A why you this one takes? Ask themselves.
Simply nott hurt the and not offense.

This is the situation from the past?

Specifically this - yes, even before Check-Out

Means what you want in relations with this man me at all silenced?
Silenced not is obtained, he himself requires communication
I, for example, sentiment about their successes in schooling by - he first silently listening anymore, then closes the circuit and in end betrays anything type - flushed st forge the You such a smart, you perhaps with me it is no fun.
And their further behavior simply requires, to I him argued - that all not so, that he is a clever, a good, a handsome and you. Ading
I him has already proposed write me list those, on which me better not to speak - his this, too, offends
Not communicate we tried - both it is difficult

How this aspect of manifests itself with you, where there is you? Not some bleary girls)

Ah I same say, sometimes with him simply and fun, he making a funny, 's having fun, is leading themselves easily and freely
And through a moment, his can perekolbasit, and he becomes I, repetitive and a tacit - can simply stupidly sit and silenced, not responding nor on one question - is leading themselves, as a cranky child, which than something not unearned luck now to, and than - be guessing where need to the most
I was in elementary want to know - than I his she, to this not to do :)

Wu men importantly not beauty in relations (Venus-female sexuality), and conquest, sexuality conjures type, that whether (Mars) and the Sun -samorealizatsiya.

I know, but this not for all men)
Trust me, there are those (and their very many) for whom very painfully to hear any the negative reviews about their looks
For him, too, it is important
And what he the most a steep, the most a strong and "created the most-the most" - this my admiration them goes permanent foil

This is words.
Which he telling you)

This truth, world))
My husband his knows already many years
And all time he had with girls so - meets with someone (very rarely, because superficially he likes little who), meets times (usually 80% otseivalis on this stage), meets two-three (after this otseivalis all the rest)
He picky even in minutia to girls, some gesture or the manner to speak, which nesoglasuyutsya with his some domestic is an - immediately his's turned away from girls
Simply he never apparently before not been in love)