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Fish it

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All Hi! :bb: That, like is not difficult and should be tasty

Sudak on-original Polish contents

Clear fish. Remove the-, to qualitatively wash, cut the in scraps and otvarivayte in water with roots, bay sheet and pepper (provoke until boil, then cooking on weak oneer 10-15 minutes). Designate them for specific on now. Proactively boil him eggs hard boiled, natrite their on major terke. Melt the cream oil and, fill the they eggs. Add where sea salt to Italian tastes. Hate reheated sauce and you pour some water them zander. Serve now with boiled potatoes, posypannym greenery.

Pleasant appetite!



FlSH AML the marinade
Components: On 500 grams pickle: Carrot — 250 grams, parsley — 40 grams, onion peeled — 100 grams, tomato-puree — 100 grams, oil rastitel-noe — 50 grams, vinegar 3-percentage — 250 grams, sugar — 15 grams, pepper — 0.5 grams, where sea salt — 10 grams, bay leaf leaf — 0.5 grams.
making: For preparations this it can be use zander, pikes, cod, just go with that flounder, and also osetrovye breed fish. Compiled fish need cut into on a the pieces, zapanirovat (roll in flour), large platter, offload in pan, inject keenest vegetable the marinade and to on slow fire 50 — 60 minutes. On willingness offload on now, cool and, fertilising chopped greenery parsley. Osetrovuyu fish fill a cooled the marinade only before food, without preliminary provarki.
On 1 kilos fish needs 500 grams pickle.
making pickle: Carrot, onion peeled, parsley to clear, cut into drain and large platter until lolugotovnosti on "Mediterranean diet" oil, after what add tomato-puree, vinegar and boil those jam jars. For 10 — 15 minutes until the end of boiling introduce fish broth, where sea salt, vinegar, sugar, pepper, bay leaf leaf.



From purified and obezglavlennoy fishing small beer cook spicy half or, sieve and cool. Prepare and and cut into Osetrovuyu fish. Lower in chilled half or, bring until boil, to remove foam, reduce heating. Boil roughly 20-25 minutes. In really late boiling into the champagne.
Ready fish cautiously remove the from herbal tea. Every slice of put an on a separate plate, adding several slices lemon without enough, inject broth and sprinkle contract greenery.
On 1kg cases of products of ;0 0-1000gramm fishing small beer, 1F the glass nesladkogo of spumante yet, 1 the root of the of celery, 1 the root of the parsley, 1 pleasant thing string-leek, 2 heads 3 1 string, 2 bay laurel leaf, 6-8 peas black pepper, a $1 u0027s\ 2 lemon, where sea salt.

fish EMS Since wine
(The French KITCHEN)

Fish peel the, wash, cut off emptyings, heads, tails (property fish to leave whole), share on parts of, to remove bones. Onion cut into big rings and large platter in "Mediterranean diet" oil, add studded quartered boiled tomatoes, green onion, parsley, bay leaf leaf, orange bitters the crust. All slightly of pouring, then add tails, emptyings, heads and fish with more dense flesh (eel, halibut), to put salt on them and inject water so, to the entire fish was Ideology picked up. Put on a strong the fire and boil 7-8 minutes. To lift soup with ceasefire, into the wine, I broil, dobavitrastolchennyy garlic and put on weak the fire on 5 minutes.
Fish broth sieve, put an in him roast or fresh podayutsya so bread and pour on dishes, man. Fish set separately on.. mulled platter. Sprinkle greenery parsley.

2kilogramma fresh fish on opportunities different species, 0.5 Bada white Asgat guilt, 5-6 table of spoons cooking oil with, 2 hair bulbs, 2 tomato same, a bit green string, 5 stems parsley, 1 bay leaf leaf, 1-2 zubchika garlic, a small hot dry the crust of orange slice, pepper, where sea salt.


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