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And let-me about it article read
Ones, that I))



Listen, already not can find the money. :( If put their photographs again, then dam, of course.



JUlja, from FaceBook still'm gonna take (suddenly, we here provides we shall collect):

My gentle hell reeks creamy caramel,
Greens apples, khlebushkom, pepper white.
Feel the coldness shoulder blades and Lila -
I more not believe nor in scars, nor in detsibely.

The entire this construction walking on swivel-eyed get -
Flexibility easily attributed to fear padenya.
Insomnia again today with me inner,
As a neat the dealer, changing the fire on money.

Now you know my drugs mystery of –
Dependence from. "" Explains dozen placemarks.
Name of yours on nyobushku'll roll out,
Had the tip language’il have to palpate millimeters of
Each of letters, to lasting his mouth my a bit tamed firmly -
Hardly will be able to call you differently.

Dancing tango trekhnogaya funds,
And I on-cowboy's clenching down'm holding on for’s throats.

(With) Yasha Casanova



Incidentally, and she has, and have Diana Arbeninoy Long in Vodolee)



Юля wrote:

incidentally, and she has, and have Diana Arbeninoy Long in Vodolee)

Ah created. :) By the way, I have still and Venus in connecting with Uranus, what, certainly there is no nor have the, nor have the other :P



JUlja, here is, has found: http://www.stihi.ru/poems/2004/01/16-1028.html



Nu created. Incidentally, I have still and Venus in connecting with Uranus, what, certainly there is no nor have the, nor have the other

Have to refuse Long in Vodolee in of increasing to Uranus (and Venus she has in Vodolee)
Have Diana Long in Vodolee in Trina to Uranus (incidentally, its Long in connecting with my Vodoleyskoy tend, then something I in it simply loved)

For article Merci Pour le)



you - control by sweet, you - dzhoyntom of burnt,
Kleynod – a syringe steel the stings out.
I'm torn on two dire
Cholera than half of the globe.

It body in molekulyarno-
Besstydnuyu mass of, in crisp instincts.
Let two these Covetousness is with I will be an increasingly,
After all you me in advance all forgave.

I will love their, the twins-cats,
Of a thing to spring tenderness heavy Jelly,
Ratchet up under them recent skin.
Window beleso. They have fallen asleep.

And I, a drug addict, in pupil'm pushing
S a picture of an (painful for, acutely)
You very solar, such a,
That I'm gonna fucking die out from an overdose

Yasha Casanova



Юля wrote:

for article thank you)

Me here is this moment grassroots: "Turning up like, she tacitly made all“ this ”, and all felt, that “this ” – well. The first to, of course, felt girls. " :)

And know, that in head time come? To it the opposition Venus-Saturn, here is where motive failures, nerazdelennosti in love, abandonment.



In obnimochku with clip

Key move strictly on south,
In these informal areas no one lives.
Kolybelyu weary memory my
On waves of: I the higher, then below its.

About, protyazhnoe name of, which I
Forgot for so long, that remember rotten.
I aaao, to nothing to acquire was lose.
I'm freaking out, to used to burn civic participation anger.

Her teeth - in cheesy pulp alarming "wait!"
Through stringing - Musikalisch on south.
I on a mine ’; Tho 'barefoot,
Kolybelya weary memory my.

'm living the fast shirts and life tobacco
In these informal areas. Where life, as piss.
Someone shake down the mat goes on balcony.
I aaao because so easier silenced.

And by hand on timidity vikhra
Dandelion, suddenly kameneyu, as where sea salt.
As are pleasant wind, as a calm wind
In minefield, where feels only barefoot.

Yasha Casanova



Women frying.

Women frying. Men are pathetic.
Children are both desirable. Me soon thirty.
Creepin, on eyes telling you, ushanku,
In was blue nebushko Austerlitz.

Me soon thirty. Such a figure
Cannot be pushed. Educating the outcome,
I find: Problems with cycle -
The whether hormones chudachat, then whether

Simple fatigue; Moscow's rich -
On a map for gaining goods close;
Been considered a pretty smart drink in conservatory
'm growing, having had oschuschene rear

Until level norms; within by rooting around,
I has become to see slice of universe
And understand, that cut should sit -
Much bolder, than cut veins,

Soiling this tile. Me soon thirty.
Three zero. In my favor of back hips.
Here is only to detox would use obscenities
And can be immediately use child.

(She same)



Pro a

I want, to me took on hands and were cradling
Warm and confident hands.
When me still not was, in really the early,
So and was.

Time stampeding leaps,
Shvyryalos crumpets and fried homemade cakes,
Mother married four times went,
And increasingly aptly. The first husband its was a good,
Many laugh much, despised doubt any kind of,
Who was watching mom, wore shirts in Polka
And died on war, not remember no year.
From him has remained cover slips brown photographs,
He managed to build of cards with railings from metal,
Goir to work on bathroom room white -
And conceiving me. I his already not caught.

Mother very suffered, was general mourning,
Sang dire songs, system "Noblesse",
Spills all over cigarette butts (I they then played)
And under all told, that die - not likes of,
And likes of - to live, because this Poland.

The second its husband worked in library.
He could hours with me to speak about happiness,
And about how, that be born need was in tenth century
In Japan. He understood in problems,
Raskraival silk flooded, stachal me dozen dresses,
Has taught me, that Lemma - this flip theorem;,
And then is gone, in doors unsightly away
From mothers, in which times talks patience.
Mother was high-spirited, as tornado.
The second its husband is content from temperature boil
And is gone there, where cool.

I want, to me took on hands and swings
Zvonko grinding his, and were would with mile growth.
Mother waited itself Prince, and days weeks

In third time I was a teenager
With bad character. And Prince not has loved much.
Nor hands his with large fingers, nor cigarettes.
I his a cup of with cats forever the electronic
And on any question evolved first "there is no,
Thanks to, not need to. "

He was high and strong.
Has called the me as something in movies on twelve twenty-,
And there I heard, as he laughs on movie
For school-age. And agreed to to remain
(And wanted escape from homes and become pirate).
We lived small, Mom did you cook dinners,
And I lechuguita to it "mother, the love of God me brother!",
And she otmakhivalas - little me you, apparently overpaid associates.

With the third husband she lived brief,
Because have applied in fourth. As in novels.
And he proved a bum of higher varieties
And in search of earnings village raided a hospital in my pockets.
Then got drunk, then refused to shave,
Then said as something mother "yes not caring me"
And she his kicked. After what marry
He managed to still twice. And mother told "?????."
No more weddings, no evidence
Love and fealty. No nerazryvnykh shackles of the.
And taken itself simply lover, without commitments.
And he told me, that he has a.

This a is invisible, not leaps once, not is raging,
He not but mice and not understands words,
But he all-??? there is, although and not there is,
And in psyche from him warmly. And around warmly.

I asked "and can be me, too, such a?",
And he responded - second such a there is no.
But if like it or, we can ownership them both.
And I agreed to. And a moved me,
Although and partly. We not inimical each other,
Russian business, I and invisible a.
We simply lived, as have a fire, around the circle
Handing our with one expansions.
And he not briefly ran out. But mother already is tired.
And pro lover me told "melancholy."

They stopped meet, then split up,
And I not knew, where me his seek.
And a remained. Russian business with us
Until still lived, spoke, that cats not add.
And this truth. I this accurately know.
And if a remains - what the difference,
Remain whether people. Slim their sadness,
But are forever cats. Sorrows not survive so much.
I want, to me took on hands and were cradling.




Narrator: "Yulia, this from new? Super.



And I even not know who the author, frankly
Me simply very liked))

Incidentally, I have in FaceBook a new the - from my derzhitsya))
As you?



Юля wrote:

incidentally, I have in FaceBook a new the - from my derzhitsya))
As you?

Javadxan, simpatishno :)

Юля wrote:

and I even not know who the author, frankly
Me simply very liked))

But, incidentally, it seems on Casanova on style.



But, incidentally, it seems on Casanova on style.




How many remember, always she discontented. Like is beautiful, like he, and never maintained one, good people with it friendship shoulders,, men the first to not hurriedly, even mothers endorsed their, sons their trusted. Only not knew, that under bag it bit hidden whip, but on domestic side forehead burned kalyonym iron word perfect, precious word, stony a dum dum pop in mouth perekatyvaetsya, not vyplyovyvaetsya, not is to be swallowed. And increasingly it seems, that must she be not such a, as there is, and any another, improved. Until belt hair, go lighter., growth degistirmek, image brighter color palette, Antonia Merce Y Luque tango, deep voice, waist 62 to of nine is come on May, IQ 2.7 to thirty years. To develop kama sutra, is qigong and kungfu, four hundred silk dresses in the chamber, in all look as Princess Diane, and sense of hunger replace sense of humor. Even native city tight around my mouth themselves and's flooring whisky, discontented heart of Takes in the squeeze. But far would she not plummeting has, not then departed - increasingly without MAZ, because on the eyes of - mirrors, staring up strictly apex.

Time on marionettes establishment was shimmying, and it increasingly so same, just it little. Be loved its, and she missed you, in bed pleasantly and not enjoyed herself, here is, thinks, would become perfect first. And lips - bitter, as wormwood, and on psyche lies oppressive, sloistaya mist. Today painful for, careerism is happy, have the most paradise, have the most hell, in zerkaltse looking - not here, not there. Name is on aa?ania, name is on guests, but subscriber displeased with, subscriber in diskonnekte, subscriber walled in because of bedroom, and voice extremely satisfied. Plays with a spiral notebook, plays with a whip, game disgruntled ex-, slezotochivaya, stikhoplyotka. ??? ?? ? ? an angel its, wooden, hangs in the headboard. Far he looks Kurpian their eyes? Apparently,, too, a displeased with he, affair is engaged in a.

In short, if now she alongside you - whether friend: Give me a hug a little stronger. Good perfect, good impeccable. She not come, but will become easier.



JUlja, this all made there same? The same author?



Girls, give exile, very poems like :rolleyes:



And we their collect zvіdusіl :)


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