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You come me hug and cry
You come me kissing and sleep
This autumn on city suddenly stunned sand or mud
Following slyakotyu in city came the grace

You prikhodesh me each and middle night
To sensitive lie down and loudly Still Rise
And me're whispering through dream "I love you. Very "
And I, too, am whispering "dvazhdydva, dvazhdydva"

We with you zatverdili known things
We with you have learned each other uncontrollably
And I even not know, that was would easier -
To symptoms itself, or know, that aching

Have you. You come me on Saturdays.
You come love, has worked his magic, lot
You you play me by heart and on big, old bassoon
And charming princess has arrived the tar out of - play, so play!

You're leaving under morning, not a single scratch doors,
Silently. A cup of on of areas tesnyatsya hands.
If who the suddenly ask me for me "between you
Is happening the that? "I answer -.

she same



It utters: Wood, and he turns into wood
With grass on knee was, with forested until heaven,
And enters she in svechene green kroons,
And wood obstupaet its with four sides,
It utters: Light, and he turns into light,
And there is no one on light of, and words there is no,
And cloud a white clay coagulates, in tangle
Until grapple heard it utters: God.

S. Shestakov



March. My mood.

When soul
In a gloom of a saw stomping around the back, loopy,
As distraught at, -

Look in the moment
Love a saving the hiding place,
Where from themselves can be shelter itself.

In fire love
Gonna burn there is a negative reaction your,
All, that sverbilo and hurt,

But in is fire
With accursed pain on a par,
Composed in mind, complete burning and body.

And if you
To pay not like it or bitter mzdy
And from love're running in a fright -

Then live,
As mostly by they, that an act of love
Easily's having her without girlfriends.

Let you burnt,
And all OK - modicum mother torture 'knife throw! -
Rest souls in love and faith.

But the kind, to whom
I behaved through the coldness, dirt and darkness,
To me close doors.

And pain in me
Shed because tsikadoy in s,
And I have dampened its bag, -

So on
With twist crying near cavity
Nervously strum stupid a rattle.

About there is whether path,
To can be was as-iaaoau
Rid soul from smyatenya.

I without shame
Executed would those, whose beauty
For surrounding aviability.

Me or, of a savage,
Wear of cortex,
That studies.in culture.

I not want
For free Motor love light a candle
Before Bozhestvennoyu a fool.

Built and mother
The two of owe yell -
Always Larissa under birth painful for!

In darkness disappeared,
Birth to destitute and thieves,
You, women, YeII out: Painful for!

In child pubs,
Erasing blood with knives khmelnykh,
You, men, YeII out: Painful for!

And you,, males,
A whimper tiskaya breast is
Bloody broads, - YeII out: Painful for!

And you, skuptsy,
Under morning veshayas with longing
On, uh, ties, - YeII out: Painful for!

You, tribe fish,
With crocheted in lip registratsiya uncontrollably,
In all silents throats: Painful for!

My same pain
Stronger of this any,
Its one on all quite.

And the from you,
Who eventually explode its modicum times,
Learns, that such "painful for"!

You, May stag beetle,
That pryanul accurately under heel,
All small cell khrustni: Painful for!

You, are a good it is a watchdog,
That've landed under steam locomotive,
Bloody cleft palate vzvizgni: Painful for!

Let a hell of a chorus,
Growing, as avalanche with mountains,
Will blast through Danish and razboyno

To it in house - and there,
Mostly by strolling through for its amelioration on top and,
Designed it in ears: Very painful for!

And let she,
Smashed and stunned with,
Will understand among oruschey carnage,

That not love
Came beg I, the entire in blood,
And only save from pain.



God bless you central from all terrestrial troubles began.
For an obscure horizon again the road rushes.
God bless you love, let wind's vomiting on parts of
Fabric Sailes and ruining both storm granite.
God bless you dream, limits there is no which.
With you she sea is ready cross.
God bless you in path. Let wind last strike
And let you his is understandable will speech.
God bless you star, that shines all, who believes:
Let in different we worlds apart, she - on all one.
God bless you everywhere hope full measure.
Far horizon s fate housed.

M. Mazel Tov



Verses about happiness.


That same such happiness?
Alone say: - This is passions:
Maps, wine, uvlechenya -
All thorny oschuschenya.
Other believe, that happiness -
In're salaried a large and power,
In the eyes of secretaries plenennykh
And awe subordinates.
Third consider, that happiness -
This large participation:
Treat, warmly, attention
And commonality experiences.
On mnenyu quarters, this
With cozy sit until dawn,
Once in love admit
And more not Fed.
Still there is such opinion,
That happiness - this production.In:
The search for, dream, work
And brash wings takeoff!
And happiness, on-my, simply
Case motley growth:
From small divots and until Kazbeka,
In dependence from human!
Eduard A. Asadov
/Eduard Asadov/

A that such - happiness?

And that such happiness? Yes this simply - to live.
Love soul of and the heart, in the answer - favorite be.
And all same, that same - happiness? Wake up on Towards,
And in the yard hear a ridiculous children.

See the sun in the sky, flourishing, unified roses shrub,
And warm southern wind try on taste of,
Breathe fogs for fresh, St. a shroud,
And at dawn meet beauty but also an-Spring.

And in grove solovinoy get drunk song birds,
And bungalows enjoying sverkaniem It lightens.
And that such happiness? Yes this simply - to live.
Love soul of and the heart, in the answer - favorite be.
The author unknown.

All life its we happiness somewhere search for.

Entire life its we happiness somewhere search for,
Requiring in offense, as in the air, as in food,
Flinging modicum for far, far away land
Seek his, as life sense and goal.

In path us and fulfilling a long tests,
Hopes, victories and disappointments:
As difficult happiness in life us find,
After all life live not field to move.

And until we in search of're miserable,
Until themselves not are awakening to part of
Something greater, than we alone,
What we initially all akin to.

Let every knows only its a path,
But, increasingly would still, Go we, every, to God,
And, returning on establishment its grains,
Find t Him themselves
Viktor Varchenko



With each new love we as would born again.
In a reconstituted flesh pomudrevshaya enters soul.
And, as bench of, flows to and, streams of hot blood
And thatknocking in whisky, pomertveloe time ?rysia.
With each new love. And life - as open old chest:
I enleve your views-coin and inward I put it right.
And on can golden - for other wary thump
Surprises there of strangers collect unnecessary your efforts.
Spare me, life, not push it me other fifth!
Spare me, death, not shut lid firmly until!
I want another golden
Put an on bottom the chest.



During! At which izlomy, saved the.
Affectionately call-Raging Bull (1980), the softness laziness.
Cai violet spleteniy
Vygibayut poluteni.

Marble-, - Nightfall oblachnosti.
White Prince in thicket process goes!
Ox, me he searching for, like.
Sineglazyy, inevitable!
Zaprokinet in weasels,
Ever kisses and'll soften up.
Month in thicket aka,
Time buckling in a flower,
Where we were 's nice and quiet and dream,
Want it now in snow, that the royal throne.
Yes fly in fog with longing
Ice do moths fly.

Tatiana Smertin. Tatiana Smertina




Taisiya Kovrigina. "Grustal. Establishment on water. "

KRUGI ON, to the waters


Need to same, you real. And I could would kiss your their and to iron your eyebrows. And now touch your eyes color of primyatoy grass, color of evening sea.
So here is you what. My. And I could would undressing you and put an near, to ledeneli sweeping across bodies yours, not his scarred my, and eyes watched venchalno.
But I you even not'll smile.
Only I not'll call you with a.
And will go past, raspryamiv back.
And not'll look back in footprint with your kabluchkam.
Only'll take a look in your eyes color of primyatoy grass, only'll ask you: As dandelions and do moths fly?
Only'll take a look in your submissive eyes, discover in them us and Id say: Yes, as dandelions and do moths fly.
They over so close from each other, that between them hardly would ivory dome urban tree.
They has been going and has been going in opposing hand, with each day, increasingly carat from moments meeting.
They lived long and unforgivable happily and died in one day in different cities, countries, time judgements, ``many.

* * *
Mountains skirting lips curves,
A gummy worm for soskolznu
Abroad consciousness, either
For proteins whiteness.

Will heart of as a small tambourine
Beat in the copper-based thumping,
You's rational's rational's rational,
But today t forget.

Vygibayas orthodontic wire on the rocker panels,
'll have a snort depth
Blue, where of the prodigal God
I in you ulybnu.


* * *
What happiness - forget words,
Which prevent tselova.


Continuation of. "Grustal" http://community.livejournal.com/sharmanka_ru/7743.html

Last edited by (Apr 12 2009 23:07:57)



Spring and geniuses

Inna Molchanova

Spring, and pulling sleep
On fracture the hay, cross
Raskinuv hands, and dream
Consign in the sky having.
Spring, and thought again,
Not iznuryayas post,
On a sinfuI sweet a haystack
Name is love-kissing.

Kotov home not putting --
Fought them off, draw, from hands,
Smenyav on passionate leisure more
Its koshachuyu soul.
And small river have moved reverse,
Fearing skul Tobha,
Threaten, that is Court
Around the zhivomu on land.

Spring April 2008. the average priest
Crispy whith crust on accorded
Bedded Emergency the weeds litter
In its eat frost fairs duck.
And Piquiclara of his generation,
Having opened aieiaiue its his mouth,
Out to Chet tooting will save
From pomutneniy of reason.

On that this earth
From vozderzhanya is content
And not, God in the Sky,
Not razobravshiy prayer,
And those, that rule in the darkness,
As it's a crow on Nobility,
Believing Spring from a hundred
Start life and battlefield.

And in each decreases Spring
s seek to topaz
Find in nascent constellation AU
About skillful metagalaktik.
But in vertical line wall
So human player genius from eye,
To, you stumbled back not times,
We has been going roads practices




In courses Constitution the Kingdom
In courses Constitution the Kingdom
Ambivalent cosiness and beauty.
Here embodied hope,
is underway dream.

Among glass perezvonov,
Luster flowers, game ceasefire
There is creativity my laws,
Here embodiment of me.

Palette color of, wave of brush,
I gonna open souls window,
And revives here on place,
Dosel cold glass.

After all life, 90s, as glass:
Is fragile, is transparent, comes and goes, fight.
Its decorate not be easy,
And be happiest soul is raring.

When me profoundly sad and there is no forces,
And want visit with for gaining,
Me stained glass windows will open the world,
The the world, that drawn I.

Let he glass, fragile, fight,
But he a handsome, he laughs.
And in bustle concerns, of suicidal,
He will tell me, that in this happiness.

I feel themselves, as in childhood,
In courses Constitution the Kingdom

Natalia Viktorovna Evdochenko

(This poem written one of my customers attractively on work. Very creative personality. Likes to paint with glass. And here is by their painted implements. It was born bearing in subject. Me very grassroots :)



Girls, thank you :surprise:



Oh benefits small holes in anybody

The vicissitudes and difficulties system,
Participation in its Brewfest is feast
And supreme other problems
Me in anybody have moved hole.

Wandering I with Enhancement Tools for Everyone skull on globe,
Pull on the brim of them flowers, was sprawled out on the grass.
Now burdens a special evil omen.:
Tremendous tooth in anybody.

Of course,, it is a pity that piece of broken pottery porushen,
But in offense has accumulated so much from September 1,
That air in offense was unendurable, dushen.
And through tooth freshness rushed into!

Now live, gloom not knowing:
Loophole in the head with the (recommend all,
Especially when she through, -
Not so much entry, as the exit for problems.

Such winds in permits box
Whistling first day and night,
That from ear povyshibalo congestion.
That in them did get in trouble - crashes occupies!

And if that not so - mean the right,
As the disobedient states, zakosit:
That take with, whose head dyryava?
Me not in than information wear!

By issue about utility / uselessness faces

Strange host serve and its feet, and hands,
And different other members - and increasingly OK
Useful, more convenient with InternetCELL and infinitely preferable pieces,
Than our face, - nor for that not you will find web!

Face diverse-functionally.
His losing - disaster for us.
Dont believe? Okay. Consider in detail.
With what same start? Yes of course same, with eye.

Not pity on them oratory spend!
Yes as same significance eye our?
Their vylupit can be, potupit and burying,
And if problems - the simply inject.

Eyes! Even every what any is worth!
And their after all usually as least two!
"But as to be recruiting,, if 28.0g not build?" -
yoke. And will rights.

And further - let us pro nose posudachim.
(For good reason is trying...... enemy me his mopping up!)
Yes who same notice, as am a proud I and are of significance,
't deliver suddenly consequences I nose bully?

And mind to demonstrate -, too, not it is difficult:
In the forehead - was counted a me mountain Golgotha? Ah here is!
And his mouth! Not devise more convenient with InternetCELL vessel:
The water received, then concerns is full his mouth.

To the same - in mouth there is such a chesalka!
"Language" is called. NB Netimer!
Scratch how many like it or - nor breath not pity!
Even forever more not forever - only will become blood.

So, summary: That a mirror records -
Not need to, not need to on face face!
Face not value - this unfairly!
Only it is important to understand, as his apply.

Shizel (Love, orphan's lot)



Skyfall the Gospel

I on road asked:
That you protect me love its
From any vicious beasts at our door.

I on road fled,
But not managed God see
Nor a dead, nor live,
Nor the risen
And came to shapochnomu dressing,
When Foma crumbs blowing from the table.

I on road fall she feared,
Stagnated and again she feared,
But obtrusive monasteries
Fingers me were at risk of,
Counting beads shevelili, nourished German
yako with us God , a bitch, see not... .hit.

I on road knew word my,
Flesh and soul,
And petty matter any sign a whole passion
Neuchtennoy, my I have.

And all-??? I asked:
That you protect me from any vicious beasts at our door,
Because she feared dogs,
Standard some streetwise dogs.
And no one me not ever bite,
Only as something watched with osuzhdenem.

And I was angry because I on Martha (biblical figure) with Maria,
Which could to speak God:
Slava god, that You came.

I on road injure themselves not wanted,
And stones, as on evil, were thorny all,
And all led by center,
And hide have was,
And head bending a,
Because even within,
In absolutely closed the body
With zakhlopnutymi eyes
Was the road and stones, and bread
Not was only the gate semistrunnykh
With smezhennymi wings,
Until which if she exclaimed,
The'll sit in zakatnuyu dust
And spinoyu pritknus,
And on something hope d still.

* * *

Under dome puschennoe pesnopene
Smoothly falls on headscarves members,
Prinikaet to kadilnomu pryanomu couple of,
To of the flame, to absolute negation and kroshechno-acute Crosses.
????? memory.
A cripple on construction of remembers,
That once civilian wings,
But ,-battered, blown down and lost poletnost.
????? memory. About every write not zebra should be.
Poluangel in poluprozrachnom women
Who was involved rest remembers
Until first kiss in polutemnoy hallway.

The author - Anna Zhmurova, Grand Prix-contaminated MLF



I not love, when me make nazlo,
When scoff behind proceeds,
I not love, when suddenly joke evil,
When play in conversation in peak-a-boo.

I not love, when me say,
That if would I in encouraged is to blame.
I not love, when me lies go,
All the more, when I believe in truth.

I not love stays silent phone
Or when trezvonyat people.
I not love, when enhanced tone,
When am unknowing about some things view.

I not love, when othersfaces
Loop its a long nose shoved at.
Be can, I someday carry
Write about what I not love.

Our a small, shaky crew
We triangulating bezdnami doubt,
And every a failed horrible Ventoux
Only reason for mutual accusations.

With tenacity, bewildering us themselves,
Not feeling pain, as in bender,,
We raise moreover, who more love,
And love, only when make this more painful we'll hit them.

Long would perishing it is time to infamous blood from veins,
And from riots on a ship each other insulate,
And oars compress in the hands of, as shield and sword simultaneously,
And in one millimeter away from evils all evils circumvent the.

To what us so much pain and grievances
After all created god on paired each the creature.
Be loved so, that cried uncontrollably,
And love so, that want good whack.

When not like it or, then have.

Have THAT, not the sparkling.

When staircase, don

- Without OF THIS already cannot be.

We woke her up late, you do you regret it.

Do you regret it, that not noticing.

Rates for fewer same, that now have

Oh, make love, until not lost.

Navvies fortunately

We life perceive not otherwise,
As field from colorful bag.
Loskutik pain, happiness and luck.
Diversity the whole world governmentalist positions.
He, as if a weaver, vpletaet in blankets of
On suspended history fate.
And everyone of us all life little,
To to know the outcome vorozhby.
're growing up we various ways,
Meeting remarkable people,
That can to share with happiness with us
And turn into devoted friends.
Life not live in one range,
In it a hundred various shades clearest, a hundred roads.
Soul flutters bright jingle-jangle in
And attenuates, ailing immune from worry.
The entire our life one the road fortunately:
Ternista, raznotsvetna, sexual.
And let-us God should be very patient and uchastya,
And brighter for life flap!

Unfortunately, authors not know.



Distinct words or give them she from hearts!
Their need not secure - leave pro supply, on then.
You find me, when who - the tranquilizing keep warm,
And a spark couples words - guiding, suddenly will become, a fire.

Not keep of emotions - give your Soul raspakhnutsya!
Unclench hands - let feelings freely fly!
After all they, poletav, necessarily in the Soul will return,
Construction industry increasingly good - in a hundred or a thousand thousandfold.

The world simple and crazy. You not caveat to him so are serious!
Before you all Note. Let usll play - on three.
Prepare your their fingertips, when with the sky to you - are falling stars.
Well, light the those stars, that shine in you - from within.
The author :dontknow:



Nikolai sport. Maintaining pieces

Prichine air the chasm?
In it, as think students,
, IVs and oxygen particles
Are falling, barely visible.

If, in case frost,
We, in by tram sitting, breathe
As if pole, goes from nose
Smoke, wind kolyshim.

If OK man also invisible to the,
Hood and banjo player, very simply!
Not Cote dAzur on chair, siden,
Come out, come out gulyat on air!

From, beefcake of a, fading out,
That in apartment air much graver,
Nor spirits not fool me,
Nor frantsuzskoyu litmus test.

In it particles all svalyalis
Like you crack,
From have all initially
Thumping case was.

If where any writer
Churchgoers with Trubkoyu tobacco
Means, he has obey
Kind of bolster the and ordinary-looking.

Why he churchgoers striker?
Respiration vanished force?
From, that pipe with poison,
And in breast sits the mild.

Why a different maiden
Kind of has he's ugly l,
Churchgoers skinny, as tree,
And eyes are hanging, as plums?

Because bad the damsel
And on tree resembles,
That useful particles
In nose girl he's meeting not pass.

Have beauty scarf a trendy
Around neck so namotan,
That under its nose air tight
And breathe remained then.

About useful nature,
Heal not often suffer bitterly our,
Let-particle of oxygen
Or two particles even!

Let-soznanyu ??????????????????????????????,
And instantly to me
Open its hospital
The coldness, the sun and rest!


How long you been written, and as relevant and haunt her) and even more, than before)

Last edited by (Jan 28 2010 21:15:09)



Hearts people interpolate stars,
Their fate implements affect on the Sky.
And the world the earth, that feelings the document,
Polenova light reflected in the eyes of.
And if anger and envy heart of fill the,
-starlets who were otherwise unattached in troubled mirrors.
And opponent lights the world around shines,
When love and sincerity of in hearts.
Have each starlets who were otherwise unattached their there is halves of,
The United in invisible worlds apart.
And are falling they, as if Angels shed a tear,
When saints feelings we turn in by.
To live in purity souls or in darkness having,
Fate always us the right choice gives.
And on it in no way case not worth to be offended,
Let every man native star there would find!



Marina Cvetaeva

"I, too, rely, passer-by,
Passer-by, this was the! "
M. Cvetaeva

Over luscious greenery eyes
More bangs springs wave of.
Sea, with happiness and poems
Head its is full.
Very soon will be an increasingly densely
On its whisky snezhiny,
And until flows to Taruska
On bystrine its life.
And in weird gumboots with your heels together
Even its feet not wowed,
And lies in career stumbling ,
That its Who really will become.
And until in proceeded pros
(But the adjustment,
And until on neck beads,
And not black the... the rope, -
Nor evils, nor tears not chayat,
Bit in my in mouth stem,
Wait, when hand to tea
Not Marina, and Marinka.
Ahead did run smooth and Toren
Path until title Great!
And until's stumbling along sea,
Collecting serdoliki.

P.S - on Bank of Oka
Under Tarusa Urban Settlement lies
"Stumbling appears",
On which obvious:
"Here wanted would lie
Marina Cvetaeva "
(Stumbling from local





central says Gagarin

Here it is unclear you get back or's the locker for.
Regulation whether to live still, if yes, then how many.
This ship rudderless, vetril and cabins
Simply closures; bank and you in it sprat.

Nikomu, around frigid shed because nothing,
Army death a new awaits soldier?
If enter here was your dream,
Means mind I you gone round once.

I you see rotten,... see it same me in focus.
I so is content have comets vychesyvat is eliminated,
And, to curtain before time not fell,
Star Dance like a nail vkolachivat in black velvet.

Okay, you it is time in your's very entertaining BCH.
Send the still with heroes rusty of buckets of.
Incidentally, they there asked if you pro space.
Do you say in space was, but me not saw.



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