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Indeed, and its freak-show some have with komichnymi characters, and not today the table.



And was whether "today the table"?
Struck me, that he was only in anybody this zhurnashlyushki.
Smiled and been mulling - "'s what the grasses gives such're pretty powerful glitches"? :confused:



Оля wrote:

A was whether "today the table"?

And, incidentally, yes.



With the outset year have opponents astrology. The details here
Apparently is beginning to manifest itself standoff Uranus and Saturn. Remains hope, that this project so project and will remain and not will have hosted further in the Duma.

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Interestingly that there is in in view under scientific licensing?Generally something theme is rising correctly, in my opinion. And fraud, and morality and camping on D. Only Messrs. MPs reason not there seek. In my opinion still times, but the number of ezoterikov only shows the true demand population on professionalpsychologists have discovered. I emphasize: On professional! And not with diploma, for can be have entrepreneurship, but under this not be psychologist. Psychological education now most nezatratnoe. That for him need? Class yes a female teacher in. All. Preparation no on fact. Not it is important the ring you himself or claim to estimates. I itself has evening separate and can say: Evening form of training - sucks. If experience under this not doing right educate myself, the outcome is approaching zero.
To what I this? In society where collapsed ideology have people there is no moral soil by with their feet. Every its searching for as keeps managing. And Wu who do keeps managing. And this not guilt ezoterikov, and the total the problem. And to decide its need to not scientific licensing. Here is such opinion :)

PySy. And that same will on M. Uranus with Pluto? o.O



In development themes "scientific licensing" astrology:

National Health starry men
Russian Astrologers unhappy that their criminalize anyone who promoted to mages and a fortune teller again. They consider its attractive opportunity useful for human science and even offer introduce appropriate lessons in school. on.

And even interesting about this here

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Zvezdochet, thank you for information :) There are an interesting project "I see their future" (phone astrological consultation), so there, too, in one a series of astrologers, soothsayers and mediums are the ones. On-my this slightly iai?yaaao :mad:



Радуга wrote:

There are an interesting project "I see their future" (phone astrological consultation), so there, too, in one a series of Astrologers, soothsayers and mediums are the ones. On-my this slightly iai?yaaao

Javadxan, iai?yaaao and even already not slightly - prevent all in involution (together-little as and then offer "scientifically license." It seems on Brad, especially from tailored officials. Merchants - the from involution (, leakers such "consultation" discovering even as something can be, for them importantly - her to cut off, not especially struggling deal "in these magakh-charodeyakh", and using all consecutive. Again crops up foam. :angry:



Since, Estonia Astrology all us!



Zvezdochet wrote:

went their crops up foam.

And she’ve been? :( Unfortunately, among astrologers and their customers far not all sane people, for whom astrology tool glee. I here recently thought: What that vtsrechayutsya customers, which not forecast need, and miracle. What with them never previously not was happening. And an astrologer miracle give not can, he can give only forecast. And people then feel insulted strive. :dontknow:

Zvezdochet wrote:

Since, Estonia Astrology all us!

Thank you :) but we already herenapozdravlyalis.



Радуга wrote:

Thanks but we already here napozdravlyalis.

Here is and well - giving pozdravlyalok good and different!



In Ukraine can to ban astrologers, fortune-tellers and other such thing as psychics
14 April 2010 12 :5 0

In the Supreme the Rada 2010 project of law about ban activities such thing as psychics, soothsayers, fortune-tellers, khiromantov and services on forecasting future (fate). About this reports press service parliament.

Remarkably, that list authors document represents all faction parliament – Party regions, A?O, visnovki, EIO, Block has noted Litvin.

MPs offer withdraw from long list State classifier rate occupations Ukraine profession astrologer, a fortune-teller and into palm reading, and advertising their services to ban.

For the spread of information, materials, holding mass ?????? with the participation attempting faces is supposed to cut citations in size from 100 until 150 fifty minimum tax-minimums income citizens.

Bill directed on protection spiritual, mental, moral and physical health population, said in the explanatory memo.

source of



About as. Began, that promised stars in the form of Pluto in an



. With skhodyascheysya kvadraturoy to Uranus.



304 cleanest "Signs zodiac" in Moscow

In Moscow, alongside subway Sviblovo (Moscow Metro), is located a small Square attack, adorned with a sculptures signs zodiac. Not though, that work met predominantly from various automobile parts and details, prototypes these years easily smile.gif Actually tell especially nothing to acquire about this place, simply'll show some characters.


Behind the reinstate are decorated with symbols of signs.


And himself cleanest enough a compact. Hinge garden square, iLand in the form of circle miles of, is my glass cube.


A bit themselves signs. A Sagittarius




Twins do




Actis Systems


More frame a detailed element of statuary. Present art from improvised materials


Overall kind of ????


Road tolls:
M. Sviblovo (Moscow Metro) 1 trolley from center Warcraft street corner - str. Enisseyskaya — Bering road tolls

If look from above, then clearly arrived the division ???? on 12 parts of :)


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Zvezdochet, thank you for information :) Hey, nice cleanest :cool: and financially apparently proved not so costly, camping on K. Partly from's little minion material made :glasses: He apparently recently opened? Architect-engineers-astrologer :question: amusing the combination of :)



Lero4kavery glad, that liked :flag: There-??? and Astrologers as something themselves display creatively! And costs it seems a bit, agree. Himself accidentally stumbled. Can be there telling meeting astrologers under good weather :flirt:



Zvezdochet wrote:

You can there telling meeting astrologers under good weather

:) good piece idea for Muscovites :rolleyes:, and we here is only virtually can "to join." I would gladly now for a stroll for a on such a park.
Here is'm on kind of from above :glasses: interestingly, there couple-Triad sectors enough aligned, virtually without derevtsov, this OK what signs (sector) so habitats shorted :question:


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