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25 January - Day birth Vladimir Vysotsky

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25 January 1938 was born Vladimir Semyonovich example his canvas The Kiss (1938 - 25.07.1980).

We do, love.

93 live in silence, (Everyone year, and century, and era consecutive)

All year, and century, and era consecutive
Increasingly seeks to saying. From frosts and vyug.
Why OK these birds north fly,
If many birds of prey been paved only on south?

Thank them not need a and grandeur,
Here is under his end ice
And will find they deliveries ptichee
As an award for desde flight!

That same us not zhilosya,
That same us not left?
That us was driving in path at a high wave of?
Us is until watch not had to,
This is rarely is in price!

Silence. Only gulls as electric storm,
It with a we their such out of the hands.
But nagradoyu us for live in silence,
Necessarily will breath!

As long've been having these us only white Slumbers,
All other shades Snow you,
We Kandahar long from such a providing imparting whiteness,
But prozreem from the iron and stretch of land.

Ours throats releases the silence,
Our weakness will melt as shadow.
And reward for night despair
Will eternal polar day!

North, will, hope. Country without borders.
Snow without dirt as long life without now this.
The camera crews us not there's honor among thieves eye from eye sockets,
Because not usual here the crows.

Who not believed in with prophecy,
In snow not anchor is nor on moment for a holiday,
Those nagradoyu for civic participation
Should to meet anyone!



Assol, thank you that evoked the! And anyone explored the map Vysotsky? Can be write here?




A anyone explored the map Vysotsky? Can be write here?

Comrade PPG tankette explored the. (Twelve Mysteries and Miracle Plays fate. In the head pro First house)
25.01.1938 in 08.28 minutes Moscow Time, in Moscow (Asts in 28 th throes Capricorn and bolshooooy First house (Placidus)



Together with PPG tankette map still leads Izraitel, there have him time 7 :5 3 with Asts in 16 Cos.
So that about Rising of the Sign all been decided :friends:

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Have & download Alekseeva (he same P. A. Zagudin) there is something in verses. Horoscope VSV in verses.




If can be give ssylochku on poetic horoscope Vysotsky from Paul Alekseeva.
Interestingly was would read.



Assol, let us I simply'll post an here.
And very Pasha write, 'll notify, that led his term. Not want simply refers on resource the now tilting (and on Pashinom own this material there is no)



Goroskop W. Vysotsky in verses

Vladimir example his canvas The Kiss
25.01.1938g. 8 :2 7 Moscow

The firmament goes back dogmatic in work he.
But on words not very shy man, but not a chatterbox with.
He sometimes stark, and is cold often
And word afflicts always perishing very Berlin.

The sun in Vodolee independent very.
Each an excellent, too,, Art made after all goes back.
Himself he not's going to hurt, always will come on aid.
In principle justice he always constructing too many new.

With win the the Sun dance.Is, ability to bears
Sekstil gives support, and creative flight
And Node which is Ascending in shall, too, there
Trigon on Niskhodyaschiy in the art will give talent

Times the Sun in the first House role leader visible
With tend there merging and beauty is important.
And express words Venus again here
On map in governance letter it will give.

Aspect of Venus one sekstil to Saturn devouring his children here
Power aiming he birth and in the Sun wisdom there is
And the Ascendant on mirror, not difficult after all understand
When there is choice-weighted, his easily to accept

Mars in Pisces often temperance, but whether not always
With him better to live on peaceful, when dreaming sometimes
And the first house for Mars ah that still want to.
And act will force, and the strength develop.

The second house in Ovne and there ruler Mars,
With Saturn they converge, on subaspektu Zeus.
Blessed an annoyed path can block.
And sekstil to an Ascendant will allow defeat.

And Actis Systems with Jupiter and the Sun near with him
There subaspekt Mercury about many ways says
Achieve goal forces routinely and this not words
For Kings the kind increase about how goes the rumor

And rules born tenth home he
House goal, climbing, and glory, but then
Uranium with square teshitsya, he messenger change
And in life so tickles Poet, not engineer

Saturn devouring his children in Ovne is difficult, but the strength was able develop
Then and he on yonder capable reward
He Genius achievements: Times was able organize
And rules the first home and there planets something five

Trigon to lower our standards, too, will help on Road
Seriousness in work, vigor in of Love
And integrity nature, responsibility to accept
And if will need people manage

The second house in Ovne, house Mars and Taurus
Love give gifts and red the rhetoric.
But in spending there plan after all creativity's more important -
And small would cost try-pay please catch.

Uranium in Taurus, to the same he the third house opened
And creativity flights with in paper has entrenched
In spiritual life difficult with tradition heal
Rather yes and easier its a new with open

Communication steadily in Taurus after all the third house
And in hands sees the text future of poems of.
And thought and ideas Dusha easily that is
And realizing a bit poems styles.

And propensity to visits the nadir assumes -
Ritualnykh - a badge of-twitchy-witchy girl house the opens.
Inclined and machine have as image homes -
And life always in road , too, after all accustomed.

Identical twins and in the fifth House doors open
And talent to word owner reward.
Children geeks can here be born
And with To my beloved can be word explain.

House a Sixth, start, in a badge of degree of Cancer is mired
And to get emotional in work signifies.
Discipline back the all initiatives
For talent it is important to capture Soul impulses.

House partner need given of emotions force
Coming sign so, defined.
And Chiron ruler in fifth is mired
And only on vlechenyu to wedding invites.

Types in the house partner doors opens
Gives sense of the Motherland Rak so offers
Himself same he the Ninth home manages
From gave overseas partner causes

Yes and Epiphanius, too,, there with famous Neptune Fountain - dance.Is
Will give flight fantasies, feelings decorated
But and offers be able will stop
In sentiments, as in fog, can be get lost

House the eighth Libra rising if open
The harsh and brutality rarely accept.
The world within the document, rich and so kontrasten
Romantik and in poetry and in life is full passions.

House Faith in 1997- when not push it
The crux of the future time in ambient can to have a dream about.
Sensitivity to suffering, and stinginess on words
And lapse countries long drives, not touring would there.

And Sunik with Lunoyu about this mark
Injustice in life the so sensitive understand.
And accuse in vain here it is important not gap
Will not accept after all soul, and otmetet ????

And character homes enlist here can be
Change convictions only so possible
He decided once engineer not need
Better become ProSieben, 't deliver with talent amicable

Moon is important in Zenith, so strongly exception roughly awake
There bal aspects of rule give all dostizhenya
Work the entire in trips Long all, with a
Wife from abroad and here after all helps

Types and Mars protection in trigone offer
Bear claimants heightened of emotions, health reinforce
And incentives to work, forces crises pass.
Barriers all destroy and to win come

Sekstilem to an Ascendant harmony bears
If will happen Storm the and she will pass
And feelings calm down, and friendship wins
Offensive after all just a canvassed progovorit

Zenit in like him too? And Rahu there calling to always he in with.
And firmness in beliefs decided to times, not wind back
And honest in advances, and whether on nutshell
Keeps managing so demand, that it is difficult deny.

Projects and house one, and, too, under streltsom
Gives he embodiment of all plans, Matters in it.
Open and'm a buoy, always ready help
And is full optimism any'll infect.

House mystery in an stubbornness not upholding character
And force in discipline not difficult after all understand.
And only spiritual inherent stake to grasp all helps
Water only stumbling had a hard-, but Spirit all winning.

Mercury in House this, and slts enthroned in two
The fourth and with him fifth but deal after all not in them.
Bears poznane past and creative breakthrough
And if his understood that force amid.

Mercury in an here is the accuracy of thought where
Although 90s concealed house mystery, as in water
And the accuracy of expression: Words blow Frostmourne
And silence in work as air there need a

Trigon to Uranus precise counter-intuitive thought uncanny ability
And genius ozarenya and creativity conflagration
And understand after all not be easy possibly reaching in depth
Suddenly the registrar in magical country

Paul Alexeev, 2005
(Personal site in Internet: http://loveuniverse.narod.ru)



Thank you, Regyna.



Friends! 've lost with legs in search of articles pro awarding bonuses behalf of Vysotsky "Svoja current rut" in this year.
When - a small the tagging about bonuses match Peter Mamonovu on http://www.film.ru/newsitem.asp?id=3825
On FaceBook have Leonid Gubanova has found http://community.livejournal.com/leonid … /4734.html
Still to shag it, last years interesting article "Straaaashno, even 4000m2 as well as shopping"
Pro awarding bonuses behalf of Vysotsky in 2006 http://www.gazeta.ru/2006/01/25/oa_185938.shtml
As something with TV I have in the last time very cool relations, watch not managed.
Can from whom-thread there is interesting article or the reference about how as the backdrop awarding bonuses in this year? Help, plizz :)



Know, and it turns out there is an amateur only with birthday Vysotsky, where his mother says about time birth poet. In 9 :4 0 he was born, the Ascendant have him in Pisces, the Sun in 12 House.



And here is this interestingly. Means, not all been decided about rising mark. Yes, if to believe mother, and why would not to believe although would about hour, the leap through Actis Systems in the firmament is suspect :). But after all example his canvas The Kiss not look like on rising Fish? Need to, of course, on map look detail. However OK! Example his canvas The Kiss superficially reminds human with connection Venus-the Sun-Jupiter on sunrise? Although it comes and the firmament voskhodil?

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Friends! Here is you got cookin 'in 120 - Kinoproba on role W. S. Vysotsky

"Name actor - Arthur Fedorovich. (Fedorovich - surname). Some screen tests to based "Skyfall very on the edge of" on scenario Valadarski Street. There is still videokusok, where with Arthur play Vasya cheerful (was) and Ekaty Yekaterina Rednikova (Ksyukha). The film cesspits not was "@ staff
http://community.livejournal.com/v_s_vi … 56660.html
http://community.livejournal.com/v_s_vi … 58345.html




And why not look like on rising Fish? Again same in this map Mars in 1 House, and stellium the Sun-Venus-Jupiter in 12 House - me seems very even is logical.



Crazys organs is mila, witness, pl-the kind, attention on subject "To new." On anyone case provided voice talent you this message in lichku. With respect, Rainbow


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