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News astrology

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All are a good day! On main page Astrodoma in section "Astrology" emerged very a small my stateechka (rather, posting) "Oh some aspects modern astrology." If have that something will emerge desire to Synergia SE participated / discuss / or criticize something, request open for this a new subject.



All Hi! Still one news. VShKA published provides about now, speech writer - O. Solovieva
http://www.astrolog.ru/ spent enshrined my article on this topic.



All are a good day! As feel a lunar the eclipse? :) trying so hard to we're going to appease this peremenchivuyu in mood perception as, I put in the partition "Astrology" a remarkable, the Lunar calendar with site http://astromobile.ru/. Now can be without problems and not won choose time for haircut-haircut, track small tranzity and other never AGAIN girls moon are gadgets. :kiss:



On main page site appeared cute calendar with computer clock. Truth, page over more slowly.



In section "Astrology" emerged article "Styles in of advisers." Administration thanks Iryna Ii?ic on accommodating mandate given to material.

Afternoon calendar brought forward from partition of "Astrology" on major page site.



And tomorrow, it turns out, the World day Astrology! :dance: bvh
On Astroledi've given
http://www.astrolady.ru/frm/index.php?s … 36&hl=



Strolls?! xcvcbv



"Saw night, have walked entire night until utraaaa. Aah xcvcbv



Recently learned of existence of astrologicheskogo site in Krasnoyarsk.
Can and not news already.




Recently, learned of existence of astrologicheskogo site in Krasnoyarsk.
Can and not news already.

Yuri, thank you for exile (you something themselves where, but for astrological of references we have ad hoc theme: astrological exile



All Morning Glory (movie)! Congratulations to Ukrainian colleagues!




Rainbow wrote:
Congratulations to Ukrainian colleagues!

Ah thank God, we again ahead planet the entire! vxcgfdtr

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Frankly, and can on this is worth until and pause? Even in technical training colleges with 18 years not everyone it is time learn astrology.




put it bluntly, and can on this is worth until and pause?

But as determine it is time or not? At all theme something multilayer! :) Well, that slightly whether not first time astrology from of esoteric, closed knowledge, lasting was for many centuries, officially, so say, withdrew in society. And, in my opinion, this for astrology bears some change.



To not to carry posts with Forum and on forum and not be much more widespread, I allow exileon discussion themes. Can someone it will be interesting :)



Competition on experimental astrology

The editorial newspapers "Astrolog" and magazine "Astrology",s
An astrological the Society (RAO) and an architect astrological programs
"And face", Dr. astrology and the founder of experimental
Astrology Karev Paul Viktorovich spend Competition "an astrological
Study daily events. "

In work can be presented a simple correlation astrological
Events (for example, planet-aspect of-planet) with real current frantic
Events life - everything, your customers, some firms or whole
State. In study can be held analysis concrete
Events life, appropriate somehow certain planets and / or
Aspects, with idiosyncratic regularities. Can be been described interesting
Ways residence short-term astrological events (for example,
Planet-aspect of-planet) and governance real events in life on
Basis of the revealed by experimentation astrological regularities.

Examples such research and experimentation been described in book
P. W. Karev's "meet attention! (Astrological diaries a hunter
For clear conscience). "

Daily events with precision until minutes hopes astrology
Program "win * Star 2.0 Plus" in special blocs, - "Map events" and "Aspektry."
For this, in particular, are used methods transit background and
Tranzitov planets on imagined herself as. The availability of embedded access your contacts notebook
Statistics events allows to wage some events and analyze
Influence various planets and aspects of and their expression of in real events

In aid researchers-applicants will is open giving On-line
Has license for "Stalker" version of 6, the real until 30 September 2008
Year. "And face" version of 6 can be establish with site programs
http://stalker.astrologer.ru/RUS/v6.html. Environment Program will will work
In full, if you have attached the Internet.

With minutiae use of "Stalker" for forecasting,
Research and experimentation with daily events can be
To familiarize themselves in "lessons" to program "win * Star 2.0 Plus" (Lesson 7, 10) or on
Site programs:

Best research will landed only on the basis of with largely in
Work material.

So research, incoming mails in worded drafts newspapers "Astrolog"
And magazine "Astrology" (119048, Propulsion Moscow, and / I 151 Kopylovu W. Flushed,
Should to accompany poyasnitelnymi text (description of research
And experimentation, the revealed regularities and camping on P., conclusions) and
Graphic materials (horoscopes, maps events, Aspektry),
Proyasnyayuschimi the crux of the conducted experimentation and research.

Volume of work not limited, but, desirable, should not be less 5 and
Not more 50 pages size A4.

Bake is conducted with 1 July on 30 November 2008. Limits works
Ands Konkursu will mark 22 December 2008, when and
Will happen awarding winners.

Prizes victors the GNP:

Winner automatically gets Diploma bachelor astrology, and also
Pocket personal computer (CCP) with established on it
Program "win * Star 2.0 Plus" of last version of and book P. W. Karev's "meet
Attention! (Astrological diaries a hunter for clear conscience) "with
Always author.

Separate local duke occupying the second place on Konkurs gets last version of "Stalker"
For desktop computer and book P. W. Karev's "meet attention!
(Astrological diaries a hunter for clear conscience) "with always author.

Separate local duke occupying third place on a poetry gets free fully on
A newspaper "Astrolog" and journal "Astrology" on the next year.

Moreover, best research will published in newspaper "Astrolog"
And magazine "Astrology."

With respect,
Paul Karev ps organs is karev @ mail.ru



guerillas Mercury craps Medvedev

21 stay, 18 :1 1 / / Dmitri Karelin / / illustration: Www.gazeta.ru

Russian Astrologers raised today the table and do, that awaits the world this summer. So, diarchy in country will end, in August will declared national mourning, Russia with Iran awaits global dominance, if, of course, them will remain, than to rule. But on match, the Manchester Chelsea wins. However, about everything on order.
In environment Russian diviners future on rising stars gathered on today the table What preparing summer of 2008?. On venue came representatives of organizing committee Planetarnoy programs Living land and other representatives already partner in Russian Register of professions, but not a registered in as a science astrology.

Astrologers discussed meteousloviya on the coming three months, problems ecology, and also domestic and international policies Russia.
Forecasts have all were different.

So, according to according writer and astrologer Elena Suschinskoy, embark on for serious projects in late on May not worth, and better to complete affairs already initiated, desirable not hurrying. Since 26 on May on most 20 June we will lie in period popyatnogo Mercury, which will only seem favorable for activity and only create its kind of, but not yield no fruits , declared Suschevskaya. Likely, in ties with this to Dmitrii Medvedev, razvernuvshemu anti-corruption campaign in end of this month, not cost this to do his attempts fight with impure, lady on hand officials hardly will succeed. After this control of situation accorded Mars, demands from us active action and radical decisions, but not worth go on provocations, and better rein in their emotions and not to accept impressive decisions , has warned Suschevskaya. In August in ties with two sunny blackouts under control expands risk sneaking suspicion and catastrophes, from which humanity can flee only boosting level of his identity and beginning to realize its role on this planet. Ending its sensationally, Suschevskaya asked have assembled journalists, which has targeted for annihilation quite many, report problems, facing the humanity in his spiritual sphere, as can be carefully.

After burning spoken director of Scientific schools astrology Sergei Bezborodnyy, the first affair noting increased interest to astrology. Whilst until all your astrology not hence as educational science, I glad, that to it display all more attention, so as this means spiritual revival Russia, after all neural message space is one of indigenous needs Russian human , declared Bezborodnyy.

From narratives about archetypal Russian needs communicate with the space astrologer decided to to move to projections political character.

Now in Russia in sector power there is some pristine ambivalence, so as with perspective astrological maps our country is under sign Aquarii , explained Bezborodnyy situation, ???? around new Prime Minister and President.
But diarchy in country, being under sign have, not will settle in and soon all will face on their seats , told astrologer out of all political scientists ,-long analytical articles about khitroumnom redistribution power in the Kremlin.

Speaking about successes Vladimir Putins still in as a incumbent President, Bezborodnyy noted his decision about introducing in Russia seven federal districts. This is was staunch move, after all our country has threatened breakup, and the number of 7 always brings fortune, so that here Vladimir Vladimirovich was sent very wisely , complimented astrologer a new Prime Minister for his deep of knowledge in numerology. Truth, according to director scientific schools astrology, 85 actors federation all same total. The number of, in his view, gives instability, so that better reduce the number of autonomous districts or areas although would until 84 the so reassuringly certain.

Rest optimism Bezborodnogo President Avestan schools astrology, whose projections on they discuss it TNT every morning heeding especially interested in Council affairs part of population Russia, the great and dire Paul Globa.

Under 18th century Persian Julian calendar), now year he, and in August this year this fraught with slightly whether not national time of mourning anymore , decides with no possible appeal declared teleastrolog.
Also, as noted Globa, this summer envisioned many govorilni in politics, but on dollar at all can be soon will put used. Pod blow can prove many prominent political figures, but under this I foresee, that couple adventurers with flexible clear conscience in soon will make itself greater career in politics , noted Globa, and his colleagues have become nedoumenno talking in your heads, trying to understand about any precisely avantyuristakh goes speech.

Disjointed discussion alleged adventurers with flexible clear conscience interrupted writer and the author theory historical rhythms development civilization Grigory Kvasha. I at all not agree with pitted, which consider, that we dependent on planets, I believe, that we dependent on so-called imperial rhythm and depend can only from sun , declared Kvasha.

Until his colleagues freeze, freeze, trying to determine, from what depend more from sun or rhythm, Kvasha decided not to lend them stem, forecasting the soon and global leadership Russia and Iran.
This you all laughed at me, nourished German, the country deaf and am an unlearned, and I rights was, they same soon and why will become leaders, Iranians something , offered Kvasha colleagues for their skepticism. Forth he explained, that the US the crux of the doppelganger Russia, which there is now only for moreover, to show, as not to do nor in area policy, nor in area economy. Also he predicted Russia soon and ideological 12-anniversary, which at all should lead country to global dominance in the best of worlds, where the main its ally will a superpower Iran. In general, Russia all wins , concluded Kvasha.

Truth, here same it turned out: There is risk, that Russia with Iran simply nothing with which will to rule.
According to co-chair of organizing committee Alive Earth Yuri Tsirkova, now planet is worth on the brink of catastrophe. If before, under Soviet power, we could sit in comfortable got, drinking some cognac or coffee and to ruminate, through how many hundred years we all're, then now expense goes on decades , declared Chirkov (Admiral).

And especially damaging meditativnym thinking and at all life all of humanity the Chinese.
There same overpopulation, there unhygienic from-for this, and their tekhnogennoe pressure on skin land at all can lead all us to demise , announced his alarm alledged Alive Earth. China, on his words of, already scooped up the fruit of his ill-behavior earthquake in Sichuan province was a payback for situation around Tibet and Olympics. Dont want to think about bad, but this summer I await the only new catastrophes , concluded Chirkov (Admiral).

Save the planet all same until can love and gardening, believes Vice President International ecological movement Living planet Alexander Tolmachev. When all large cities should plant lot more trees, to purify air, and still us simply need more love, but not porn there or sex, and simply love , explained Rinke plan save zhivoplanetchik. Still, in his view, with pollution environmental can be cope mantrami or prays, say, working my way through their over the reservoirs. Yes you homilies have themselves on dacha over dirty water prayer with a sense of and correctly straightening signs punctuation characters revere, and there themselves make sure , proposed he.

When discussing who wins on the evening in environment on football match in the final Cup champions Chelsea or Manchester United, they almost unanimously concluded: would win money.
This is already not sport, this business, and wins, I believe, Abramovich or who there even more cash will give , declared Globa. Although some voices against all-??? sounded. A here is and there is no, wins cool football, not of money, because in of England football the most the best , complained him Kvasha.




Javadxan,, too, drew attention to the this material. And have themselves ssylochkoy gave.
If honestly, impression, that journalists nadergali the, that like precisely them. Niei?u some kind pugalki (except wasn that opinion S. Bezborodnogo). So and want ask: Ah did so perishing Musikalisch? "Dr., I to live modicum d?"
Have Suschinskoy and surname was misquoted not once.
Not, my opinion: For good reason on such arrangements journalists name is.



Perhaps every popular astrologer should look after as about his image so and substance glee. And might yet be remember, that "there is no the prophet in his both at." With hand increasingly see otherwise, but it seems, have us that neither an astrologer - the nugget. :tomato:



Regyna wrote:

Dont, my opinion: For good reason on such arrangements journalists name is

Agree. Public image astrology now not on perform well, bluntly say. "Today the table" described as concourse of low-I. Q. To the same material clearly while just hand that shit as: Suschinskuyu call burning and camping on D.


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