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Style clothing

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Overdress - new word drew vocabulary

Overdress English the term, which still not of the others Russian equivalent of. Over- means experimental research on structural dynamics, dress dress, increasingly together dress excessively elegant, excessively costly or Society. Be overdressed means covering up with a flashy, becoming embarrassingly luxury or had, allocated their throwing themselves in eyes, manner which for situation costume.

In a respectable America this draconian verdict, in this word narrowly focused all: That sad, that you not you can dress, that you risible with their bearing down under aid clothing seem richer surrounding, that have you simply there is no feelings measures and of style. Overdress this ugly mistress, that have the elegance.

We are accustomed a good soul should shooting fun of over gold chains in should sit, measuring on our necks our menov and over Fighting my most painted our Lady, we proud of it its nebanalnostyu and love to a shining, spick and span things, we boldly try it at once the most thorny services they like or dislike fashion on their shipmates, not knowing about how oppressive impression produce on foreigners, enrollment our country and not ustayuschikh be surprised Russian view about luxury.

Once I accompanied the young human, centre. The from Canada, on stroll on our city. With the outset tour I has become to notice, that my target foreigner with somehow strange expression faces looks at flowing past rossiyanok. I accustomed to compliments will get overseas tourists in worded beautiful Russians women, but glance, which this guy could not distract the from my organization, was is far from admiration.

This was, rather, non-transferable mixture of longing, aversion and horror. I tried to attract his attention to monuments architecture and scenery of nature, but sought in vain. Young man seemed so very depressed, and the reason his have inhibitions utterly touchdown to from my attention. Finally his Cup patience has overflowed and he is split over whether. We stood near with-house subway, on stopping in the center of the cities.

Before us teetered, expecting a minibus, dude, remember girl. On it was white women from uplift laces-until the ankles, with high puffed, fully doorways its feet. On feet she has were’strappy shoes with rhinestones, on five-inch heels, in the hands of as this not strange reasonable rates ladies' portfolio. Mane hair dick back until the most belt, and chudovische covers tier cosmetics, which already like to call in that. Was about three hours noon, Thursday, worker day.

A Canadian threw me under elbow and, specifying eyes on girl, zasheptal me in tell Abe:

Why she so Godliness?

As? Not immediately making the connection I, because start throwing snowballs... mass of such girls.

If would she in such a the form of has passed on the street Montreal, its would [in police for is an obscene behavior! With horror respond he. She same looks as How intellectual guy for a moment, hesitated. -, searching for appropriate word. As pornokomediantka!

I not to shag it,, that him to answer. The only, I could have sworn, that girl at all not is Articles ancient profession. In this moment has drawn catch, and girl in lace women beset by on assault on doors, just cut loose elbows competitors. My satellite under the form of this spectacle terminally fell into in depression and me had to 07.00am - 03.00am daily his in hotel.

Alas! This not unique case. Very many foreigners with unique collectors are often confused ask: Why your women so heavily wear make-up? Why they wear with the most morning ball dresses? Why on Russians so many gold? Intellectuals try to find roots of our national-style in traditional eastern luxuries, leading in example la Matroshka and middle Khokhlomu, and people business simply note: You have clean off is missing concept routine costume!

Modern Russia in this sense until not has moved far from medieval, when status human was defined expensive his dresses. Of course, clothing says about material causes status rights. But after all no one not churchgoers on disco in a tuxedo, and in camping trip in women with krinolinom! Have us same until there is no the instinct, providing a distinguish shoulder and the vulgar, luxury and cheap luxury. So the streets Russian cities summer Turn in of under open sky, and contrasted foreigners share exchange the impressions: First I Standup, as sooner you have go on work prostitutes, and now me explained, that this simply working girls are returning with work home!

Overseas culture, big money, osmelevshee television, Chinook magazines changed and, to be sure, developed our taste of in advisers. We already have learned dress costly. It is time learn to dress sensibly and functionally. Artificial demarcation point or interface overdress! Decisively send make them laugh Europe and America. Rule out from of our routine wardrobes things that are, there are Scotlands evening costume and in Profsoyuznaya days misplaced.


To be sure artificial demarcation point or interface: Golden and’strappy shoes, and satiny am informed. Am informed with rhinestones, gold supply chains, embroidery. Four-inch Heels and leave morbidissima pelle. Platforms a la Priscilla queen deserts. Botforty and meant boots.


The entire extravagant and throwing myself in eyes, strongly arbor decorated with clothing not suited for daily socks. Dresses from laces, dresses until gender, clothing from glittering reusable space tissue, clothing from tissue or knitwear with lyureksom. Embroidery steklyarusom and glitter on to be sure under ban. Transparent tissue must be reasonably duplicated, their use limited. In workplace of time decolletage, naked Nimera, bold mini-, high slits misplaced even the summer. Nice suits, in which combined three-four clearest contrasting spin simultaneously, or nice suits from tissue in large, a screaming Figure not suited to everyday life. Black a suit and white shirt for men can be justified only demands to a form of clothing on workplace.


Jewelry from noble metals with precious stones can be used for daily socks, but in extremely a limited numbers. Rings: Enough wearing a wedding plus another. Bracelets: Permissible bracelet-chain, if same you carry the clock on gold or enamel the bracelet, their well enough. Chain: One-two thin chain with necklace. A large number of large chains simultaneously should be are warranted style costume, and in this case need use imitation jewelry. Earrings: Only small, with pearls or small a precious stumbling. Diamonds in daily wearing banned to be sure. Men can afford to wear only three species jewelry products exempted: Cuff links, Telegraaf.nl for tie and "– the ring.

Hairstyle and wearing

Perishing how many times't eist world Daytime wearing should dramatically differ from evening and not to change until beyond recognition your face, and only emphasize his dignity and to conceal shortcomings. Ruby-red, some cherry-flavored lipstick can afford to only scorching brunette type winter of; black he for eyebrow and age only those, from whom eyebrows and eyes black. Flatly banned day: Have the mother of pearl the shadows and all species luster, except luster for lips. Bright color the shadows, not akess nothing in common with color eye and skin. Fat, contour around eye. Bright rouge, underlying spots on zygomatic,.

Trekhsantimetrovye fingernails with risunkami element of diskotechno-klubnogo image. Check hair until belt can afford to only young. It girls. Nachesy and complex haircut, requiring meticulous of fixing, not suited to everyday life. Of course, not can be and speech about sequined gown away on hair and color pryadyakh, if you, of course, not worked at determined whether syndicated columnist, TV host on MTV.

But as same fashions? - means you. - This spring, to example, recommend wear brilliant tissue and piyasada lips vividly-red-waving. Did I must from-for your boring need to lecture to abandon the entire this? Of course, no! In your disposal the evening and weekend 'policies, clubs and discos, celebrations on iaaa?aaeiuo, meeting with friends and romantic access - all of this the motives covering up elegant, extravagant this event can be, ostromodno. But no amount vagaries fashion not cancel of elementary demands, help to daily of advisers: Convenience, can, modesty.

Yes-yes, precisely modesty! Clothing on every day, clothing, in which you're, uh, walking on work or in institution, should not distract you and farm to do its deal, should not attract to itself attention. Recollect, that said Yves Sen-Laurent: "If you not have remembered, in that was Godliness have ever encountered you on the street woman, means, she was Godliness properly!"




All Hi!
As brothers Venus in question not can pass past this articles. This my personal view, not whose leaders were Albin Kurti on delay the truth :agree:
In my opinion, have kill a foreigner, problems with women. What this a normal the guy will to wrinkle under the form of beautiful girls.
Of course same sense of measures and a good taste of is needed in of advisers, but not necessarily be (2006 they were a and much formaldehyde.
Why we must emulate on foreigners? Sometimes, 'll take a look on them, as in pajamas took to the street and not understandable, then men or women.
And not all have us teachers or work in good boardrooms, in which and summer trek in tights. In of advisers man shows its creativity and expresses himself.. Sometimes this the only aspect of, where he this makes.
I - for bright summer color of, for expressive, beautiful women. With their embroidered our I not'm going to part. :brun: :D



Helen wrote:

I - for bright summer color of, for expressive, beautiful women. With their embroidered our I not'm going to part.

Flax, this with their :)

Have them, in my opinion, mentality the other. They in woman different value. This German there was in as an example? I summer in a train in War evangelism with German. Young guy with guide / eksortom / translator young a girl. Ah clear all with them was. So here is, girl on chudovische nevyrazitelnaya utterly, but can that need to, skinny. They podtyanutost value, relaxedness and sderazhnnost in advisers.

Helen wrote:

Why we must emulate on foreigners? Sometimes, 'll take a look on them, as in pajamas took to the street and not understandable, then men or women.




There was a Canadian, for example. Understandable, that temperance North and vivid, an uninhibited South, as two pole. Have us summer, if encounter on the street the tan or your pale girl, then can be think, that with it something not the. :P [Cecilia]Full- on a tan panicking for skin, but although would slightly. And Germans, not know, I not was there. My aunt Comes in Visitors every summer made there. Frightening such, that German Westerners not devote attention of advisers, little watch the their the outside species.



Helen wrote:

Anyone reflecting Hi!
As brothers Venus in question not can pass past this articles. This my personal view, not whose leaders were Albin Kurti on delay the truth
In my opinion, have kill a foreigner, problems with women. What this a normal the guy will to wrinkle under the form of beautiful girls.
Of course same sense of measures and a good taste of is needed in of advisers, but not necessarily be (2006 they were a and much formaldehyde.
Why we must emulate on foreigners? Sometimes, 'll take a look on them, as in pajamas took to the street and not understandable, then men or women.
And not all have us teachers or work in good boardrooms, in which and summer trek in tights. In of advisers man shows its creativity and expresses himself.. Sometimes this the only aspect of, where he this makes.
I - for bright summer color of, for expressive, beautiful women. With their embroidered our I not'm going to part.

As brothers moon in Lion and Venus in Ovne, 'm gonna join you to of thought :yes:



Say, have you trine Venus-Long, yes? I have Long in like him too? And trigonit to the produce markets. Let us Fuehrer their women’s planet in fire svoystva, nowhere from this not run.



I have Venus in the Virgin, Long in Taurus, but I, too, 'm gonna join you!
I like, when girls in of advisers express individuality.
Brightness and attractiveness must be in women!
Grayness so many around :fie:



Helen wrote:

say, have you trine Venus-Long, yes? I have Long in like him too? And trigonit to the produce markets. Let us Fuehrer their women’s planet in fire svoystva, nowhere from this not run.

So accurately! :) :yes:

Me, incidentally, quite not likes, as girls from northern Europe dress (Englishwoman,),, them off a Swede). They look whatever words amorfnymi, bespolymi :(. Our women far more feminine why something. Perhaps there on them costs feminism felt, which have us raze not will settle in. And here is, French, for example (came to us as something girls-other females), very derive impression produced. They, of course, very unusually for our terrain dress, but such sharman. :kiss: Compared them and our girls fresh seem :)



With discuss those of female clothing on other forums, speak out risky)
So I’d say neatly: There is at least two conceptual glance on this subject and both they reflected in example with a from mini bus and in celebrated phrase Sen-Laurent. Be (2006 "properly" means be (2006 adequately situation and society, not so as the most want samovyrazitsya.

A badge of Venus not so is important in this terms of, as the ascendant. In my opinion.



Policies-policies-policies. About Article agree

, too, kill girls ,-reaching "gait of from hips" on huge heels, in mini-and with a shining up a la Library-high with a shopping bag potatoes from retailer
Glamour-r-r-the :lol:

And created prikolno
When such Library-Puddles consider
That than brighter and vychurnee they dressed - those more beautiful. ???? is relevant-is misplaced. This no matter
And only would brighter color palette)

If that, Asts in Raque, Venus in Vodolee)



Style clothing with perspective astrology

Women, born under these sign, cherish walk on shops. Although, as noticed would men, - what woman this not likes?! She likes lists jackets and diverse set skirts. She likes pastel tones tone and warm color of. But special attention women this mark devote / SalonExpo ”.

Woman-the calf likes dresses and trousers. Young women this mark – hard cases girl of fashion, which necessarily follow the latest JUKI fashion. But with age they prefers style comfortable. Drop to these women in closets, and you will see, that there prevaliruyu so-called "feminine color of" – blue, pink and camping on P. Evening same clothing very conservatively directed, mostly, black.

Twins do
That distinguishes women, who were born under these sign? The, that, perhaps, not meet nor have one the other women: She logically thinks in the time, when she makes purchases. "Not can be!", - will say men. However this is so. Skillfully been budget, she will always be carrier of the naimodneyshikh things, even despite the finiteness of in means. Neatly choosing clothes, she prefers Royal, a grey, green and blue color of. Also to be sure, that she likes pastel tones tone.

Pro these women cannot be say, that they decisive and are audacious. They very fear seem technicality the or foolish looking really in move they attire. Prefer classic lines and concentrated more on as a, than on beauty and-style. Woman-cancer prefers the Blue,’and green color of.

By lionesses devote huge attention / SalonExpo ”, especially, when speech goes about shoes and bags – this their Achilles heel. Its absolutely not worries the cost of the selected claim, even if she strongly exceeds announced on purchases budget. Green – here is a favorite color Queen animals.

Impulsive maiden buys, not thinking. It likes possess clothes, even if she never its not suit. However can be be confident in one – she seeks to conform to elegance surrounding its people. Black and white – its beloved color of. “I cruel contrasts, that perishing here on advices!

Women, born under these sign, like clothes and always follow vogue. They possess unique France when choosing color of ,-style and shapes, which in end perfectly them suited. Pastel tones tone and natural color of always decorate amateurs up in this game equilibrium.

Women this astrologicheskogo mark like attract to itself attention and prefer such a clothes, which will force all turn them following. This the type of women, which perfectly look under an evening coverage. They like black, lilac and a vinous color of. Not as very high, they make themselves balance on maximally high heels.

A Sagittarius
Woman-the best sharpshooter in Germany particularly likes be always different. And this, as you realize, constantly requires new financial investment! However, its style always enough recognisable. She likes long feminine dresses and style “glamour. ” And its color of - dark a vinous and lilac.

The firmament
They feminine, and are traditional in their although – the so in two nutshell might be characterized style women-ibexes are hunted. When same woman this mark want attract to itself attention, she always will reach meet the target, better, than anyone the other. Red and black – here is its beloved color of. This about many ways says. Enough only recall by Stendhal and his imperishable the.

Actis Systems
Everyday and sports clothing creates the groundwork wardrobes vodoleya. They cherish most pressing, situation, which so fears most women, they like choose naryad in proposed joint force. They not like of planned outs in light and around the prefer the spontaneity. Their clothing mainly reflect entire colour range of, but there are and a favorite color – blue.

Women-imaginations Jyrki and are elastic, so prefer clothes, understanding of the contours of their bodies. Take real girl of fashion, loving universal admiration. Naval needs of plays for them greater role when choosing accessories. Color of they, too, prefer from kingdom Neptune.




On that same still affect stars?

Yes on all, that so maintaining worries woman. With the help astrology you can aptly pick a itself closets, in laying out own domestic the crux of the and not running on about have volatile fashionable trends. I want to imagine your attention sections of articles D. I. Roitburd about styles clothing different zodiakalnykh signs ("Home astrologer", 1991-1992 Propulsion

Shall we start we with zodiakalnykh signs Taurus, Virgin of and Capricorn.
"So, odzheda approved for noskaya and practical. Under purchase, unfortunate because will 48.241 for no case bought clothing, enough whether often she will dress, "measure the" whether themselves and not will for good reason hang in the chamber. At all't signs, as would well endowed not were, never will allow itself buy women on one times (for example, at graduation bal or set), - women on the occasion will always be, a stable or is made with calculation his further use of "(continuation of should).

And on image I suggest you peek into archive my the hoax "The Art Abused life"(form of rapid subscription on main page site), read summer the from 4, 11, 18 and 25 August 2007. There published interesting selection of materials astrologer were Kozyrevoy about how please representatives different signs Zodiacs. Luck in the adoption of the material and await the your responses!



At manners Taurus

From all "terrestrial" signs Taurus the most big sibarit, them manages Venus, which has instilled him a lovely taste of, and also love to expensive and the beautiful things, jewelry type and embellishment from natural of stones. Things Taurus men prefer have not many, but very good quality. This a badge of best feels invoice, the quality of material, so they there is no equals in combined different materials above all by the quality of.
Defining in choosing shapes will not what fashionable to now, but what not goes from fashion never. If this male a suit, then he should be enough strict and am indifferent. However Taurus not going to refuse to itself in SPA treatments schegolnut any catchy trivial issue his picking, whether any luxury clock (likely mechanical) or a pin for tie with the jewel with shores of Ganges delta.
Pro woman-Taurus cannot be say, that she actuality "get married and with taste", actuality she costly, and if allow means, even very costly and with taste. Things prefers the qualitative, your nice from natural materials (wool, cotton, silk flooded), super trendy never will buy and never assumes, so as through year it already not fashionable to. She prefers such new fashions, which hold in vogue maximum number of years.
"Telchikhi" not like have many small details on dresses, too many the lightning, frilly dresses, laces. Details prefer big, large, for example, big pockets, big application, and if dress in jewelry, then large, massive.
Need to say, that despite the, that in suits "teltsov" to be sure arrived a good taste of, their naryad often the case several being sloppy., on it can be found a decent size spots, which a Taurus can plant, even not overlooking the. Things wears, however, long - expense of their good quality.
"Telchikhi", typically, long choose thing, above than its buy, but if she they will like, their never will stop not quite an opportune the size of the: They will recast women, adjusting his on figure. For them very is important manufacturer-firm, well themselves'Odessika, and they will prefer humble thing, but "trademark", more a stark, but without "firms."
In respect color of "Telchikhi" can afford to and pink, gays, at all juicy color of. Especially "Taurus men" are not indifferent to blue color, but he not all goes.



At manners Capricorn

Unlike Taurus, the firmament not makes so high requirements of advisers, quite asketichen in this terms of, and not likes allocated nor in bad, nor in a good side. For him it is important be find high decently, be "in the form of" always and everywhere, but not especially allocated.
Have "ibexes are hunted" a lovely, very strict taste of: Saturn gives them to see perfectly prospect, entire structure in a whole, in including and in advisers. Nedaremno among architects of many "saturniantsev."
Color of most "ibexes are hunted" prefer dark, in them they feel maximally comfortable experience psychologically, although and a practical factor (nemarkost) here deny cannot be. At all same ????? human in opredelnnyy period his life in wardrobe prevails a certain vast array flowers, which through some time are gonna change, although trend to in this or color already dynamite at birth.
Distinction range of flowers not accidentally and fits opredelnnym slices life human (when particularly actively manifests itself the kind or a different planet), however, this periodicity strictly individual. Man only superficially podchinyaesya generally accepted vogue, which is asking common direction in of advisers (mainly flrmu silhouette, length), and which, to be sure, itself depends on movement planets. But moreover, there is its own domestic cycle ????? human, which and commits 3500 when choosing color of, clothing, on opredelnnoe number of years (months).
The firmament not very likes wear dregotsennosti, if same and wears, then rpedpochtenie gives ancient things, the rings or-stained earrings - "from grandmothers", than modern walrus jewellery art. Either, if this modern thing, then "under handworkers." Some "'re Capricorns" with a penchant for mysticism like wear charms from precious metalllov with unclear signs. Overall kind of clothing distinguishes pithiness and stringency.



At manners of the Virgin of the

The latest a badge of, owned "the earth" population - Epiphanius, in of advisers allows itself much more to possess. Maiden also very praktichna in choosing costume, but buying his, she above all counts on with multifunction as his use, i.e. on work as on celebration, but and on celebration as on work. If you meet human with large number of pockets and karmanchikov, petty klepok and goods, in it can be have suspected "gir."
Maiden pays maximum attention details of costume, with she has no notions "subordinate" details and so emerges the threat reboot its a suit large number of details. Presumably, the Virgin fueled author mean supporting sanctions that particularly fashionable the last time ensembles clothing, where to one blazer are underway various skirts and blouses, or to one pleats several 'blouses and suggests Getex fashionable. Rationalism of the Virgin of the finds here a golden stage for creativity.
In choosing color of the Virgin allows itself more from now, than the firmament. In conceals souls she undeniably partial to a shining colours, especially to red, but increase the Virgin can afford to his clothe.
Maiden can afford to entire range of flowers (Mercury, is a master this mark, gives petsrotu and diversity), materials prefers with pattern, desirable abstract. However, in daily life all-??? prefers Creature's coloring was muted "workers" tone - a grey, green (brown), and in as a dressy costume seeks to black with lyureksom, dark brown, dark red with lyuriksom wallpaper patterns.
Maiden likes many small jewellery, desirable not expensive and not necessarily from precious metals. Meet "BBSes", which have on each drawn - on 2-3 deshevenkikh ring of yours?. They not like big and exhorts much binding of cumbrous jewellery, preferring more subtle, graceful things, - rather for themselves, than for other, and combine in itself desirable several functions, for example: Pendant-clock, rings-clock, bracelet-clock. All, in than visible rationalism and mind, leads also in drooling.



The most a defining characteristic of in suit of the Virgin of the - is emphasized bezdoganna rigour, sometimes even broken surrounding. Have "vypolzshego" from the very heavy travmaynoy fighting man or it's poke men-of the Virgin of the-you never see flag flying obey or bobbling side a tie. He the most miraculously as if it's glued down to polagayuschemusya him community. The same applies to pugovitsam. If a man-The Maiden some ask quick boltayuschuyusya a button, he himself gonna nail its, but walk in rastrepannom the form of not will. "Of the Virgin of the" liberal and seem kinda picky in this terms of not only to itself, but and to farm. External kind of human has for them great importance.
To be sure, that classification choice clothing and itself the manner dress only on the signpost zodiac simplified. Naturally, that here has great importance bottom-up a badge of, need to accept in attention position Venus, moon and organic. But all same, foundational factor in this terms of can be considered position sun in signs Of The Zodiac. Getting dressed respectively this, man feels be and comfortable experience.
Knowing astrological laws, working with clothes well intelligent, can be stabilize already the available positive properties character, develop new traits, just generate the necessary quality. The main mass people comes precisely so, with unconsciously. Passes a certain period in life - and have human is changing taste of, are beginning like new color of, shades, forms. However, a long and such that remain faithful before enrolling still in youth rastsvetkam and form clothing, with hard are amenable to permenam impacts fashion.
These people, typically, big conservatives and around the the rest of the, have them should be a strong Saturn. Gesture--even while speaking with so man, try paid attention business issues, smaller chatting about their problems, otherwise in his the eyes of you proslyvete man unserious.
Signs Earth can wear clothes maximally long, while preserving its form of and reasonable rates kind of. They very indexed, typically, to their old koftochkam or some suits, and even if already not wear, would still devoutly keep in using the incandescent method. At the second place in this terms of find themselves signs of Fire. They, truth, d'you get fashion among first, not fear extremes, however, too, very peg to old things.



At manners of the Ram

You, perhaps, often shunted attention on JeanShow girls, highlights as clothes, so and a shining up. Them clearly powerfully with sensitivity attention, they gladly gets caught voskhoschennye views and ignore furious at. Clothing have them, as rule, with perky, the sort of, in which are possible shocking the crowd elements. Typically, have such girls proudly raised from head, direct raspravlennye shoulders, and go they on the street, as on down the runway. Much the likelihood, that they belong to the signpost Aries.
Venus in signs Aries is in falling, that can cause a extremes in choosing color of or shapes, in including length skirts or depth decolletage. From "ovnov" should not demand moderation, in their character maximum desire to show themselves. "Aries" not like pastel tones, especially men, them like bright ,-saturated color of. Mars, planet of the Ram, makes their especially neravnodushnymi to red, and also to all shades red, ranging from pink until dark maroon or brown color of.
Predilections to dark shades red - a wine-red and brown there is have strong, active and aggressive "ovnov" and, as rule, persists until old age. If a man-Aries forced be will in strict a suit, his desire to leave can centres can be found out in the form of blatant on brightness tie, fully drop-down from of the ensemble. At all "ovnam" that Spain maximally free clothing. Under sign of the Ram - sports uniforms of fighters, tyazheloatletov, boxers, football players and or hockey players.



At manners Leo

A badge of Leo, also owned to trigonu of Fire, more is a conservative in choosing clothing, but includes differs very big taste. Nedaremno France, zakonodatelnitsa mod, is under sign Leo. "Lions" gravitate to among style in of advisers, however, range of in choosing-style have them enough open. So same, as and "Aries",, too, like bright color of, however nekrichaschie. Their a suit always differs gossamer color range, a noble taste.
Lev, perhaps. The only a badge of, which equally points out attention and on material, and on color, and on, hairstyle. Surprisingly, as "lions" are at wear things - any, seemed would the most it's a very simple tee shirt, jeans look bad on them not worse, than tuxedo on otherwise would have other. "Lions" strive to not fall behind from fashion, but and not d'you get its samymim the first to, very well feel moment its heyday, its the most the main direction, but never routing have fashion on about.
Unlike "ovnov", which have several reduced self-critique, "lions", typically, possess natural a gift to see, that them goes, and that them not goes.
These sign manages the Sun, and so color, which him attribute classically - golden. However and black, and white, and Red, and other color of look bad on question not worse. Materials "lions" prefer expensive and kachesvtennye, but not heaviest and not obese - atlas, velvet, brocade. After all "lion" - this royal a badge of.
"By lionesses" like gold jewelry good gossamer work. People, are much large hoarse jewelry, cheap imitation jewelry, cause have "by lionesses" contempt. If she has lacks the means on strip of middle thing, she prefers beautification a wooden or from naturalnykh from low-cost of stones. Need discern, that attention Leo - men rather will attract woman not very the Beautiful, but vividly brigade swooped upon, than with its its inherent beauty, but not all icons originated from for a. Nedaremno there is fpantsuzskaya proverb "Better fact a wrinkle on personified by, than on our stocking."



At manners of Sagittarius

The next a badge of trigona of Fire - a Sagittarius, master which is Jupiter. This planet social, that places appropriate obligations on those, who is under its governance. One of qualities organic is expansion, that very echo this in manner dress some "Sagittarius." Style "safari" (clothing for travel) - under sign of Sagittarius.
A Sagittarius very mentally enabled, and Tseleustremlennyy man, and if he on anything "was targeting,", then wind back his will be very difficult. The part "Sagittarius", which not sublimation (phase transition) energy in work, scientific activities or in what any creativity, will dress on the most of last vogue. Expansion will find expression in is, that such "'m a Sagittarius" never will dress as all. More accurately, he not will claim any it's really a knockout hairstyle, or color, prefers do without extremes. But unkind things that he wears, must be the most mozhnye and the best quality, and necessarily imported.
For of Sagittarius very it is important approval surrounding, relatives under purchase new-fashioned things. However, "Strelets Troops", getting carried away prestizhnostyu purchases, not always soberly evaluate, how this thing them goes. Therefore fairly often can be meet human in beautiful, rich suit, but under this man looks as would separately, and a suit - separately.
Other part of "Sagittarius", - typically scientists, intelligentsia, at all can not to pay attention on clothes. This very uvlekayuschiesya people, which have its interesting deal, takes the have them all time and forces. They consider, that on light of there is mass much more important things, than fashions and so not pay attention on it. External kind of have them often the case this squalid, they can to put on the running jacket from one costume, and trousers from another.
However, under an acquaintance they often find themselves Habsburg people, indeed – large merit and vivid itself price. Can be said, that this is the flip side the same "yupiterianskoy" pride. Along with zolotyim frills "Streltsu" useful jewelry from white metals, especially from of platinum, "Strelets Troops" not indifferent also to silver, at all their scope beckon white and do color of, although own the classic color - dark blue and magenta.



Laser-induced clothing

Signs, belonging to population "air", differ big svoeobraznostyu in selection clothing. Signs this population in principle not like heavy, neob clothing, in particular, of cumbrous, natural coats, dire drapovykh overcoat, in general, all, that prevents quickly and easily move. So people, belonging to "airlines" trigonu, often prefer would ziomy in jacket or autumn overcoat, than pull on itself heavy, gromozkuyu clothes.
Typically, "air" signs not concerned snashivat clothes, she them quickly sickened by, and its either who give or sell, either she hangs in "a simple" many years, until about it not they will recall. Clothing must change so same quickly, as and mood, - on opportunities, of course. Very great importance for "air" signs has not material, and color clothing. Air, as no other element, instantaneously reacts on energy, that gives the or another connotation, and mood can improperly stored or they get better in dependence from color of dresses.

At manners prodavat

From all air signs the Twins have, perhaps, the most big closets. This explains very frequent overshoot in mood, which unkind are reflected on form and color clothing. So the need prodavat several times in day to change a suit not wondrous and on opportunities must be content.
Twins do faster other signs react to external changes, so they quite quickly d'you get new in vogue, even faster advertise and diffusing this new among their known, after what themselves sharply lose to this interest.
Typical example can serve the manner dress affluent Americans. As known, the US, too, are under Twins. Have Americans middle layer and higher not adopted to emerge two days consecutive in one and the same advisers. If same such fact occurred, thoughtful colleagues immediately same pointeresuyutsya: "You have anything happened?", or "A you was camped today not homes?"
Cannot be say, to by favored in this or style. Contrary, in their wardrobe are found different styles. They equally feel in the form of (if this need on service, - form of very distsipliniruet prodavat, makes them more gathered by) and in of advisers elegant, evening and sports.
Twins do not only skillfully select clothes under its mood, but and clothing forces their internally move, play another role. So, seeing contractor - "the look" today day at work, you can not to know his on the evening in theater, so he can change superficially, simply-plainly, changing a suit. Their favorite clothing - lungs jackets, pukhovki, sports shirts, jeans, shoes. In of advisers they value the beauty and rationality.
Commanding, as already was said, in suit not fabric, and color. From material requires ease, lightness, in some cases being fuzzy, vorsistost. A classic the Twins in and virgins either linked to colourful tone, however this not quite so. Every people in different periods his life tending to those or different colours or wallpaper patterns in advisers.
Can be said, that have prodavat these periods the most St. in frequency. However clearest colors the Twins not like, prefer pastel tones tone. A grey color with multiple various shades the most prefer in men. The classic "ritualnykh" never will try to leave from crowds under aid clothing. This below his dignity. Woman - "ritualnykh" very well feels spirit of time and intuitively pick color of, which will are preferable in any time soon. However she never goes in the frontier fashion, risky dresses dress in only units of.
Jewelry prefer original, not necessarily expensive, but with interesting form of (desirable geometric), or unusual choose a. Very is important symbolism, mystical and smyslovoe content jewelry. Twins do cherish charms, stones that support the health, meadows in path, like wear signs zodiac and camping on D.


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