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Helen wrote:

Today on the morning evangelism - and the not so and this. Obey what the a man its back concerned, on the sides people are worth and odors different, nightmare!

And have us summer the most a very erotic transport. Gasket - whether well!



Радуга wrote:

A have us summer the most a very erotic transport

Erotica in vehicles :D And sex :lol: This is when you have there same from all sides cxtrsder



Javadxan, this when in a minibus, dude, Revenue per Sale calculated on 12 man, vpikhivaetsya 25. :bb:



With transport affairs -- terribly!
Municipal buses, such a sense of, that simply progressed, I already since forgotten, when on them and touring avea. Mini bus. Hmm forge the A different times, to far guaranteeing leave, account for Stamping until the ultimate (and this minutes 15 rapid step). Bo drivers took in habit a different times, until machine not booted, they not go. Ah, and is loaded usually immediately so, to can be was without stops, camping on E. Have themselves here modicum zazhdis: A and running all the Saltenfjord. Under this machines niei?u razdolbannye gazelki (about fordakh until only say). And the cost of map for with 1 September soared. If until the main parts of cities on general backdrop of and not too (with 25 rubles until 30), then on local routes, within cleanup with 10 rubles until 15, immediately. Not, I it comes, can, and not only, go they normally and whether opportunity quietly and comfortable experience far reach.
Congestion -- this at all Atas. City enormous, and with transport razvyazkami calamity. To here is from me (Akademmіstechko) get to center cities or until the short station subway, the only track. And the kind federal meaning, the entire Transit transport, in side Altai, Kazakhstan goes precisely for it. Given summer mass of origin on otdykhalovki and ????. In general, wasn that the availability of near Hauptstrasse tantalizing, many familiar simply forget even about own machines and on work higher precisely on this the form of transport (when dreaming Discipline marshrutkakh-helicopters).
On days, when still and GES burned,’banned, bridge, respectively,, too,. People accounted for with one Bank on the other (within cleanup) get through the entire city, camping on E. Steel. And after all many of our villages on Left Bank on work drive, as and contrary, people made there work or learn here have us.
In general, horror.



All Hi! :rolleyes: Found it an interesting site, the knighted Professor names. Very many cognitive material, recommend: http://taina.aib.ru/names/rasvilka.htm



Pro transport in our city of.
Advertisements goes a new taxi. Is called: Taxi "Saturn" 8)
Anyone summoned would such taxi, if would it was you have in city of?



Morozz wrote:

Name: Taxi "Saturn"
Anyone summoned would such taxi, if would it was you have in city of?

:) Boor really! Perhaps, better, than "Uranus"! :tongue:



Marina wrote:

Boor really! Perhaps, better, than "Uranus"!

Better something better.
But perhaps it will to go terribly slowly, not passing by, meticulously while taking traffic violation. Yes and perhaps drivers - pensioners there alone. :D



Morozz wrote:

Better something better.

Pospeshish- people look stupid.



Радуга wrote:

Pospeshish- people look stupid

Javadxan. And you represent, what have them slogan of the? "With us in future" :lol: Uranus dormant.



Morozz wrote:

"Since us in future"

And what? :D Wu us in marshrutkakh another hangs: "20 minutes of fear and, if lucky, you homes."



And have us today that? Day silence? :crazyfun:



Fludit, so fludit :D
All politically has been a matter of Russians, they presume have themselves sense of humor or not expedited such by that Spain to watching a small the commercial:
Dmitri Medvedev - How increasingly began
About to TV guaranteed, nevesyolye conclusions not se exclud :)



I congratulate with-Fare Week! :jumping:



Кристина wrote:

I congratulate with-Fare Week!

And incidentally :)



In such a case - ugoschaemsya the pancakes! :flirt: Who bakes?

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Zvezdochet wrote:

In that case - ugoschaemsya the pancakes!

Oops, what delicious pancakes! Thank you! :love:



Merci Pour le! :) Nice pancakes :) I not'm baking :angry: once. And who-thread abstention will?



Morozzand Rainbow
On zdorovie and bake, this very the good tradition!

For raising appetite (and zhelanieya be preparing :P) several recipes from me :writing:

Pancake house will hors-" farewell to the, winter of! "

For preparations test will need: 0.5 liter milk, 250 grams roller mill wheat flour with, 2 eggs, 2 UF. Phytosterols sunflower butter, 2 UF. Phytosterols sugar and nohat spoon of salt. For toppings: 1 boiled egg, 5 g green string, 10 g of herring, 10 g of boiled meat, 20 g:) proteins, 10 g bacon, greens parsley and fennel. Pancakes bake. On middle first flapjack posting cube of herring, quarter-boiled eggs, green onion. Wind back-puff.. On the second Hi, put an otvarnoe chopped thrown up over it meat, on the third - thinly thrown up over it and roasted lard. Ready to-wrapped figs fold their on greased with oils ·, fill with whipped proteins and Horne in the oven. Before Auftragserteilung on the table now to put salt on them and decorate greenery.

Pancakes "How have grandmothers"

For preparations pancakes on plateau prescription will need the glass pshennoy flour, 20 Mr. yeast, 4 eggs, the glass have semolina groats, soda and where sea salt on the tip knife, 200 Mr. flour, the glass of fresh boiling water over. Cook from some dried bread and barley liquid bag for on water without of salt. Cool the housing price, crossmatch in a small pan, add yeast, divorced in warm water. There same kick hell out of oats grits, where sea salt, soda, flour flavored, into the eggs. Randomize and put on night in warm place. When dough surge, into the the glass for a radical of fresh boiling water over, stir and to leave on 30 minutes. 've been baking on slow fire, closing a lid. Before Auftragserteilung used machine oils.

Dub cartoons for with cooking themes :D

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People, and who as satisfy its aesthetic activities the beginning of in terms of wallpaper for the working the table? I have in the process vanished collection from 2.5 thousands of the images + calendar there was and every day a window the very smeschalos to grinding halt after date. In general very a pity. If who would put forth his exile, where usually pumping there, then huge thank you :) especially welcome theme of nature and different cities.


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