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Maps Taro in psychological konsultirovani A. Narodichi

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In this article the author with relish offers their intuitive research in area psikhosimvoliki Arkanov Taro. As and follows from name, the proposed here article devoted study the opportunities integration carte Taro in organic body practical psychology. Need a whether indeed practical psychology this manticheskaya system or it will become plus “body“ in the body psychology, every is free to decide himself on the basis own practice and experience. To be sure, the most consequential argument for this decisions will combined interest to cards Taro and psychology. But even Hua such a interest, not knowing psikhosimvoliki carte Taro, difficult produce full-blown psikhodiagnostiku and get from carte Taro advice about optimum psychotherapeutic strategy. This article allows remedy the psikhosimvolicheskiy gap Arkanov Taro, providing additional opportunity exchange practical information all participants the Internet-research. Each in least interest can take proposed minimum here information on psychological interpretations Arkanov Taro and, on opportunities, offer its. Collected here interpretations are limited reading each separate maps. But, for greater understanding of carte need to know, as they behave in synthesis with other in conditions particular separate hands and psychological situation.
Presented by here reading of Arkanov Taro tons under angle describe features of client, arriving to see, and also specificity of prinosimykh them problems. Mentor presented study arkanicheskoy psikhotipologii psychologists have discovered. Psychological from events divination differs those, that positive and negative “heroes arkanicheskogo family“ far not always have the same positive and negative analogy. Positive Arkany can indicate on archetypes, “sad people“ on perfection, and also as resources that can be use for decisions problems. Negative same point to psikhoproblematiku and own psychopathology that discourage achieving man healthy way of life, across the sheer this expression, but in the same time represent “crude“ material for domestic development.
Need to recognize, that maps Taro not particularly are invited academic and officially recognizable psychology of. In the eyes of scientific psychology this atavism and scientific sphere psychological experience, which, on glance public and those same scientists, the most apt for sharlatanstva and deception people. Of course, with our hand, cannot be like fools to brush all under one grebyonku. Except obvious opponents and deniers there are those, who recognize and Discipline enjoy now Taro; recognize, but not show off in this; recognize, but fear of ridicule colleagues; not recognize in force moreover, that not was opportunities ensure in psychological rule carte Taro and camping on D. Those same, who were checked and has learned, and not fear hear from tailored standard scientist or to the disposition words epic O. Bandar: “how much did this cost opium for the people of?“, can in full least enjoying these in its own way unique instrument dialogue with living human soul of.
And increasingly-???, why same attract in psychological practice, and without moreover the sated various methods, even and manticheskie technology?

Mantika allows reflect the most active on this moment archetypes-Dominants, which sometimes it is difficult recognize under rubbing shoulders. Under addressed scenario and easily described issue can be traced dynamic domestic forces and figures, razygryvayuschikhsya in domestic world rights.

jester / DURAK

Jester in personified by by possesses opportunity seek answers and decisions there, where other seek even not are to come, at in head. He first mover and simultaneously man, the free from social Stamps thinking and behavior. This type of by can bear freedom from the restraints social standards, stereotypes and prejudices.
With jester more plank smekhoterapiya and Zen-therapy.

Jester, he same kings, can represent human with similar title Arkan's characteristics and the init scripts behavior. But so as man usually not limited one only jester more, then Shute will organic contributing charge of problems.

Jester - built chaos, increase in every separate moment go in the new direction. The main feature such a client is unpredictability.
Is worth turn a separate attention on the symbolism figures “0“, associated with harness strapped Shute, which symbolizes sense of own ciphers. But the nature of the Jester such is, that for him sense of own ciphers. Is absolutely puny, and because he is free from concern about own imperfections.
Also sequental Number “0“ means, that Shute is man without status. He is free from notions status and has position outside social bands society. His not roiling social stage and he not seeks to cater to any downstream. Jester last implement the principle freedom will. Jester - this symbol of human without czar in anybody, because he and plank with figure “0“.
All The Emperors had Shutov. Jesters as would otsvechivayut Emperor, allowing him defuse incentive tensions and I feel so formal. Jester and Emperor - this two extremes of insubordination. With one hand, Shute allows engrandece understand own grandeur, when he sees nichtozhestvo another. With other hand, Emperor, sozertsayuschiy the Jester, should remember about the reverse of side own greatness. Shutovskie game help avoid engrandece excessive vozvelichivaniya and of idolatry with hand surrounding. While Shute demonstrates contempt for concepts greatness and ciphers and accepts themselves thus, what he there is.
The notion of the Jester stems with flight from responsibility. Very often man requires many freedom, which is expressed in unwillingness than any engage. Jester not wants to recognize responsibility for his life. Him on psyche naively-playing behavior and thinking with elements infantilizma. Easier to live, not about fix not without, to live today’s a day to, not thinking about tomorrow’s.
Jester is asotsialnoy figure. His behavior goes beyond social norms, standards and rules. He the innovator, he an adventurer, his not be satisfied with casualty stamps and stereotypes thinking. People with strongly-cut archetype the Jester often break casualty schemes perception reality. Such people supporters spontaneity and unexpected change styles behavior.

In upside version Shute represents complex establishment with presence of seed ridiculous Reason psychological sets, podkreplyonnykh the colossal stubbornness and svoenraviem. His vital credo - 'll listen to as correctly and will make Vice versa 1988 film. Quite possibly, that client with a strong jester more need recommend go in contrary direction, to he came there far should.
Jester symbolizes the notion of underdevelopment, an infantilizing and breakpoint. This symbol of spiritual immaturity. In terms of decisions problems he can be full “0“. Because human with jester more need introduce in course affairs about what with him is happening and as solved in such cases problems, not too hoping, that he precisely so and cherished invulnerability.


Symbolic the transition from the Jester to Magoo can be understand as the adoption on themselves responsibility for his life and willingness on their own to decide Inc. lives problems. Mage refuses from an infantilizing and-thinking the Jester and accepts on themselves responsibility for their actions and decisions. He not neck as Shute from responsibility, and faced its with open battle visor down,. Mage not inclined go far eyes are suspicious, and prefers to act according to proven theories, concepts and models world perception. Mage symbolizes the transition from abstractions to particularity. Also as after vitaniya in sprays the cognitive scientist should obtain that kind to hard and specific formulation its theory.
In different version understanding of reflects refusal from free and spontaneous perception reality in please scientific patterns of, schemes and models perception reality. Man moves away from immediate reaction on natural phenomena in slavery mental pain) schemes and scientific paradigms.
To these psychologists have discovered characterizedwillingness to tackle new wide and methods work. Mage represents a by, osnovyvayuschego their judgment and conclusions on scientific layouts. Mage-psychologist thinks, that he in able to control just client. Magoo like manipulate people, but because he ???? use technology of NLP and other technology governance clear conscience.
To Magoo belong bikhiveoristy, which seems, that they can, bypassing the Plan Divine, design from “human billets“ any laboratory personality.
Can be also say, that Mago (Magician) is academic background psychologist, which uses only officially recognized and proven etape way methods of knowledge and tests rights.

Mage - a realist in his and the rational. He represents levopolusharnyy type of thinking. He harks back things such, what are they there is.
Mage says “I increasingly can“, that reflects his ability to embark on for any problems and affairs, and bring their until the end of. The harness Mago (Magician) last implement the principle responsibility for themselves and its fate. Mage is militarily self-sufficient and in everybody, and in mistakes. Mage directly stems with opportunity creativity own life.
On large thirteenth time Mago (Magician) is one of components psychological recovery customers, when man taking autonomy and ability to on their own to decide own problems. Mage, which fits figure 1, as would says: “I Number one in own life“. Even if Mago (Magician) not knows, as solve the problem, he would step in the necessary information route "searches and self-learning. Can be even say, that Arcanum Club Mago (Magician) represents a goal any psychotherapeutic or psikhokonsultativnoy work, under achieving which C receives enough knowledge and forces needed him for moreover, to in the future successfully cope with problems, which and led client to see.
Mage - this intellectual, who knew certain schemes reality and tries attach the their to fact. In some sense he is king conceptual systems or, in other words, theories, philosophies, technologies. Mage in perfection owns with the thought. For Maga very is important personal philosophy, with the help which he will to think about reality and act in the real world. All the more for moreover, to act in domestic world, him is necessary theory personality, through which he was able would there navigate.
Crisis Maga lies in complexity theoretical rationale events external or domestic world. Such the complexity of the can arise because of the limits of personal schemes-paradigm, 's picture world client. Crisis is happening then, when he finds facilities and living phenomena, pollsters on him a strong impact, and which there is no in his scheme-paradigm is needed, and on which there is no detailed instructions. When man comes to see with card Mago (Magician), he has need refine his power philosophy or, in other words, change and complement its paradigm. See remains only pick a the most workable to his fact, with topping opportunities resolution problems, theory, with the help which C can more productively identify and to change reality.

high priestess of / pope Joan in popular culture

Symbolic the transition from Maga to Divine at once reflects the finiteness of levopolusharnogo way thinking. Only equilibrium between right and the left hemispheres allows man to purchase opportunity completeness perception reality. High priestess of proclaims the need use intuitions in decision-decisions and orientation in environmental reality instead fixation on mental pain) models and schemes. High priestess of gives opportunity see what lies beyond all limits. High priestess of bears scientific approach opportunities use of natural human abilities for research potustoronney and to Racan's instinctive reality.
For psychologists have discovered of this type characterized constant readiness to samoobrazovaniyu. Unlike Maga, Grand Priestess, as representative an esoteric branch psychology, already with greater readiness uses vnenauchnye psikhotekhnologii. High priestess of assumes by-This, clientelistic human center metaphysical perturbations. These psychologists, as and the author these lines for, willingly use astrology and mantiku in psychological practice. For them drevneindiyskoe misconception about complex human structure not less are real, than informed practical research scientific the rag he.
Psychologists of this type willingly of copper in psychological practice psychic headlights can knowledge and methods diagnostics and therapy.

C Arkan's Grand Priestess (in most decks she depicts with reading), likely, will highly competent and lettered in psychology and esoterica. Not discarded, that he knows reverie attended by leading craftsmen psychology, familiar with their works, and, quite possibly, himself ever was in role natural by-consultant. It is likely, that can begin to exist the situation, when C Priestess intercept initiative and will start advise by. C with tensions can even well considered, that he is more psychologist, than the, to whom he came. In ??? case he deliberately is faring for energy podpitkoy.
Judging by from context this maps, any problem, actors with this man, can be boldly view in the context of esoteric world perception. Such people engage in practice divination, study placing business magic. Their interested in structural over-Worlds and spiritual the search within of esoteric self-learning. They possess big occult or psychological library. Man with strong tensions, likely, will possess resist certain extra-sensory ones skills and abilities to had clairvoyant. With strong, development correlative archetype. Grand Priestess gifting human ability to reading surrounding. And until psychologist will try to produce testing, razlazhivaya on the little table their favorite tests, can be will with certainty say, that with his hand C by already tested. In such cases C with aktsentirovannoy tensions will feel its superiority. In case same, if Grand Priestess will suspect such ability to have consultant, then will feel totally and - be, so as with it will withdrawn veil mystery.
Under tensions, in a result various psychic and specific talismanic experimentation, can fully or partly “to go roof“. In the context involves separate hands Grand Priestess can mean various forms Psikhizma, which will be a consequence of the attempts to magical impact on people and correction own life in side greater prosperity.
In negative other conditions will prevent Grand Priestess can possess perfidy and forthright desire properly compete with psychologist forces, while the concerned about anaesthetic progress Priestess. High priestess of will walk to see, until he will it psychologically tasty, camping on E. Seems interested. Problematichnaya Grand Priestess tends to exhorts lies and stealth. One of problems its advise will game in peak-a-boo. She even for themselves will represent secrecy, surrounded by. And psychologist should respect this halo as mystery, to provide Divine at once sense of psychological security. If C a man, then have him can be problems in relations with parties’smart and independent women.
Leverages Divine, need remember, that it highly developed and sophisticated an intuitive the feeling and it possesses sufficient baggage knowledge for decisions its problems. But for this it can lack the activity and practicality for decisions their problems. She is dreaming about how about its assured cared any Nur Forces. She, under this, must know, as their correctly to inspire and as with them invoked. Itself an archetype Priestess for by very seems interested and educational. Nevertheless, because man not consists from one only refined archetype., in the psyche of every of the individual is happening unique mixing various forces, forming united in view of the universe human ya And because psychologist, the whole year on his century many Zhrits, can confirm, that they accented breath-taking interesting interlocutors, and also proving to be stubborn boring after all, after varying degrees an esoteric chaff. A different times will experience a propensity to hoaxes seemed would quite run-of-problems.
In a whole the symbolism figures 2, associated with tensions, can be understand in as a vtorichnosti functions intuitions, imagination and need psikhodukhovnykh sound knowledge, after intelligence and rational “add“. On first place in’dominant mindset had a is worth Mago (Magician). In force these causes representatives Priestess may feel in as a dissenters, and also intellectually and rationally CE marking. Hence psychotherapy is: Reconciliation with domestic tensions, awareness pressure socially navedyonnykh sets Maga and, ideally, coupling center and and right-brained functions of reason.
Problems solitude Priestess can be well are linked with whatever-either social fears. In the same time departure in esoteric means to can be stems with neudovletvoryonnostyu social lives. The role of a Goddess can not telling rational life to the disposition and reading of reality in-style Maga. And because she will seek new reality atop obvious.
C with tensions can to accept by with deck in the hands of for Our fortune teller, although, a different times, and not without fame only. Because immediately should explain client, that this is not gadatelnyy session. Maps will be used for psikhodiagnostiki. They will reveal invisible huge risks are lurking problems, with possible tips in its addressing.


Obviously, that psychologist of this type applies to freydistam with their aspiration examine and analyze family roots customers and their relations with mother. To’belong and family psychologists, well order laws vnutrisemeynoy dynamics in development and adult life rights.

To Arkan's the Empress applies the entire set of needs and programs subconscious, associated with continuation of kind of and indoctrination a new generation. In psychological other conditions will prevent Arcanum Club the Empress reflects the importance of relations with own mother, and also, in dependence from neighboring players' hands, specificity these relations. In scenario men this may to point fingers on edipov complex. Under reels appears of Empress woman-psychologist can become object subconscious projections relations with own mother with hand client. Have client with upturned yacht by the Childlike Empress can be problems with mother or, in a whole, with women. If alignment very problematic, then neurosis and below the to him problems around archetype. Of Empress can be considered key, regardless of, that would demand more C. This stems with those, that the Empress plank with fundamental needs and supervises the most foundations America’s enduring rights. In astrology the Empress will connected with 4 House, ball's out and the Moon. In history of Yoga structure human she will connected with regular-chakra. And the and another stems with bessoznatelnymi-totalitarian complexes and OEZ, which under conscious brought up their inspection can prove highly painful for rights. Because should abide by a special blueprint in respect complex of Empress in psyche client.
An archetype the Empress stems with cleanliness thing and dismissive purity in all plans. Can be such, that in SOP impeccable House will full of the astral dirt, which will be felt even man with average sensitivity. Similar atmosphere creates himself man, and in it hardly perhaps grow healthy progeny.
Under headline-in scenario of Empress will useful recall theory use Freud's with his children’s injuries ,-totalitarian complexes and other lawyers trappings, price to an early stage psychological development rights.
To’belong vnutrisemeynye problems. Man, so or otherwise, constantly remain mired in bosom family. And from separate hands can be to know, how is poisoned, neurotic or painful the atmosphere this circle. Difficult and productive can be advise human, problems which take roots in sick family environment. Of course, not there is always opportunity otselitsya and limit ties with category: Abnormal psychology environment. But if opportunity there is, and man why something Ideology not enjoys, means, this neurosis him than something beneficial.
Empress will show the, how woman feels woman. Empress replies for female identity. Under of female identity should understand the entire complex sets, destabilized and needs, which ncludes role women as mothers, spouse and keeper of household sites of. Problematic neighboring with by the Childlike Empress Arkany identify problems and disorder of female identity, and, also, on possible drive withdraw beyond established nature and society Genital responsibilities. This an archetype is spreading on all women. Have someone he will the dominant, and it will become different wife and a housewife. Have someone he will weaker, that gives opportunity woman find themselves in encouraged other. Have some an archetype of Empress can be strongly neurotic either woman can initially lie in unconscious conflict with him. A different times the Empress can show disorder of female gender spheres, especially together with the Moon. In a whole the entire specificity of female sexuality, too, connected with by the Childlike Empress.
One consequence of this is, in scenario, in the context its surroundings, the Empress will show, how well or ill its an archetype in psyche at a rights and as this an archetype affects the problem that C brings to see.




To this kind of science about man can be accounted political and administrative psychology. Psychologist with a strong archetype Emperor seeks to garner as can be more degrees and regaliev for Hindu sufficient recognition and authority with goal obtain opportunities advise senior and preferred faces, with all the attendant this benefits of. How a good Ibn he will, deal the second, but importantly, that high do, nevertheless, allows this man to lend itself these advertising and request high charged. With the outset its practice these psychologists seek to protect dissertations with goal achievements Steps Dr. or professor.

Descent of Emperor in scenario can have on extremely least three direction interpretations. What of them more fair, will show further communication. The first option lies in projection of client own subconscious service on authoritative, wise figure, which, on moment consultation, can become psychologist. But not always expression of respect will natural form of relations to authority. Quite possibly, that man wants topple neugodnogo Emperor with throne.
The other option is that C will himself somehow identify. With archetype Emperor. He will have an appropriate complex superiority, and all their guise of will demand adherence to of insubordination. Human with a strong Emperor will hard advise, given the, that he will highly is worried about retaining own dignity and socially odobryaemoy masks. Emperor stems with social image, with social position, adaptation human in society and aspiration rise upward on administrative ladder. For him influential the importance of and solidity.
C Emperor on high-level can represent umudryonnogo lives human, which has now reached respect surrounding and with largely high social status. But this not necessarily. Emperor, as implicit an archetype, can attend even have an impressive realism personality. Emperor usually are jealously applies to formal sights respect with hand surrounding. In family this may be is a master, which not will to recognize others’opinion and advice, and will demand unquestioning obedience to their will.
Emperor stems with concept male identity. This means, that culture and environment nourishing man mortgaged most model behavior male species, which he will in measure their forces conform to. Suppose, if boy with childhood incited, that he must not Fuehrer weaknesses and feelings, then, becoming adult, him will be very difficult uncovered over see. A man will follow this domestic way of, according to which he must not Fuehrer various species weaknesses and get sentimental. Despite the, that Emperor looks very strong, within he can be very vulnerable and vulnerable.
Emperor stems with notions egos, control, censorship.
And third direction interpretations can to point fingers on problems with my betters officials and superiors. Moreover, Emperor, on least manifestation in psyche human, can reflect the entire complex relationship with superiors: Revere, ugodnichestvo, the search for protection, references to heavyweight faces, with to reassert the own authority in the eyes of other, and also can to point fingers on his kind of idolatry strong world stingy. Here same can be accounted stuffy desire to bounce all emperors with their pedestals.
Emperor in scenario women will map out Animusa, i.e. image ideal men in psyche women. Naturally, this an ideal image men far not always can be ideal, about fix can to tell additional Arkany. Emperor in feminine scenario also points to strong need in strong a shoulder.
Emperor is not overfund the Jester for his irresponsibility, 's, ” and contempt for social norms. Emperor uses the Jester for own as an entertainment, but contemptuously and above applies to her jester as personality. Can be even say, that this two antagonistichnykh archetype..
In upside version Emperor can be symptom, associated with negation of authority.
In upside version Emperor points to painful perception of critics with hand surrounding. Criticism represents a psychological attack on the image an important and an esteemed human, which recorded in I-concept of. In ??? case Emperor would demonstrate the entire set of psychological protections and, if allows foreign the situation, can show off their “comfort anger“. If comes C, in scenario which will doing upside down Emperor, then he will highly resist opportunities to know his weakness. With strong, Emperor if he will unconsciously lean in side demonstrations strong personality, which can and itself to decide all its problems. If only he not currently, that have Imperial Japanese rulers from at all not can be no psychological problems.
The harness Emperor points to overwhelming and an aggressive personality. Emperor can go on the mercy of and to cede, if man enough got laid up for in his feet and recognized all own mistakes in respect his. In general something, with invert error Emperor always connected-ailing and inadequate do.

priest / PAPA

The transition from Emperor to to him is reminder, that even power and high social position not wipe out need spiritual self-perfection.
Under Reverend have the most by passes a favorite complex savior of or Messiah. Negative side this complex can be the, that psychologist will unnecessarily inclined to shoulder pastyrskie functions. Suppose, in work with long for client he will become tell him about hellish throes of and punishing for sin suicide, not accurately deal in causes and problems crisis that brought him to desire end with a.
Descent of of Priest is as would sign for by. C can project on by need in of descent mentor. In turn psychologist can fall into this trap and get carried away by game in psevdoguru.
Guru from psevdoguru differs ability to understand living dynamic human individuality in the context its possible evolution. Game same can be called substitute the tasks evolution or psychotherapy (social plan evolution) satisfaction spiritual made “guru“.
Psychologist with a strong Reverend can be highly religiously-informed and find in religious literature many healing-made formulas for own psychotherapeutic practice. This specialist will good in work with non-existentialism problems and with-resolution religious dilemmas and contradictions.
Esoteric sources of say us, that every man including Finding ya Many neuroses can arise from-for blockages energies, which must pour in psyche from substances Supreme I and to assimilate in the consciousness of. And because one of senior gifts any by can be considered ability to unlock and purify channels for flow into energies Supreme I in psyche human, not turning under this legal in intrusive religious sermon. Precisely such abilities will possess psychologist with-cut archetype of Priest.

The emergence of in scenario maps The priest says about do when taking religious subjects in context psychological problems. Under reels appears of Priest may be helpful ask question, somehow see client God and what participation he accepts in his issue. Belonging in this an archetype problems are linked with vzaimootnosheniem with God, with its Finding I (its soul of) and dismissive to religious canons and to ethics in a whole. This an archetype currently is in highly nevrotichnom able. In his purity an archetype of Priest symbolizes aid people in connecting to 4 Theological opt can World with goal fuel knowledge and vigor, driving nurturing Supreme I rights. If The priest is worth on reshuffle key place, the question, associated with observance religious Digital and necessity resolution religious contradictions, will for him highly valid. If gets the resolve religious contradiction, then C he is to energy (her deep), existing over. This energy can bear umirotvoryayuschuyu and problemorazreshayuschuyu function.
Except this in scenario The priest can to point fingers on some connection with the face of, charged with religious auspices of. In individual-deck shoe Arcanum Club The priest wears name the Pope, that gives reason associate the this map with real physical father. Because on psychological level interpretations Arkan's he gives us know about peculiarities relationships with father and his indirectly by the involvement in problem client.
Representative Arkan's The priest will man religious. He always interested in of descent development. Question only in how he himself understands process spiritual development? But if him will allow religious tolerance and latitude worldview, then he can to accept and use even revolutionary psikhotekhnologii. Pope vitally are needed's supreme sense his life and belief in sustain creativity reasonableness deeps of universe. So or otherwise, his problems will always have existential roots, and their decision need seek in resolving religious crisis. Under descent of of Priest always useful will recall about humanistic psychology, with its the conceptions and methodology.
In case if this map's upside down or is in problematichnom environment, then C is in able religious crisis. Sometimes this could mean, that uzkoponimaemye religious templates and demands discourage harmonious and holistic development individuality rights. Doing upside down The priest can to point fingers on some vytesnennyy complex protests against rulings, demands and threats official church.


To these psychologists can be accounted specialists in area matrimony and family relationships. If C opposite gender, then descent of Arkan's're lovers says about likelihood projection of Animy (Animusa) with hand client.
When comes man, in scenario which there is map lovers, then it is not difficult imagine, that his the problem, so or otherwise, concerns relations client with a balancing reproductive. Neighboring maps identify on especially his relationships with its their or lover. Quite possibly, speech deadlocked about a love triangle, stakeholder which was connected become client. Not discarded, that see will have help deal in relations with mistress, Hua wife and children. Under this card, as and Zones in its it`s, man may lie in able choice from two promotion in as a future husband or wife. A different times each of promotion can possess on their valuable for client qualities that connect in one man simply not appears possible. Because he in force domestic indecision may lie in able strong fluctuations and shataniya between alternatives. Can be option, that C am puzzled choice spouse, with largely with him enough a good compatibility. Outstripping dying away relations or the impending to VL 1000, too, belong to this map. In general, pit the crux of the this archetype. Lies in choosing ideal on compatibility partner, naturally, within reality. Except this Arcanum Club includes themselves sense of love between the sexes, which should serve the main criterion for definitions justice relationship marriage.
Surveying problem matrimony under reels appears beloved, in scenario men to pay attention on position Priestess, of Empress and moon, and in scenario women on position Maga and Emperor. These maps identify on psychological especially Animy or Animusa in psyche client, and also on specificity of a neurasthenia cordus have these of archetypes.
If the map of's upside down or near are problematic Arkany (for example, small coworking), then relations d are burdened strong conflicts and lack of mutual understanding. Can emerge man, have which in scenario will attend problematic lovers, but he not will emphasize attention on this topic. Such case can to speak of absence of love and mutual understanding in family, that will implicitly shape his problem, which would not was, not whether those negative of emotions, input in matrimony.
The harness lovers plank with suit Bowls of, but study specificity of their use within psychological advise transcends this articles.


The symbolism transition from Pie Dance to Kolesnitse is, that any from adopted decisions contains in itself as pros, so and cons. But if decision adopted, the should decisively exhaust affirmative resources, without shivering about minuses or about virtues otklonyonnoy alternatives.

Psychologist, unconsciously associated with archetype of Chariot of, will well deal in aggressive biases personality. Him also are available for understanding of internal contradictions human nature, and also knowledge and skill guide conflicting trends personality in direction one and growth. This may be military psychologist.

If would not antagonisticheski overly sphynxes, then map Chariot of was would more is simple for reading and understanding. But in is the and complexity of life, that any decisions and the next for them actions are not straightforward. In’fulfillment something be acquired and something loss. But symbol of of Chariot of means, that if even on stage Arkan's're lovers fluctuations and shataniya were relevant are, then on level of Chariot of need act decisively, thinking only about goal, neglecting consequences. Driven will likely lie in ambiguous situation, where cannot be will take good, not obtaining in strain bad. And contrary, awareness client problematic sides his situation requires, not discarded, that with the help by, and awareness of constructive and affirmative sides. Under this positive and negative sides must not impede the main vital trends and not impede an unerring sense.
Driven, except other things, means resolve, courage and willingness to achieving. Also to it belong activity, mobility and pull to travel. In an upside-down Chariot of can to talk about hit in situation with the need vybiraniya smaller from two am angry, with this solution must contain implementation of singled project. Quite possibly, that an occasion coming to see human with card Chariot of became desire to rafinirovat good and bad, under this to remove bad and to leave only good, forgetting, that and the, and another are in a common vital teamed.
Descent of of Chariot of can to point fingers on some according attunement human, and also on propensity increasingly share on black and white. Radical, propensity tilting in extremes and intransigence positions - the collateral Kolesnitse problems. On more high stage development white and black, change on, respectively, conducive advancement of and multinational his. One of important trends work with a chariot, Reverend is awareness bad and good as expedient and netselesoobraznogo own development. Psychotherapy is of Chariot of also implies awareness various flowers and mid-tones, jeopardized between the iron and and a white extremes.
Driven points to ambivalence relations to something, and also on the availability of two opposite of views in respect problems. Driven points to the complexity of the and digit nature, and also skill to capture favor of from trouble and problems. Driven contains in itself principle compensation, "economics Alfred Adler counts, when living woes of and problems represent would invest an equivalent motivation together with knowledge of the obvious benefits-support goal.
The symbolism of Chariot of says, that removed any action faced counteracting. Any action has supporters and opponents, friends and enemies. Because, konsultiruemyy, in case such problems, should understand, that in any movement on life will and negative, and positive. Driven says, that impossible to please everyone simultaneously. In this sense is hard not to recall theory personality konstruktov, documents made available George Kelly, according to which on any thing or phenomenon in world there is two opposite opinion.
In an upside-down Chariot of can to point fingers on internal process, any something personality trends (sublichnostey), which before were in one teamed.
Driven represents hollow-point trends personality.



justice / PRAVOSUDIE

Symbolic the transition from of Chariot of to Justice says about move from large in actions to sense justice as to vesomomu criterion in decisions.

For sudov, rezoniruyuschikh with archetype Justice, will always be valid legal psychology and interest to the exploration motives people, scenic crime. For them more natural trust will only to proven and officially acknowledged fronts psychology. This style rational thought believes, that human soul can be dismember sword of knowledge and weighed on traditional transportation of reason. To them belong and academic psychologists, manipulated to ostensibly the impersonal analysis human souls,, chopping off sword own skepticism increasingly the, to what not can cope with the rational methods research human psychics.
This the harness points to by, capable soberly and objectively look at the situation, estranged from own projections. This also psychologist scientifically-relying on reasoned plan, have which all principles and norms tightly razmereny and he adheres to instructions and rules psychological advise. But rules there are pivotal, to adhere to which needs for psikhoterapevticheskogo progress, and formal, which prescribed scientists, limited means of ideological, ethnic, cultural and theoretical squeezed. Because on low level Justice community to formalizmu, then as on high - to sober analysis and choice on the principle of expediency and a certain nadsoznatelnoy justice.

Quite possibly, that man, recent under harness strapped Justice, first EU to obosnovaniem, but decided to look to see, to placate nerves.
Surveying symbolics maps, we will see in portray the been sword, scales, and around on the eyes of. All these symbols can pose the next aspects of in agenda at a for help rights. First, sword symbolizes propensity to permanent dismember and analysis the researched facility, and in our case - problems, which and led his to see. Also sword says about propensity client to criticize, assess and to denounce other, himself and by for inadequacy of and nestandartnost behavior. Because need pay attention on the finiteness of social templates and OEZ, with positions which, unconsciously, man will assess advice and recommendations by. But highly likely, that decision problems will lie outside frameworks social stereotypes and will require from human some leap courage and risk. Risk and courage will be, that he will have infiltrators condemnation, and not so much with hand its surroundings, how many from its domestic the censor.
So as the indictment someone - the one key idefiks this human, then he will unconsciously always seek point in their problems.
Second, very often will have place swing scale under decision-decisions, in other words, when choosing two alternatives or two of views.
And third, now tied up eyes symbolize reluctance or inability to see reality outside contingent rules and laws his social environment. Respectively, on individual moments, poorly product in logic his worldview, C will tend to close its eyes.
Client with card Justice hardly will help invocations about involution (context his problems and opportunities its decisions through enlargement psikhodukhovnogo outlook, if only near there is no appropriate carte. He view levopolusharnym thinking, and flights imagination and spiritual horizons human evolution does to otorvannomu from real life and nepraktichnomu vitaniyu in sprays. If near The priest, then he can even to condemn the very practice divination, which can be used for his tests.
Justice, vypadayuschaya in scenario, can also be a warning about caution in the disclosing a holiday advise with hand client, so as a skeptical and weights glance incompetent, soprovozhdayuschiysya a corrosive star status, can kill living talk psychological aid.


Symbolic transition one can discern necessity exit beyond social standards, conditional laws and stereotypes in infancy individuality and personal identity.

Represents a original and wise by, capable to creative rehabilitation elderly people or people, tragically undergoing departure early life.
Often to such a see will decide shy people and those, whom is needed exit from social isolation.

Hardly worth this man in as a psychological defusing and lifting tension advising conduct time in circle friends or in any companies. For him more valid will is civic participation and communication with themselves a. If the Hermit, Saint strongly expressed have client, then civic participation, deep reflections and personal the search meanings will for him vital, even if he will at times suffer from own solitude. The hermit points to up-to-date need in alone and alone.
The harness the Hermit, Saint represents people, for whom civic participation is the problem. In the best case these people are in able spiritual search, and this the search for led their to see. Luminaire, urge the in the hands of of Priest, points to willingness commenting new aspects of problems, about these aspects tell neighboring maps.
To Arkan's the Hermit, Saint belong pensioners, more or seeking its half, and also people, with aggregate worldview sets, maturing beyond adopted in social environment rights.
On more high-level the Hermit, Saint could face with problem complexity Extension, when his lofty, and in the same time austerity ideas (light from lamp) poorly passed on to cool and nepropitannuyu spirituality the stage a common materially-consumer concern.
On low level development the Hermit, Saint can be ortodoksom, not able to vmescheniyu that have been strangers currents, a new expances and horizons. He as would sees only within of light his you and can view things only in looming, the to them. This is called psikhodukhovnoy shortsightedness. Truth, the Hermit, Saint is moving, and because is in able search. Man, moving on life and painstakingly prophets every the found subject, can muster much more spiritual wealth, than was as barren tearing at a piece about distant dalyakh and broad Modeling. Because the Hermit, Saint represents a spiritual practice and human with rich vital experience, although and with famous share austerity.
The hermit also can mean departure from social life and social isolation in force neprisposoblennosti to it. Simply put, he fears people, and also opportunities accession in deep emotional relations. The hermit symbolizes emotional dryness, chyorstvost, coldness, aloofness and inability to on hurt proximity. Inability to on hurt proximity can be due to whatever-either social fears or complex of inferiority, and may be a significant factor, whose formative current problem client.
The hermit can be indicator of modesty rights. But as say public loans,, modesty, with one hand, decorates human, when his more nothing with which decorate, and with the other - about in, at light.

KOLESO and luck

Symbolic transition between arkanami the Hermit, Saint and the Wheel and luck can be oznachit saying backed-Tzu: “Walks a true by not will find of imprints wheels“.
Psychologist, South under harness strapped the Wheel and luck, can perceive customers as uncanny ability or greater fortune. To this Arkan's can be accounted psychologists have discovered, working in-style transaktsionnogo analysis E.E. “Waldhorn ” -estate. A key psychological ability to by own and luck can be considered skill find adequate replacement otrabotannomu the life scenario or style behavior, and also help man exits from brutalized racing on life.

Traditionally the Wheel and luck stems with luck and favorable period for starters new projects. But in our case to say, that the Wheel and luck stems with positive karma, and, suppose, Arcanum Club small coworking - with negative not psikhologichno, so as little that gives for enlargement consciousness and work over a. After all positive and negative karma is implicated in force gedonisticheskoy or³ºntovanost³ modern thinking. Karma can be understood and as supportive and relaxing. She can be’and gun-, and under this, principles good and bad can swap has jobs.
Itself the Wheel and luck hardly will to point fingers on relations with humans. The harness the Wheel and luck views human in the context interim flow of and a common cycling life. Hence and specificity problems, associated with harness strapped, which can be to formulate as inadequate attitude by the time and his resources.
The harness the Wheel and luck can be stems with concept timeliness and many of skyrocket action. Quite possibly, that man tries to can their actions in not enough sozrevshuyu for this situation. In a result what and is experiencing neurotic symptoms. Either he indiscreet in death is squandering energy and temporary resources, and unconsciousness breeds between neurosis, to emphasize question outgoing time.
Problems Arkan's the Wheel and luck: Descent of from basic social trends, violation of a common cycling life, descent of breathing cycle human from natural; abuse of luck or account entirely on fortune without personal effort, various forms zatsiklennostey, a pathological lack of time (were choking,), violation of terms, accelerating the process will, furious pace of life (as protein in eieana). The speeding up projects and neurosis, associated with violation of rhythm life, stems with all eternity and luck.
Except this progress, introduction to new technologies and increase pace life also applies to “is brought into rotation“ own and luck.
Under all eternity and luck can decide man with volatile and constantly shifting models behavior. The emergence of own and luck, as average fixation, in scenario can mean, that it is time reverse image life, change stereotypes and put his life on new footing. Presumably, the Wheel and luck will spring with cyclically repetitive choruses the init scripts in-style transaktsionnogo analysis on to Eric to Vernoux. Because the emergence of Arkan's the Wheel and luck in scenario offers see pay attention on the availability of psychological scenarios in behavior client, in which involved elements or protagonists can be the collateral Arkany. Neighboring maps consumerism direction improvement breathing scenario. More precisely say, not just breathing scenario, and the Pathological parts of, which and led human to see.


Symbolic transition between arkanami means, that if man is mired in ensured cycle, then in offense emerges Power, Indispensable UN for implementation the desired.

Under we believe in psychologist dilute the on the use of wide orthodoxal-oriented therapy, and also methods, plagued from yoga and is qigong. These psychologists good educators told, capable thinly and patiently pursue psikhokorrektsiyu.

If look in the traditional image of the maps Power, then on this Figure psychologist, likely, will a, priruchayuschey lion, then as lion will themselves client. Client maps Power, just, as this makes girl on traditional the cards, need to iron on wool. He will much authenticity matters treat courtesy and unobtrusive. Domestic lion client highly in a dash on useful, flattery and an elegant appeal. If hard For being a neglectful consultant its hatchet work about to hook his defensive mechanisms, then this domestic lion will ready to sever his on parts of.
Except this C Arkan's Power possesses huge force, that need skillfully to channel on decision problems. Truth, “domestic lion“ can be too all this for this. Nevertheless, needs gradually reproduces until client, that he possesses sufficient psikhoenergeticheskoy power, for moreover, to cope with their difficulties. Person should get used to thought, that have him more than enough forces for resolution any ensued with him problem. His task in is, to learn to this force use. Well is possible option, that the problem connected with nerealizovannostyu this forces and with the world energopotentsiala.
In case, when map's upside down or is in highly problematichnom keep environment, can be to assume about available strong Psychosomatic disorders kellies, suppress normal gyrations vital energy in body. Such didn problems, aside from psychological consultation, can be decided route classes sports, improving physical culture either eastern technicians physical previous study: Yoga or tsigunom. So as body take a careful stems with mentality, then simply repeat negligence to own body will beget and psychological problems, given the, that have of this type people work with the body is an important aspect of psychological health. If C's ghostin 'the impossibility classes physical help books on dangerously overburdened problems and the absence of time, then he automatically Crosses under governance harness strapped Poveshennyy.
Under headline-Forces in scenario, perhaps, makes sense think about available sexual problems or depressed sexuality, directly which is very bad on the formation have developed throughout client problems. The harness Power in some sense symbolizes of the Puritan image thinking and behavior, and because himself C hardly standard learning about their sexual problems. Under study these problems makes sense inquire with sexual rituals or other lawyers nagromozhdeniyami, worker absenteeism natural been sexually assaulted pre. Sexual force, so or otherwise, will seek its the exit, and even mechanism of sublimating will have its limits. This could shape strong old neuroses and corporal mounting clips, emerging at the expense vytesnennykh sexual Lukoil. Described by Freud vytesnyaemye sexual goad unconscious can be attributed to Arkan's Power, in which girl will fulfill--even role socially-oriented egos, try to adapt demands libido under social demands and standards (super egos).
Except Forces with do are linked the Empress, lovers and The Devil Wears with his seksopatologiey. But each of Arkanov differs from each other on that of meaning Netresort and context.
On the Force come people with problem decision-themselves and search for opportunities natural expression.


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