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Shef it

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People, in this year early Easter, post begins already in Monday,. Meat not eat entire this week, but I would still is, by :blush:
Here can be to fold 'em their prescriptions for lite nutrition. And anyone will at all abstention? Am asking by name :) let us support durg friend. Personally I I abstention exclusively in dietary purposes, but can someone to share religious considerations.



All Hi!
As times today on the morning been mulling, that well would try new shef it. Ya In rigid view sense not I abstention. Meat I and so virtually not is, by or indeed do is, by little and rarely. And at all something in purposes recovery and clearing organism can be it will not certainly, although would first and last week office. Desirable not eat not only meat, but and eggs, cream oil, cakes and'd like a cookie.
I have in February is beginning to fainter organism, disruptions to lend, so that I already week ago sat on pollen and on diet (all despite to talk to the on subject purification 'organism with astrological perspective).
Today was preparing bag for, I its call cobbler. Here is recipe:
In boiled water put an rice, as usually on bag for or on some boiled. Then, when rice well provarilsya, in bag for add studded cubes and purified apples, sugar, where sea salt to Italian tastes, cream oil (for lean option respectively replace Plant oils). On medennom fire minutes 5-10 and all is prepared. Still I leave the raisins, not sparing myself, can be instead apples or together with them, add bananas.



Helen wrote:

(all despite to talk to the on subject purification 'organism with astrological perspective).

Very badly theme! UITT Thanks, Len, for recipe.
Removal of or not, but today been mulling about pollen.



Радуга wrote:

Meat not eat entire this week, but I would still is, by :blush:

I, too,.

Helen wrote:

so that I already week ago sat on pollen and on diet

Lena, and pro wormwood can be much detail?



All hello!
Wormwood pleasant thing the good, especially if whom suited. I'm flying with its help even her teeth, I’m taking picture inflammation process.
Here is statement:
Treatment a hole kills entire gnoerodnuyu TPIN) infection in body, cures insomnia, nerve disease.
Full therapy absolves almost all inflammatory disease, especially under defeat digestive tract and female genital pathways. Its accept under gynecological diseases, prostatitakh, uretritakh, disease stomach, sufferers, liver.
On course enough 100 g dry pollen.
The company wormwood in vygode :O (pay attention astrologers :rolleyes:) to do is to rub hands. I simply buying in mark.
Peremalyvayu on coffee grinder in powder.

Course treatment - 7 days. The first 3 days every 2-2.5 hours accept on schepotke dry pollen independently from time meals. A pinch (not the biggest a small) pollen feast in his mouth, smachivayut a saliva and slamming, zapivaya water. In cleansing Nervous immediately the entire organism, and it is important, to between techniques of pollen not exceeded 2.5 hours. These 3 days wormwood use the even at night. I on such atrocities over a not of walking, at night sleep already.. The next 4 days wormwood accept 5-6 times in day. At night already not accept.
Moreover, in during all 7 days every evening make Polynnye enemas, mikroklizmy and sprintsevanie. For this poisoning spoonful of "with height" pollen inject) and insist until water not cools down until 40 degrees. Sieve. 100g. To mold, and of the remaining 900g do warm an enema.
Before the most same nightmare 50's vsprysnut small child turkey baster in pushed Passage and to leave on night (faith not will). And remaining 50. Women've injected in vagina, and men in urertu (of the in pose birch trees).
All 7 days a closely guarded diet. Absolutely exclude the entire animal matter and fishing food, all dairy products, eggs, confectionery products. That Spain not to drink and not quit smoking (loss from one until two-thirds effect).
In these days can be there is: Vegetables, fruits, cardiac, groats, 's cli. Oil, themselves by growing potatoes. Bread 3-4 small tallegio for reception, better podsushennyy.
Profilakticheski 2 times in year spring and autumn, although would on 14 days.



And major with its help What you?! uitt bvh

And incidentally, well was would the beginning of reception pollen with elektsiyami reconcile.



To can be, but this collateral effect :boast: After appreciation pollen organism becomes cleaner and healthier, and of course same convalescing with big speed.
On elektsiyam I have only questions :blin:

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Virgin of, learned that wormwood "pushes" liver.



Post continues and I want offer your attention grechnevuyu bag for with mushrooms and onions
2.5 Bada grechnevoy groats
50 g wild mushrooms (white or of champignons)
2 heads 3 1 string
1 nohat spoon of salt
2-3 UF. Phytosterols Lightly salted butter
2 eggs

Dry mushrooms wash, add together in pan,, fill the 3 bedlinen Cold water and leave in water on 1.5 hours. When mushrooms nabukhnut, take out their from water, chopped cut the, put back in the same water, posolite and check a tick boil until promise. Then take out.
Grechku pereberite, wash,, fill the 2.5 bedlinen water, close your a lid and cooking until willingness. When gruel could get clots, check a tick its for uprevaniya on some time. Peeled onion chopped nashinkuyte and obzharte on well razogretoy iron pan on all about the cream oil until golden color of. Oven-onion stir with gave. Eggs boil him hard boiled, clear, chopped Father, cut, also carefully stir their with grechnevoy gave. Serve on the table hot, under desire can be add fresh greens.



All Hi! Now goes post, can be, someone seem interesting this now:

Potato programmes

For preparations it you will require:
- potatoes - 8 - 10 Tennessee
- peeled onion - 2 Tennessee
- salty cucumbers - 4 Tennessee
- fresh tomatoes - 2 Tennessee
- oil - 2 UF. L.
- sour cream - 100 g
- garlic - 2 - 3 zubchika
- greens, pepper, where sea salt - to Italian tastes.

To clear themselves by growing potatoes, cut into large cubes, put an in pan, to put salt on them, add passerovannyy onion, inject two bedlinen stew and to under a lid until full willingness. Then add pripuschennyy, sliced quartered boiled, purified from seed and the bacon cucumbers and to continue to. For 10 - 15 mines until willingness add sliced quartered boiled (chetvertinkami) tomatoes, chopped sliced garlic and sour cream, sprinkle greenery.



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