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Retrogradnyy Mercury

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IRA, thank you!



Радуга wrote:

Rainbow, thank you for warm welcome :love:
In astrology I a latecomer, so in spreadsheet nothing not realized :embarrest:



Lara wrote:

In astrology I a latecomer, so in spreadsheet nothing not realized

Ah and not need to :) Spravku about retrogradnosti Mercury in 2008 I higher gave, and over time on the sly will learn how to read ephemerides of :)



Радуга wrote:




Want draw outcome, a duty which began on retro Mercury.

Husband me pushed to thought about the second dog. Proposed take a small. I chose rocks dwarf peeper, but decided take tribal marriage. (Lacks one tooth) for me this is nonsense, and the price dogs below and with vyazkami and exhibitions torture not will.

Owner kennel adopted – my proposal. But, me have proposed take dog the other breed (Cannes Film Festival Corso) and this proposal for me it turned out more desirable. I was in of shock. I already not wanted pinch-hitter and could prove in the thrall his feelings debt. As suddenly owner kennel, conversed with me, understood, that I not dilettante how to do and on fifteen refused sell me marriage, and only a good and perspective dog on very profitable for me conditions. To my joy, initial condition was violated, and I, making emphasized the, that not wish knitting and exhibiting, refused.

Here is so, increasingly went wrong as initially planned, but so remarkable ended! :)




Mercury. Wears to wage from God to people in direct movement, and from people to God, when is beginning to hang back

Ironically. But I evangelism home and on me deal with despair, so I not wanted borrow pinch-hitter, and already was settlement. I in Mind asked God resolve this situation, not it is important as, only would on good. When I has arrived home, in electronic podala the cabinet me Kyivites letter with Rear proposition, which me gave opportunity to backtrack, and not “losing face. ” On time sending letters can be was suggest, that in moment my requests to God his visited thought about oncoming proposal, and he immediately followed write letter.

Can indeed, in period retrogradnosti Mercury our requests to God reaching faster, than in periods direct :)



All are a good day! :) Since 26 on May on 20 June planet communication and information Mercury will move reverse with perspective the profane observer (on fact this, of course, only appearance of). For this time Mercury will pass path from 21 until 12 degrees zodiakalnogo a sign by. Let us let in this time for those, as passes our communication, as and what comes information.



Javadxan, now considered map. Mercury unfolding, slightly-slightly not having run until precise square with Uranus. Some pristine the spontaneity in the minds of and mood, ideas (in camping on CHAMPION As the optimists) so and skitter in space, but takes time them, it seems, so now and not manages, until implementation until hardly converge -- "leave on the reappointment the IHCE", until Mercury there-here walk will. And emerges aspect of already only in early July, one hopes, that guerillas by the time Uranus several slows down "bezbashennost" this square (yes still and mutabelnogo to the same).
From what wants now warn, so this from inadequate vypleskov in area feelings and of emotions. Itself oiiiyiooue squaring, thrust on some kind inadequate even actions, when after unwittingly thought: "Ah where same head my was?" Still in moment coming vodoleyskaya Long, goes on compound with Neptune -: Disarray and misconceptions, mistaken conclusions (let us hope, that from past trine moon with v us all same saves -- but all same believe please warn). Still and squaring Venus and of Saturn, emotional fears directly any, can arise a sense of abandonment and solitude, enforced separation.
Here is on such a backdrop of retro-movement of Mercury and will begin.



Tanja, thank you for fun and useful information :)



All bountiful starters weeks! From whom happened any events, associated with reversal Mercury? Me he has brought derive event, finally, came ardently expected money from first, yes still in two times more, than planned (though and timidly since have dreamed) :)



Javadxan, means on a new apartment should ?????! I congratulate!
Life Good, when there is that spend. :cool:



Юра wrote:

Javadxan, means on a new apartment should ?????

Javadxan, dream not harmful :)



Here is event I have happened what. The elder girl (19let) today not was able find their pass through urban zone (in closed city of live :confused:), and travel very need was urgently on Affairs. Is carried she around me and slightly whether not shouts "where my pass?." See, that need help. 'm putting together khorar (26.05.08g GMT 9 :0 5 Krasnoyarsk). In mind keep, that Mercury stationary (from to dir. In retro) - means document can be return. Dates back Shield 15gr30min, and Long 15gr have - precise trigon. The first aspect of have moon will with v in the Twins - this well. The rest factors me not give such confidence - Venus burnt and dissimilar square with Saturn. Blood regardless third homes Jupiter in an in soed. With IC :idea: - comes intuitive, enables smart guess. "Pass lies on gender" - say and move on Terrace which seek "on horizontally" :D. Through couple of minutes girl my finds pass. He lay digits Box from under shoes, together with done and earrings. Box lay in on gender under pismennym table. Perhaps marked their at night, when late returned and not included light, to not wake up old sister.



Лада wrote:

There are I have familiar, whose society me not interestingly, not do you say about offense. So here is, we with him speak only then, when Mercury retrograden. In this period me communication not to be weighing on.
My natalnyy Mercury (direct, have him retrogradnyy.

I today again starters communicate with this man, about retrogradnosti Mercury learned only having gone on site.
A near certainty. :D



Have us first a.m. mountains. Water and threatening turn off gas :sceptic: Secondly, in my life began to to emerge people from the past, which as something me find, rings, congratulate with professional holiday, about which I itself and not recall never :mybb: are raising teensy drink :rolleyes: ah but as same miss Day Librarian :rofl:. This is so suddenly and pleased :jumping: people something good!
Third, another opening the. If view Mercury as significator 6 th homes, then not need to on retro-home walk on doctors, to terrify and camping on Afghan. Come today blood surrender. Goodyear nurse. Poorly engulfed in vein, was a little freaked out to death, she dragged me me in sosoedniy cabinet with shout: "Take blood have girls!" Well, that needle managed remove the :rofl: In neighboring office have boy take blood. He, apparently, scared and him became poorly. Lies a boy in got, with one hand nurse with a needle have him in the vein, with the other him the smeIling salts give snort, here I would stand with vatkami with pose totally, holding shatngu on level breast, my nurse shouts: "Take anyone she has blood!" Movies :shine: The Boy Who Cried Wolf pumped out now, me issued with "narkomanskimi armrests of" :) violations am a chiropractor sure kicked getting wedgies. Go... I go not so, sit not so, blood not so. Every 2 hours special several exercises, otherwise "for s back not ruchajus :mad:" Through week again on reception. UV-sovereign. This I still not all described :)



Anyone reflecting Hi!
And have us on retro Mercury Signals saying speaking the there have themselves are starting reorganize, yes mixed up lines and dial simply nowhere not was no opportunities. :tired:
Now pass in Barnaul raising kvalifikatsii- vozbnovilis familiarity of five years ago. :jumping:
Our pedagogi- doctors chafe at: '(: Toured Samarkand regional justice department from Moscow, yes so and stuck, all verify and intentional over verify. Are digging and are digging :glasses: already and themselves're, but fixation struck above clean up the in medicine. :canthearyou:
Think until direktnogo Merck and "loose those cannons" :flag:



Николай wrote:

I think until direktnogo Merck and "loose those cannons"

Tell thank Thank You if not until direktnogo organic :playful:



Ox, as me tubbo this retro Mercury :tired:

Now give a one-negotiations about purchase. This some nightmare, Commission in the nedogovorki, method, badly information comes did not act, money to forward not is obtained., can tomorrow tickles - Long in the twins, with good aspects. And postpone until moment coming Mercury there is no opportunities. Is tired.



And me continue to find people from the past. Interesting to see for all of these.



Радуга wrote:

А меня продолжают находить люди из прошлого. Интересно наблюдать за всем этим.

У меня та же ситуация:стало появляться много людей из прошлого, причем даже из детства, и в самых неожиданных местах встречаемся.


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