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Retrogradnyy Mercury

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Greetings all! :angel: Since 14 February on 8 March Mercury is moving reverse (25 have - 10 Pisces). Davavyte find be attentive with those events, which will occur in this period. Especially this concerns communication, of e and camping on D.
Far walk not need to. Yesterday with girlfriend long razbirals and decided take time television-timeout on 2 weeks, there is about than think, that weighed and assess. Personally for themselves I this time regard as period uglublennosti and focus on writing work. It is time in late all affairs to address!



Yesterday I gained some perspective for themselves very fun situation with former sovesti :black_eye:. Importantly, managed preserve friendly attitude to each other.
And today seems about those (’ s throats hurts to be inside it). Here is :(



All Hi! I still for day before coming Mercury his influence felt: Starters, to clean all the rubble last year's documents and on this about had to contact with many people, literally forcing their it's all coming back all, associated with these files.
Incidentally, can this subject in "Tranzity, forecasts" shifting?



I, too, yesterday has in order base data, 've called all customers, with whom relations were are unclear

Today here is, truth, like as brewing business meeting. Frightening so.



All Hi! Fdgf The subject znatokam. Is worth whether on retro-home move on taxable hosting? Given the, that I have in Natale Mercury retrograden.



Cough. Cough. A good question! Patronage, on beskursovoy moon :fie:

Flax, from smayla taschuuuuuuuuus)



Means need to move. pok



Ah here is - business meeting on retro-Mercury has passed highly aptly
I signed an its first treaty
Happy nowadays resented :)

• C simply surprisingly was look like on one my friend, which I witnessed not seen already gender-year. •



Yulia, I congratulate! :) So keep!
That concerns beskursovoy moon and hosting. I this a confusing message as the, that "late to drink buy into the premise", camping on E. For themselves this question I already decided. Asked simply so, ah and received an appropriate the answer. :blum2:
On retro-Old. Came, means, yesterday software programmer to change my my computer floppy drive. Long before these doubled back, incidentally, on our the district. Deal was on the evening. Reversed the. On the morning I managed not there disketku to put a. Now again will come, disketku with booking. :)



Is identically)
And I sela for entrepreneurship. Lidia note pages, schetnuyu typewriter, sir, knizhku- pattern. Dreamt on all of this deal. And removed away. , 'll sit again getting accustomed fdgf
In past retro-merk. On my necessary tryndekhi sister agreed to-??? establish have themselves highlighted staff-the link. "Ah, okay!" - I thought - importantly she agreed to. Retro so retro. Figs with him! "Truth, that this for the link will -Question) Came comrades-installing staff. Nor-Phi-HA not have made. Not behaved process, not was ties, computer's a hunk take the brake.
Here is so.
Imposed later month on a normal already.



Iriani wrote:

I sela for entrepreneurship. Lidia note pages, schetnuyu typewriter, sir, knizhku- pattern. Dreamt on all of this deal. And removed away. , 'll sit again getting accustomed

Fdgf I these already 3 weeks am :sin:

And we with by Lena now renewed major page Astrodoma and several had brushed up pages. Now "we" with pictures. And corrected Narrator: "Yulia, THANK YOU!And this, too, retro-Mercury.



And I all pishuuu and pishuuu shared the counter-revolutionary bands. 'll sit for WordPad tinker, and pulling left, right, only would not write :swoon:
But on photos with boy young met, on soil astrology. Active correspondence now goes ;)
And still today me remembered 2 a friend. One about meeting of private tuition-but-of private tuition, and the other - Chairman club cacti. Calling on the long-awaited session in Sunday. Only I here is skidding, skidding, skidding - situation got :(
P. S. Lena, and you not seems, that have us haircut than something similar? :)

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Morozz wrote:

P. S. Lena, and you not seems, that have us haircut than something similar?

IRA, if would you me saw in the real life, you would strongly surprised :rolleyes: I now chestnut in and with tail. , structure, lacks patience friend.



All Hi! On retro Old. I have long wanted to go digging in 120, find the intel about astrology Maya, Incas, Aztecs and Toltec (Castaneda). And here is, finally made this! :boast: Now would read, all that you got cookin':bb:



Радуга wrote:

A we with by Lena now renewed major page Astrodoma and several had brushed up pages. Now "we" with pictures. And corrected JUlja, THANK YOU! And this, too, retro-Mercury.

Wow you!
Nice! :) ))
This you with our Yulkoy-this, so?



In the early 2008 Mercury will pochti with 28 January (23 gr. Have) on 19 February (8 gr. Have).



I here is thought: Have us such a theme the good and their surveillance we here write on. But anyone recent on forum "with hand", Labyrinth with unique, not will understand about than we here. So is posted here theoretical part of on retrogradnosti of Mercury.

Periody retrogradnogo Mercury or “The time has come insight ”

Reverse movement planet commits 3500 its energy apex. In thought us world occur permanent changes that change us, our perception of, our desires or doesn in life apathy, the dumps., inaction. Knowing about these periods, can be avoid an unnecessary dissaving forces, disappointments, to assume development nascent processes, relations, transactions. I believe, that in primarily, this information needs ownership people business, public figures, politicians.

Mercury – the most close planet to Sun. And the Sun in astrology symbolizes divine start, camping on E. God. Mercury same becomes envoy God, he wears to wage from God to people in direct movement, and from people to God, when is beginning to back up. Such periods within a year case just three.

In period his retrogradnogo movement Mercury is on really foreseeable distance from sun, he hurry to Sun bring zataennye desires people, requests about aid, entreaties, beggars, enforcement desires. In moment apparent with Earth compounds of Mercury and sun. Astrologers consider this day special, magically, the most important! In these days should paid Afghanistan’s particular brand attention their last, wishes, best sit up and write plan on the coming 3.5 month. Keep in mind, that emotional squabbles in this day also can launch destructive program. I urge you, very closely applies to their last and those more words of in these the magical days.

Mercury symbolizes such notions: Means ties, transport messages, light clerical work, mutual Exchanges information all species. Good, that now appeared, except mails and personal meetings, a huge number of possible medicine ways transfer of information. Mercury bears energy communication, he replies for commerce, deals, indenture. All know, that who owns information, the owns world! On time derives precisely from or nepoluchennaya, information, tantalizing life and ruining both empire. Mercury – this mind,: Intelligence, skill communicate with other people, ability to recycled volumes of information, ability to to languages.

Objects, surrounding us in household cleansers: Books, paper, letters, messages, newspapers, magazines, phones, e-mail, conference a hall, faxes, Internet, personal cars (means of movement), pencharger, cassettes, encyclopedias.

Profession, managed v: Journalism, commerce, accounting, marketologiya, analyst.

Seats of Mercury: Bookshops, exchange, conference rooms, teaching classes, markets.

People Mercury: This teenagers, young people, close relatives, neighbors.

In period movement retrogradnogo Mercury in rubbing shoulders occur permanent an onlay, people ??? interpret information, distort its, or tend to swapping, lies of omission, to withhold. Not always this is happening consciously, more often man owns not the entire information, himself not knowing about this. Desires and needs in this period change. Purchases in period retro-Mercury are fraught with jiz. Is bought thing can quickly break, demand repairs or additional costs for its exploitation. Letters and documents can to be forgotten, phones, technique, cars can lifts. In this time better to address recalibrate all, that was done in recent 3.5 month.

What not that Spain to do - what should be avoided:
- sign contracts, to transact (are possible mistakes, typographical errors);
- buy phones, technique, cars (graves open hidden defects);
- that (familiarity will kratkovremenny);
- start new deal, log firm, to intercede in marriage;
- appoint in these days conference, important hotbed (many will not be able attend);
- send important documents (can risk drowning);
- explorers in travellers.

That that Spain to do - to what is worth seek to:
- seek Prisoners things;
- try to build order in seek, documents, files, cassettes, collections;
- re-read old, beloved books;
- repair oborvavshiesya ties with friends, colleagues, among acquaintances, relatives;
- is going to make me- all the, that has been delayed “in an obscure Pandora ”;
- buy can be only that you long wanted buy, but not was opportunities;
- contemplate ideas, to which you can begin after the return of of Mercury to direct movement.

With respect, astropsikholog – Natalia Zhukovich

http://www.edem.ru/usr/consultant/consu … asp?id=641



Mercury turned reverse. Past times I pointed out spike in discussions have us on Forum. Consider, so whether this will be in this time.



Lud_mila wrote:

Mercury turned reverse.

Yes, moment have us now directly unique: Mercury stationary in retro movement this way Trina to Mars,, too, fixed, but razvorachivayuschemusya in a direct movement. Can prevents constructive ideas to emerge, which easily attachments practice :)
A rainbow :rolleyes:, and far old smilies gone away?



Чукокала wrote:

Rainbow, and far old smilies gone away?

Breathtakingly! And after all nothing not changed.


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