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Spharischen I terminally Stuck in the Net what themes that write. Perhaps on balance the professional.
Rainbow asked

Yuri, thank you for exile (you something themselves where?)

I was born and live in Propulsion Zheleznogorsk Urban Okrug, Krasnoyarsk the brink. This so-called closed city, where there are two basic enterprises. Mining-Chemical Dream Kondi previously catatonic production grade plutonium through four nuclear reactors (similar separate). I work at the other, this NGOs Applied equations added up now preobrazuyuschayasya in Corporation OJSC Information Satellite-System-. This production satellites ties. Before did screens, think is, help McQueen and others., and now get, Glonassy, SESAT 1 (for European organizations Eutelsat S.A. commercialises capacity). Three a quarter of all Russian satellites on orbit - our.
’ ve worked I ordinary operator looms CNC in workshop mekhobrabotki. Career not am. Workplace before computer, but exit in staff not give :mad:. So that annoyed to not d.
With respect, Yuri A. Zorin.

Ah yes, for on interesting I allow worded site my enterprises npopm.ru

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'm understand in than chip this Forum - he only with mind forum, but on fact Astrodome. Even correct information about itself. Astrology for me - this focus on maintaining, which came in moment crisis as in country, so and his domestic world, but my personal crisis came the when I already studied under in VShKA. In fact this focus on maintaining led to the break-up my family. Now I have another family and 4-'s year-old son. Spouse - radiofizik, psychologist and business consultant now already. Device life in the new family ranks much time, camping on K. From first marriage remained two children have current spouse and I have the most from first, too, two children. Now became easier, senior children rose and are becoming linked autonomy. Frankly, an additional lifetime earnings thanks to astrologicheskim Advice was very incidentally. During dropping out in VShKA participated in study aspects of groups nonagona and now this study me raze not pitnu. In magazine "Russian ephemerides national" N2-3 1999g Propulsion Tomsk was published my work.
Now a member a new phase in his life. Computer (a good), Internet, forums have, communication with astrologers, which indeed studied in astrological schools. In fact this training on the new coil of a.
And over the entire this you for causing a fuss silently gives a hangs question - that there is TRUE?

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Юра wrote:

In magazine "Russian ephemerides national" N2-3 1999g Propulsion Tomsk was published my work.

Yuri, means, virtually I you can long know. Come- out in Tomsk "Express" I smiled, reported receiving. With Sergei Maslikovym a bit even in the real life've crossed paths, when he came to conference, that our group was hosted by in Novosibirsk.



Greetings, Regyna. Certainly and me accounted for something to read from your works. Here is only not know who you. :blush:



Of my hardly. In its time beginning every, but magazines were such, more populyarizatorskoy subjects (and strictly category: New Siberian Islands).
Me, rather, in Web revere can be. On AstroLayfe, AstroLedi, Okuluse my materials are hanging.



Unkind to read it to you. Their people need to know! :bye:



Me name is Svetlana. Me 40. Son 18.’ve worked in school teacher nachalnyz classes and vice principal. Love his son and work. And still in us lives cat. It 15. With it have us, too, love mutual.



Find welcome this weekend ’, World! :bye: Koshka brotherhood-- has pleased separately :) here many of us cat lady starter kit.



Hello. Me name is JUlja. Me 31god. Married, two children. I in deretnom Holiday. Received your “and here is decided go on forum.



Welcome, JUlja! :bye: A “what precisely: Astrologicheskuyu or psychological?



Hello respected Visitors and masters Forum yjkl! Me name is Yamb uuiio … the Sun – my in Vodolee … MA – It love teachings - Astrology. A favorite master – A. Underwater … His the responsive, deep and penetrating participation in life people, me on psyche! :)
Live I in St. Petersburg, although come from southern cities, long lived on Ural … Skyfall education I...... is the Construct-raschyotchik (CAD) … Jobs me my very like! So in my life right and left was have enough “food ” rty …
Is married! With wife was lucky uipo … (Ugh-Ugh-Ugh!
Me grassroots your forum vxcgfdtr … MA – It entertaining and a handsome … How Rainbow! … I very love little Rainbow, as natural phenomenon …
Here is you my Rainbow, which I meanwhile after thunderstorms, as a on one of mountains beautiful Urals :bye: …

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Welcome, Yamb! :bye: I hope, that together with forumchanami gonna climb not one astrologicheskuyu the top! :) Oh underwater can be will to talk to the, if want to. I think, it will be interesting discuss his books. Many started precisely with them.

For photo of the rainbow Merci Pour le a separate :thank_you: Indeed, very beautiful natural phenomenon :)



Dobryi day! I - Maya.
Grassroots your site. Many useful those and interesting interlocutors.
Unique am more 10 years. Have been arguing to develop synthesis astrology and psychology.



Hello, Maya! Join to us :bye:



Had a good days all! Me name is Marina. Live in Moscow. Am learning in VShKA in absentia. On profession I doctor, am vertebronevrologiey and traditional methods treatment (camping on E. Manual HER2, igloterapiey, girudoterapiey, and also energy methods treatment). Unique his on more 10 years, and here is has the courage to learn in the past year (Uranus in 1 House contemplated not gives)! The sun in Ovne, Long in Pisces, Asts. In question, in 9 House 3 planet: The sun, Mars and Jupiter. In ties with so position planets under my birth all its free time dedicate samoobrazovaniyu. Internal urge for broaden knowledge, interest to religion, philosophy, the occult. Have been arguing connect knowledge medical, esoteric and astrological. Interestingly to communicate with Test Ban!



Marina wrote:

I got name is Marina.

Welcome to the Era, Mrina! :bye:

Marina wrote:

Interesting to communicate with Test Ban!

Hope, you their here will find :rolleyes:



Bountiful all days!
Me in the real life name is Olga.
I a Sagittarius on Sun. :)
To astrology always snubbed skeptical, but with curiosity.
With age has become noticing some patterns in behavior and character surrounding people.
Here is and got carried away these knowledge. I newcomer, until very little that know, but ochchchchen interestingly!! :)



Клара wrote:

I got in the real life name is Olga.

We are happy you! :bye:



Hello! Me name is Nina. I Rak on sun, Bic on year birth.
In astrology - self-taught (few years in embracing one another with Odnako :lol:). His on Pepper Manhattan, sinastriey; Khironom.
There is idea-costs of: Coupling astrology with khirologiey. Although I and there and there're a non-pro.
Hope find here and associates, and those, who has even that to tell :rolleyes:



Hello, Nina! :) I hope, that our forum will you useful in your classes.


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