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All about now (theory)

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Iriani wrote:

the eclipse don important point in my particular) And already gave about itself know (am in the process surveillance.

I have, too,. But I have autumn was on Uranus, this, means, faster lagging.

Iriani wrote:

In LZ is strong moon - show all, that hidden! (Program "undertook")

So you one is, that LZ likewise full moon? And completing this cycle in than prichine? After all 19 th March will already the next solar eclipse. This after all will the beginning of next cycle, I so understand.



The eclipse - moon ganglia. Have them turnover 18 with plus years. Here is and look their cycle.
Have Moon Illusion words'oc 28dn. - track easier)



Iriani wrote:

the Eclipse - moon ganglia. Have them turnover 18 with plus years. Here is and look their cycle.

Bonbon Christmas tree-stick! Ah-pay try recollect, that was 18 years ago! :) No perishing, better from eclipse until eclipse.



maximum expression of trends, their on solechnom eclipse, can be watch on the lunar eclipse.

On what solnechnom- on pasts autumn? After all Lunnoe something is obtained forward 60.35 goes in one season. If so, is obtained, that following the maximum manifestation of past trends immediately new have (new solar the eclipse)? I.e. cycle from two phases consists only?



Ah here is I on this, too, stopornulas. But as explained Iriani, this stems with cycles of the lunar knots, and this very difficult all recall and hang. I for themselves decided these not do come, and perceive all of this "from eclipse until eclipse" :)



Rainbow, not will whether impertinences of with my hand, offer its article about now: "Eclipse under the banner of a tall ships golden years 1775 revolution" Alla Bobrova
My page

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Ugh. You.
Page not my :), only article my



aluska wrote:

Rainbow, not will whether impertinences of with my hand, offer its article about now: "Eclipse under the banner of a tall ships golden years 1775 revolution" Alla Bobrova

Not will, of course, Aluska! :thank_you: Thanks. Article interesting, I its smiled.



Exploiting kogda in astrological alchemy
For 3 days before eclipse is conducted post - restrictions concern brute of AIC food, diverting energy in an empty rubbing shoulders. Goal. To accumulate energy, to accumulate domestic motivation. In ensured day, closer to point eclipse, for hour before him accept kontrasnyy souls from hot and Cold water and reserve silence. Start and Miners need hot water for heat eclipse, and Cold - for lunar. But change water should be not less 3-'s, traditionally - 5, and cycles must be "open", camping on E., are starting and brand new water one and the same temperature. Water better fully not to scrub, it must dry off on the body. Clothing must be free, fresh after washing, either same okurennoy smoke. Accept a relaxed position bodies, better lying down, and better head on East. We are stopping any thought, except one - the, sake of which all and recorded with E. Voronovski. Its needs "keep" with maximum intensity attention and the maximum relaxation during techniques performance bodies in for roughly hours around precise moment eclipse. Close not that Spain, although state of can be very similar on thalamus dream state.
. First, approved us desire to should not treated directly to another man, better directly articulate intention from its behalf of, although and not necessarily this to do in verbal form. Second, needs focus on a result, not the process achievements goal. If include process, camping on E. To assume - when, where and as our desire to can achieved, then the price such implementation can be very high. Third, goal needs formulirvoat and visualize maximally specifically and realistically. Common life assertions classical type, as, for example, "with every day my life becomes all better and better in all relations", are good for ezhedenvnogo use in as a affirmations, but utterly not suited to magic threshold procedures the blackout, that. Needs seriously to wasted the very seezno - we develop intention, which will endeavor strongest terms or bounds (factors. Exit from procedures produced roughly through hour after eclipse, also through contrast souls. With this moment can be to speak, however after complete the needs even a few hours preserve state of silence and contemplated within, to a new time program could "entrench themselves." To discuss what we only that have done, extremely not that Spain.
There is a difference in using Lunar and 60.35 kogda. Moon eclipse recommended for attract in his life ???? and improved health. Solar eclipse are used for correction qualities character, for change in behavior, in habits and grievances about, and also for correction relationships.
. Is worth have in mind, in any transit homes is happening the eclipse. So, if the eclipse the seeming, then his action more account for on upper size homes, constraints with society and social fulfillment. If the eclipse is happening "underground", then his action will wear less telltale and will spring with other themes homes.
. The eclipse - this moment, when our will and our feelings can create virtually irreversible changes.

K. Daragan "Astrology both"



astrology Alchemy (work with blackouts under control)

Astrology always had attached special significance such a nature phenomenon as eclipse. In absent they were deemed harbinger misfortunes and catastrophes, people feared kogda, because not understood their the true of nature. Modern astrology not exaggerates significance kogda, although and is committing their in a range of other astronomical and astrological factors.
Eclipse are an integral part of sunny-lunar cycle. Under determining kogda consideration position Earth, sun and moon. Solar the eclipse with perspective the profane observer Long overshadow the Sun (watch the Sun in some box of the globe impossible). A lunar the eclipse Long is in the shadows Earth (and so watch its in some box Earth, too, cannot be). The eclipse is happening near onto knots. Moon ganglia point the crossing numbers and s orbits. Thus, we have in our arsenal 3 elements: The sun, moon and Lunar ganglia.
Now turn to interpretations and use of kogda in correction character, intentions and all life in a whole. Because sunny-afternoon cycle stems with our life support, and Lunar ganglia symbolize direction development human (South knot past, the Northern knot - the future), then eclipse reflect changes direction development our life. In other words, this events, leading to climate way of life, Climate way conducting their in broadly this words creative impulses. Start cycle can be considered solar the eclipse. His action continues until the next heat eclipse. Just in year is happening 2 solar and so much same of the lunar kogda, sometimes the number of kogda expands until 3-'s.
In matter, what knot included in the eclipse, we have opportunity turn more close attention on different aspects of his breathing experience. If the eclipse happening on South node, then events our life make us to the past experience. This good time for rethinking the narabotannogo and rid of Stamps and stereotypes, in general, from just of an unnecessary and outdated. The Northern knot, contrary, promises obtaining a new experience in any sphere. This good time for changes, expertize new ways to of interacting with the world, new contacts, new ideas. Because the eclipse, which will mark 19-March, near Northern knot, then it is reasonable pursue meditation adjusted for his specificity of. About dates and time all subsequent kogda you can to know from astrological spreadsheets ephemerides. Should turn special attention, that for more full analysis and use of eclipse, needs identify his characteristics with spots his horoscope. Say, if the eclipse affects point your horoscope, countries for love, then meditation in the eclipse on this subject, would ratchet and speed up implementation of dreams, constraints with theme love. Do such analysis can only professional astrologer.
So, as same should use eclipse the best way? Needs in advance form a intention and fulfill the necessary rituals or meditation, until subconscious the most available for work with him.
The formulation intentions includes in themselves some rules, which exacerbate effectiveness his implementation:
1. Intention should be forth maximally in, pithy and realistically (phrase type let I have all will well not inadequate, need a. The principle). For this on the eve a ritual of well Consider the, that you will want to;
2. Intention should be drafted in present time (my monthly income accounts for ., not I have will much money );
3. Intention should be forth without particles not , because the brain perceives all literally, ignoring negative connotation assertions. If you kindly insert I not want be poor , then your subconscious fulfills desire to literally, without particles not.

One of powerful practices, coalition work with blackouts under control, is wording qualitatively new intentions meta-search term, which would was able provide enforcement several intentions. Suppose, that for you is urgent theme finance and material goods. Intentions and requests, associated with this theme, you can to formulate with dozen. But work will become maximally more effectively, if you will find in itself quality, which became would leading in your character and provided implementation of all intentions, which you, tying up with this theme. To example, this the quality of courage. You time from time come in head ideas as boost level of his welfare, but you find reasons, on which not you can even try to realize their,, and you fertilize on then and camping on D. And camping on P. Can be, this fear implementation, can be, something still. That is happening you have in psyche, know only you themselves. Only you can to formulate this quality, as if would it became in this moment strong and the dominant in your character. So here is, sformuliruya meta-request, you kill immediately several birds with one stone. You need not to think about how survive until salaries, buy most necessary and not fall in celui in no clothing left from price. Amplifying right you quality, you his life imperceptibly perestraivaete on many fronts simultaneously. Where something emerge money, material good and the right people. Sphere finance already not becomes relevant, and, therefore, can be turn their attention on something different.
As same correctly to formulate meta-request? For this need to rise on more a high stage- our life level our convictions. If we will want to material endowments and under this our belief I few , then hardly intention is underway. Rather contrary, life only will confirm your belief. So when you worked at determined whether with their intentions, caveat Be careful what you post with those, that for them is worth for their beliefs.
Now about the most procedure meditation with requests. Different the authors differently to this suited, but in all rituals there is the general. This internal calm, foreign relaxed, focus on intention and vizualization the desired way of. That Spain start training to work with and sporty soul (cycle should be open , camping on E. Began to Cold, ended, too, Cold), water to change need 3-5 times. With what start with Cold or hot water to decide you. Among authors, alumni this theme there is no unity. Someone cold water sootnosit with mans start, and hot with feminine. Someone emanates from of nature eclipse: Solar hot water, a lunar the Cold. Passphrase on from how you komfortnshim.
After soul consider horizontal position and relax. Under this internally you must be collected and focus. Think about your intention, provisioning, meta-provisioning, persuading think about itself. You can introduce the their intention true and themselves in the future so, as if you already have reached, what wanted. Note on brightness of paints in your the picture, format, proximity and camping on D. Razglyadite in the details all, that you want. Feel this is so as if would it fulfilled. You need to focus on its dream all time until is happening the eclipse, time ended thereon and future will become present.
After the end of the eclipse remain in es able still hour. If will come dream, this well. If not, let itself in dreaming. If head will empty and clear, then this the best option. Means, you have made all in full least. And further get up, go to do ordinary say affairs and not't be surprised, that in speed start occur desirable changes.
I I shall remind, that soon solar the eclipse will mark 19 March 2007 in 05 :42: 32 on Moscow time.
Wish you luck! With you was Elena Rainbow.


Methodological guidelines for topic Tranzity for listeners Correspondence secession VShKA, P course. M., 2005.



All Hi!


. Just in year is happening 2 solar and so much same of the lunar kogda, sometimes the number of kogda expands until 3-'s.

Lena, I.M.H.O.,, a small inaccuracy. In see Annex 7 in book Brady "the blackout, that and cycles Sarosa" set data, for example, in 2000 included 4 solar eclipse, and in 1935 - 5. Not so perishing rarely when is happening on 4 eclipse in year.



Thank you, Len, for clearer. Then fix so: From 2-'s to 5 fringes. In average - 2-3. 'oc? I still not managed send.



twenty the Analects Oh now

Vnastoyaschee time we are experiencing highly meaningful astrological events this 3 eclipse within one month: 2 solar and one thing a lunar in July (and only 6 kogda in for 2000 this very many).

Traditionally eclipse are considered adverse signs for terrestrial events. In modern astrology eclipse are little-studied at that theme and find on it literature not very simply, but all same, we can pursue own research influence kogda on't affairs. For those, who overcame over whose spiritual many practices, eclipse are special days the accumulation entirely healthy energy, but being achieved this only by intense practice in day eclipse. In individual map should turn collection on a eclipse and compounds with natalnymi Sun behaves similarly, the moon, an ascendant and / or kuspidami angular homes.

We publish here a selection of documents about now from "Tetrabiblosa" disputable opinions, "begun Tenebrosus" William Lilly (Olden) and "of the Key to astrology" Henry current rut (1676)
Peer. With persistent. Karine Dilanyan

B natalnoy map eclipse are important, when there is compounds or the opposition in 1 grad. With Sun behaves similarly, the Moon or angles.

In mundannoy astrology they affect those countries, peoples and cities that have some attitude to the signpost eclipse especially if in their maps there is eclipse on Asts, ICJ, the Sun or those respects.
Peoples also can feel influence eclipse, if it falls on natalnyy Asts, ICJ, or you, on their upraviteley.

Although many Astrologers consider, that eclipse all same have force when occur under horizon, especially in 4 st House, but in a whole all recognize, that they display their effects in greater least, when occur over horizon, and weaker when under horizon.

Eclipse on Ascendant. Severely affect on recently initiated affairs and young people, on ICJ on state, rulers and people middle age, on Dests. on war, divisions and people old.

Effect heat eclipse more, when the Sun goes back or on ICJ, than when it goes. Moon eclipse more destructive in the Western hemisphere, than on the east.

Nature eclipse is determined by his a planetary a head of and significant immobile ones stars this time. Is a master eclipse this the kind planet, which has more merits and relations on aspects to F on eclipse and the next street corner (for example, MC, if eclipse is mired in 7, 8 or 9 house, Asts., if eclipse is mired in 10, 11 or 12).

If one planet dominates in throes eclipse, and the other in respect next center, then preference preferable planet, dominant in throes eclipse, and planet blood regardless center is considered exhorts-signifikatorom.

Any flamboyant basket-case star (1 or 2 magnitude), situated in preceding do with the blackout, street corner, also it takes into attention, and the next basket-case star is considered relevant, if she is in next angular House. (For example, if eclipse is mired in 12, 11 or 10 th house, then basket-case star on ICJ is considered more relevant, and basket-case star on Asts. Is viewed as secondary influence.) Generally, commonly realized, that such stars must be are low on longitude and lie near ecliptic.

Saturn, the governor the blackout, the, means destruction from cold, to come disease, poverty, imprisonment, the danger death (especially for old people), an ill wish, envy and incessant proceedings. Saturn produces the coldness, damp, frosty and some weather, storm and the danger on water, floods and floods on rivers, losses and shortages crop, and overall decline in nature.

Jupiter, blood regardless eclipse, means the world, prosperity, fertility, happiness and abundance. The bodily and spiritual health are rising, increases population, laws apply rightly, and with hand governments manifests itself the nobility. Weather good for the agriculture, with due merely warm and wet. In natalnoy map means glory, prosperity, health and calm mind.
Mars, blood regardless eclipse, brings destruction from droughts, ceasefire, turned, violence, assassinations, lawlessness, ?????, war and sporadic death in his prime forces. Climate suffers from the lightning, hurricanes, of the dry and devastating-. On seas occur turbulent storms and shipwreck. Crops suffer from impact heat and issushayuschikh devastating-.

Venus, running the the blackout, the, exerts beneficial influence, akin could we talk from Jupiter. In natal maps promises glory, consensus, love, set, children, prosperity and health. Weather clear, sustainable, a moderate and wetter - favorable to agriculture. This time grace and of plenty, fences between states.

Mercury it acquires properties the planet, under strong influence which he is. One, he produces quick, weak and numerous actions, to when manages the blackout, the together with using evil planets, then brings deceptions, theft, unsuccessful travel or trade. He also affects priests, worship the Roman, on predskazatelnye practice and brings changes in customs and laws. Weather volatile carry and uncertain, rises risk from hurricanes, earthquakes, thunder and the lightning. Mercury groove brings the danger droughts, eastern floods.

Signs Zodiacs, on which is mired eclipse and his a planetary blood regardless together with topical immobile ones stars, determine character their influences. Those that have attitude landlocked, affect nautical dwellers and savor a millionaire service; akess attitude to people, form influence on people and political events, animals signs affect large the horned cattle and animals, earthen signs affect crops and earthquake and camping on D.

At all, eclipse in fire svoystva mean death known people, divisions, war and fires. 't signs mean agricultural problems. Air signs predict strong winds, hunger and disease; water signs point to floods, maritime problems, expectations war and a high mortality among ordinary people.

Eclipse in Ovne bring war and disagreements in religious issues. They threaten life and freedom people, bring miles and plague, cattle, as sheep and goats. (England, France, Germany and Denmark traditionally are linked with this sign). (The problem planetary and zodiakalnogo governance countries and cities examined in book N. Campion "Book world of birth dates for horoscopes" and the most thorough way represented in book "The global astrology" Beydzhenta, Campion and Harvey, issued on Russian language our publishing house, see. So we lay here this information without a special comment box, committing tribute historical term issue. REM. Mouse button before you hit.)

Eclipse in Taurus affect business, trade, big buildings, agriculture and people, people employed the tutelage and agents in negotiations on Affairs other people. They threaten life bulls, cows and horses. (Russia, Ireland, Switzerland, Cyprus and Persia).

Eclipse in the Twins bring disease, such, as salmonellez that occur from fowl, help reforestation and also roosters and chickens, which eat men. They bring conflicts in religion and trade, disagreements in laws, many guff without affairs, and losses from death important people. (South Egypt, London and South-East of England. Some consider, that and the US).

Eclipse in Raque bring political changes, motivates people to threats violence and armed action, and lead to in your illusions and cunning, were among senior officials. Opasnoy travel on the sea and sailing idea, rivers grave of and as household disease stomach. (Scotland, Holland, Africa, Venice, Amsterdam and York).

Eclipse in question bring death or misadventures in Royal family, aristocracy, important people, bordered and destruction ancient buildings, palaces and churches, division among did, siege cities and shortages horses and grain. (Italy, Sicily, Rome and Turkey).

Eclipse in the Virgin bring did death great people and common destruction through miles or losses crop. All things oskudevayut. Writers, and poets and gurus live and all merkuriantsy experiencing suffering. (South Greece, Crete, Iraq, Paris and southwestern France).
Eclipse in Libra destroy air and bring disease, Grisenko Postanschriften by, epidemics and camping on D. They bring bad weather, strong winds, predispose yunoshestvo to svoevoliyu, produce religious disagreements and bring division and losses people honorable origin. (Austria, Portugal and Vienna).

Eclipse in 1997-predict underhanded, izmennicheskie, murderous actions, point to the overthrow of power militarily and establishing tyranny, usually are gaining share disease and public mess and escalate thunderstorms, electric storm and earthquake. (Norway, Mauritius, before).
Eclipse in like him too? Bring harm horses, diffusing religious intolerance and my insincerity among people, bring evils welcome, bring destruction flying game and rising theft, violence, and piracy on Sea. (Spain and Hungary).

Eclipse in an mean bezvremennuyu death distinguished people, bring growth false charges, slander and plots; produce political change and change of governments, military invasion in neighboring state and loss of large numbers of ships. (India, West-India and Oxford).
Eclipse in Vodolee bring floods, harm animals, public regrettable, mourning and disagreements. Ancient buildings decay and are liable, increases theft, earthquake and disagreement in church. (Arrabiyeh and Ethiopia).

Eclipse in Pisces bring misadventures in maritime affairs and fishing, destruction of coastline, losses fish and attrition rivers. Predveschaetsya death prominent people, will open the immortal affairs people, associated with Church, and all lawyers and people religion will suffer. (The Northern Egypt).




How correctly use energy eclipse: We get rid from diseases

For this need on 4 days to exclude from its caloric meats it and intergenerational accounts, fully to abandon sexual contacts, not use so many cuss words and not quit smoking. For 40-45 minutes until the early eclipse consider contrast souls (hotheaded-cold-hotheaded), wipe that off and wear it not szhimayuschuyu body clothes. Then enjoy a slow sips. Hold it the glass clean water room temperature and 10-15 minutes quietly sit back before zarkalom with a lighted candle, when thinking about his life. And lie on back head eastward or northeastern east and fully relax, slightly raskinuv hands and its feet. Cover your eyes and mentally imagine reflected, somehow you his shortly before these saw in the mirror. Mentally imagine, that not you, and your reflection suffers those disease, from which needs eliminate. When you manages focus on this thought, imagine, if you komkaete its imaginary image of the (like the, as komkaete example an unnecessary newspaper tenderloin with photography). Imaginary a small "little fetal ball" needs mentally on sphere of a it alienate from themselves as can be further in hollowness, just as you sduvaete a piece of lint with sleeves. After this a bit lay down now, then setting: Put, enjoy a slow sips. Hold it the second the glass clean water, Extinguish fingers or tea spoon light a candle (in no way case cannot be to blow on the flames. After this read May prayer orll thank Cosmos their words, and you can-torn states to its ordinary usual Affairs. With this moment power, chronic disease over you will diminish, and from lung of aches and pains not will remain and a trace.

L. E. Nevedomskaya, an astrologer, academic MAIMB, Moscow



Long we in this subject not looked. Want offer your attention

Order (algorithm )-Since blackouts under control

From compilation articles O. Solovevoy "the blackout, that" .- The M.: VShKA, 2007.

1. Look date birth rights and we build his horoscope or kosmogrammu.

2. Forth on help give an when (date) and where (degree of the Sign) was the last Sunny the eclipse.

3. Forth look in what house horoscope it --something.

4. Search for reading of sense eclipse in homes. This and there is the problem, which until the next eclipse (usually about six months), if not was coincidentally point eclipse with planets or angles Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Natal, daunting in life.

5. Turn attention:
- coincided eclipse with natalnoy card this human
- made opposition to some planet (then will emerge conflict or choice on topic this planet)?

My lyrical retreat:other the authors not confined to connection and opposition. Rashmen and trigony views, and sekstili.

6. If yes, then look reading of on planets. Perhaps, this problem will daunting and much longer, than until the next eclipse.

7. If there still there is compound with natalnym, clarity node, then this the eclipse can change and entire refrigerate life on 9 years (in moment protivofazy knots - in age 9, 27, 45) or on 18 years in age 18, 36, 54. Year.

8. Forth look, what Number this eclipse on cycles, sarosa and there find reading of this series of kogda, what type of events this eclipse brought in your life. Under this should closely to familiarize themselves with Addendum 4 from books Bernadette Brady "usage astrology."

9. When will happen event, on which man will understand sense this eclipse: This date first stressed (quadrature (disambiguation), the opposition) aspects transit Mars, sun or Saturn to point eclipse (much detail see An appendix 3 from books B. Khammerslafa).

10. Dive all the same, but relative to the next do with the blackout,: House, planet, ganglia, a series of sarosa, date events - i.e. what expect in the next six months or longer.

11. Mapping the kogda: Watch on degrees signs, in what year were eclipse on planets this rights and that these important, existential years made no inevitable in life this human - on interpretation meaning cycle sarosa, correlative homes and planet.

12. If man older 36 years, then can be regarded repeated eclipse given, that events occur on the same or a similar subject, but have trends to some drag on mitigate.

13. Perhaps: Watch the last the eclipse before birth of - this may give bad one understanding of the iconic sense all life.



Oh time offensive events

About the early, reinforcing and ending the actions consequences can be judge by the community, i.e. parts of Maps of Heaven, where is the Eclipse, adjusted for Corners horoscope.

For when zatemnennoe place, i.e. the very the Eclipse, proves on Ascendant., consequences comes in 1.2, 3 and 4 months, the next and blackout was, but the most powerful and important events, caused by blackout was, hints and first-third time impact his consequences.

But if place damage or the very the Eclipse is in Seredine of Heaven either near with it, consequences begin in 5, 6, 7 and 8 months from starters the blackout, that and will manifest itself the most vividly in the second Himalayan common time actions consequences.

If the Eclipse the in West Angle maps, i.e. seventh House, then the first manifestations of consequences comes in 9, 10, 11 and 12 month after the blackout, that, and the most bright consequences hints in of last-thirds time, staffing for actions consequences the blackout, that.

W. Lily Astrology kogda , 2007


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