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On retro-Mercury.

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. Review to tales are? And try their will with perspective astrology? :) So:
"By the sand fly-by the sand fly, Tsokotukha, gilt by a" - Venus in Taurus
"By the sand fly on’went, by the sand fly'll take your money has found" - Mars in Taurus (activities showed by the sand fly, not with the sky same it came :rolleyes:)
"Went by the sand fly on bazaar and has bought the samovar" - Long in Taurus. So, labor hypothesis - have flies stellium in Taurus: Moon, Venus, Mars.
"Our current reactive model--you come, cockroaches, I you tea'll buy. Cockroaches adopted, all drinking glasses Roman manors. And bugs on 3 a cup of, with the surrogate and reborn as a pretzel "- this any tone a wounded Jupiter Long: Represent itself small start seeing bugs all over, which umololi together pretzel vendor? :) "Now, by the sand fly-Tsokotukha the birthday girl."

Who remembers as further was? ;)



Perfectly reputable Rainbow, and gilt by a this in my Long in question :dance: (if you auctioning the in mind radiks St.. Pro Mars in Taurus, you not seems, that he she has in transit somewhere stop hanging around down and the second house especially? :P A I so think, that in radikse he she has quite in another place is worth (Nu in Libra, for example, because reaction on aggression she has further bitter not went). :P Nu so here is, adopted prevents taraktany and heap another people - all poeli- just had a cup, gifts had been given - not otherwise, as Transit Jupiter or Venus for this the most those respects or on kuspidu 4 homes she rolls her. (All babaushek-bees’immune systems, butterflies-beauties can be perhaps, on this transit shift the).
Further "one some starichok--bitsy spider." Began lithographs to it with the messy intentions - A this have same Saturn Transit ,-reaching on 4 home radiksa makes hard aspect of to ASTs St. or to its Grocer 1 homes. And in sight in radikse Saturn this in 8 or in 11 House is worth, because as very perishing suddenly deal pivoting and clearly there is the threat permanent change. You as think there is have its Saturn natalnogo squaring to Mars? I, so simply not know, but seems me - there is. And then Saturn either in an, either in Raque, either in Ovne
Further "Poux shout shouts." Here is she "of the air reaction on aggression (I no one specifically not mean in mind :D - only Fly), and Saturn Transit speaks out he's a smirker. Understandable, Saturn he such, very talkative - means skoreev 8 House.
Here interesting reaction guests, camping on E. Venus and organic "But beetles-worms ispugalisya, and bugs under bed, unwilling to fight"
Railways ;)



Yes here add simply nothing to acquire! :D As I have thought rasshevelilas, Chukokola already all alphabetized on art! :D A-and-and, truth forgotten mosquito-savior of.



Yes, so here is, mosquito did. That we know about Komare?
"Deform, to DRAMA have posted new live,
Care of the saber takes out
And him on the entire full gallop
Head srubaet! "

Part Aries, not otherwise! But only with first glance. And at all I have guessed that.! This detective! :cool: here all not so simply. But I shall state details only tomorrow. :beee:



This it seems on psychological detective. Me embarrass :D phrase: "Suddenly where something flies Little moth can." Where a mosquito learned of trouble? And why have him among broad daylight days in drawn flashlight? Which then why something turns into sabelku? And can have them with a spider conspired was, type you on it attack, and I its'll save. By the sand fly something girl nebednaya, 'll take your money has found, yes and abdomen she has gilt (can this not metaphor and Venus all same not in question, and in Taurus)..

. And at all I not materialistic! Acute.gif That are looking:
"A fly for hand harks back
And to window seat talks the:
"I villain, uh, chopped up,
I you grapes
And now, soul-the damsel,
On you want marry! "

???? a mosquito our even behalf of flies not knows! :bb: A girl in of shock and argue it in essence nothing to acquire :bye: have said: So, a mosquito not Aries, perishing painful for the intelligent. Somewhere have him Mercury struck can be?

Guys, this all quadrature (mathematics) transit Mercury playin 'a prank :rofl:



A mosquito - Mars in fire in shall or opposition to Old in the air. Could would forces routinely ask have St. as its name is, but forgot!



:D How this forgot! Alla, you on life many men for justification, which Muzeum Wsi Slowinskiej marry, not know behalf of bride’s? :/ Ne--e’s, not forgot he. This was a backdoor vision. And interestingly. As would by the sand fly traced themselves on water type aggression? Crying would? On Fire clear. Woman would the rolling pin and old for a loop on baldo :black_eye:
"And villain something not be kidding,
Hands-its feet he Teddy it with this rope turns the "you sweating all over, him already incentive need. For 8 th homes.

And on globe type aggression? And at all not United Nations attention, I with solyarom leave. Thank God! :pardon:



And this aspects of Mars and Saturn - that there have St. there is?
For example the earth Saturn in of increasing to airlines Mars -komaru.
Then Saturn I suggest in the Virgin - he same networks weaves, manual (abdominal edge) hard Hypnotizes. Then is obtained Mars in the Twins. But then he immediately began would with a fly on a wall to gab, and he like there is no.
Then Saturn in Taurus, and Mars in Vodolee? But spider has not builder, not drive.
Or Saturn in an, and Mars in Libra? Such were pigheaded, wizened man spider has - and gallant Gerald is mosquito did? And made, like it seems.



Me seems, that Mars in Libra not so gustsy, to chop off immediately the maniac here head. Although sake of flies ;)



Dobryi evening! Ah yes, sake of St. Mars in Libra Self head Saturn devouring his children in an in 8 House (to spider). Another argument for what have St. Mars in Vesakh- this the, that on critical situation she reacts exclusively shout. And where same, in what House he she has can be, if Saturn in Kozere in 8 House •? :cool: By all indications Seca Raceway homes - either in 5, either in 4 House. If would in 5 she would, perhaps sport loved, yes and among guests real Marses sow would. And so - crisis, spider has has attacked - and nor one present men near - Don’t otherwise, as she has budnoy Mars in 4 House is dug in. Again same only this Mars Vesovskiy had flown - immediately deal to wedding matter. Have the most something countries than Mars can be where anywhere (judging by torch, which God knows in that transformed - perhaps in like him too? Or in Ovne - this have them any a Tool suited was would desire to) Nu okay, with card countries than then see. Us Poux interested in. Here is if Mars in Libra and in 4 House, and Saturn in Kozere and in 8, then where same ASTs? And here two answer either in Raque, either in the Twins. You as think?
Like weather such a, kamnya.Imeetsya, important events in road occur ('ll take your money has found, then on bazaar was awake at) - perhaps ASTs in the Twins - but this question controversial :bb:
All ??? gilt by a (nickname its), is Long Lotsmanova question in radikse and perhaps in 3 House. Again same hospitable such a. But after all and russian, only she has through this Japan alone suffering - so that let she has the Sun and Venus in Taurus will and in 12 House. And what the Sun in of increasing to those respects - this unambiguously :D tailed very public the situation was, when all Visitors on crannies quaking....
And where same then blood regardless its gorosokpa - Mercury? Directly not know, that and to think ;) Yes and about organic, too, - can he she has in 12 House and manages as times the seventh?
Yes, in my about criminal collusion countries than with guy named Spider, in my you Rainbow, too make the situation. A spider simply not was invited tea to drink, and he understandable offended by, here still Poux their the room screaming his bloodiness of unleashed, and mosquito did so, past flown. Accented same coincidentally!



Not the case in life of similarities! Yes still that it comes immediately marry! :rofl: Where is you such, Chukokala, saw? To married among themselves accidentally? Although, if to follow everything version of, then have St.. It comes. Very pleasant being veiled, to mosquito did immediately fell in love. He even behalf of its not asked. 'm getting married, - shouts. ASTs she has, likely, in Raque. Girl russian. Has found'll take your money and that has bought? Gold-back the diamonds? There is no. The samovar! And Long in question in 2 st House then well fits. Lev all same a badge of strictly entertainment, here is she guests something and panel called.



Why same coincidentally and steep occur. And why you confident, that Poux with a mosquito not were are familiar at all. And can they until this well even help, simply have mosquito case not was it proposal do? And here sees, young lady resist not will - ah and let could forge iron, until ardently. (In specifis - the nowhere not states, that they until this not meet each other)
If ASTs have St. in cancer, then DSTs in an - A mosquito did on 7 home it goes. And so what same he the firmament in its understanding of? Yes no.
Again same about khozyaystvennosti - Nu imagine themselves: Lives such a Poux well nevertheless, the contacts, secular L pochtti that - and samovara she has no :O. Here is you themselves without was homes and at work to imagine you can? And a fly this question not especially relevant was - there is money, Ischu the samovar - No--ah sell. Again if ASTs in Raque, then Long in 2 House - blood regardless horoscope - perishing the samovar the long should be in available. As you think?
Again same under 7 House in Kozere Visitors, too, partly on 7 home must go - and their there such beschetnoe number of was, that neither one brands themselves DSTs in Kozere not survive. :beee:



Чукокала wrote:

Again if ASTs in Raque, then Long in 2 House - blood regardless horoscope - perishing the samovar the long should be in available. As you think?

Is logical, Chukokala. :yes: The further we we inquire, those suspicious you're gonna me seem all these heroes. Ox, something here not the. Here is are looking that is obtained. Have girls DR brewing. She itself and ear not is leading, that guests to nothing with which. In himself day name day she goes in field (why there?) and finds'll take your money! As if knows in advance, that will find! Here without Uranus and organic not go off. Buys the samovar and invites guests. A fly clearly lucky, is manifest happy coincidentally. :rolleyes:



There is no, believe not in Raque Asts., by the sand fly is preoccupied with not refresh-popit, and celebrating, merry songs, to communicate. Pity, that in question not can be. On Taurus by the sand fly not resembles, and means, by :)



All are a good day! Now read fun book, detective. Is called Death servant's, the author Judith Cook. Action is happening in London 16 century. Young doctor, surgeon is investigating murder of girls, which comprised horoscope. We remember, that in those times doctors were and astrologers on moonlighting. So here is, I drew attention to the some details, which required a doctor, to construct horoscope girls. She "told, that its called Eliza in" honor of Queen "and that her father was the main a poor groom of in a large distinctive Country Edise, and mother was breast farm, but not told where precisely. And also some details, concerning its health, physique and appetite. "
Incidentally, data girls 10 July 1573 year, was born on sunrise, on moment death it was 17 years. Request obvious when drafting horoscope was "able whether me rich?", that for its legal profession and gender was highly unusually, so doctor its and have learned to memorise.



Here is you good fellows! Read --katayus with laughter! :lol: :lol: :lol:



Let me, the layman the purpose, suggest …

"Poux on’went, by the sand fly'll take your money has found"

Can have flies something strangled with the fifth home and Uranus.

After all not wise by the sand fly went seek in field'll take your money. It has agreed on’on its somehow, only it known, Affairs and suddenly -- here is she cash greenback! Here is was lucky, a major sum (the samovar has bought) and a foreign (not it a fly on a wall obronennaya)

I seen map young human, which increasingly time found money on the street and always large sums. And when emerges again the threat, that have him can nor be money on life. Him anyone gave money, with gratuitously)

Have him Uranus in sovpade with Selena in 1997-@-@ 5th house

To the same, to a fly love accidentally banging on the front door, through extreme situation. But as not hotel in maybe there with flashlight, which you only that saved?



Again same under 7 House in Kozere Visitors, too, partly on 7 home must go - and their there such beschetnoe number of was, that neither one brands themselves DSTs in Kozere not survive.

Sorry, that a smartass, but again same have met plenty, which a damsel with Ace in Raque and respectively DS in an. So it the Sun, merkuriy, Venus were in Taurus-11th house in shall to Ace and trigone DS -- she was's obsessed on your friends and friendship, that has itself friends in nemerenykh quantities, 's obsessed was on companies and parties.

Want add, that rekti people, about Class maps say, did not itself :D, simply mean access to live astrologer and on these cards am learning.



P. With -- Since many people, whose maps there is in archive am familiar personally, on this there is opportunity analyze.



Лада wrote:

exhaustive information throughout not wise by the sand fly went seek in field'll take your money. It has agreed on’on its somehow, only it known, Affairs and suddenly -- here is she cash greenback! Here is was lucky

Yes, indeed! :cool: In fairy nothing not said pro the, why Fly experienced in purely field. Simply "Poux on’went, Poux'll take your money has found." Lada, you this seem to regard as sudden the gain, on 5 home? Need to and me on’stroll, I have, too, Uranus in 5 st :) Ohk, will abandon version of, that have St. Uranus in 5 forge the But as you think, in what signs?