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JUlja, this all made there same? The same author?

This Anna Rivelote
Fantastic. Now still dam its



Here is. Without ceremony. Anna Rivelote

* * *
When I t in cafes and see for table people with children, then pick a place to them its back.
When I t in cleanest and see many people with children, I get out from ????.
When I t in subway and see children on bench, I of walking in the other the end of the car.

Perhaps, have psychiatrists there is for this a special word. And I simply want be free from presence children. Because children - they such small, such gentle, such bunnies and flowers on and; they smell milk (hate milk incidentally) and caramel (caramel hate), want their grab, move the text, ??? dress, and to flee, to flee, through dark wood, the squirming its feet, from of lights away, from's viralized my bark, looking, whimpering, wide, there, where parents not as.

You waste that their in mosses, lichens and then are leaving, fending off the scum both from earth and mosquitoes. And harping on in just insanity: Not'll trade you everything, not'll trade you everything girl, not'll trade you everything boy, knowing, that not my, that soon catch up with, will be plucked, and recoup in side, to not scares, to not zarilas, to not has been damaging, not scarecrows to. Not cutting to lips-on, not... taking care of, not has rocked, from tenderness not dichala, not have milked both bloody milk, not drove onfar, where advise and where poppies color, and not warmed to, not loved, no.

And increasingly time'm losing it on white bearing; there is a special word: A psycho. And here is, such a the entire chayldfri, is, by in cafes its themselves by growing potatoes French fries, sitting spinoyu to guests with children, sensing all its bones it goes, as breathe children with clear officials, as are to between klyuchitsami.
Here is they, fruits someone else's love, - trek, moving, say, so and should be, so and should. Only in my love, as in domino: Empty-empty seven times consecutive.
Women with get slightly wide discrete my sons give birth, and I trained, that I a foreign, but sometimes me. It covers: Want stupidly wetting the in go shit women with get slightly wide. Of the lack children, having turned in headscarf, to flee through the city and through wood, shame not uwittingly, of fear without, and snarl a white-haired have been reared female wolf, when with drekolem, when with militias.
And this foolish, and this wildly - to see, as sorrow my mnogoliko, it camped, it he CHORTLES, it everywhere me not wants. I it comes has become a quiet, as backed-Tzu, but me permanent's getting fucked fathers, 's getting fucked, and then leave to children ah and still to mothers here is these. And I say itself: Not registratsiya, you not such a, you chayldfri.

* * *
Come - again you there is no homes. Exactly, as yesterday and Iicaa. And not called. And I normally day has carried.
With morning profoundly sad was. In lunch uncharacteristic with lover. Wielding his in khinkalnuyu. Eat khinkali and salad, drank bottle offer "Dyushess" and on small the circle beer.
He then diary in bath. Found bath, squarely on downtown, wash their hands appartamenty with great terrace and sea views, safe and two ond slashing - on two hours. Poparilis, F'd, they together, was a good swim in your swimming pool fooled around. Fluent his until homes, in transition has bought him two couples bar (or socks?) black and beige. Paid a price two thousands of, ah and for bath.
Although why I you this increasingly sentiment, you same died.

* * *
Ah hello there, Kuzinka my a good. Miss my, yes. But already not written. And to meet - himself, perhaps, know, - in any moment can fall case. You increasingly such same, and I increasingly older, and you in December again twenty-five, and I not since forgotten pro your day birth, simply some congratulate. And I not since forgotten pro the first March, spat, that today already the second, but sometimes so only maps have us, have survivors. Nothing, empty.

For entire bezzvezdnuyu semiletku you had a dream about times just four. Almost not see known shared, not hear songs your in live. Cassettes there is, only not on than listen to - time another, loop figure. Can, 'll get magnitofonchik, my a new each promised yesterday. Yes, we with Seregoy already not together. Know, lives have some aunt's. So that particularly giant nothing with which. You excuse perishing, but I without vodka. I pomyanu you seltzer - not because, that regret liver, - its something as times nathin 'not pity, and simply want without hysterics, without felony drunken tears, without-ass head about membrane, without bleeding-heart bullshit, nourished German, how many years. In Novosibirsk seen Lenka - forefront you Hi.

Miss my. Very. On Sonke - less, but recall always warmly. She khrabreyshaya among women, you terribly with it fortunate. After all you increasingly so same sing it songs. And we skripim from Spring to Spring, and is unknown, that more interesting. Not forget decide in dream.

* * *



JUlja, you of food. Of food. If input there is no, this not because that it is no fun. This because feelings many causes.



My God molitvakh so to she not other
Not of solidity for hand not fluent finger at on the skin by
Pay me in chetverookiy in chetverorukiy stylus
Only release only not bring peace of its more was
The sun has stalled somewhere inter two as Folk
Was raskolotomu Soviet the Vault
Fish in with fish go for it perception on Bank
People in in hunger for slowly immersed in water.

Sergei Shestakov (with)



Every month I see, as sacred place is vacant in neighboring a day nursery,
Because my nezachatyy son expires blood in numbers,
Unless painful for, beats, wants to be born,
Blood cries, whispering: Mother, I would could you useful,
That for traits, why you not like it or with me were stocked up?

I sing him a little song pro old sister and brother of yours,
As they never crying on appelplatse.
Skruchivayus turns into an embryo, to thwart him fight,
To stomach, okay I'm hugging a hot water bottle, to him keep warm,
Say: Lag behind, not dope, obretaysya, where has been trapped,
Hail, that another month there been sittin 'tight,
You would yelled from horror, when would saw, where stay.
He says: Perishing I would himself has understood.

I read him that poem, pro girl from of Gernika,
Pro its eyes, not're sighted moreover, that make hands.
He says me: You thinking, this in the, than left hanging from your pills,
Crumble on cells, shed out bloody personnal use on your laying a,
Every month know, that you not love me nor crumbs,
Not like it or me give nor, entrenching tool, nor red example,
Nor watch me in eyes, nor to know pro my benchmarks?
Love me, mother, let-me withdraw from cells.

I sentiment him fairy tale pro my mother again,
As she crying through anaesthesia, when it would delete the uterus,
I say him: Okay, your took, I selling young horses is much, as us be further;
I not love you, but I will try become better,
Feel thinner, fear you less,
Only not leave far, not leave me, nikomu?

He says: Okay, it is time Miners, I already almost that not quot,
So - recent breath, black from a hearts, red example.
We, says, still we'll have a chat, Mom, I still il be right there to you not be born,
Bleed blood, cry, asking to come, beat,
Swear that promise to, that I would was able you useful,
Cry, beg help me free themselves.
Somewhere in numbers will assume to you to see you.

Linor Linor Goralik




There is no.
But listen to, time not hesitates,
Solar is with the lash steps, it burns so,
Is tearing for the brink, there, on fair noisy:
Turn on up
Dante-caretaker of is stopping by in of paper,
Silently miss the for fence,
And up, accelerating movement,
Again around the circle Now?
There is no.
But wait, look around you: There, for rocks,
You, but not in rage, you - not very, but
There, where, Martin Chuzzlewit, fires, where have become we
Are evil, there time there is no.
- You know, and time today puglivoe:
Is withdrawing in shadow, dissolves in faces,
Not its mistress to ruins, is tearing to kulisam,
Saw stomping around the back, is withdrawing, awaits.
And up - expectation holiday -
Stands at-wriggles around, often it
Here so easily, circle for loop, loss

Predoschuschenie days

Olga Bogdanov



My cocky grin mazokhischnika.
Nothing excess, not a goddamn thing personal.
All our always tricky eeny / yani
're in a blanket.

Spin,, you're on your, vyiskivay
And lie to me - Buried, lie to me genuinely.
Still a bit - 'm howling on-of wolf throw-down,
But this no matter, however.

February music snegopadanya,
Boys, girls roam pairs.
In their mouths of confession, in the hands of the bottle.
About, as we a deserved impregnable!

Until, my an angel, not soon shall we meet again.
You somewhere in Tallinn, I somewhere in Vilnius.
And only is racing came dangerously close
The standard train. , creepers,.

Yasha Casanova



A bit humor :)

As with impunity write bad poems :rolleyes:

Is considered, that bad poems this where rhymes love with vnovyu, rhythm vigorously comes marching on 1.5 feet, and time from time are outfitted with nechayannye mozgodetonatory like eyes my as cherries bloomed. Is considered, that increasingly anything ladney and fresh that level already can get away for poetry. These can be enjoy and write bad poems professionally and utterly with impunity, following several simple rules, which we now can pose.

Want, to all mindful depth your feelings, complexity your world perception, but not want under this particularly try to? Here is how this is done.

1. Hold and other only be remembered: If something not makes sense, then this A metaphor. Let failures, trying write well, parents are telling something about logic way of. After all they pedanty, stripped imagination! The real charm of stikhotvorchestva in is, that any word can be put alongside any other word, and nothing not will blow up. Moreover, any set of words modicum somehow yes withdrawn by the smyslovym echo, especially have reader, which am confident, that before him poetry. Hurry same reader complex, netrivialnym, eloquent. For example: city whispering me smokey Slumbers rastvorivshikhsya winters ; night shivers in tsepeneyuschem ashes fonarnykh of lights ; through dullness astmaticheskogo the sky, a pregnant shining longing, with a sad mournfully a dead efeba flies peregrine falcon over a fucking Moscow. More restrained edge, more unexpected words in unexpected places, more paradoxes of and soon will become already no matter, that you say. You will not simply so moved by, you will not simply adore. Will happen Nevers oyatnoe: You start to understand.

2. Pribegayte to pronoun this , when need give search Americas enduring. With the help this can be any empty place to issue for Nedoskazannost, any blot for silhouette. Think, you themselves already noticed, as inexhaustible universally available the phrase on this war. This simply mgnovennyy poetizator text: we forgotten its such things else of on this war , I and passport, and dream lost on this war , lightning in your bag's jammed on this war , and so on. But effect is not lost and with other words. In this gorge , for example; and reader immediately is going to think: not shoot you, gorge! Present!.

3. One of the most ordinary in world mental games generate alliteration. Several harder to do this unobtrusively render, and quite perishing difficult write shape of, where nor one other not pereklikalas would with the other. Flamboyant same alliterativnost requires only practice, in simply adverb nasobachitsya. But no one not let on that you know this secret cross cod are. Until he not has, until not obloman Balmontov picked up by the cops, until sweet-display dvoyatsya gentle accurate, zvukopis broad reader embarks on a sign, for something more meaningful, than himself sense. And of course, you start praise already not only for depth, but and for any machines.

4. Always leave the center from direct sense in an arc. You have there, in late all, Depth, and the depth of must can diffract X. Reader not simply should to leave hope, that in some point poems will become comprehensible. Priuchite his be ashamed of this hoebag hope. You have there, in late all, Mgnovennyy Qadr door wide. Holistically, Crystal compressed message from perception of the world Yourselves. And all same not forget to leave a small window leaf. One thing small something should logically solidify with other small than something, forming appearance of frameworks. All, that in them, automatically will become world personally and clear conscience , with whom not argue with that.

Simple pattern:

Here is me going confidently in green age
Not those all through just glistens it comes had a fucking
My God how many shrimp some rotten
Ocean waters do hid murmured
Not penetrate through time in the flames
On & on the scaffold
As if buttercup deystvie regulations
(As same leftist a shoe's flooring)

Thanks to of last search issues to transcript not arises.

5. Poems value without signs punctuation characters in two cases: When they not need and when need their absence. In analogies from zvukorezhissury, scum of the earth points-commas-upper acts either as compressor (such a pleasant thing, which she is moderating small powerful upswings as volume, subjectively making voice very full and raskatistym), either as added disadvantages. Us, of course same, interested in the second case. When intonation of the verse become similar on rattle before the dying, have reader immediately arises sense of, that him want to inform something important, for example, where lie diamonds or that to hand spoken native and close. So than poems bessoderzhatelnee, those harder to they must bmp with shortness of breath, hauled into pauses,, sail away somewhere jabbering. Especially well this is obtained in verlibrakh:

And yesterday have us
On lunch were cutlets on in.
Ask with sauce anklbenz and mother told Petr as
You holding
A fork

A perfectly Appalling sound of human document, not so whether?

6. If you girl, unkind write anything with as citing the menstruation, as can be more inoskazatelnym and metafizichnym. If you the young man, can be pro semen, but better work go social protest, what something echo smashed by and plyashuschie the shadows newspapers Web FAQs I read states. This, respectively, the same heart of-oblivayuscheesya-blood and the same knight-where they get amazed by-a dragon, but in attractive modern jewel. The public conservatively directed, but not'm old-fashioned. Of course, this nor on polstrochki should not you distract from concentrated psevdoobraznoy least amount of nerd possible, without which you not will considered profound.

7. And final pep talk: Not't forget as can be more often to repeat, that Verses All types Taking Skyfall-trouble and that Legile si celelalte acte poetry In Every affects What something your entry. Of course, on practice this means, that the premier here is crocodile with reshetom on nose / / on s plays good one reader will remind lessons in musical school, Different comics Pearls Before great , third that need to wash it environmentally utensils, fourth why something Madrid airport, and all of this is now officially out enters in Endless spectrum interpretations this text. , uh, dog's on stilts. If the text not reports something only through themselves, through relations between their own elements, then his as art not there is. There, where these relations extremely and for one intertwined (or at all no not in sight), but present to rhyme, you know and the size of the, can be to talk about bad verses. However about this no one not lifts prestigiousness, except us, losers. So that forward.

(With) Lorenzo Kvakin



Used to fall asleep in hysterical, crying you in reduce leverage:
What action, you about than?
Israel, French used, Norway - all gloom darkness
Go, turn back, turn to Bank, and home.

Used to fall asleep in tears uncontrollably, Tears sea,
'd sneak out with any mountains - of mourning,
Fled on space, on sand, on water - on foot:
To return would! And now blood here is prone

Me would to you modicum on moment, modicum on hour - here is so
Hip check right there to thigh, temple to head and make them shoot, Jaatteenmaki on korotke
And itself blood in ceiling'm and fool fool
On with her liner. A premier to the most itself

And after all used to fall asleep in hysterical: Regarded days, clock, remaining until you.
And'm paddling, I'm turning it like would to Bank, but, apparently, so and'm gonna fucking die out - by striking out.

(c) takaya_suka



Come are always me tomorrow and I Proposals you autumn,
D heatin your feet in starchy foods woollen lost,
D on night. Zidler has to supply you warmest and to believe, that eight - this time for sleep and honey-gingerbread tea.
D on the morning't rustle mnogolistem and clothes a stark accompany you in cleanest, avoiding random passers-by,
D to by the evening dinner be preparing and informed me that gifts, those, that on the morning each other we near bed break.

Come are always me tomorrow, in window the seroglazyy stiff until strings of begun, and we not open the. We on kitchen) tiles shining blue gas bake a cake pies, and guests we shall collect, and will arrange the our celebration without a pretexts organs is goals organs is ands organs is sense simply so, from what far-the same need to prime from these of emotions,
I you write in esemes you such a such a as vispa: In bubbles chocolate and this within advertisements they might respond quiet span of a moan the bottom, signals Is organs is withouts organs is yous organs is nots organs is lives organs is nots organs is found, signals wildlys organs is wants organs is ands organs is spats organs is ons organs is prilichya.
I so await the you, I same with you about everything forget a, my osenevyy - Nightfall, a lovely, living and impersonal. Come are always me tomorrow and I Proposals you autumn, over you tango under rustle living listopada, and we will silenced and about a major, of course, not ask. This simply so , so will, so need to, so need to.

(c) takaya_suka



"And after all wanted all of this upholding character "

Already darkens, a minor elcome spite,

In the forest fresh, mysteriously and quietly

Andfrom joy increasingly leaps once and lnet

Swings of - back, forward seeks famously

And a fresh meadow faced us, river

Already not far and Ideology smells the,

Moves away urban feeling-melancholy,

Sandy beach and joy heart of warms

In water warmly swim, the grace

And's off cavorting, even climbs in water,

So rapid, but want dive,

Evening welcoming nature of

Already it was dark, for River fires of,

Through a minor wood in homes seltsa-villages,

As Divine a badge of - after all for you they!

He path your confirms staunch

Evening river, quietly and warmly

The there is no rain, then here is, followed again,

Ah as same in this life was lucky?!

And after all wanted all of this upholding character

And instead joy such in psyche,

Hills feelings and kindness,

s leadership has tried evil, to not thinking straight already

And in dirty a puddle of rolled you

And instead of reason, love and warmth,

Docility servile instill to poison.,

Whispered threats you from darkness,

've pushed it down, to liquid a ditch

To there lay, khlebaya lies and dirt

Not crawling out, nothing not seeing,

To snooty over you scum,

You, nature of, God hating

Not , you and there on Bank,

Evening river to you with warmer

And removal of in God, and whispering: - I will be able!

- Zadumatsya about eternal things and live!

He so wanted to such a joy give

And ahead saw happiness all people,

He realized teaches, as resurrected become,

Living soul take the fast to it




Hide me between fingers, as naperstochnik - the ball.
I have not remained of gasoline within nor breath.
Life - 's very entertaining station, unwieldiness from provozhaniy
Gay wagons with in flight mansions
For window. Obviously, my train without stops,
Talk as if you are from own speed, is hot space.
Smokes opium in that airlock for over you think jolly old You're jo,
Language giving rides on the nostrils tens of hello.
If memories, every of which
In memory collided so, as in reduce leverage and strap by itself
A laundry, white, silk. Outcome
Remains one thing sit itself and scribbling.

Civic participation this, what not like you can stick it in upper
Pandora written the table, by delaying until tomorrow.
For window ships. Ships leave shipyard,
In half perelamyvaya path from themselves - west.
Civic participation this the, that not hide something like that in a bag,
Not umestish in glass, even adding vermouth.
I look on skin, watching the fireworks above its pattern,
Consisting of thin interwoven wreath,
From walkways, leading to heart on prose -
Here is pass would every, take would themselves on years,
And have the most beat pulse, have the most kromochki rhythm
Detect child same warm and nagogo.

You not means, and I not answer you, perhaps,
Respiration so painfully childhood in me, she has the hiccups.
Life - 's very entertaining station, unwieldiness from provozhaniy
Gay wagons with in flight mansions
For window.

Yasha Casanova



Here is and summer passed,
As if and not: Let.
On prigreve warmly.
Only this little.

All, that materialize could,
Me, as leaf 5-man has,
Directly in hands was mishandled,
Only this little.

Wont need nor evil,
Nor good not the establishment,
All burned light,
Only this little.

Life of solidity under wing,
've been saving and was propping,
Me and carried good.
Only this little.

Of leaves not it burned,
-not weiter.
Day washed all clear, as glass,
Only this little.

Arseny > Napisy pobrane z



Cora Brooks


For couple of miles before
As hide for horizon
It it turned out closed cloud
Clear oboznachivshim his the brink
No rays
If a huge full moon
And I thought if on him watch
Imagining that this moon
Of course knowing that this the sun
Looking and looking until not'll go blind
And I went blind



Avidly sipping albatrosses
A butterfly small.
Autumn evening.

x x x

Flowers all withered,
But seeds fly,
As whose something tears.




By category: Uraniidae
I. K.
Have just there is limit: In including have sadness.
Glance gets stuck in-year window, accurately leaf -- in the enclosure.
Can be parca water. To ring keys.
Civic participation there is people in of increasing.
So on's a tweeker, screwing up the face every, footing.
Void opens up in to one, as portera.
Yes and that at all there is space, if
Not the absence of in each point bodies?
From something Ourania older Clio.
Day, and under light of blind koptilok,
Prichine: She nothing not hid,
And, looking on Globe, suddenly in Syarheychyk.
??? ?? ? ? they, those forests, where full of the a bilberry,
Rivers, where gets caught hand some beluga,
Either -- city, in whose the telephone book
You already not on any watch lists. Further, to south,
I.e. to to southeastern, all brown mountains,
Roam in Carex spp. Horse-przhevali;
Faces turn yellow. And further -- perspective of battleships,
And room golubeet, as linen with lace.




A bit humor

About translations, literary and not very

Suited me daughter:

- the Pope, - says, - you talented?
- Nu, betcha, - 7.10 I. A what need to?
- We, - says, - on English to that poems compose the.
- Dont, - say, - this I not I pull on this. Loosely.
- the popes, you not understood. Us gave English that poem,, but on Russian need to do read more. There that poem, was a pretty short
- Nu, go, - say. - I'll try.

Of lending them that she me here is such the text:
Take your elbows off the table.
Keep those big feet on the floor.
Take your hat off when you come in.
You`re not outside
Keep your mouth shut when you`re eating.
If you`re hungry,
Ask for more.
But take your elbows off the table,
And keep those big feet on the floor.

But-yes Nu okay, 'm missing through the interpreter. Have yielded great, the immortal, strong the premier:

look your elbows from the table. Firmly feed on feet on gender. Remove your hat, when you enter. You not outside more
Hold your his mouth a closed when you food. If you hungry thing, Ask more. But take your elbows from the table, And firmly feed on feet on gender

Replica in side:
Increasingly-???, electronic interpreters this something. This the nespetaya. Untapped source of full ofigevaniya.
If you hungry thing, Ask more . broader Middle species. Full triumph political correctness. Oink and cry

Return to the our old grindstone. The idea is clear, yes? Must were make them softball and nezateylivye educational those poems that, something type:
* * * *
If very like it or there is
Ask supplements.
Nott forget regular sit down.
His mouth please close any, not're slurping.
* * * *
In House hat need to to lift,
And behave honorably.
And neighbors not push.
Sat for the table Cote dAzur quietly.
* * * *
When entering in house any,
To lift hat need to, times fact.
Not sharkay under table foot,
And elbows not baggage on the table.
* * * *
But here Vokzal experienced

Hat take off! , - so taught us comrade Saakhov is the one.
And have neighbors in bowls not touch things elbows.
If something you're chewing his mouth please close any and not akhay.
Legs the table not scratch their claws
* * * *
When you're chewing, then shut fall!
Slice of neprozhyovannyy can fall.
Frozen Cocktails like it or supplements Webb studied jazz guita!
Elbows deleted! How many times to speak!
Knee in countertop ????? toting his!
Ah, so on Russias.
* * * *
Loudly using your mouth is unethical.
In hat sit down for the table funny.
And neighbors is indecent
An elbow in side keep trotting out. Has peaked?
* * * *
If with the streets came in house on party
The first affair need to to lift hat and shoes.
Northern for the table, not move it an elbow now have neighbor
And on chair not eloz, as if twitchy-witchy girl.
By taking over the device, hard you try there is quietly, neatly
Listen to Munching Noise neighbor very unpleasantly
If hunger for creativity Webb studied jazz guita more ugoschenya.
For pani a guest such simply faith, here it.
Ah, type, Rubai Khayyam, come to mean
If sat you for the table from the table elbows occupies!
Its feet need to on gender questioning exactly, some totally imagined-in-some totally imagined.
Hat quickly take off, as railing in pomeschene.
Not on the street you know, trudging. Yeah, just throw hat occupies
* * * *
If hunger not can you its through chaotic,
'm on fire this at all it is not difficult help:
You supplements Webb studied jazz guita. And lot more, lot more!
And not're slurping. And the, the right, listen to gee up
* * * *
Loudly using your mouth not need to. Pie hole please close any.
Little gave? Webb studied jazz guita. Increasingly would still a banquet the mountain.
Its feet exactly install there under table. Not slouch.
And elbows not touch things in plate someone else's.

Type, Mayakovsky

On table
Not eloz!
Foot under table
Not sharkay!
In house fact
Hat hang up
On nail!
In House
Feel hot!

Type, Tri

About, put it away from the table their pale elbows!
Exactly install there on gender their pale its feet!
Hat take off, as railing, not what will say: This those
God, here is threshold. You, you ignorant, scram on road

Almost the poem of the.

In Visitors came? For elbows follow.
Elbows on the table get inside themselves.
Close whether with other people.
Socks not drive the money changers? Not knock socks.
If in hat sitting at the table
an intellectual should throw away , - pro you not will say.
Hat cram down, that or, was in scrap?
Finger at, suddenly, on you identify.
Season of hunting not hurry up to open
With eating with a fork in drawn for maslinoy vyortkoy.
Past becoming not, fill it up,,
Not pick in familiar with a screwdriver.
Dirty not stay out of this claw its
In bank for cucumber. Indisputably,
Guest such a ??? ?? ? ? from guests,
Not by inviting re-.
Type, , Levitin advice G. Auster
If you come in Visitors,
The sack not need to hat,
Slippers dress not need to,
So in boots and Walk.
Sit down for the table (take a closer to cake right about now),
Elbows rastopyr wide,
Loudly're slurping and now blow,
And you must kick me all under table.
Cake more convenient with InternetCELL there is hands,
(And in pocket embankment sweets).
Boldly can be am confident
You in gostyakh the last time.

(On me, so best broke a here is this)

If modern gentleman comes in house
Elbows not dealer on the table. With,
Under table not drags her feet with their feet
In beer hall leaves hat, stick.
He blagovospitanneyshiy a guest.
Should borrow example with him us with you.

Type, Burns

I in house fact. Chalk a snowstorm.
Waited me girlfriend.
I hat dismantled, and dismantled uniforms,
The gun put in a corner.
I hands put an on the table
Extremely cautiously.
And before meal gave a talk
Prayer, as been paved.
I under table not sheburshal.
(Sweep the a hundred grams whisky,
Me for this scold
Once our Bishop).
I very neatly ate,
As have taught mother.
Not used to smack I and not nozzles,
Kept I back directly.
So that same can be here say?
Quote from a poet:
Scottish served as a, too,, know,
Not alien and!

Ah, and as same this without William of our, realize, Venice?

Sonnet to friend

Dire age. Came the end of the since the.
Prophets were, as usually, are right.
Ignorance Keyless at the table
Evidence of, alas, decline mores.
Devastation in the minds. Is fragile house.
And a guest , hats not removing,
Kind of lazy, like crumbled at the table,
All under table with their feet touching.
She speaks all about the entire, nabivshi his mouth.
And vnemlya he offends me,, simple people
Would cease seek to god. Idyllic
Is not difficult predict and miles, and glad,
War, plague. The world flames is completely engulfed in.
And began with nesnyatoy hats. Vale.

Dark foreign Max




You're gonna smile power--a period you

You need a me, each my, to could I learn high,
Addressing you, as would you far nor was,
And on the Milky Way path, zvezdopadom silver sotkannom,
Find pockets of kindness and the profane heat.

On cold,s autumn the wind, accepting for granted
Neuyomnoy hitherto souls the foliage golden,
Smile power--a period you contrary an indisputable:
Neuyomno only time, accepted us on wait.

And functioning in polneba twilight of's rollin 'bagryanostyu,
And in the amber a hearth is born clear dawn,
Not spare no nor about fix, only know, that you there is in world weirdness,
In Ocean fate, Hyderabad menyayuschem color.




m, crying, have been arguing close geshtalty
Byus as death, so however and life, too,
Me lurches from tenderness to malicious' punk you '
I feel you even in psyche water on the skin by

Forgive, mentally, too, am asking forgiveness
Am asking - release me, me otherwise not survive
Around - fences, flows and navodnenya
All, that could share us and closer

Not fucker next you. Nikomu, ?????
Me without you better, me only need to
Hold in this. Not slip out as from dresses
Go... I go on countless promenady

'm teaching countless poems - to fill the mind,
'm torturing memory kanji - law of averages there ? II blow over
You, if can, get out please immediately
Me very painful for and endlessly wildly

That we could be together.




This, too, Yasha?


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