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All about now (theory)

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Am asking all folded here materials on zatmeniyam, good their in 120 full-full of the. Do this not cater, good until March time there is :) A then let us their maps analyze adjusted for solar and other forecasts. 'oc? ;)



Greetings all!
Theme very interesting :)
Here is site an interesting pro eclipse http://www.astrogalaxy.ru/443.html

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I have in the past year solyar something there alongside the blackout, the occurred
In this year again that whether?
When eclipse will?



On Zatmeniyam book Dieterich Pessin (not only about them, about of the lunar semeystvakh, too,).
http://natahaus.ifolder.ru/589174 (format djvu).

Юля wrote:

when eclipse will?

Anna Feodorovna Vladimirovna, ah you same already virtually ready astrologer and such questions? :rolleyes:
Reef, relax. 4 March Lunnoe, 19 solar. Your solyarchik between them this time cornholing your way.



Anna Feodorovna Vladimirovna, ah you same already virtually ready astrologer and such questions?

Javadxan, session I have still not ended - I soon, as me name is I shall forget)
And solyarchik if between blackouts under control - the nothing, and? Bit out of the way • asks with hope •?



Yulia, yes not think, that something straaashshshshnoe! :) Living accurately regulation. :) ))
If seriously, solyar your not watch that the looming (though seen, that here you his rush, seem).



Can say, that past solyar although and was in zatemnie
But nothing terrible and terrible not has brought :)
Was onwww.benaughty.com dull, tiresome year, an, without special of sharp. Such some 6-domnyy
Plough need to was many tedious, day for day. Boredom.



And there have you, like, 6 th and long-- losing. After all?
I not remember, and Igor themes over the last year, it seems, not retained (archives November 2005 have him end)



good their in 120 full-full of the

Not can find) In astrologically the old.



Yes heap material and on Aledi, and on Alayfe! :)



Aym drag :rolleyes:

Diane office-pro eclipse.

If eclipse "affects" on you personally, then events are beginning manifest itself for three months before.

lavnoe- house where zatmenie- this sphere issues. Planet, if they would forswear using - ways and methods reaction or decisions, (your possible behavior).

SADC Principles interpretations kogda

1. Give an can do eclipse. (Recall events 18.5 year-old danovsti, was that the important or not).

2Smotrim in what homes maps popadaet- this the kind theme which will the jukebox in your personal life.

3. Give an there is whether planet or corners maps with the Orb 1gr.- camping on’s if not, the maybe even you have not proves sufficient incentives for initiating project events precisely in this period.

4. Look there is whether planet in the Orb 4 degrees. If there is compile a planetary picture. But this in is case if you felt a strong anxiety in matters homes far is mired eclipse or occurred events akess sense this homes.



Iriani wrote:

If eclipse "affects" on you personally, then events are beginning manifest itself for three months before.

T. E. In principle can already be study? :) At’s autumn eclipse I have interestingly proigralos, jump-site made.



T. E. In principle can already be study?

Ah, yes)

At’s autumn eclipse I have interestingly proigralos, jump-site made.

And that grazed?

Be can, slightly closing. (material, concerned marstovskikh)

Aspekty heat eclipse to natalnym planets

Aspects of eclipse will involve and xenophobic themes, associated with these planets, and so same activate questions moreover homes, which manages planet.

Define homes, governs planet, aspektiruemaya the blackout, the. Consider a badge of, in which happened eclipse, in attitude species activity, that characterize this mark

the Sun
The sun represents active and a Valiant nature of your individuality. It manages the your zhiznennostyu, “entertainments ” views on zhmizn, creative essence of and self expressiveness.

In your life can happen significant changes. This may be important decisive turning point in life. Need focus attention on your its true "I", vitalnosti and physical the body. Important changes can concern careers or your did.

Have women this could mean's accession in marriage or change seats of residence, and climate careers.

Moon replies for your emotions, what you need, to feel confidently and reliably, for your soft and vospriimchivuyu nature. Change in domestic and family life.

Can activated questions, concerning children, care about their nurturing, behavior and habits. Aspects of can bring climate seats of residence and house preferences. Moon points to important women in your life. Aspects eclipse to those respects can change questions reliability and security. Maternal Treat may be one those, under these aspects.

In maps men Long represents questions partner on her marriage, and so same mothers and sister. Have women is sister is, mother, most immediate girlfriend. Moon replies for relationship one on one.

These aspects of can bring many unrest and big changes in your life. Murkuriy manages neighborhood, so that these aspects of can bring climate seats of residence, when you first time are leaving house.

Important theme can be animals. Mercury manages uncles and every aunt, and so same writing activities. Can be strengthening activity in this the form of activities. Obychnim affair is vanity, anxiety about important decisions, and so same hard schedule with multiple meetings and large number of paper work.

Aspects of can stimulate your the name center, close personal relations, system values, the passionate desires, susceptibility, questions aesthetic tastes and jewellery.

In waging Venus is pursuit harmony and beauty. Possible theme cooperation. Art, money, important purchases for homes, yep some of spheres of that can change in a result aspects of eclipse to the produce markets.

Young women and sisters -- Therefore this, too, Venus. This is so same figure and marriages. Deceased relationship will come to the end of, or you can change way to your vzaimotnosheniy.

Aspects of eclipse to Mars can be a real a mixture of events. You can do notable successes in decreed purposes and career. These aspects of can so same bring a new work.

Mars manages your courage, feistiness, fit the resistant population, and so same those, as you casting an their energies. You well you can pass through aspects of Mars, as dramatic events. You can constantly face cold and had influenza, and so same mountains energy will give susceptibility to caused. Aspects of Mars can yield violence, if map gives on this other instructions.

These aspects of bring sense of freedom and enlargement public environment. Puteshestviya- one of goods this eclipse. Credible educational activity large or small scale.

Can come religious experience or change religion. This strident emotional ups and downs. Can arise legal problems. Advertisements your talents or biznema, so same characterized for action these aspects of.

Infer this eclipse as tested your work. If work that you well, you its will pass a and perhaps even arrive at an increase to wage.

Aspects of can resemble you about your indebted. Very often people are beginning cope with moneyed problems, when the eclipse affects your Saturn. So same are typified by difficult decisions, concerning senior member family. Can be expect decision-more serious responsibility at work. You can ask to share its experience and knowledge with other people, but so same put forward on Huroson office.

This may be time concern and an accelerated expectations. Aspects of give sensations of great change, although and without external outpouring. Uranium manages astrologers and studying the astrology.

Aspects of eclipse to Uranus often bring changes in looks rights. Alone resort to cosmetic surgery, have other significantly changing weight. Often drive achieve reliability is fracturing constant a change in events. The impression, that all spheres life unpredictable.

This temporary period unstable, to try to on than something Take Hold. More just would forswear using relationship with other people. In you can detect, that not capable to accept on themselves obligations in this time. If you already are embroiled in these relations, then you can ispytyvatrazdrazhayuschie violations and climate feelings. Expect unique opportunities during this eclipse.

Period fantasies and romanticism, state of eyforii- usual state of this aspects. Is possible marriage, motivated romantic feelings.

This may be time disarray or spiritual awareness of. If will encounter health problems, they will trudnodiagnostiruemye or chronic. Recovery lingers under such aspects. Possible forgetfulness or a temporary loss of memory. Good time, to test vision check. For those who stems with art, this time creative growth. Music and art can to cure your fluctuations and help change your stance.

Time liberation and revelations those affairs, which were deeply kept hidden. Can be April struggle, which connected with A Clash with own internal demons.

Powerful drama, inclusive other people. You can surrounded by people, with whom you have will difficult relationship, are possible gaps relations. Old deep emotional trauma can be uncovered and transformirovany. This not time for not serious and offering facile people. Types manages death, sex and taxes, and so same insurance, possessions and lineages. Your financial status can significantly change in better or worst side in dependence from just horoscope. These changes not occur suddenly, and slowly mount.



Iriani wrote:

and that grazed?

Oops, there 5 th as something grazed, need to raise material, I merely. But this tomorrow, and now sleep already want. :)



To not be confused theory with practice, I open a new subject and here are there analysis debriefing his cropped eclipse past year.



Iriani, know I in than'm confused? A lunar eclipse - this ending the any cycle or the beginning of? If ending the / proyavlennost, then where seek "the beginning of tail"? In past many fundamental eclipse? Or where? Something I not get moved in in correlation this just. Pomogi, pliz.



Javadxan, has found. In the handbook "Tranzity. Ch.1 ":" The beginning of the cycle can be called solar the eclipse. His expression of more often is perceived than something vnenim relative to man (goes setting important question, tasks). Maximum expression of trends, their on solechnom eclipse, can be watch on by the moonlight eclipse. Here we can to know (or feel) the, that was hidden on many fundamental eclipse. A lunar eclipse wears more domestic, emotional connotation. Exactly, this phase full moon, when energy beats through the brink (means, are possible problems. This I from themselves) and it is important to channel its in right track. This time, when can occur decision long kopivshikhsya problems solechno-lunar cycle ????? particular human. " Further is offered plan analysis eclipse:
1. Analysis themes homes / axis homes, where included the eclipse
2. Analysis aspektiruemykh the blackout, the radiksnykh points (orbis being 5 for Umstanden, 1 for minor aspects of)
3. "Touch" subject series of Sarosa, can something "advertisements they might respond"
4. Build map eclipse and analyze its with perspective correlations are with natalom (regard map eclipse as tranzitnuyu map): Look meaningful aspects of and the availability of a similar aspects in Natale; if correlation there is, means, internets radiksnyy aspect of. Further look the availability of aspects of from planets maps eclipse to natalnym points and quick! To what precisely aspects of more (to Lune- house, to the produce markets - love and camping on D. Further tweak that denials homes and on "set" homes do conclusion about exemplified crucial through which materializes the eclipse.

Just something and big deal. pok



Write, as I understand eclipse. I’d say honestly, I not lezu and not'm, to what series of it applies and that this means.

What point in Natale a fact.

Solar -zakladyvaetsya cycle. The beginning. Ah. I not say on 18 years, and vitally-an important, so say. Samoproyavlenie, active action (sphere of look on points Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Natal and aspects eclipse).

A lunar - this, of course, not the beginning. Middle of the (logically fdgf). In period LZ dies many people, especially hard sick. In oncological clinics, for example, in period LZ number of deceased exceeds all norms (relatively speaking).

In past many fundamental eclipse?

Not think.
LZ change roils those point (themes, problems), a. Are continuation of. And often stems with health (moon), women (in male map).

Still can be watch degree Lzatmeniya. Performed - find this same degree, in which was Sunny. Do some conclusion. I’d say immediately is theory. Not enjoyed.

Here is.



Practised boom? ;) Honestly I’d say, I until in disarray. From-for deep personal painting the limelight and associated with them kogda as cropped heat, so and coming, not am sure, that d secretary its alignment on forum.

Iriani wrote:

A can be watch degree Lzatmeniya. Performed - find this same degree, in which was Sunny. Do some conclusion. I’d say immediately is theory. Not enjoyed.

Here is this interestingly. Ah found, suppose. And that? Look in what house maps eclipse --something? Solar in afternoon and contrary?

Iriani, and still a question real quick, if can be. You speak, that a lunar - this type middle of. And the end of the where? :)



Practice boom?

Boom, the more, that the eclipse don important point in my particular) And already gave about itself know (am in the process surveillance.

And that?

Yes, generally something, nothing. bvh

You speak, that a lunar - this type middle of. And the end of the where?

Has carried analogy with, clarity cycle (the first quarter--zakladka, the second - prestupanie to action and action, the third - act and receives the, that laid the, the fourth - outcome, preparation for next phase).
In LZ is strong moon - show all, that hidden! (Program "undertook" fdgf)


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