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All, hello! Opened here a new subject in the hope, that participants this Forum will share, who whatever methods enjoys under chemistry maps. Especially interestingly uses whether who Trutinu Hermes, animodar and method first marriage and what the accuracy of under their using is obtained. I itself'm using their sometimes as vpomogatelnye for additional verification maps.



Dobryi day.
Tatiana, on Your issues -- yes, 'm using. Trutinu and method 1 marriage -- but only in as a the the stove, from which and-dance stuff out account for. Under this 1 marriage I take not so strictly, as have Shestopalova, camping on E. For women'm the Sun and Mars (a man Venus and moon) regardless of, at night or day man was born. Plus in any case'm Venus as natural the manager 7 th, Saturn as 10 th, real upraviteley angular homes. Get several options, which further attachments already in other events (I take their not less ten).



Regyna, i.e. if I you correctly realized, you beret Trutinu and MPB as a starting point under chemistry? And MPB are using in classic version, camping on E. Are looking on profektsiyam? Simply I 133333334 in some sources use this method through rubles that degree-year.



Вы берете Трутину и МПБ в качестве отправной точки при ректификации?


А МПБ используете в классическом варианте, т.е. смотрите по  профекциям?

Работаю в основном с дирекциями градус=год.



Pitfalls profektsiy.
Can I wanna dive refers on method one of colleagues, which method this long tested, from which she and-dance stuff out is beginning to. On days literally broad his here(only questions not me, not know, reads whether itself Olja this forum)



Thank you for answers, Regina. And: Let you so, that MPB gave one thing time, and under tested events worked another with backyards ICJ more 1 degrees? In such a case you more distrustful tested on events?



Tatiana, here after all such a pleasant thing. Marriage, so or otherwise, but should be configured by a webmaster. If event occurred, instructions on him unkind will.
But I same immediately told: So tough criteria, as have Shestopalova, not adhere. T. E. If map women -- 'm and on Sun, and on Mars (as sign-as a European marriage, regardless of day / night), and on the produce markets, Saturn devouring his children (estestv. Upr.7 and 10 respectively), and on real upravitelyam those same homes, on Chinese system. ASTs. Have men the same, but only Venus and Long as sign. Marriage. Again same, pre same would still with client goes conversation, and in the process something it turns out still -- for example, if marriage was Islamist Allies of Convenience, here can be Jupiter involved, his aspect of worked, if for human thereby, the floodgates some kind new horizons or marriage with foreigner --, too, Jupiter not exclude.
T. E. Thus I get several options, possible options time birth. And further already is allowing in other events, how workable various options maps.



All, hello! Regina, if I you correctly realized, your approach to choice signifikatorov marriage allows find such option time birth, which necessarily then confirms on events. I.e. situation, which I framed in the preceding fasting not arises?



Most often yes, is obtained.
A percentage in 80-85 cases -- but provided, that marriage had place.
Was connected face even as something with interesting such thing. Rektifitsirovala map, not knowing, that marriage in fact not the first -- turned girlfriend, with his situation, map its husband. Time, like, has found -- but then it turned out, that have him even before it was marriage, fictitious: Nor days with the a not lived together, through several months safely forget. (And little whom at all he himself about fact from his biography spoke.)
Frankly, zatrudnilas: As be, which of marriage considered the first.
But chip in is, that time broke a the same.
Accident this or same in this that-either there is -- say not can: Other such cases I have not was.


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