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Style clothing

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At manners Libra

Scales, the most conservative from air signs. Choosing in early life its style, they often remain committed him until old age, forgetting about age.
Blood regardless Libra - Venus honors their particularly thin sense of color of and forms, their a congenital ability to to the synthesis color of in of advisers universally available. Color of Shield prefer nor on, pastel tones-pink, gays, salatovye, very like original shades, virtually never risk dress bright-saturated tone, which their "kill." Materials prefer lungs, gentle or downy with pile.
Scales, listening hard to vogue, but always captiously choose from fashionable models only that very them goes, and the, that is in complete harmony with already the available wardrobe. So Wesam very difficult exhaust myself from already the prevailing, very individual of style.
Real a Libra under pogolovnoy vogue on mini-skirts utterly quietly and with a sense of own dignity can wear long skirts and under this they not look not fashionable and poorly dressed, but, contrary, with a minimum set jewellery and accessories seem large the originals and "vypendrezhnikami." Their large dignity - do minimum improvised funds and materials, to look charmingly and gracefully.
Telling example can serve custom in have order wear nail-heads, which existed in of England (the British under Libra rising), at least until the mid-twentieth century, with nail-heads utterly not tip lines modern costume. Custom dress gain some, above on streets, perfectly got along with modern way life an Englishwoman.
So that can be said, that Shield not have for rage, they as would are watching for it with hand, like interesting details, and create its timeless style, the existing years to come. Preserving style Shield, however, need in constant a change of elements of wardrobes, long wear alone and those same things they not can, and so something are reworking the, perevyazyvayut old, and sew a or buy new, very a similar on old.
To embellishment Shield are not indifferent and can fashion their from literally all, that lying around under hand, on that the other not generated attention. Very like ukrasheniyaiz survivors or artificial flowers, from old rags "on emit" can fashion our 39 luxurious own application on a suit, in this terms of have them very rich fantasy.
Scales, like jewelry gossamer, good work, desirable, small, and representing some artistic value, about which they you immediately tell. The cost of not has special meaning, but on very expensive things Shield not like spent, so as jewelry, as toys, can quickly bored and will replaced by on other.



At manners have

Have have the most specific taste of from all air signs. His attracts all striking and an unusual. If same have him still stunned Venus, his choice is occasionally can introduce surrounding in state of deep shock, he will directly subtracts 128 to popular opinion.
Actis Systems listens to vogue, but this not means, that he it should. A small percentage "vodoleev" - avant-garde talents, deserting ahead fashion, but much of all same meek, and not very studiously should for it. "Enrouted" - intellectuals little attention pay on clothes, they can inject themselves into jeans and wear their a host year, removing only at night. Need so same keep, to such Actis Systems on time drive the money changers shirts, so as him can be simply not until this. Actis Systems of this type compensates for its interest to everything exotic in scientific area, in kollektsionirovanii a specific information, or unusual things, but only not in advisers. Here they a?eiooi knowing and the eruption.
However, if you will encounter on the street human, legs dressed in nayyaskravіshі ultramarinovye color of, which in people are called "pull out eye", or girl in super mini-or decolletage, narushayuschem removed any the decency of, then this likely, too, Actis Systems.
"Vodoleyami" can be and young people, frightening passers-by holes cut out of it in jeans, Raspuskayuschie hair until shoulders, or shaved bald on half skull. Word, people, akess the most taken the unusual kind of - which attracts or push-back,, too, most likely "enrouted." They like express themselves or attract to itself attention thus unusual way.
Favorite vast array flowers "vodoleev" first type - Berlin poised between them-gray, they so same like black color. Color of, which prefer "enrouted" the second type, more depend from the current fashion, especially Western, however tone reciprocating very bright, unnatural and in nature not existing. Actis Systems not they change synthetic their tissue and applies to them with big sympathy, than other signs. Their not still confuse unexperienced gays sparks and sounds of a, emerging under carrying these materials, contrary, they very like brilliant tissue, especially lyureks.
So same as and by, have attract original Weldone, pendants, bracelets and charms, singularity of and observing the world around which has scientific explanation or scientific value, he likes shipping such things from other countries and cities.



"Water clothing"

If you meet on the street human in zanoshennykh trousers, or up the unstylish boots, in dust jacket, losnyaschemsya on as prompt, although the rest details toilets relatively prilichny, or even very modny, - the amateur astrologer can take itself on article, that before him expression of one of signs water trigona. Podcherknu, that there is in mind not transitional period in the economy our country, when donashivayutsya old rags, but stable period in economically highly advanced country. Only sights Water (especially "fish to" and "lobsters") have a such a painful attachment to old things. Bioinformational abilities, why?
Since the earliest times water in popular the lore represented the memory. Modern physics confirmed, that fluid retain information. Known custom okroplyat saint water (camping on E. Water, over which have repeatedly were word prayer), down sick enchanted water. And even the most neural and a necessary custom need to wash my face bears a not only way to undoing physical purity, but and, on more organ as delicate level, -udalenie an unnecessary, negative information (from heads and with bodies), absorbing that, water claims with a.
So for aquatic signs clothing, especially the old, undoubtedly is reminder of resided years s, about that--at events, about former love and camping on D. In this sense there is no best collectors, than "raki" and "fish." People these signs like surrounded by themselves drifting away furniture, old things, presenting a value, and can hours tell about history each of them.
All, that stems with history and traditions, with the past, - brilliantly fixed in their memory. Cancer, truth, in own consciousness more gets stuck in the past, Fish - in the future, but Sunik perfectly ties future with present. Hence and a specific attitude to of advisers and vogue at all. Moon (running the ball's out, but with relatedness in all rest signs written "50" water trigona), places its imprint, gives skill to adapt and not allocated, as writes Temur, - "tsar among of tsars, worked among slaves."
This concerns above all purely external characteristics signs Water, which never be going ahead fashion, especially "raki" and "fish." Often be "as all", but not to back off, becomes an end in itself. So not worth to fear, that wife, born by the under one of these signs, will become frequent admirer is foreign-exchange stores. Contrary, with years she can zachastit in shop "those discount goods", slide, just wave his little "on themselves hand", extinguished by complete surrender fully concerns effeminate.
A common trend Water is propensity to free of advisers - "baldakhinam," which manifests itself, as rule, with years, and in early life - rarely. Except psychological trends, there is and natural physical premise, driven by the moon, a strong in aquatic svoystva. "Afternoon type of" quite rykhlovat, on kind of often seems'm the fat guy, so forced case ty broad free clothing. Women these signs especially tend to "to spread" with age.



At manners degree of Cancer

So as ball's out manages Long, then this applies above all to this the signpost. In early life most "Goose or Whooper Swan" accented their spindly and should, and so many of them like schegolnut clothes in tight skirt, which highlights their transparency, fragility of and some Drafts- paintings- worlds. However with years their soul it acquires as would "khitinovyy shelf", which manifests itself in more soft form in the body, in the form of a decent layer of larger amounts fat, but then and in of advisers, the size of the which all is growing and which all harder to visually support form of.
"Raki" like not simply the free cut, they prefer mnogosloynost clothing. You often meet women, which have from-under overcoat sticks out skirt, slightly above ends the Long sweatshirt, from above overcoat - headscarf and camping on D. You can to believe on word, that on such woman dressed moreover still shirt and any waistcoat, and still one skirt, as least.
All this may quite naturally look, us this not surprises, so as "afternoon type of" meets quite often, eye to him was accustomed. Matrony- "raki" - middle age and older, - very at all capricious in of advisers, capable walk in one and same sundress and sweatshirt today year. However they very well aware, that now wear and that fashionable to, can hours tell with minutiae, what of new purchases they bought their children.
Young. It devushki- "raki" much more watch the themselves and for rage, until not emerge married. Very much category of them accounts for opinion about you precisely for "on odezhke", and if you not very fashionable to dressed, or too negligently, sloppy, - they never to you not come.
Need be noted, that for "Goose or Whooper Swan" are important purity and rigour in of advisers, - in this they extremely liberal to itself and to farm. They quickly will find spills on of advisers and not all seek point to you on them, when other this simply not t notice. Nedaremno net fresh, technology is or Kopru water, water from a spring symbolic. In signs Rakha.
From materials prefer organic, - "legkodyshaschuyu" invoice. For them very is important precisely air exchange, so materials reciprocating modicum and grubovatoy genuine, but organic: Linen, staple, wool, cotton. This not means, that "lobsters" not come such nor on materials as silk flooded, krepdeshin, krepzhorzhet and camping on D. Importantly, to they were natural: As no amount other signs, "raki" can negatively to respond to artificial, synthetic material.
"Lobsters" as no one Different goes crakes color, suited "Khaki Boys and other shades green. Devushki- "raki" fuelled weakness towards gays and rosy wallpaper patterns, but these color of not always go them. Usually, "raki" prefer the free cut, with soft floppy artificial, and quite ordinary on waistline nice suits. Such things they wear long. They have 2-3 things "on the exit", but in general "raki" seek to for the maximum simple form clothing. To chic things "raki" belong as child to in every: After, as one-two times dressed, they stigmatized in cupboard and take their fortitude out only sometimes, to admire and recall about purchase. Especially roads "lobsters" things, can bequeath parents.
"Raki" more maturing age prefer gray, sling-for utilization shades, sometimes black. The classic color moon - white, silver-white. And dream have women or a suit such a color of's a glimmer of in any better every "cancer." However, even if such a suit taken, "raki" from-for native mixture of shyness shy of clothe his.
Jewelry "raki" prefer notice tiny, rather having symbolic or other: Significance. Very like jewelry from flowers, wooden jewelry, akssesuary of the natural of stones. They not seek to to any gossamer neat work from metal or stone, their well suits minimum word processing stone or fruit, so as they are at to see the beauty in really simpler and nezamyslovatom phenomenon. However such a classically a lunar metals, as silver, "raki" give preference, although and in really simpler jewelry execution. Their classic "nation frills are considered - pearls, blossom a.



At manners of Scorpio

His compare with quickly tekschim, buntuyuschim, turbulent the flood of water. Sunik the most active from aquatic signs, that naturally is reflected and on his advisers. Typically, this big trendies, especially on-early life. Mars and Pluto give them very interesting the combination of in manner dress.
Mars forces to demonstrate themselves, not stand on place, assumes movement. Pluto allows to see such nuances, which the eruption farm, and create from old-perfected details clothing or units were utterly new nice suits. Of the "scorpions are" - the most big creating mistress in this terms of. The old clothing have them never zalezhivaetsya. Unlike "Goose or Whooper Swan", they broadcast its in move in all manifestations of the: Either sell, let him and for pittance, and on these money buy anything another, either from old things, by combining different ways, pereshivayut, perevyazyvayut, receiving a novel product, in which no one has hit on to know former thing.
Sexuality, the specified to Dis, finds a specific expression in that "scorpions are" like skinny, skinny clothing, until them allows age. Of the "scorpions are" not all seek demonstrate its figure and forms, if there is that to demonstrate. If same in this terms of "puncture", and in looks there is substantial shortcomings, then there is no a sign another, capable work over themselves and troubleshooting their shortcomings more, than Sunik. Spiritually malorazvitye "scorpions are", typically, confined to troubleshooting own looks with the help operations, exercise, and with the help clothing.
Think, as on variety scene appeared musicians-singers different trends, mostly-style heave Metal, in black leather anoraks with certainly were the thorns and fucking metal chunks on them, with chains, early and the podobnyim trappings violence. In this same period began active "being" on scene, when on includes musicians and pevtsakh remained all less clothing, and other already stopped working half-naked with microphone, some same in the process enforcement songs honor threw "surplus" and the... they threw enthused public, portraying creative make almost ecstasy.
Actively this movement in music nachlaos, when Pluto penetrated in Sunik, - its own a badge of, and, should end, when Pluto Kims in a Sagittarius. Incidentally, in this period again entered the fashion leather products, so as influence Pluto is bad and on material (use, processing, skin dead animals - indirectly in office Pluto, in reign which all - and life, and materials pass transformation).
"Scorpions are" gravitate to very complex designs in of advisers, consisting of of multiple details, themselves on itself, too, enough complex. However mountains details in of advisers "scorpions" in no way case not seems accidental, ludicrous set of policy. Contrary, despite diversity, all they surprisingly is bond and as would spring one of the other, under this unlike from each other. Skill sort such compositions and ensembles in of advisers is exclusively skorpionovskim characteristic of the.
Several similar abilities to see structure of the ensemble in a whole possess "'re Capricorns", but they reach this expense of restrictions details and maximum austerity. And all same Sunik has the ability to create harmony from large of multiple: Picture from mosaics. The same applies and to ability his ship types- wet color of.
"Scorpions are" like wear supreme slits, decolletage predominantly acute, triangular forms, - unlike "Goose or Whooper Swan", which prefer rounded neck dips and forms costume. "Scorpions are" like big heavy collar workers, lacy Dickies and other finishing. Them very like finishing gold and “low. If they withdrew from the age, when can be wear weight in tight skirt, then would still strive to wear pritalennye things. They until old age want look fashionable and hilly.
In early life prefer brilliant elastic materials, them would still - synthetic or not, and becoming older, they cross on conservative, more organic (wool, cotton). Very like vorsistye materials - velour, velvet, like different things.
Those of "scorpions" who live more spiritual lives, more stable in their loyalties and subject to advisers. They not have for rage, buy good things on many years, value the tenacity, quality, a good job, prefer classic new fashions. They choose color of calmer, cold, the dim, for utilization, black, beige. Their ekstarvagantnost rises fast only in any bright accessory or hat, purse, sharfike.
In color prefer black and red shades, have many ulyublenimi is Red with black. Orichnevyy with gold glitter on material, in particular, lyureks, also should go many "skorpionam." They not fear bold drug combinations. Separate category "scorpions" harbors weakness to white color, with unlike "Goose or Whooper Swan", they not only dreaming clothe, but and dress in white nice suits, dresses and trousers and, importantly, are at talk their wear. As and all sights Water, "skorpionam" also very go dirty-green tone.
Jewelry "scorpions are" prefer rich, fuelled weakness to gold, like massive, heavy jewelry. However the good work also has for them significance: Stones they like transparent (and garnet, bottom, Sapphire), but under this and magic sense stone, which they wear, for them very is important. "Skorpionam", essentially, very suited and aventurine, especially black and brown, krovavik and topaz.



Ah generally and a whole pro my style in of advisers all is true! Yes, better buy expensive a suit and d wear 5 years, than cheap stuff, on year! Here is with color range worse. A handsome dark blue the color of flowers in find is difficult, and magenta, too, rare, I more love such color. Vyvarennoy beet that whether. Raspberry.



And here is I I dress rather on the Twins in. ASTs in the Twins, the Sun in Taurus. Taurus not pro me.
Still interestingly, love ethnic motives, organic stones. Rather this on Venus (in Raque). Undeniably partial to style predominant military snare (ah here compound Venus-Mars). More than undeniably partial to of advisers on Scorpio (black with radiant, kind of formfitting, skin). Truth, burdens rarely, mostly on okazii, more want. (Think, squaring Venus-Pluto)



And I have mixing: Taurus (ASTs), Sunik (the Sun) and Epiphanius (Venus-Chinese system. Horoscope). Prefer the functional things, cushy in many charitable organizations, clear shimmer (very likes Don Karan, this designer :)). Tissue love organic, all synthetics not I can’t stand. With colors in different times was differently, but me go-saturated, juicy (type of faces "Summer"). Still holiday., that in solyarakh when on ASTs Lev I have'd wake up pull to warmest colours in-. Few years literally "not used to get out" from chocolate-pink and-golden range of. Under ASTs in Libra liked pastel tones color of, wearing was gentle, barely marked. And now led to again on green, a grey (though the approaching solyar will in Ovne on ASTs).
Jewelry not very love, if and burdens, then mostly bracelets, I have there are several or. Sometimes rings, and here is earrings and necklaces not'm using quite. Beads there is, but very long, to not attract attention to the upper parts of :)



At manners Pisces

Perhaps, the most controversial from all signs Zodiacs - Fish, and this Agonistes naturally is bad for advisers. Classical "fish" not transfers attempts to of captivity for its in any framework, - regardless of whatever these framework not were: Stringent demands in family life or service with normalized workers day, and on hours.
In manner dress this is bad in that "fish" not like tough forms of in of advisers - fatigues, jacket with harsh shrug our shoulders, seatbelts, belt zatyagivayuschie open. Sometimes such a clothing case useful, so as forces be collected by the and not "fade." However constantly lie in such a able "fish to" hard. Truth, quite much category "fish" with a penchant for mazokhizmu, busy work over themselves and forces themselves do exactly what, that not want: Per, to adhere to regime and camping on D. But all same their not the main mass.
"Fish" like gentle, gentle, skinny, skinny clothing (glumes). They never will buy things, which was would them modicum a bit great. Skloee, contrary, - vtisnutsya, if them he very grassroots, in a suit on the size of the or on 2 less. And will walk with nezastegnutymi zip. Classic clothes "fish", maximally’its character, is a full turtleneck. "Fish" also very like knitting things, products from jersey, silk, i.e. all dancing, gentle materials, not impending move, not stabbing or skrebuschie cheesy skin.
Cannot be say, to "fish" were special best, - they time to vogue among past, and often trail she has in Tail, and sometimes simply not pay on it attention. This applies, mostly, to scientists, pisatelyam- "fish to", - word to intellectuals, which only partly are in this world, confounded mostly in their Mind.
Good illustration can serve the classic case with Einstein, turned known bad joke. When Einstein, as a no one still not known scientists, leader was coming on international Congress, he donned old drannye shoes, frightening wearing cloak and seceded from home. Sure we him rushed to get wife with shout: "Albert, the Wonders, put on on same anything decent!", - on that Einstein, …, responded: "Ah what the difference, costly, me same would still no one knows."
Through many years Einstein, as a globally known scientists, again rallied on Congress, and again donned worn out by shoes and the old cloak. On all calls wife change my clothes he responded: "Ah what the difference, costly, after all me and so all know."
"Religiously motivated hesitation by" more the profane plan all same pay attention on fashion, strive to American, but not allocated clothes. Of the "fish" very like lyureks, and also all brilliant, - twinkly materials, changing shades in dependence from lighting. "Fish" very like renounce all assimetriyu in of advisers, and even an asymmetrical cut, collars dresses with one by fork, or with rugged edges and camping on D.
"Fish" possess congenital sense of beauty, which has endowed their Neptune, and because, if they have desire to, can dress with large taste. Mostly they reach this not expense of material, and expense of abnormally original contributions flowers. Moreover "fish" from per common old rags hard wind any that impossible a turban on anybody, either fashion from it any chic belt so, that all will to think that this the latest "PC starts beeping."
But this concerns only celebratory days or "outs in light." In daily life, at home "fish" like walk in really zatrapeznom the form of, in sovikh favorite old, chatso dіryavikh things, in which them warmly and conveniently.
In color "fish" prefer pink and the Blue (maritime waves of) color of, dark green twinkly, the rough tone. Bright juicy tone often enforcement deter their. They need nor on, deep shades. Violet and marine waves of color of - classic for "fish." From jewellery "fish to", of course same, suited coral, blossom a, all transparent, twinkly on globe, stones: Especially amethyst, alexandrite. Metals - all white, but gossamer, exotic work. "Fish" very like jewelry from survivors and dry rose flowers, create which they big masters of.
At this cycle articles "Vstrechaya on odezhke" zavershetsya. I I shall remind, that the publication was in magazine "Home astrologer" in 1991-92, the author D. BC Roytburd.



Girls, and let us we'll practice? Here is two photos Kate Moss, one in-style "casual" ("casual"), urban, daily style. And the second in-style "glamour."





first Lady: Learning style have professionals

Over them constantly watch millions of eye, thousands of photographers and tens of thousands of journalists. Stand the slightest fault - and already tomorrow about this learns the whole world. They – real zakonodatelnitsy fashion. Beauty standards-style and refinement. So the most staunch way to overtake fashion – watch how dress Lady. The first Lady. After all have them task each, than have us – conform to to his status and husband. President. About how they this make, we and tried to reflect.

Let us patriots and start our conversation with the first Lady Russia – Svetlana Medvedeva (singer). In this year it founding 44, son – 14. However, despite its age, Svetlana Vladimirovna looks quite well anyway. Its style – the classic. Harbors weakness to white and black orientate to. To them prefers example beads and no massive jewellery. Wears cross.

Further to read and look photo here.



IRA, I weathered yours message about webinar in "Announcements".



Радуга wrote:

-il, I weathered yours message about webinar in "Announcements."

Lena, for Windows, already completed.
That herethere is record vebinara.
My impression: All was too birdwatching. But couple of interesting moments, I all-??? for themselves memorized the.



IRA, thank you :) can, someone it will be interesting!


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