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All Hi! Is happy you welcome on this Forum!! Because here already situation quite intimate company, then eventual every new man - event (derive). So I am asking all new in this podforume to tell several words about itself. ???? only that consider please, volume of and content information determine themselves. Pleasant you communication and successful discussions!

Lena-siren, start with you?



I Elena! Lena-siren this my a longstanding PHRASE, coined my husband. Now I tends to his reverse, but'm using them with gusto. Me 40 years, live in city of Sochi, mean of four children,’ve worked in superior school Leeuwen. The pulpit, surely beckons, mean his degree of candidate Sciences. Sphere basic interests neural message World, neural message hamam. On my view well learn using in numerology. Love travel.



Thank you, Len! :) the chandy, come along shabby.There! I always is happy you to see. :thank_you:



You very interestingly write, Lena, so that join to us on-more often. :)



Zdraste! :)
I Goodyear. Nick - The tree. In world - Love, but prefer appeal on this nickname.
30 years. On the signpost sun - Actis Systems. On the signpost fusion - Actis Systems. On the outside exercises of - Sunik (Asts).
The main naprpavleniem in life chose the search for of truth.
Explore astrology, and also Taro, dem and foundations of the occult. And, as was told to Delfiyskim oracles, every day shall know themselves :bb: :)

?. Policies. Lena, you invite - I came! @} -- > -

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Greetings, The tree! :bye: welcome, welcome.



Believe their debt contribute additions about information about my the Favourites person. I had my learner's, in VShKA and on Forum VShKA am under down "Petrov." So as here very many people with this Forum, think, this 4-1-1 about me will nebespoleznoy. Simply in virtual space Web I have two permanent inductors, one of whom I here and used.
In general, and again hello! :bye: @-}->--



I think, this was correctly.



Crazy’s organs is mila, hello! Please, several words about itself.’re familiar.



Hello, Boris Bulatov! Pl-the kind, several words about itself.



To Boris Bulatov. Me very pleased, that you pleasant, support were, but me like would you remind and about owner this homes, to it, too, was pleased. Namely: See My post higher.



Boris Bulatov, if you will continue to ignore my requests, I you zabanyu.



Boris Bulatov, you blocked. If it is unclear for that, see Higher.



Crazy’s organs is mila, if chase continue to ignore my posts, urafa to you, chase punished with next.



Flax, you made? Pro Boris can be very many to know on chart them exiled. Have him a host site, from which can be draft misconception about him. I something not simply so wrote, and ever read any Poe his articles.



Dtyuy Alla, under than here you and yours intercession by for B. B. At all it is unclear. If you have strong feelings to him sympathy, invite on its forum. All the more, that we with him on mail that to me, about everything to give me an explanation. His ban will last month, until 23 March.

Alla, theme closed and not is discussed.



Радуга wrote:

I, of course, with its statutes in a foreign ’, but I such first time encounter, that need respond to post, which I in eyes not seen! Here is today time come letter me on soap - here all clear, are asked write, please.



Lud_mila wrote:

I, of course, with its statutes in a foreign ’, but I such first time encounter, that need respond to post, which I in eyes not seen!

Perfectly reputable Ludmila! For this and there is administrative page, to its read the strangers.



Times adopted that - I always "for"! I, as you understood from my inductors, Ludmila and there is. Live in Moscow region, married, daughter already nevertheless - 16 years. So as here many astrologers, here is my data: 05.02.1970 Propulsion Tambov, time 16 :3 5 (10 mines can gulyat). At Sun I, thus, Actis Systems, so love small groups associates.
An "A" word come by with 1993, with 1999 analyzed in school Vladimir Kolesnikova, (http://www.astro-logia.ru). Wrote for their newspapers "Astrolog" couple of articles. Two years as starters advise with the help astrology. Very love learn, so in this year go... I go on seminars VShKA. Recent the inauguration for me has become astrology deck "Balaklava, Ukraine." With relish has mastered its, so as maps very beautiful and me appealed immediately. In plans start apply in work with humans what I learned on these courses.
Nature I free spirit, so not love conservative rules. But in, too, time highly mirolyubiva, so propose a: "Guys, let us to live small!" Can learn how what each have friend :)



Thank you for narrative, Ludmila! :bye:


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