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Desserts, pastries

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On-my most time pamper themselves "Winter tone"
Fruits (canned), lemons, oranges, wine dry, proteins mostly, sugar. Cut the browned fruits from some compote "Assorti", lemons, oranges and, fill the all dry wine. Check a tick on clock in refrigerator. By setting a powerful on the table, garnish with proteins, with whipped with the sugars.



Oops, Len, cool recipe! :) And it is not difficult, like :D

garnish with proteins, with whipped with the sugars.

And be can -vzbitymi crema from ’? Or necessarily proteins?!
Something in the last time almost not restricting (Even salads the store-bought kind (strikes goes.



Iriani wrote:

And it is not difficult, like

DAC I on this principle and chose people. :) cream, think, can be, but will sweet. If not scares, flamboyant that OK. Deal more taste :)



glazed apples

0.5 kg sugar contained sand
1 the glass water
1 the table. Spoon lemon juice or whose vinegar
4 large an apple

In enamelled or bauxite tolstostennoy the pot be going on weak fire dense syrup from sugar contained sand, water and lemon juice / whose vinegar. Density of syrup can be test under aid per common a wooden Floss, downcast its in syrup, and then immediately plunging in cold water. If syrup on it immediately hardens and not will all gooey to absolute negation, then he ready.
Until syrup is boiled, locate fruits. For this goal apples, better vividly-red varieties, carefully wash, otvarite on a small fire, not giving them razvaritsya. Shower water and obsushite towel. Go apples on one in syrup and ukladyvayte on metal safety for obsykhaniya. Well obsokhshie glazed fruits lay out in porcelain or emalirovanuyu tableware, instead palming them gossamer paper. Such apples can be sue on dessert, and moreover, use in kachesve jewelry a celebratory the table.



And I have homes like an eye such biscuits

Rastirayutsya with a sugar 3 eggs and is actually added there 3-5 of spoons flour
To dough was such. Is concentrated

Now most importantly - adding there mixture of from various nuts and raisins

Razgorevaem the oven, lubing up our protvin or oils or zastilaem paper for frying
And chuck there thin layer by layer dough

Minutes 15-20 under a small temperature it this
And then is poured from above sgushchenkoj and baked still minutes 10-15.

Obladennaya yummy is obtained :)



Strawberry with cream

On 4 helpings: 1\ 2 Bada except sour cream, 2 egg whites protein, 400 g strawberry, 5 full of spoons of sugar powdered, 3 flat of spoons active during.

Strawberries carefully wash, separating its from khvostikov, half number of its softly rub with 3 spoons of sugar powdered, the rest cut. To soak gelatine in Cold water and fully dissolve his in small numbers of fresh boiling water over. Add there sour cream, refrigerate changes Eye and proactively whip in foam 2 egg whites protein, gradually impermeability this mixture of with rastertoy strawberries.
In late unfolding in shell small bowls slicing up strawberries, boasts juice peretertoy strawberry. From above decorate whole berries. Put in refrigerator for cooling and of saturation.



Easter Tsarskaya on sour cream

On 7) remain.
Preparation 8 minutes
Know`s 20 minutes

2 kg cottage cheese
400 g dangers butter
800 g sour cream
700 g sugar
10 Tennessee Eggs
100 g cores sweet almond
100 g korinki or raisins without Machine
Vanillin on the tip tea phytosterols

Put an in pan grated through a sieve cottage cheese, cream oil, add sour cream and eggs.
Carefully randomize, put pan on stove and bring until hot fortune (but not until boil), continually stirring a wooden spatula, to not burnt. After to lift with ceasefire and quickly cool, also continually stirring.
In cooled-down boiled mass of add sugar, korinku or the raisins, rastertyy mindali vanillin.
All randomize, posting in pasochnitsu, zastlannuyu slightly wet with gauze, and densely a pig. From above put the saucer with small burden and to remove in refrigerator on clock.

Hope, still can be have time :)

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Already very long, highly quickly and always successfully, restricting the sponge-cake so -
First prepare all ingredients: In high posude 4 protein, in separate misochke 4 egg, 1 the glass sugar, 1 the glass flour, in flour flavored adding 0.5 what baking powder.
So, are starting: In proteins add 2 tablespoons Cold water and on maximum speed whip their until staunch frothiness. The speed of blender we reduce in two times and gossamer trickle vsypaem in proteins sugar, then yolks and finally flour flavored with are blended.
Dough chuck in form of, greased with oils and in hot the oven (about 180 degrees) on 20-25 minutes.
Harvesting for cake is ready. Else - as tell pollsters fantasy.



Cake Since dried apricots In heritage are the pour is okay

Heavy - the butter drozhzhevogo test, 1 ~ 2 Bada dried apricot, 150 ~ 250g sour cream (15 ~ 20% repackaging), 2 eggs, 6 untangle of spoons sugar

Dough they roll diameter of 28 ~ 30sm and put an in greased with form of.
(If cake is done on protivene, then need to do the lifeline to the, to was build not was running away - from parts of test skatat roller, the brink lepyoshka to moisten water and put an this roller.)
To leave dough rasstaivatsya on time preparations toppings.
Kuragu soak in hot water until promise (10 ~ 20 minutes in dependence from the original rigidity). Cut on 2 ~ 4 parts of. Posting symmetrical layer by layer on dough.
Eggs razbultykhat with the sugars (if peeled seeds sweet, then number of sugar should reduce), into the sour cream and randomize.
Kuragu from above evenly inject heritage are a mixture of.
Put in razogretuyu until grew =1 80 ~ 200 ° C the oven on 20 minutes - until golden color of.
Ready cake posting on now and hide towel.

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