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Pro life

Observing this years,
In the fifteenth times
Do harakiri.

Sword just obtained the.
The third hour every torturer.
On blistayuschem blade a butterfly sleeping.




And not will save nor stansy, nor sozvezdya.
And this is called — vozmezde
For what each time,

Countries razgibaya over string-fought,
Was looking I over forehead their spacious
Stars only, not eye.

That been you recognizing on faith, —
Ah, nor a flat moment, a lovely Eros,
Without you me not was empty!

That at night, in solemn calm,
Was looking I have gentle tailored rumyanykh —
Rhyming dictionary only, not tailored.

Retaliation for what cancer’s worst judges
Was — as snow, that here, under leftist breastfeeding
Eternal apotheosis!

That with the eye on eye with young East
Was looking I on the forehead his high
Zor only, not of roses!

Marina Cvetaeva



And leaves crumbling per capita,
And drunk Tsuren, and house on scrapped the,
And I'll sing, and you not listen
Why us tears at the table?

Wine on tablecloth, from above - of salt.
And filmov we have had and adopts:
Us there is rest, us will will.
And will autumn. Death - there is no.

From respite to predyshke,
Through aluminum amalgam - deeper and deeper mirrors:,
About death knowing corporation as a,
But about pain - cleanly,

In warmly, through passages fur
On blood, on heart of, on occupying.
In bulk gold and laughter,
And autumn there is, and death there is no.

Over mazes coming along and dreams flight rampant souls,
And in it sings and is splashing the flames. Of food sonnet, Tsuren, of food,
About sunlight heat and paradise. And isklyuchenie on outcome years,
What even if you have the brink - there is simply autumn. Death there is no




I have long'm used the morning at night to window,
I until AM drink-turner silence.
Easy pukoy'm boogying down in night
Tpepetnoe the flames naked candles.
And again trekking across some remote corner years on ten ago,
When I pposche was and lived at random,
I has judged about everything naively and on that first glance,
And making step I not thought about is,
That same me will for this then.
Before I not remained essentially silent, I your day now I'll shut up,
But I'm flying on light and'm boogying down light a candle,
And means there is hope all change,
With than something ppostitsya, someone ppostit,
Once peshitsya and all forever must decide,
But attenuates a candle on vetpu,
Attenuates a candle, a candle on vetpu.
And zybkiy the fire disappear table to utpu,
Attenuates a candle on vetpu, goes out a candle, attenuates,
Attenuates a candle on vetpu,
Together with candle I dogopyu.
Mopalno'll calm down, themselves usmipyu,
In prehensile the arms of a postylogo days,
Will make all, that await from me,
Yes, I almost smipyayus, only again in night
Neschadnym fire me burn rays,
And panit ostpyy blade,
Once I lighting candles.
But attenuates a candle on vetpu,
Attenuates a candle, a candle on vetpu,
And zybkiy the fire disappear table to utpu.

Sergei Minayev

Can be even and export resist the http://www.karaoke.ru/song/3341.htm ???? all forum :P



152. In African silence

In African bezmolvi
Pleasant the evening,
We scratch with you
Of private tuition-and-of private tuition.

I await the otkrovenya …
In appointed by hour
Fate me would open
Mystery of.

And exuding dawn
In rasstupivsheysya the darkness
As if accidentally.

And stars not will race to internalize
For mrachnoyu a shoving

And the sun with ulybkoyu
Will greeted,
As hero novel …
(Yvetta Horny)

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Beauty and force hard cash have become
Zavorazhivala and was calling for to itself.
The glare, on Blade iskryas, played.
So like hold its in drawn.

And giving in, I took out its from its sheath, and the.
Learning its smooth curves,
I quite forgot pro caution.
And caressed, stroking its back.

I, of course, knew – she is dangerous.
This was heard for a liar a mile away.
In voice, singing so perfectly
In moment, when she pronzala hollowness.

And then I've sort of had your hands should
Wound by, that aching and until now.
Blood spurting tyoployu however have
Krasya cherry blades pattern.

Despite what I not master
Of calligraphy and battlefield on fight with swords
I want risky happiness –
Naked,, compress you in the hands of.

P.S. Katana - this, samurai sword.



125. Clouds

In the dawn evening a firmament
Painted red shadows.
And clouds hurry in approach
For commander, that is leading
Tired warriors forward.

They go causes marched,
In's reflection heads sklonya.
And sun a glint...... flashes suddenly
On really tip a spear.
(Yvetta Horny)



Girls, thank you. Excellent poems. Read with gusto.



kapeluszy sharply lit fires of,
That happened with you?
At night dream not came me,
That happened with you?
On the morning birds worrying are,
That happened with you?
Cold a farewells on thumping,
That happened with you?
The whole world is not mapped,
Me there is no screwed everything up!
That happened with me?!


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Not aloofness in vain
And not « expenditure sheets,
Miraculous castles not by drawing a,
Lives and recluse Almighty pointing a finger.

Its problems she not knows,
Its not America it false shame.
For that'm a pariah suffers?
For a lewd external kind of.

She is ready modicum a hundredfold
Be prosecuted pre our eyes so,
But something speak as a
Its open net glance.

Not young she for gaining
And is not new its beauty of,
But life with izbrannitsey in such
Newsworthy only sage.

This the puzzle. On my view the answer is obvious. But as you think?



And here is another zagadochka for particularly talented mugam, if on previous decisional laziness respond.

Duma lie covered in white-Savonom.
All as usual, released term.
All it beggars belief, that has moved she,
Origins of the for threshold.

Was strange it vision.
All was worried and not for good reason,
That the sudden, not by the time
Emerged pain I have.

And she took as pushinochku
On itself me incur,
But not been dreamin 'only khvalynochku
From evils me prevent.

Not podyomnoyu has become pain my
And not reputation, that now.
Force polnoyu, fear golnaya
Did the entire, - where same the door?

So and but died down, not we.
On whom now stage plays?
As if camera repaid with one favor will be sealed,
Increasingly promote perishing they.

Here woke up suddenly and saw,
That not will me happiness with it.
Explained increasingly, not've offended.
Withdrew advance, until Spring.



Yura, ah you directly were intrigued by! I was first thought: What that this espoused woman (pro the first bearing), then pro astrology. But on fact that this?



Yura, we in in :bye:



Don’t aloofness in vain
And not « expenditure sheets

This simply "naked truth." This lyogka zagadochka, and here is the next for umudryonykh lives people, once-abused farm bitterness love. Pain in this case heart, camping on E. Love. In the early she lends wings.

And she took as pushinochku
On itself me incur,

But after increasingly is changing

Don’t podyomnoyu has become pain my
And not reputation, that now

Passes conflagration love leaving after themselves bed of ashes where already nothing not can grow.

1425 woke up suddenly and saw,
That not will me happiness with it.

Increasingly that remains - this only "Matters in love." Here is and the answer. And in this there is no happiness.
And I pose their next riddle.

Met two solitude.
Tsar in bit groggy before and prophesy.
You I better position not forgot, -
Rejected exactly what vision a whimper.

Today me term will be executed,
Not like it or whether with lives abandon?
Not vyroniv the Asian out of the hands:
Yes as something quite not until liquefied petroleum gas, -

Vlasitel with hard otvechaet.-
Me after all monarch call.
In glory great such
Shelter itself am I supposed land?

't deliver you can you me order,
The time vorotitsya reverse,
However fate not retention period by changing.
Me not by adopting, not you going to check that,

That a new God us preparing.
No one His thought not catches.
Not wait same to Him until morning.
You poison its have drunk? Us it is time!

The plot is simple, but not is simple theme about which goes dispute. This eternal dispute human with God. About fix same he?



Юра wrote:

Oh fix same he?

Without options. :blink: Although options were: Wisdom, sense life. But this not the.



Rendezvous our every a moment
We celebrated, as an Epiphany,
Alone on a whole light of. You was
Come on-Thatta and easier avian wing,
On ladder, as golovokruzhene,
Through fist'd sneak out and had been
Through moist is blossoming in their domain.
With the hand joined at mirror glass.

When upon us night, was me the mercy of
Granting, like altar gates
Otvoreny, and in darkness all atwitter
And slowly klonilas,,
And, the third: “Bud 'blessed! ” —
I spoke and knew, that there has
My a blessing to have: You Slept,
And forbidden to touch any eyelids the blue of the universe
To you is blossoming there was from the table,
And sinevoyu untouched by eyelids
A calm were, and hand heat.

And in crystal was visibly throbbing rivers,
Smoldering. Mountains, brezzhili sea,
And you clutched sphere of on their fingertips
Created a, and you Slept on the throne,
And — was rightist! — you was my.
You was awaken and has transformed this
Vsednevnyy human vocabulary,
And speech on’s throats polnozvuchnoy force
Worthless, and word you revealed
Its a new sense and meant tsar.

On light of all National Drug Control Policy, even
Ordinary things — the pelvis, parcel - a pitcher, — when
Teetered between us, as on safeguards,
Sloistaya and hard water.

Us from not conducted far.
Pre us would part, as mirages,
Built miracle cities,
Itself sleep mint us under its feet,
And many birds of prey with us was on road,
And fish podymalis on River,
And the sky while pre eyes …

When fate on wedding commanded for us,
As derp with a razor in drawn.

Arseny > Napisy pobrane z




I the thought, that Astrologers above all understand significance issue. :/

Юра wrote:

When glory great such
Shelter itself am I supposed land?

't deliver you can you me order,
The time vorotitsya reverse,
However fate not retention period by changing

Here superficially dispute about who whom orders an and Alliance’s unequivocal assertion about no return fate. However man always pits this "freedom will" and under this God always interested looks up on actions rights. Such is the true subject dispute. And now the next the puzzle. This pro esoteric sense nonagona.

Respiration the pain invariably
's marking the mercy of fog with kusch.
Did mystery innermost
Joy not see people ray?

Increasingly already long re-read,
Increasingly has rebuild ten times,
But nor never in point not are trapped,
Modicum not little vyskrebli ca?ac.

Do very the right many
Has time every man.
Immediately ruining both he pregady rock,
Happiness only not sees he even forever more.

Increasingly same unambiguously contend,
That will happen one strikes,
If we sadness catering to some,
Further guided cry and then

Forecast the last desire to
All great sorrows of Your people -
Shlyopnetsya on roof down deeps of universe
A stumbling-knickknacks. nice.



Ah, what was vivid day!
Boat, the sun, luster of and shadow,
And everywhere later is blossoming.

Sister listen to narrative,
And river claims us.
Sough of waves of, sunshine of the spotless mind eye.

Year-old day, alas, is far.
Echo smolklo. Light of faded.
Winter wind so Path is fierce and cruel.

But from depth since the
Enlightened arises dream,
Easy definition there pens.

And again I the heart with it -
Girl departing days,
Long-standing relish my.

If the world moonlit himself
Only in dream show up us.
People, as not to believe Russia?
/ Lewis Carroll. Alisa in Looking Glass /



Isar, a large thank you for Carroll. Adore this book :yes:



On rear paws man
Treads on, a Costa,
By chasing sought in vain a century
For for license happiest.
But many woes in search the,
The fall of the not are rare -
Pre svoenravnoyu the fate of
We, all - puppets.
P. -Jean de Beranger


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