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Digital poems (the author unknown)
To read aloud and with expression:
17 30 48
140 10 01
126 138
140 3 501
2 46 38 1
116 14 20!
15 14 21
14 0 17
's Yesenin himself
14 126 14
132 17 43...
16 42 511
704 83

170! 16 39
514 700 142
612 349
17 114 02



With steeply!



Digital poems, class! In this something there is :rolleyes:



HelenЦифровые стихи - класс! В этом что-то есть  wrote:

Have someone good sense of rhythm :)
And fludilku the latest post read the? :)



Радуга wrote:

Digital poems (the author unknown)
To read aloud and with expression:

And to guess? :) ))

17 30 48
140 10 01
126 138
140 3 501

I remember my, what a pretty a moment:
To me fueled you.


's Yesenin himself
14 126 14
132 17 43...
16 42 511
704 83

you remember, you increasingly, of course, remember,
As I stood, having come nearer to the wall.

Although there further rhythm a bit not aging, but nothing another on Aleksandrovich Yesenin in head me so and not time come, not pripomnilos.
All the more, there further, too, podlkhodit:
Favorite! Me you not be loved(ah and camping on D., see "Letter to woman")
And Mayakovsky, that precisely could be here is this -- not-and, right off the bat not I’d say, not much his poklonnitsa entire life was.



I still has lost lyric poems, and merry. There was a host set of :)



Merry here is such I have there is.

2 15 42
42 15
37 08 5
20 20 20!

7 14 100
02 00 13
37 08 5
20 20 20!

(Well passed on to motive 2007 Is, incidentally). :)



Digital poems - prikolno))

Радуга wrote:

2 46 38 1
116 14 20!
15 14 21
14 0 17

Pro passport from trousers.



Regyna wrote:

Happy Smiles ” here is such I have there is.

2 15 42
42 15
37 08 5
20 20 20!

7 14 100
02 00 13
37 08 5
20 20 20!

Accurately! They and were!



On courses surprisingly Forum I give a one-something like the dialogue in verses with one interesting woman. Here is actually right cube for places verses.
Of walking on earth I, on cliff crucial We run up
And air mountain'm breathing.
Almost in a firmament head I rest against.
About fix same have God'll ask?

Of walking on earth I in Valley flourishing, unified
And drunk song sing.
What same sought I, in psyche underprivileged,
And than this world so love?

Of walking on earth I desolate made
And in of the flame a hellish'm floating.
Who Needs to tell about reason virtue
Me die I will be able?

Of walking on earth I. And path my not that was,
But song's words soul Nick the.
Want I understand, than the world this roads
For those who future together through the fire.

. And, look through the fire, behold souls that fell.
That were visited not their the guilt.
's duIl the cloister stars not dostavshikh,
But flames the is full.

. And, look through the fire on reach of light.
As path before them far.
Their fears obzhechsya dispelled pulled.
On the sun flies moth in here.

. And, look skvoz the fire. « glance on the weary,
That taking crested not times.
Every person differs they: From from the ashes are,
Until those who forgot perishing pro you.

. And, look through the fire. Your gaze always is clear
And there impediments for him.
... see it this world, Partzuf - he by the!
Ugasshikh in offense there is no one!



Thank you, company! Miraculous poems.



Ah, times so, then here is even.

White, black, quite or even sort.
Again'll dawn power--a period.
Chess, huh or a pawn will become on equating the
Party life - difficult and simply.

Is headed cube than add. Triad, six?
Thousand lives. Everyday life on grille.
Again, allowed,. Rolls a coin
Eagle or tails? Freedom, bans?

Shuffling the deck already deck whimsically fate
Ace or Joker? You thinking: Here is would!
But again comes The Queen of Queen.
Again you do you regret it: Slid party sooner!

White, black. Chet or even sort.
You you fall or same sun power--a period?
Our path – infinity, in rozhdenyakh and death
On our questions there is whether answers?

How you do it he raced them, you path one starts?
To something eager to, Hebrew: Increasingly're rejecting?
Case're reaching, Hebrew: Increasingly accepting,
Flow with on fate nor during that not understand?

You the dominatrix have removed the map in the cards from Taro,
The other perishing not will, increasingly new - rooms:.
The answer perishing known, his not retention period by changing.
As will increasingly know, but me not gonna believe this.

Prevent hope, vagaries and fears
From to body is a clinging shirts.
Forgotten now and force and will
Lie until pores bawdy-more than.

Fate fractures obnazhayuschiy the Soul
Grants not everyone benefit better.
She only gods had granted immortality us condemns.
Fate us not strike. She izrekaet.



You - all for reading, in impeccable and high,
And I was accustomed term is inter people.
You are preoccupying stupidity and brutality,
And each moment me that! Me DOCG level proymi.

Razliche our - in than something really a major.
I khmur and am angry. You - a beacon of kindness.
You not become, as I, and me all the,
My Glorious each, not made, as you.

S scholarship trump hardly,
And deal to the tussle - here me hold on.
And can twill walk, gods not must have been dormant,
Such neskhozhikh by issuing in life.
/ Shipilova Maria "Law on duel" /



Izar wrote:

And can twill walk, gods not must have been dormant,
Such neskhozhikh by issuing in life.




Well be girl in pink overcoat!
Can be and in zelenenkom, but already not the.

Well be a in mink coat the fur coat!
Can be and not a, but already not the.

Well on city motor ahead on auto!
Can be and in bus ride, but already not the.

Funny drinks vodka instead, grams, humour won, a hundred!
Can be mineralochki, but already not the.

Funny withdraw on the evening - I merely, where and that!
Can be and tableware wash, but already not the.

Well lobster there is, thereby castle!
Can be beer with vobloyu, but already not the.

Become would znamenitoyu, as Brigitte Bardot!
Can be as Krachkovskaya, but already not the.

Well Ren-Faire juggler be in circus flying circus!
Can be and as a cleaner, but already not the.

Well a Frenchman be, Jacques Yves Cousteau!
Can be moldavaninom, but already not the.

Well would vacation take, humour won, days on a hundred!
Can be and retire, but already not the.




Good should be with fists,
With tail, with huge horns,
With hoof and with beard.
Tree sherstiyu sees,
Fire HEAVlLY, Biya hoof,
It are to come, at and for you.

You nikomu? - ??? ?? ? ? it is sweeping:
With Greenland Start 03.09.2007 on land poison flows down,
Tail are angrily gushing on the sides.
Good, ominously blaring,
In the fight with evil not without getting tired of,
Horns clouds touching,
Increasingly closer sneaks up on to us.

You OK, reader my a cranky,
Host spirit humanism,
Wish I for good - and let
Under meeting with him my bearing you'll remember,
And here is then Taking a deaf midnight
This cut through a spooky the cry: "On aid!",
And after - Munching Noise and crack.



Yolka wrote:

And here is then Taking a deaf midnight
This cut through a spooky the cry: "On aid!",
And after - Munching Noise and crack.

:D vxcgfdtr



Half an hour of exercise, expected on war,
I man: You loved me in dream.
After many ticked me in blame:
Defeat. Wounds. A bloody snow.

I not did lie them with excuses and not
Spoke of you those who knew, as to live
And man would again, simply war
Continue. You other would me? Tell.

After many, and petroleum industry war bodies,
I wrote pokhoronki for Class something wives.
Reflex sighted people, selling barking all,
Snow sharp credit is due, and air zhelt.

Half an hour of exercise, expected on love,
I protrakhal in a brothel another flesh.
After many me talked: God,
He all sees, and you before god - a bedbug.

Became powerless to bridge. Severe alcohol
I sippin as ragweed, as balm applied
After many me talked: Spi,
Something first used to put on eyes.

To die from bullets and from you -
The equivalent for life: Risk burning in a fire
Or rush into on rack. In zrachkakh ryabyat
Half an hour of exercise,, publisher on musketry

Time accurately killed.

Yasha Casanova



Lena, got hooked, yes ;)?
And song listened on these poems?

I at all all she has love. And this is so - nastroenicheskie on today

I shall not pass move forward era,
If me not pick up. And this - honestly.

Except money era markedly on the cock
All. And me seriously worries than the f-

Pay for drugs, which need to
Many: Grandmother, prichine whether, wilts-smoldering.

And still me want wine harvesting
And bare footed your heels on alley.

* * *

a goddamn Nevsky lower peles
Ah, as penilos. Ah, as've heard.
Ah, as voetsya close to the sky.

Fed all sweeter, harsher:
You lips me in cheek zhzheshsya,
Amsterdam Kitten white.
Gonna lose my nerve,.

Zatyanuvshis had - thaw.
In taxi on radio Otiev,
And for its amelioration - Argentina-yamayka
Moscow waited me, hugged,

Obvivala rings road.
And I knew - for you d fight
And okhuevat from tenderness, when
In luxury. With so the promenade

Suddenly vynyrnesh you. Knew, that ready give
Until breath blood themselves. Knew so same, that would trade ? ?
A hundred hours sleep on "Hi" and tap too.
Knew, that ready for podebam and in hearsay.

Knew, that whisper you "rockabye rockabye"
Now more important past summer.
Knew, that stikhuev still will flow
A fucking fortune. The thirst for equal Sahara.

Contemplated, that there is voice - until mild ” promised,
Only then - eventually withering,.
The damn Nevsky lower peles.
Stuffy rooms and an abomination, and charm of
I'll keep that in mind. I this Peter thankful,
For what busiest me in little calendar app

* * *

I not becomes to believe in gifts,
Quit smoking, quackers, orchestras in — king me,
Stove again snack cakes, have sex,
Cry uncontrollably, grasp at for heart of.

Twenty-three years - hilarious figure.
Still not nazhit appenditsitnyy
Scar. And of cold without complications.
And to lie am learning more lively, more gentle.

And for window lights-pills
(Far me: Right or left?)
Sour a wink is and are dampened.
Fruit-flower pop stand on taganskoy,
Air with strengths very revolutions.
Tea, bearing the, Casino the saucer
And whose something his mouth in the rim pomadnom.
The Mutts, people are mad at happy language;

All who rushing past past
I them grateful to for this, for:
Winter of. And zverino want meat,
But someone same must be able laughing.

(With) Yasha Casanova



Javadxan, got hooked. Today smiled about it article and realized whom she so reminds. Mayakovsky! And the author, too, spent with him parallel. And I thought: If would W. W. Lived now, he would, perhaps, wrote precisely so.


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