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Planet in "Skorpion"

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Радуга wrote:

Vasilisa, thank you for reasoning. Themeextremely curious and you, undoubtedly, close. Although, can, and not so is understandable. This I moreover'm getting at, that you (as any a normal man) is a subjective quality in their descriptions.

I want here is still clarify, that conveys thesubject you had in mind?
("Planet in the coalmine", or "Long in the coalmine", or "Long in Libra and in 12 th House in the coalmine"?)



. . And know that? And let-I you still pet a? :friends: there I'm understand, that such Long in the coalmine.



Радуга wrote:

there I'm understand, that such Long in the coalmine.

I have originated questions))
Curiously, THAT precisely from reader typing on manifestations of moon in the coalmine?
That to the moon in Libra?
And WHAT on moon in 12 th House?
(Though I understand, that such their dismemberment, produced with tangible hard)

(Hwang’s research interest)



Радуга wrote:

Long points to your emotions, feelings, needs, habits and instincts. When there is no aspects of, and if this confirms the rest of part of horoscope, such position may lead to exceptional achievements. Nothing, except your own of emotions, not worth on your path. Precisely your emotions not allow you clear to ruminate, express its love and sympathy from-for fear of be abandoned, and also prevent you confidently move to goal, because you are afraid, that these you can wound someone or you have simply nothing not tickles. Understandable, that as emotionless man, we lose one of the most important sides life - the true relations with other human entity. But increasingly same, without emotional injuries or-easier achieve results in practical sides his life.

So as I utterly not understand, what same specifically you want from me hear. Smiled radugin post three times. After first reading - puzzling and the easy eyebrows. After second - highly a strong eyebrows and a sense of tupikovosti quests for me. After third emerged naughty bit of joy on backdrop of ofigevaniya. So as there is at least exit from the prevailing my impasse (drives). - "Nothing, except your own of emotions, not worth on your path"

In) I'm informing you about how, that well agree be "test subject a rabbit" in this topic.))
Under this announce, that mean in the availability of moon, which in traditional transportation and in, raising House (under this believe, that this information useful, and means gotta count for something). And "Lyuyuyuyuyudiiiii! I have LUNAaaaaa! In VESAaaaaKh! In, raising DOoooooMEeeeeeee! I and itself get lost can!! Even help not need to! Better ORIENTIRChIK give! Ah modicum give me a hint in what side sex turn! "

Precisely your emotions not allow you clear to ruminate, express its love and sympathy from-for fear of be abandoned, and also prevent you confidently move to goal, because you are afraid, that these you can wound someone or you have simply nothing not tickles.

It seems to the moon in the coalmine.



I suggest along with another computer by, if Lena agree. Together this and will reference point. Can be simply try describe "demand permanent" behavior, that Long replies for form of expression essence rights. T. E. Standard, it stereotypes reaction. No extreme situations.



You know, Len teetered would my Long in what any Earth signs or House - me was would easier the most choose example its manifestations of. They were would more palpable or actually make the everyday, than with position, what there is.
For its the Moon I watch long. (Deal desire to there is)) And observations with preconditions so fast "there are" mass. All they, want I moreover or not want, somehow are linked with 12-'s home, that makes it difficult the formulation these conclusions, yes and description of themselves examples. However, if me ask concrete question, concerning these outpouring (or enough clearly mark topics area) - I is capable on him to answer more-less concretely.
This, of course, energozatratno. But accented themes and discussion, which cost anything like that much these costs. (Provided, that people in this interested)
"Of everyday" things, too, until the fig. Aside from their there are still and others ’, which, want I moreover or not, I either.
This and not only this prevents me right off the bat lead example.
Need or concrete request or need wait until something the very podvernetsya.

And warranted engender reaction interested rights.


Радуга wrote:

By the way, Long have him, too, in the coalmine. And in 1997-as have Vasilisa.

From 14 January, 21 :30: 20 in neighboring section.

And under than here extreme situation?



Vasilisa wrote:

and under than here extreme situation?

With, that Long replies for habitual behavior. Here is and was would interestingly to consider this with perspective moon in the coalmine. However, you rights. Can be indeed podvernetsya the situation, which will for you is clear and you you can / you want Ideology to share.



Радуга wrote:

Long points to your emotions, feelings, needs, habits and instincts.

This for benchmark, to was that watch. And if to talk about exemplified provisioning, then can be start with unpretentious. Your preferences in nutrition? Here something we and will direct where Long in 12 st, where in Skorpe, and where in the coalmine. Eat love in alone or this no matter?



category: Extreme behavior for me not routinely, 's reabsorption (in love, and case whether at all the extreme behavior habitual?)

Eat love
Or in alone before TV, when there something very interesting,
Or the two of (or very small group, but better the two of)

And especially comfortable experience me - when me fed, in the sense that man preparing for me. (Then not quite it is important even THAT prepared))
Still me pleased be preparing TO HUMAN specifically.
In short, the two of in seaside resort of Beidaihe accusations - in the most times.

Still option - the official lunch, with switch dishes) BUT it is important, to the atmosphere was comfortable (to surrounding not yet concern nor me, nor each other)

Suspicious am to products (on subject nesvezhesti). If looks strange - necessarily I snort when I'm))
On in an odor define: There is or not is worth. (Was case: Was preparing on New A year milk pork. All present ate and very this, and I so and not was able his there is - sheets smells "pair milk." Except me no one this smell not felt. Seemed so the little pig - very appetizing)
Love casualty it usually.
New I'm just trying a or on recommendations "tested" people, or in befitting for this mood (this not often, only when'M READY try)
When restricting, usually just I put it right on eye (mainly pro spices)
Likes invent the new it (in befitting mood)
But here is love be preparing precisely on they kitchen and in well old hat posude.

Such a form of answer goes?



Lena, what products prefer? That love, in short? :)



When! Comfortably, when the good music there is)
With it at all well. In including there is and be preparing))

What products love?

Tomatoes, black bread (today, a table), white eastern lepyoshka (a bit differ from shrest), it from bean, syrokopchenoe meat, good lard, almost raw meat and fish (type carpaccio or sushi), slabosolenye they same. If grilled meat or per cage, then desirable with crispy grilled.
Buzhenina, a ham.
Fish with normal the scent of, and to pits of not out of our way
Macaroni products, pasta, spaghetti
Respectively sauces (and to makaronikam and to meat seems to have, to the fungus. And camping on D. Although aspirations try all sauces on light of I have no)
Cardiac (especially almonds),. In these
Up,, to eat dates, tangerines, lemon, grapes without Machine, Volzhskiy (forest, at all forest berries), MALINA ('m officially a fan))
Mangoes, that cabin. That is taste of pears I like, but is, by not always, because as not likes, if juice it's dripping past)
Mushrooms (type noble. Ah and 768, too,. Until oyster mushrooms raze not I get there)
Color cabbage, salad (sheet and Rocket), dill
PB & Js & sandwiches love (but not prevents), empanados
Choked (more often'm using under zapekanii or posypke food. And if simply so there is, then Bree; anything with large separation; rarely with mold; Camembert with / main rail station.Hotel)
Olives, green olives
Rice, is puree
Porridge (but be preparing their lazy at all)
Farshirovanyy the pepper
Pickles and Deluxe marinated vegetables
Pastries)) (perhaps, more love snack cakes, than cakes. Love nuclear weapon flat snack cakes with stuffing all from cottage cheese with salt and pepper)
Soups different (to example, rassolnik, hydrotherapy center cutting off military assistance, hodgepodge very love)
Curd affairs (but not all)
Soki,: Tomato, 'm quite enjoying my grapefruit (Red), a guava, lemon.
From freshly pressed my rocks off. Our in huge, too, drink, but they ennui suggest
Tequila, a Campari, will ya, unfiltered beer (some varieties beer, dry guilt, Belize (simply, or 1 :1 with whisky, or with milk), rosemary-plum wine
Cocktails - rarely (only when know, that there, and illustrate as effects)

Love taste of product "in the pure"! But and a combination of different, too, love

(Sign In: My mother usually all in the first now she'd lay her sour cream, except me) because as trained, that I first is, by spoonful of sour cream, then part of dishes hall, to example. And only then leave sour cream in borsht. And sometimes not leave)

Something I here thought. I have there is interest to a national kitchen. Different countries. Regret, that in our edges not usual get products for preparations their zdorovskikh dishes

Still. Once, after 8 th class I drove forward go in culinary College)) counseled the entire big our kin. Massirovanno! Regarded, that need to end 10, to do in institution and be somehow any a lawyer))
Defeated grandmother - she said: Imagine, entire long life have the stove, with morning until night. I attempted to to imagine. Not. And went beyond in school learn.

Dream about Grand, convenient kitchen and dining room with large long one table (however particularly divide their not worth)

Hope, not has left Zimbabweans both weary)
Me was pleased to think about the delicious



So. Ah, this impossible to read on aieiaiue stomach!
All the same adore, except fish and beer)



People! Stybzila with another site!

Izraitel B. Z.

Planet neaspektirovanna, if it there is no Umstanden aspects of with other planets (compounds, opposition, trigona, square, sekstilya, quintile up here with; orbis to 6 for all planets). Revoke aspects of to 3016m homes, hosts, Arab parts and camping on D. Into account not are taken.

Most astrologers converge in next.
1. The absence of aspects of not an affront to manifestations of planet, but makes these manifestations of poorly marshal captive. Planet it is difficult interpret in a common work maps. In other words she acts itself. This not always weakness. Sometimes such position conceals in itself additional opportunities.

2. Action neaspektirovannoy planet in time oscillates from full otklyuchennosti until maximum possible activity, without mid-term by stages. Often slogan neaspektirovannoy planet - “increasingly or nothing. ”
3. Predict in advance force actions neaspektirovannoy planet very difficult. To forecast that any, based on neaspektirovannoy planet, - ungrateful attractive opportunity.

M. Hawn believes, that often precisely the absence of aspects of gives the key to character.
Dora Moor observed, that neaspektirovannaya planet in a certain least it acquires uranicheskie quality. She becomes several bizarre. Acting often crazy way.
Morinus and Guton adopt the term isolation for the planet without aspects of, if she is one in signs and House. In their view, action “insulated ” planet imperceptibly.

H. Veyngarten believes, that than less aspects of have planet, the less its significance for individual’s genome.

Study, conducted on 50 maps great people (orbis 6) showed, that have them neaspektirovannye planet meet with the same frequency, that and have people ordinary.

Curiously, however, that neaspektirovannyy Mercury reveals a in maps people, known out of the box merkurianskimi abilities: K. Marx, B. Russell, M. ..., M. Gandhi, K. Porter. 7 from 11 increasingly pervades chess champions world had neaspektirovannyy or sloboaspektirovannyy Saturn. Have Mozart and Haydn neaspektirovannaya Venus.

If the Sunnot aspektirovano, this attests to weakness will. About absence of external ambitions, a sense of abandonment, feeling party own “I ”, sometimes - about independence from of views other people. It is difficult earn respect surrounding.

Neaspektirovannaya Longvery often leads to foreign distance,, which replacing periods of sverkhemotsionalnosti, not quantitative control. Subconscious drive to freedom, unstable feelings, alienated from mothers.

Mercury without aspects of- your ordinary out of control his conversation. Began to speak, man not can stop. Or sverkhintellektualen, or not about have feelings, is full seminal ideas.

Neaspektirovannaya Venus- weird amorous relations, thought and actions raze not are linked with romantic experiences. Ability to express feelings is limited, especially in men.

Neaspektirovannyy Mars- trend constantly start new, not swoon old, but if in map very a strong FC Saturn the emerges drive increasingly extending to complete. Sverkhdelovitost, sporadicheskaya gender life, go unchecked consumption energy, have women - difficulties in rubbing shoulders with a balancing reproductive.

Jupiter without aspects of- unmanageable pursuit glory and pochyotu, vseproschenchestvo, unusual existential political philosophy.

Saturn- lack of deal of self-discipline, weird methods self-monitoring. Sverkhostorozhnost replacing full yesterday.
Reliable data on neaspektirovannym tertiary planets there is no.

With R.1-3 fully would argue, although-theoretically. There is no experience residence) A need whether he?!

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Klass! Thank you, Il-, for the text))



'm gonna join you! The text cool, thank you.

Of what wrote Vasilisa about its preferences in nutrition, I until has allocated "watery" and 12-tidomnuyu component its moon "Well, the two of in seaside resort of Beidaihe accusations - in the most times." The, that likes casualty it - this fixed Sunik. I have Long in Vodolee,, too, already established circle preferences.



I have Mars not aspektirovannyy in the Virgin in 5 House. With those, that writes Izraitel pro Mars not agree. Although I not know that such "sporadicheskaya gender life" - can I have THAT there is. :rofl:
As he manifests itself, this Mars - figs his knows! I his poorly feel. All describe pro Mars in 5 House me not suited. No activity, sportivnosti, joy riding and highway motor vehicles to at risk I have no. Have and heightened business capabilities, too, not there is on the Virgin. Such impression, that Mars sleeping.
Sometimes he is waking up, but always this action external circumstances on me. In map Mars manages 12 home and has aspect of quadrature (mathematics) with of the Dark the moon. And here is on this organizing he and reacts best. Two times I have were miscarriages with of hospitalization and cleaning when organizing was squared to only for concrete. Mars. Moreover giving birth by costs, too, passed under involvement Mars and organizing.
Couple of times he to wake up and "on good." I became preoccupied with its figure, went on spin class. And me this even relished. Prozanimalas somewhere year. But then Mars apparently again – to and I all has challenged the.



Радуга wrote:

Of moreover, that wrote Vasilisa about its preferences in nutrition, I until has allocated "watery" and 12-tidomnuyu component its moon "Well, the two of in seaside resort of Beidaihe accusations - in the most times." The, that likes casualty it - this fixed Sunik. I have Long in Vodolee,, too, already established circle preferences.

Len, we OK pro my moon are talking? So?
She I have in traditional transportation)



aluska wrote:

"sporadicheskaya gender life"

Aluska, this time from time. Given the availability of three figures children. Hardly :) Alla, Mars in map women this still and men. Can have you there is any especially in development with them relations?

Vasilisa wrote:

Len, we OK pro my moon are talking? So?
She I have in traditional transportation)

I again mixed up the? Ah then these the above I characteristics - net 12th house.



I not know that such "sporadicheskaya gender life"

The densely, then empty) premier, insurance is -vyklyuchaetsya.
All, me, too, this collided, but not has become the second time edit teskt)
Thank you for example!
Neaspektirovannaya planet particularly sensitive to sinastricheskim aspects.



Iriani wrote:

Neaspektirovannaya planet particularly sensitive to sinastricheskim aspects.

How? With this seats can be in more details?


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