rights :sorry:, Newark, Passport on a space heater, which has, and I his on free renovating pint not can, because in passport garantiyka and lead the still. Remember, that all together these mastication-you...... folding up and somewhere stuck my. Far not remember!

17 :2 6 Sochi 8.01.07



The situation, unfortunately, chastovstrechayuschayasya))

Reading I description of situation, and have observed, that there is no nor one a question mark)



Lena-Rainbow, urgently look, up on the, study and hang up rules!



Until rules not has found, have been putting question: Where MY DOCUMENTS!



Ah would still. Already matter divergence in time.



Lena, rules afterworld Yur-Viktorychem. Here. On motives neighboring with them themes from someone`s blithe rulers from (the blonde ;))



Радуга wrote:


On map 17 :2 6 can accurately say, that NOT stolen



Tanja, I in rate :) I mainstream W. In lichku wrote, to receive an answer. :) Thanks for what dreamt map. Documents unambiguously not stolen, they somewhere in apartment. I not remember far stuck my, six cholesterol you kill me! At all something I have for documents separate handbag, and here, remember, was any) according and me simply not was time get to this sumochki. I still thought: Importantly not forget, far stuck my. And since forgotten. :sorry:



So, that I see.

The. Asts spacecraft to goes on trine with sun Chinese system 2 homes Sun behaves similarly. In 2 House lie retro FC Saturn and Long forms sekstil to Asts. So this all "Over." Me here is only one thing not like, Long soed. With the southern Solar. :/ Don’t very perishing encouraging, but will check on experience.

Now, where? The sun, Chinese system 2 homes, in an, in 6 House. Lena, where have you guys hope backed securities, accounts, mess in room, rabotchem office? Only not talk less, that everywhere :rofl:

When? Through 1, 85 perhaps month, because the Sun and Long in of falling homes.




Cветлана:Р wrote:

Lena, where have you guys hope backed securities, accounts, mess in room, rabotchem office? Only not talk less, that everywhere

Chorus-roshiy question. I at all not know as on him to answer :rofl: Everywhere - this not the word.



Радуга wrote:

I at all not know as on him to answer Everywhere - this not the word

Then start try to build order with rabotchego the table or folders with files. ;)



Flax, as the case with files?



And raze. IRA, not gonna believe this, rummaged through VSE in House. There. Accurately remember, that in apartment. Accurately remember, that the flaming not in the place, where keep all paper. Remember, thought: This closer, importantly not forget, and so under hand. Find NOT MOGU. Modicum cry, modicum laugh. Good toiling another treaty with publishing house, where confirmed by my a literary alias.



Me like would to return to topic and take advantage of reading Alfie Lyavua "lose this book and find the signature its with the help khorarnoy astrology. Leadership: As find any lost subject under aid khorarnoy astrology ". Let us not hurrying try deal.
Lyavua prishet, that blood regardless 2 th homes manages all lost things. In map 2 st home manages the Sun, so as 2 th house is mired in Lev, the Sun and let us view. Here me not quite understandable here is that. Lyavua writes: "Universal indicates, that subject could would made from precious metal type gold, from brass or other clearest, glittering materials, usually for yellowcake or orange color of. Form of can be “, such of natural circle. The sun makes any lost subject exclusively valuable and rare, — if not in monetary terms, then although would from-for his shortage of. This may be also the indication on the, that thing was you Muchacho and. "1425 I can to agree only only about values and the not monetary, and associated as would with self expressiveness, one. If in such a context view the Sun, then understandable. If not, the it is unclear, because paper clearly not golden and not orange. However, the author writes, that "Any aspect of, which she makes to other planets with orbisom 2 degrees, will help under precise describing and determining value of things, about which posed question. All planet, located in the second House, also will to lend information relatively values things ". And compound with v us suggests, that this can be "books, bookmarks, pencils, paper". Aspect of with the Moon at all it is unclear about than says, because lost subject not is family value and not dyed, a i and the like. Only, that comes in head, that Long is in the Virgin, almost on kuspide 3 th homes and this as would mentor hinting on Mercury. And, finally, planet in 2 st House - Saturn-retro. From just describe here suited "Saturn points to subject, used in business or work". And still "Saturn will always to reduce value things". Here can say, that these paper at all me nor never not required, find their want, say so, for order, but not moreover. So, we gave description of lost things. Forth return to the Grocer 2 th homes.
The sun is in 6 st House, in 6 fringes degrees from DSTs. The author on this about writes: "Located in of falling homes (3 st, 6 st, 9 st and 12 st), blood regardless second homes means, that missing object indeed lost and can be found after a long search and only in is case, if there is compound with kuspidom angular homes with orbisom 3 degrees"What there is we do conclusion, that the documents at all hardly will have the or will have the very item.
Forth, "For example, if planet, running the the second home, — the only in House, then subject also is somewhere itself". There is no, we so say not can, so as the Sun have us is in connecting with v. Therefore, we do conclusion, that the documents are among other backed securities or books, as wrote higher Svetlana. Forth Lyavua writes about how, that if blood regardless is on border signs, means, a losing thing as something is being shifted. In our map the Sun is in 17 throes, therefore, documents somewhere lie dead burden :)
Now will call attention on element do. The sun is in the Goat, so, "Signs land — this anonymity for search on earth or on gender"Javadxan, means can already be do a slight extrapolation: Documents are among other backed securities close to gender. Close to gender I have lies obrushennaya on gender book regiment, that unsuccessfully Gwinnett County former husband. She fell suddenly (well, that not on head!) and until now is worth on gender with all she, but backed securities there accurately there is no.
(Continuation of should) :writing:


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